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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2204

Chapter 2204 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Recent advances in white clover technology. Recent advances in grassland production and management: 60-72

Recent advances of Trichogramma utilization for controlling agricultural insect pests. Miscellaneous Publication of the Tohoku National Agricultural Experiment Station Tohoku Nogyo Shikenjo Kenkyu Shiryo (9): 133-148

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Recent and foreseeable developments in the area of plant variety and seed legislation. Comptes Rendus de l' Academie d' Agriculture de France 77(2): 3-17

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Recent and structural problems of PROALCOOL: a review. Informacoes Economicas Instituto de Economia Agricola 21(6): 21-33

Recent application of mosquito cell and organ culture to the study of malarial parasites. Invertebrate cell system applications Volume II: 177-184

Recent approaches to controlling mountain beavers (Aplodontia rufa) in Pacific Northwest forests. Proceedings, Thirteenth Vertebrate Pest Conference, Monterey, California: 183-187

Recent aspects of the hydrogenase-nitrogenase relationship in cyanobacteria. Nitrogen fixation Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Nitrogen Fixation with Non legumes, Florence, Italy, 10-14 September 1990: 367-373

Recent behaviour of production costs and support prices. Revista Nacional de Agricultura Bogota ( 893): 79-89

Recent changes and the types of trade in fruit and vegetables outside the wholesale markets. Miscellaneous Publication of the Chugoku National Agricultural Experiment Station ( 19): 1-24

Recent changes in Ecuador's agriculture and the role of the small farmer. Debate Agrario Lima ( 6): 103-123

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Recent changes in forestry planting grants and taxation in the United Kingdom and their impact on private sector profitability. Land use for agriculture, forestry and rural development Proceedings of the 20th symposium of the European Association of Agricultural Economists EAAE, July 1989, Newcastle upon Tyne, England: 169-177

Recent changes in household purchases of prepared foods. Part 1. Household purchases of prepacked/cut vegetables. Infos Paris ( 65): 42-47

Recent changes in the agrarian policy of the People's Republic of Bulgaria. WCARRD: ten years of follow up: rural development in Europe Report of the special session of the FAO/ECE working party on agrarian structure and farm rationalization, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of WCARRD, Varna, Bulgaria, 12-15 September 1989: 31-36

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Recent changes in the occurrence of antibiotic resistance in Salmonella isolated in England and Wales. PHLS Microbiology Digest 9(2): 69-71

Recent contributions to New World Archaeoparasitology. Parasitology Today 7(4): 81-82

Recent contributions to the debate on development economics. QA, Questione Agraria ( 39): 5-37

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Recent data on the theoretical background of Manninger's soil cultivation method. Kornyezetkimelo Buzatermesztesi Tanacskozas: 68-73

Recent declines in breast-feeding in the United States, 1984 through 1989. Pediatrics 88(4): 719-727

Recent development in Japanese agricultural structure and its future prospects. Agricultural Policy Proceedings ( 16): 41-48

Recent development in construction of input-output tables with use and make matrices: an application to U.S. agriculture. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 39(4 (II)): 795-803

Recent development of land use in China. Geojournal 20(4): 353-357

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Recent developments in accelerated cheese ripening. Journal of dairy science 74(7): 2317-2335

Recent developments in agricultural environment law. Agrarrecht 21(11): 293-297

Recent developments in agricultural planning methods for the tropics and subtropics with special reference to the risk aspect. Tropenlandwirt 92(APRIL): 13-28

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Recent developments in biological and epidemiological studies on malaria vectors and their related entities in East Asia. Tropical Biomedicine 3(1): 15-38

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Recent developments in clinical nutrition. A review. Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of London 23(1): 15-18

Recent developments in cowpea germplasm collection, conservation, evaluation and research at the Genetic Resources Unit, IITA. Cowpea genetic resources: 13-28

Recent developments in diagnostic techniques for plant diseases associated with mycoplasmalike organisms. Review of tropical plant pathology Volume 6 Techniques and plant quarantine: 1990; 225-238

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Recent developments in freezing technology. A rapid widening of the field of application. Process Rennes ( 1049): 42-45

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Recent developments in monogastric nutrition and their implications for humans. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand 14: 107-115

Recent developments in oil palm agricultural practice. Workshop Proceedings of the Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia ( 18): 9-22

Recent developments in pearl millet/cowpea cropping systems for low-rainfall areas of the Sudano-Sahelian zone of West Africa. Soil, crop, and water management systems for rainfed agriculture in the Sudano Sahelian zone: 277-289

Recent developments in ploughing equipment. Bulletin Technique du Machinisme et de l' Equipement Agricoles ( 63): 45-48

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