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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2189

Chapter 2189 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Polders in the lake Chad area: a special example of measures to combat drought and guarentee agricultural production. Irrigazione i Drenaggio 37(4): 15-19

Policies and boundaries: perceptions of space and control of markets in a mobile livestock economy. Working Paper University of Bielefeld, Faculty of Sociology, Sociology of Development Research Centre ( 133): 25pp.

Policies and new plans of the European Community in the forestry sector. Monti e Boschi 40(5): 5-12

Policies and preoccupations in rural and regional development planning in Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Third world regional development: a reappraisal: 129-153

Policies and profitability in livestock feed sectors of the ASEAN countries. Agriculture and trade in the Pacific: toward the 21st century: 133-148

Policies and strategies for development of China's agricultural mechanization and industry. Report on selected subject, presented at Regional workshop on policies and strategies for agricultural mechanization, Beijing, China, 1-10 August 1990. Policies and strategies for development of China' s agricultural mechanization and industry Report on selected subject, presented at Regional workshop on policies and strategies for agricultural mechanization, Beijing, China, 1-10 August 1990: 22 pp.

Policies and strategies for rural development in the Asian region. Rural poverty alleviation programmes in Asia: report of an APO study meeting, 16th-21st July, 1990, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 15-21

Policies and strategies: lessons from experience. An end to hunger? The social origins of food strategies: 62-71

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Policies for the environment as a whole. Countryside planning policies for the 1990s: 71-82

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Policy and management problems. Irrigation in Sub Saharan Africa The development of ic and private systems: 83-87

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Policy evaluation in leisure services - the Northern Ireland case. Leisure Studies 10(2): 105-117

Policy failures arising from multiple jurisdictions: Western agricultural water resources, and the role of the courts. Commodity and resource policies in agricultural systems: 72-94

Policy failures in managing forests. Market and government failures in environmental management: wetlands and forests: 45-82

Policy failures in managing wetlands. Market and government failures in environmental management: wetlands and forests: 9-43

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Policy of the national government in defense of the rights of indigenous peoples and the ecological conservation of the Amazon Basin. Policy of the national government in defense of the rights of indigenous peoples and the ecological conservation of the Amazon Basin: 227 pp.

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Policy options, issues and approaches in rural planning. Countryside planning policies for the 1990s: 28-43

Policy proposals for agriculture. Countryside planning policies for the 1990s: 118-157

Policy proposals for conservation and recreation. Countryside planning policies for the 1990s: 222-246

Policy proposals for land use planning. Countryside planning policies for the 1990s: 178-207

Policy proposals for socio-economic issues. Countryside planning policies for the 1990s: 208-221

Policy proposals for the countryside as a whole. Countryside planning policies for the 1990s: 83-117

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