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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2180

Chapter 2180 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

p43, the protein product of the atypical insertion sequence IS900, is expressed in Mycobacterium paratuberculosis. Journal of General Microbiology 138 Pt 8: 1729-1736

P53 codon 249ser mutations in hepatocellular carcinoma patients with low aflatoxin exposure. Lancet British edition 339(8797): 881

P53 mutation in hepatocellular carcinoma after aflatoxin exposure. Lancet 338(8779): 1356-1359

PACCP: Process analysis critical control point in food technology. Italian Journal of Food Science 3(1): 5-10

PAGE profile of protein breakdown in Cheddar cheese made from buffalo milk. Brief Communications of the XXIII International Dairy Congress, Montreal, October 8-12, 1990, Vol II: 538 (1027)

PAHs in roadside soils. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft 63: 99-102

PAKEX 1992. The packaging industry stays one step ahead. Milk Industry London 94(7): 36-38

PAKEX 1992: packaging's decade of decision. Milk Industry London 94(8): 15-17

PANCRIN, a prototype model of the pandemic cultivar-race interaction of yellow rust on wheat in China. Plant pathology 40(2): 287-295

PAPYRUS: a model of the North American pulp and paper industry. Forest Science Monograph ( 28): 37 pp.

PARC - polish agricultural research completed in 1988. 5. Plant protection. Informator o Wynikach Badan Naukowych Zakonczonych w 1988 5 Ochrona roslin: 94 pp.

PARMOD: a simulation model for the population dynamics of Muscidifurax spp. and Spalangia spp. (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae), parasites of house fly pupae (Diptera: Muscidae). Environmental Entomology 20(5): 1418-1426

PATCHY: simulating and visualizing the effects of stomatal patchiness on photosynthetic CO2 exchange studies. Plant, Cell and Environment 14(6): 593-599

PATH-STIK rapid Salmonella test - a new immunoassay to detect foodborne pathogens. Scandinavian Dairy Information 6(1): 52-54

PBW 226 variety of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Journal of Research, Punjab Agricultural University 26(4): 731

PC-Technology in plant protection warning systems in Norway. Danish Journal of Plant and Soil Science Special Series Report 85(S 2161): 1-6

PC-based data acquisition interface and expansion system. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 6(4): 499-506

PC-based production planning in dairies. Brief Communications of the XXIII International Dairy Congress, Montreal, October 8-12, 1990, Vol II: 550

PC-based transport planning in the dairy industry. Brief Communications of the XXIII International Dairy Congress, Montreal, October 8-12, 1990, Vol II: 549

PCARRD corporate plan II (1990-2000). Harnessing R and D for increased productivity and sustainable development. Book Series Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development ( 96): 41pp.

PCB 138 variety of pearl millet for Punjab. Madras Agricultural Journal 77(3-4): 183-185

PCDD/F in an agricultural food chain. Part 1: PCDD/F mass balance of a lactating cow. Chemosphere 20(7-9): 1013-1020

PCM energy storage for a CO2 enriched greenhouse. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers ( 90-4040): 12pp.

PCR amplification and sequences of cDNA clones for the small and large subunits of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase from barley tissues. Plant molecular biology: an international journal on molecular biology biochemistry and genetic engineering 19(3): 381-389

PCR amplification techniques for chromosome walking. Trends in Biotechnology 10(1-2): 44-48

PCR analysis of alternative splicing pathways: identification of artifacts generated by heteroduplex formation. Biotechniques 11(2): 180, 182, 184-180, 182, 184

PCR and DNA sequencing. Biotechniques 7(7): 700-708

PCR based diagnosis in the presence of 8% (v/v) blood. Nucleic Acids Research 19(5): 1151-1151

PCR cloning of the full-length cDNA for the seed protein canavalin from the jack bean plant, Canavalis ensiformis. Plant Molecular Biology 18(1): 147-149

PCR detection of Plasmodium falciparum by oligonucleotide probes. Molecular and Cellular Probes 4(5): 409-414

PCR for confirmation of Brazilian purpuric fever. Lancet 339(Apr. 11): 936-937

PCR screening for carriers of hereditary citrullinaemia in Danish Holstein-Friesian bulls. Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica 32(2): 279-282

PCR technique as an alternative method for diagnosis and molecular epidemiology of rabies virus. Molecular and Cellular Probes 5(3): 229-240

PCR to detect toxoplasma. Lancet British edition 336(8726): 1325

PCR topics: usage of polymerase chain reaction in genetic and infectious diseases. PCR topics: usage of polymerase chain reaction in genetic and infectious diseases: 258pp

PCR with 5-methyl-dCTP replacing dCTP. Nucleic Acids Research 19(5): 1081-1085

PCR-aided genomic sequencing of 5' subterminal sequences of the maize transposable element Activator (Ac) in transgenic tobacco plants. Plant Journal 2(5): 705-711

PCR-based phylogenetic walking: isolation of para-homologous sodium channel gene sequences from seven insect species and an arachnid. Insect Biochemistry 21(6): 689-696

PCR-generated conspecific sodium channel gene probe for the house fly. Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology 16(1): 45-53

PCR-induced (ligase-free) subcloning: a rapid reliable method to subclone polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products. Nucleic Acids Research 18(7): 1920-1920

PCR: a practical approach. PCR: a practical approach: xxi + 253 pp.

PE & Sport. Aussie Sport Action 2(2): 6-7

PEDIGREE: a program to trace and draw pedigree records. HortScience 26(8): 1088

PEG mediated DNA uptake and transient GUS expression in carrot, rapeseed and soybean protoplasts. Physiologia Plantarum 82(1): A34

PENIMAT: a computer assisted identification scheme for terverticillate Penicillium isolates. Mycological Papers ( 165): 59 pp.

PEP$: a dollar-and-cent approach to conservation tillage. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 47(2): 131-133

PEPC and malic-NADP+ enzyme activity in leaf blades of sugarcane with different phenological development. Ciencias de la Agricultura ( 36): 41-47

PEPC-mediated carbon fixation in transmitting tract cells reflects style-pollen tube interactions. Plant Journal 2(4): 507-515

PEPISTA-Translation of plants behaviour by the measurement of diameters of stem or fruit as a self-adjusted method for irrigation scheduling. Proceedings of the 3rd international congress for computer technology Integrated decision support systems in agriculture successful practical applications Frankfurt aM, Bad Soden, May 27-30, 1990: 206-212

PEPSCAN-based amino acid modifications of a Plasmodium falciparum pfs25 peptide sequence substantially increase reactivity with transmission-blocking monoclonal antibodies. Vaccines Cold Spring Harbor Modern approaches to new vaccines including prevention of AIDS: 461-465

PEST, a general purpose BLUP package for multivariate prediction and estimation. Proceedings of the 4th World Congress on Genetics applied to Livestock Production, Edinburgh 23-27 July 1990 XIII Plenary lectures, molecular genetics and mapping, selection, prediction and estimation: 488-491

PESTBASE: a relational database for the evaluation of alternatives for environmentally harmful pesticides. Danish Journal of Plant and Soil Science Special Series Report 85(S 2161): 57-62

pEmu: an improved promoter for gene expression in cereal cells. Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 81(5): 581-588

PGPR: is there a relationship between plant growth regulators and the stimulation of plant growth or biological activity?. Bulletin SROP 14(8): 182-186

PH changes and redistribution of abscisic acid within the leaf under stress. Monograph British Society for Plant Growth Regulation ( 21): 215-236

PH control of limonin debittering with entrapped Rhodococcus fascians cells. Applied microbiology and biotechnology 35(2): 176-179

PH dependence of the agrochemical properties of a leached chernozem. Soviet Soil Science 23(6): 54-58

PH homeostasis in lactic acid bacteria. Journal of Dairy Science 74(Supplement 1): 110

PH values of the mucous membrane and the skin in sheep. Medycyna Weterynaryjna 48(3): 114-115

PHI: a computer program for the statistical analysis of the grain-size of sediments. Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo 16(2): 277-281

PHLIMATIC microprocessor based automatic liming & sulphitation control system. Bharatiya Sugar 16(4): 15, 17, 19-20

PIXE analysis of human placenta from regions of different pollution - toxic and essential elements. 6th International Trace Element Symposium Volume 3: 1003-1004

PIXE analysis of molybdenum and other trace elements in cultivated plants. 6th International Trace Element Symposium Volume 1: 213-216

PK fertilizer and different types of N fertilizer treatment of infertile drained pine bogs. Folia Forestalia ( 754): 20 pp.

PL 99-457: challenges and opportunities for physical education. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance 62(6): 33-49

PLANTGRO: a novel package for predicting the growth of lesser-known plants. Proceedings second congress of the European Society for Agronomy, Warwick University 23-28 August 1992: 174-175

PLANTGRO: a software package for coarse prediction of plant growth. PLANTGRO: a software package for coarse prediction of plant growth: xiii + 242 pp.

PLYMAP: a computer simulation model of the rotary peeled softwood plywood manufacturing process. General Technical Report Forest Products Laboratory, USDA Forest Service ( FPL-GTR-65): i + 54 pp.

PM-VAC - a vaccine against pigeon paramyxovirosis. Medycyna Weterynaryjna 47(3): 108-110

PMDI distribution in chip mixes and particleboards. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff 48(11): 405-408

POLYORGS as complexing sorbents for preconcentration of trace metals. Fresenius' Journal of Analytical Chemistry 341(10): 586-591

POU-domain transcription factors: pou-er-ful developmental regulators. Genes & Development 5(6): 897-907

PQ - the EPPO data base on plant quarantine pests. Bulletin OEPP: 212: 211-218

PR proteins and their relation to pathogen defence. AgBiotech News and Information 3(5): 825-828

PREFLO: a water management model capable of simulating preferential flow. Transactions of the ASAE 33(6): 1939-1948

PRIFAS; notes from PRIFAS on biological control of locusts and grasshoppers. Biological control of locusts and grasshoppers: proceedings of a workshop held at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Cotonou, Re ic of Benin, 29 April 1 May 1991: 75-78

PRO-PLANT - a knowledge based advisory system for cereal disease control. Danish Journal of Plant and Soil Science Special Series Report 85(S 2161): 101-109

PROAB - a food-price subsidy programme in low-income urban areas of Recife, Brazil: its impact on food consumption, nutrition status, and low birth weight. Food and Nutrition Bulletin 13(3): 220-229

PRRS syndrome in Quebec: isolation of a virus serologically related to Lelystad virus. Veterinary Record 130(8): 167-167

PRSUPR: automation and analysis software for wavelength dispersive electron-beam microanalysis on a PC. American Mineralogist 77(1-2): 444-445

PRV not likely to survive meat and bone meal processing. Feedstuffs 62(43): 12-13

PTR2030, a conjugal plasmid and derivatives thereof that confer phage resistance to group N streptococci. United States Patent (US 5 139 950): 10 pp.

PV-1 a high yielding variety of cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton). Journal of Plantation Crops 18(2): 122-124

PY 3 - a brown planthopper resistant rice variety for Pondicherry. Madras Agricultural Journal 76(8): 469-470

Paamese in Port Vila: peasants on leave or a wage-dependent proletariat?. Pacific Research Monograph ( 24): 151-169

Pace of breeding for drought resistance and the tasks of genetics. Tezisy dokladov Vsesoyuznoi nauchno tekhnicheskoi konferentsii "Problemy selektsii zernovykh kul' tur na ustoichivost' k boleznyam i neblagopriyatnym usloviyam sredy", Saratov, 12-14 sentyabrya, 1990: 65-66

Pacemaker activity in the heart of a beetle, Allomyrina dichotomus. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A: 972: 223-228

Pachyphytum compactum Rose (Crassulaceae). Cactus and Succulent Journal 63(1): 30-34

Pachyphytum hookeri (Salm-Dyck) Berger (Crassulaceae). Cactus and Succulent Journal 62(5): 236-241

Pachyphytum longifolium Rose. Cactus and Succulent Journal 63(5): 261-265

Pachypodium rosulatum var. gracilius, Apocynaceae. Kew Magazine 7(4): 169-173

Pachyseiulus hispanicus n. gen., n. sp., from Navarra (northern Spain) (Acari: Mesostigmata: Pachylaelapidae). International Journal of Acarology, 164: 213-218

Pachytene morphology of cowpea chromosomes. Ng, N Q And L M Monti (Ed ) Cowpea Genetic Resources: Contributions in Cowpea Exploration, Evaluation And Research From Italy And The International Institute Of Tropical Agriculture; Meeting, Ibadan, Nigeria, February 6-7, 1989 Vii+200p International Institute Of Tropical Agriculture: Ibadan, Nigeria Illus Maps Paper 137-143

Pachytene spermatocytes can achieve meiotic process in vitro. Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications 179(2): 1115-1121

Pacific Asia. TW, Tagungs Wirtschaft 14(5): 36-43, 52-56

Pacific Basin economic prospects, 1990-1994. Agriculture and trade in the Pacific: toward the 21st century: 15-28

Pacific Island commodity prices. Pacific Economic Bulletin 4(2): 9-12

Pacific Islands tourism case studies: regional summary. Pacific Islands tourism case studies: regional summary: vi + 160pp.

Pacific Rim agriculture and trade: toward the twenty-first century. Agriculture and trade in the Pacific: toward the 21st century: 1-11

Pacific agriculture: a retrospective of the 1980s and prospects for the 1990s. Pacific Economic Bulletin 7(1): 15-20

Pacific oyster nocardiosis: isolation of the bacterium and induction of laboratory infections. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, 571: 109-120

Pacific salmon at the crossroads: stocks at risk from California, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. Fisheries Bethesda 16(2): 4-21

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Packed cell volume reference intervals to aid in the diagnosis of anemia and polycythemia and polycythemia in young Leghorn chickens. Avian Diseases 35(4): 820-823

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Packing of whole grains in full size bins. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers ( 89-4547): 23 pp.

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Pain and osteoarticular changes in obese subjects. Casopis Lekaru Ceskych 130(2): 41-43

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Painting aluminium strips of black plastic mulch reduces mosaic symptoms on summer squash. HortScience 25(10): 1305

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