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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2206

Chapter 2206 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Registration of 'Marcus' soybean. Crop Science 30(5): 1162

Registration of 'Maybelle' rice. Crop Science 31(4): 1090

Registration of 'Minnatto' soybean. Crop Science 31(1): 233

Registration of 'NC 10C' peanut. Crop Science 31(2): 484

Registration of 'NC 729' tobacco. Crop Science 32(4): 1066

Registration of 'NC-V11' peanut. Crop Science 31(2): 484-485

Registration of 'Neche' flax. Crop Science 31(3): 847

Registration of 'NewHy' RS hybrid wheatgrass. Crop Science 31(5): 1384-1385

Registration of 'Newcale' winter triticale. Crop Science 31(2): 489-490

Registration of 'Newdak' oat. Crop Science 31(5): 1384

Registration of 'Newton' soybean. Crop Science 31(3): 848-849

Registration of 'OK 49' alfalfa. Crop Science 32(1): 280

Registration of 'Omega II' perennial ryegrass. Crop Science 31(5): 1383

Registration of 'Omega' flax. Crop Science 32(4): 1065

Registration of 'Orion' rice. Crop Science 32(2): 495

Registration of 'Ozark' oat. Crop Science 31(5): 1383-1384

Registration of 'Palouse' lentil. Crop Science 32(4): 1070

Registration of 'Perkins' winter barley. Crop Science 30(6): 1355

Registration of 'Phyter' tall fescue. Crop Science 31(2): 482

Registration of 'Pixie' soybean. Crop Science 31(3): 847

Registration of 'Portal' oat. Crop Science 31(4): 1083

Registration of 'Prairie' buffalograss. Crop Science 30(6): 1360-1361

Registration of 'Proto' soybean. Crop Science 31(2): 486

Registration of 'Providence' creeping bentgrass. Crop Science 31(6): 1701-1702

Registration of 'Rawhide' wheat. Crop Science 32(1): 283

Registration of 'Rebel Jr.' tall fescue. Crop Science 32(3): 831

Registration of 'Rebel' rapeseed. Crop Science 31(2): 485-486

Registration of 'Reliant' intermediate wheatgrass. Crop Science 32(4): 1072

Registration of 'Rexmont' rice. Crop Science 30(5): 1160

Registration of 'Rico 1' rice. Crop Science 30(5): 1161

Registration of 'S-301' rice. Crop Science 31(4): 1090-1091

Registration of 'SR 1020' creeping bentgrass. Crop Science 31(6): 1702-1703

Registration of 'SS201' soybean. Crop Science 30(6): 1361

Registration of 'SS202' soybean. Crop Science 30(6): 1361

Registration of 'SWS-52' spring wheat. Crop Science 31(2): 491

Registration of 'Santa Rita' fourwing saltbush. Crop Science 30(6): 1370

Registration of 'Sarah' chickpea. Crop Science 31(4): 1094

Registration of 'Saturn' perennial ryegrass. Crop Science 31(4): 1089

Registration of 'Schochoh' barley. Crop Science 31(5): 1381

Registration of 'Seville' perennial ryegrass. Crop Science 31(2): 483-484

Registration of 'Sharp' wheat. Crop Science 32(1): 282-283

Registration of 'Shonkin' barley. Crop Science 30(6): 1355

Registration of 'Sprite 87' soybean. Crop Science 31(4): 1093

Registration of 'Spry' soybean. Crop Science 32(2): 498

Registration of 'Starter' oat. Crop Science 30(6): 1365-1366

Registration of 'Sturdy' soybean. Crop Science 31(2): 486-487

Registration of 'Suffolk' Kentucky bluegrass. Crop Science 32(3): 827

Registration of 'Sunland' triticale. Crop Science 31(6): 1710-1711

Registration of 'Survenola' digitgrass. Crop Science 30(6): 1369-1370

Registration of 'Survivor' wheat. Crop Science 32(3): 833

Registration of 'TAM 90' annual ryegrass. Crop Science 32(3): 828

Registration of 'TN90' burley tobacco. Crop Science 31(3): 852

Registration of 'TUCCP 77-42' sugarcane. Crop Science 31(2): 492

Registration of 'Tadinia' wheat. Crop Science 30(6): 1366

Registration of 'Tamcot HQ95' cotton. Crop Science 30(6): 1359-1360

Registration of 'Tamspan 90' peanut. Crop Science 31(6): 1711

Registration of 'Tifclo-1' arrowleaf clover germplasm. Crop Science 30(5): 1168

Registration of 'Tifton 10' turf bermudagrass. Crop Science 30(6): 1355-1356

Registration of 'Tomahawk' indiangrass. Crop Science 30(5): 1157-1158

Registration of 'Trailblazer' switchgrass. Crop Science 31(5): 1388

Registration of 'Transvala' digitgrass. Crop Science 30(6): 1368-1369

Registration of 'UC 337' barley. Crop Science 30(5): 1154

Registration of 'UC 476' barley. Crop Science 30(5): 1154

Registration of 'UC 603' barley. Crop Science 30(5): 1154-1155

Registration of 'UC15' chickpea. Crop Science 32(2): 500

Registration of 'UC27' chickpea. Crop Science 32(2): 499-500

Registration of 'UI 686' cranberry bean. Crop Science 31(6): 1708-1709

Registration of 'UI 722' dark red kidney bean. Crop Science 31(6): 1709

Registration of 'UI 906' black bean. Crop Science 31(6): 1710

Registration of 'VA 116' tobacco. Crop Science 31(4): 1096-1097

Registration of 'Verne' flax. Crop Science 32(4): 1065

Registration of 'Verne' wheat. Crop Science 31(5): 1385-1386

Registration of 'WAMPR' alfalfa. Crop Science 31(2): 480

Registration of 'WL 225' alfalfa. Crop Science 31(6): 1700

Registration of 'WL 317' alfalfa. Crop Science 31(6): 1700

Registration of 'WL 322 HQ' alfalfa. Crop Science 31(6): 1699-1700

Registration of 'Wakefield' wheat. Crop Science 31(6): 1705

Registration of 'Walters' soybean. Crop Science 31(3): 850

Registration of 'Winfield' rapeseed. Crop Science 30(6): 1356

Registration of 'Wrangler' tall fescue. Crop Science 31(2): 480-481

Registration of 'Wright' oat. Crop Science 31(4): 1086

Registration of 10 Upland cotton germplasm lines having improved fiber bundle strength. Crop Science 30(6): 1373-1374

Registration of 10 biotype E greenbug resistant restorer germplasm lines of sorghum. Crop Science 31(4): 1099-1100

Registration of 10 biotype E greenbug-resistant sorghum germplasm lines. Crop Science 31(2): 499-500

Registration of 10 hop germplasm lines for an early-flowering triploid pollinator composite for yield stimulation. Crop Science 31(5): 1392-1393

Registration of 10 vegetatively propagated parental lines (MT-6 to MT-15) of intermediate wheatgrass. Crop Science 31(4): 1101

Registration of 11 sunflower parental lines: CM 612, CM 614, CM 615, CM 616, CM 617, CM 619, CM 620, CM 621, CM 622, CM 624, and CM 625. Crop Science 31(5): 1403-1404

Registration of 13 downy mildew tolerant interspecific sunflower germplasm lines derived from wild annual species . Crop Science 31(6): 1714-1716

Registration of 15 interspecific sunflower germplasm lines derived from wild annual species. Crop Science 31(5): 1389-1390

Registration of 15 sorghum A- and B-line inbreds. Crop Science 30(6): 1377

Registration of 17 Upland cotton germplasm lines having elevated levels of condensed tannins. Crop Science 30(6): 1374-1375

Registration of 22 midge-resistant sorghum germplasm lines. Crop Science 31(2): 498-499

Registration of A2/B2Tx636 and A2/B2Tx637 sorghum. Crop Science 32(2): 511-512

Registration of A20 soybean germplasm resistant to brown stem rot, soybean cyst nematode, and iron deficiency chlorosis. Crop Science 31(6): 1713-1714

Registration of A3Tx430 and A3Tx7000 sorghum genetic stocks. Crop Science 30(5): 1163

Registration of AR1000, AR2200, AR2400, AR2401, AR2402, AR2403, AR2404, AR2405, and AR2406 silage sorghum parental lines. Crop Science 31(5): 1400-1401

Registration of AR2001 and AR2002 sudangrass parental lines. Crop Science 31(5): 1402

Registration of ARS-2678 Kura clover germplasm. Crop Science 31(2): 497

Registration of AZ-90NDC-ST non-dormant alfalfa germplasm with improved forage yield in saline environments. Crop Science 31(4): 1098-1099

Registration of Ark. SWCB Syn., Ark. Leaf Feed. Res. Syn., and Ark. Corn-Borer Comp. 1, 2, and 3 maize germplasm. Crop Science 31(2): 501-502

Registration of B92 germplasm inbred line of maize. Crop Science 31(1): 237-238

Registration of B93 and B94 parental inbred lines of maize. Crop Science 31(1): 247-248

Registration of B96 germplasm line of maize. Crop Science 31(1): 231-240

Registration of BS17(CB)C4 and BS16(CB)C4 maize germplasm. Crop Science 31(1): 238-239

Registration of CPES peanut germplasm population. Crop Science 31(2): 497-498

Registration of CRS-Z-1 zigzag clover germplasm. Crop Science 31(6): 1716

Registration of DT367 high-yielding durum wheat germplasm. Crop Science 31(5): 1394

Registration of DT369 high yielding, semidwarf durum wheat germplasm. Crop Science 31(6): 1717

Registration of Embryogen-P orchardgrass germplasm with a high capacity for somatic embryogenesis from in vitro cultures. Crop Science 31(3): 855

Registration of FL-ML white clover germplasm. Crop Science 31(3): 853

Registration of GAC102 acid-soil tolerant Hegari regenerant. Crop Science 31(5): 1396-1397

Registration of GATCCP100 and GATCCP101 fall armyworm resistant Hegari regenerants. Crop Science 31(1): 242-244

Registration of GP9BR herbicide-tolerant sorghum composite. Crop Science 31(1): 244

Registration of GPP5BR(M/H/F)C3 anthracnose-resistant sorghum germplasm population. Crop Science 31(1): 241-242

Registration of GaT 85-19 cotton germplasm line. Crop Science 32(2): 505

Registration of GaT 86-71 cotton germplasm line. Crop Science 32(2): 505

Registration of HM1 Phytophthora root-resistant soybean germplasm. Crop Science 32(3): 836-837

Registration of Hamlet, a Hessian fly resistant hard red winter wheat germplasm. Crop Science 32(2): 506

Registration of ICGV 87157, an elite peanut germplasm with multiple resistance to diseases. Crop Science 32(3): 837

Registration of ICMA 841 and ICMB 841 pearl millet parental lines with A1 cytoplasmic-genic male sterility system. Crop Science 30(6): 1378

Registration of ILC 8262, a cold-tolerant germplasm line of chickpea. Crop Science 32(2): 508

Registration of IRFL 4655 Macroptilium atropurpureum germplasm. Crop Science 32(3): 836

Registration of Idaho Dark Northern Spring Population, Cycle 0 wheat germplasm. Crop Science 32(1): 290-291

Registration of KS219 alfalfa germplasm with resistance to eight pests. Crop Science 32(2): 502-503

Registration of KS87UP9, a winter wheat germplasm segregating for a dominant male-sterility gene. Crop Science 31(1): 247

Registration of KS89WGRC3 and KS89WGRC6 Hessian fly-resistant hard red winter wheat germplasm. Crop Science 31(1): 245

Registration of KS89WGRC4 hard red winter wheat germplasm with resistance to Hessian fly, greenbug, and soil-borne mosaic virus. Crop Science 31(1): 246

Registration of KS89WGRC7 leaf rust-resistant hard red winter wheat germplasm. Crop Science 31(1): 246

Registration of KS89WGRC9 stress-tolerant hard red winter wheat germplasm. Crop Science 32(2): 507

Registration of KS90WGRC10 leaf rust-resistant hard red winter wheat germplasm. Crop Science 32(2): 506

Registration of KY-2N56 tall fescue germplasm. Crop Science 30(5): 1163

Registration of KYBSS burley tobacco germplasm. Crop Science 31(5): 1396

Registration of Ky M2 zigzag clover germplasm. Crop Science 31(5): 1395-1396

Registration of Ky-1 kura clover germplasm. Crop Science 31(1): 237

Registration of L84-5873 and L84-5932 soybean germplasm lines resistant to brown stem rot. Crop Science 32(3): 835

Registration of LSBR-33 and LSBR-5 sheath blight-resistant germplasm lines of rice. Crop Science 32(2): 507

Registration of MS-2X, MS-4X, and MS-6X kura clover germplasms. Crop Science 31(6): 1714

Registration of Miscot 7801 and Miscot 7824 germplasm lines of cotton. Crop Science 32(3): 834

Registration of Mp313E parental line of maize. Crop Science 30(6): 1378

Registration of N122, a pair of A/B grain sorghum parental lines. Crop Science 30(6): 1379

Registration of N27 sweetclover germplasm. Crop Science 32(2): 509

Registration of N28 and N29 sweetclover germplasms. Crop Science 32(2): 510-511

Registration of NC201 parental line of maize. Crop Science 31(3): 857

Registration of ND266 parental line of maize. Crop Science 31(5): 1401

Registration of NDSAB(MS)C8(LM)CE, NDSD(FS)C1(LM)C4, and NDSM maize germplasms. Crop Science 31(1): 239

Registration of NY90BC4 oat germplasm. Crop Science 32(2): 508-509

Registration of OK 51 alfalfa germplasm. Crop Science 32(3): 839

Registration of PL-OGDR1 orchardgrass germplasm. Crop Science 30(5): 1164

Registration of Penncomp 101 winter barley composite germplasm. Crop Science 32(2): 503-504

Registration of Pseudoroegneria spicata X Elymus lanceolatus hybrid germplasm SL-1. Crop Science 31(5): 1391

Registration of Rhizoctonia root rot resistant sugarbeet germplasm FC710. Crop Science 31(2): 494

Registration of SD104, SD105, SD106, SD107, and SD108 germplasm lines of maize. Crop Science 30(5): 1167-1168

Registration of SD50, SD53, SD55, SD59, and SD73 parental lines of maize. Crop Science 30(5): 1171-1172

Registration of SD54, SD56, SD57, SD60, SD63, SD65, and SD69 parental lines of maize. Crop Science 30(5): 1170-1171

Registration of T171 parental line of maize. Crop Science 32(2): 512

Registration of TX85C5820-5 greenbug-resistant wheat germplasm. Crop Science 32(1): 289

Registration of Tift 2 S-1 pearl millet germplasm. Crop Science 30(6): 1376

Registration of Tift 3 and Tift 4 rust resistant pearl millet germplasms. Crop Science 31(6): 1713

Registration of Tx2818 through Tx2857 Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench germplasm lines. Crop Science 30(5): 1168-1170

Registration of UC 176, UC 196, UC 226, UC 276, and UC 296 very nondormant alfalfa germplasms with varying levels of resistance to diseases and/or insects. Crop Science 32(1): 285

Registration of UC 189 and UC 231 very nondormant alfalfa germplasms. Crop Science 32(1): 285-286

Registration of UC 195 very nondormant alfalfa germplasms with high resistance to blue alfalfa aphid and Fusarium wilt, and resistance to Phytophthora root rot. Crop Science 32(1): 286

Registration of UC 222 and UC 263 very nondormant alfalfa germplasms with high resistance to blue alfalfa aphid. Crop Science 32(1): 286-287

Registration of UC 322 very nondormant alfalfa germplasms with high resistance to Fusarium wilt and Phytophthora root rot. Crop Science 32(1): 287

Registration of UC 73 nondormant alfalfa germplasm with resistance to Egyptian alfalfa weevil. Crop Science 32(1): 284

Registration of W2xiso-1 and W4xiso-1 isogenic populations of diploid and tetraploid alfalfa germplasm. Crop Science 31(2): 496

Registration of WAPH-1 alfalfa germplasm with resistance to Aphanomyces root rot. Crop Science 32(1): 287-288

Registration of Wanubet, a hulless, waxy barley germplasm. Crop Science 30(6): 1371

Registration of a genetic stock (w4-m w4-m) for unstable anthocyanin pigmentation in soybean. Crop Science 30(6): 1376-1377

Registration of a high-protein soybean germplasm line OT89-16. Crop Science 31(4): 1100

Registration of a sunflower restorer germplasm population. Crop Science 31(2): 500-501

Registration of active ingredients according to article 19 of the Plant Protection Act - results from the first two registration periods. Nachrichtenblatt des Deutschen Pflanzenschutzdienstes 43(4): 79-85

Registration of alfalfa hybrid Regen-SY germplasm for tissue culture and transformation research. Crop Science 31(4): 1098

Registration of budworm resistant I-514 tobacco germplasm. Crop Science 30(6): 1371

Registration of eight cotton germplasm lines with pink bollworm resistance traits. Crop Science 32(1): 288-289

Registration of eight sugarbeet trisomic genetic stocks. Crop Science 31(1): 248-249

Registration of five germplasm lines of Upland cotton with high yield potential and fiber quality. Crop Science 31(3): 854-855

Registration of five hop germplasms for hop downy mildew resistance. Crop Science 31(5): 1391-1392

Registration of five nonnodulating peanut germplasm lines. Crop Science 31(3): 855-856

Registration of five pearl millet germplasm sources with stable resistance to downy mildew. Crop Science 30(5): 1164

Registration of five pearl millet germplasm sources with stable resistance to rust. Crop Science 30(5): 1165

Registration of five root rot resistant germplasm lines of processing pea. Crop Science 30(5): 1167

Registration of four fertile triploid germplasm lines of eastern gamagrass. Crop Science 32(2): 504

Registration of four germplasm lines of Upland cotton with early maturity and high fiber quality. Crop Science 31(3): 854

Registration of four naked-seeded oat germplasms. Crop Science 30(5): 1166

Registration of four pairs of 'Maple Presto' derived soybean genetic stocks. Crop Science 31(5): 1398-1399

Registration of genetic stock of oat (LAO-456-MUT-01) with monster-plant traits. Crop Science 31(5): 1398

Registration of high-protein soybean germplasm lines BARC-6, BARC-7, BARC-8, and BARC-9. Crop Science 32(2): 502

Registration of information (on neoplasms) in dogs. Norsk Veterinaertidsskrift 102(1): 40-41

Registration of nine Upland cotton germplasm lines having elevated levels of condensed tannins. Crop Science 30(6): 1375

Registration of octoploid hybrid clover germplasm from the cross of Trifolium ambiguum X T. repens. Crop Science 31(5): 1395

Registration of pesticides in the five provinces of the former GDR. Nachrichtenblatt des Deutschen Pflanzenschutzdienstes 43(3): 62-63

Registration of plant strengtheners according to the Plant Protection Act of 15th September 1986. Nachrichtenblatt des Deutschen Pflanzenschutzdienstes 43(10): 216-219

Registration of post-mortem abnormalities of pigs on the slaughterline. Fleischwirtschaft 72(2): 160-163

Registration of rhizomania-resistant germplasm of Beta vulgaris. Crop Science 31(1): 244-245

Registration of rhododendrons and azaleas IV. (1982-1990). Dendroflora ( 27): 56-60

Registration of seven Upland cotton germplasm lines adapted to the Coastal Bend of Texas. Crop Science 30(6): 1373

Registration of seven long-daylength insensitive soybean genetic stocks. Crop Science 31(5): 1399

Registration of seven spring oat germplasm lines tolerant to barley yellow dwarf virus. Crop Science 31(1): 240-241

Registration of six American Pima cotton germplasm lines. Crop Science 31(2): 495

Registration of six Septoria nodorum blotch resistant, semihardy winter barley germplasm lines. Crop Science 30(6): 1371-1372

Registration of six interspecific sunflower germplasm lines derived from wild perennial species. Crop Science 31(4): 1097-1098

Registration of soybean germplasm line S88-2036 having multiple-race soybean cyst nematode resistance. Crop Science 31(3): 856

Registration of soybean germplasm lines R85-395 and R88-1259, with quintafoliolate leaves. Crop Science 31(2): 495-496

Registration of soybean germplasm lines possessing a dense pubescence (Pd1Pd1) phenotype. Crop Science 32(2): 501

Registration of sprouting-tolerant white-kerneled wheat germplasms SC8019R1 and SC8021V2. Crop Science 32(3): 838

Registration of three Upland cotton germplasm lines. Crop Science 30(6): 1372-1373

Registration of three cytoplasmic male-sterile and three restorer sunflower germplasm lines. Crop Science 31(2): 500

Registration of three germplasm lines of pinto bean. Crop Science 31(4): 1100-1101

Registration of three germplasms of winterhardy lentil. Crop Science 31(5): 1395

Registration of three popcorn (maize) parental lines HP62-02, HP72-11, and HP68-07. Crop Science 31(5): 1402-1403

Registration of three spring oat composite germplasms with short plant height. Crop Science 30(5): 1165-1166

Registration of two germplasm lines of Upland cotton with high yield potential and fiber quality. Crop Science 31(3): 853

Registration of two rapeseed germplasm populations. Crop Science 31(2): 493-494

Registration of yellow sugarcane aphid-tolerant wheat germplasm YSCA-1. Crop Science 31(5): 1394

Regolith residence time and the concept of surface age of the Piedmont peneplain. Geomorphology 2(1-3): 181-196

Regreening the national parks. Regreening the national parks: 280pp.

Regression analysis for the estimation of a sound seed ratio in Pinus thunbergii. Journal of the Japanese Forestry Society 73(3): 211-215

Regression analysis of growth prediction of early season rice cv. Koshihikari. Report of the Tokai Branch of the Crop Science Society of Japan (109): 25-26

Regression analysis of the physico-chemical properties of suint and wool of Soviet Mutton-wool rams. Sovrem dostizh nauki i prakt v obl selektsii ovets i koz, tekhnol pr va shersti, baraninyi, pukha, mogera i ikh primenenie v nov ekon usloviyakh khozyaistvovaniya; Tez nauch soobshch, 16-18 maya 1991 Ch1: 112-113

Regression analysis of the relationships between the content of biogenic elements and soil biota. Doklady Akademii Nauk BSSR 35(7): 649-651

Regression analysis using auxiliary information from time studies of cable yarding operations. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 19(10): 1262-1266

Regression analysis with one and two factors. Genetika a Slechteni 27(4): 227-242

Regression and correlation analysis in different cultivars of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). Sarhad Journal of Agriculture 5(2): 171-176

Regression effect of carp, Cyprinus carpio L., peripheral blood lymphocytes on CHV-induced carp papilloma. Journal of Fish Diseases 13(6): 505-511

Regression equations for predicting gross energy content of ewe milk. Rapport Instituut voor Veevoedingsonderzoek ( 225): 51pp

Regression models for estimation of temperature and moisture content of freshly harvested wheat and barley. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 33(2): 321-328

Regression models in evolutionary allometry. American Naturalist 138(2): 283-299

Regression models of variation in quantitative characters in F1 hybrids of maize. Tsitologiya i Genetika 25(3): 23-30

Regression models of winter wheat heterosis. Doklady Vsesoyuznoi Ordena Lenina i Ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni Akademii Sel'skokhozyaistvennykh Nauk Imeni V I Lenina (4): 9-12

Regression of atherosclerosis in humans by lowering serum cholesterol. Atherosclerosis 89(1): 1-10

Regression of induced corpora lutea in mature cyclic gilts by human chorionic gonadotropin. Journal of Animal Science 70(10): 3144-3148

Regressional-statistical models of thermo-physical parameters of soils and their interpolation. Tekhnicheskie Sredstva Agromonitoringa: 180-185

Regressive demented behaviour syndrome due to vitamin B12 deficiency without haematological anomalies in a nonagenarian. Presse Medicale 19(36): 1683

Regressive dynamic and denudation processes of vegetation on volcanoes in the 'Chaine des Puys' (French Massif Central): assay of interpretation. Vegetatio 93(2): 131-141

Regrowth and nutrient accumulations following whole-tree harvesting of a maple-oak forest. Canadian journal of forest research = Journal canadien de recherche forestiere 21(9): 1305-1315

Regrowth and sowing date interaction and yield in grain sorghum. Documentos Empresa Capixaba de Pesquisa Agropecuaria ( 65): 122

Regrowth eucalypt for plywood production. Technical Paper Forestry Commission of NSW ( 43): 16 pp.

Regrowth kinetics of Dactylis glomerata following root excision. Annals of botany 68(5): 435-440

Regrowth of bermudagrass infected with spring dead spot following low temperature exposure. Crop Science 31(1): 182-184

Regrowth of the components of two legume/grass associations following grazing on acid soils of the eastern plains of Colombia. Proceedings of the XVI International Grassland Congress, 4-11 October 1989, Nice, France: 1035-1036

Regular and chilled aeration of grains in Texas. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers ( 91-6062): 15pp.

Regular moderate wine consumption for five weeks increases plasma activity of the plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) in healthy young volunteers. Fibrinolysis 4(2): 69-70

Regular monitoring of fertility in cattle - experiences and results. Wiener Tierarztliche Monatsschrift 78(1): 33-39

Regularities of co-crystallization of milk lipid glycerides. Brief Communications of the XXIII International Dairy Congress, Montreal, October 8-12, 1990, Vol I: 296

Regularities of distribution of rare soil elements in soils of China. Nauchnye Doklady Vysshei Shkoly, Biologicheskie Nauki ( 12): 143-147

Regularities of in situ nick translation labeling pattern of cereal metaphase chromosomes. Genome 34(1): 131-138

Regularities of the combination of the signal and protective colouration of Acridoidea. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 69(6): 58-69

Regularities of water-permeability of anti-filtration linings in canals. Doklady Vsesoyuznoi Ordena Lenina i Ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni Akademii Sel' skokhozyaistvennykh Nauk im VI Lenina ( 6): 56-60

Regularity of distribution of mites (Varroa jacobsoni) on drone brood of the honey bee (Apis mellifera). Vestnik Zoologii ( 6): 45-52

Regularity of spray distribution in border strip irrigation. Zemedelska Technika 37(2): 91-100

Regulated chlorophyll degradation in spinach leaves during storage. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 116(1): 58-62

Regulated expression of a gene-fusion product derived from the gene for phytochrome I from Pisum sativum and the uidA gene from E. coli in transgenic Petunia hybrida. Plant and Cell Physiology 32(6): 737-743

Regulated expression of the calmodulin-related TCH genes in cultured Arabidopsis cells: induction by calcium and heat shock. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 89(8): 3213-3216

Regulated markets in Bangladesh: a case study in Gouripur. Economic Affairs Calcutta 33(4): 234-240, 281-283

Regulated transcription of the maize Bronze-2 promoter in electroporated protoplasts requires the C1 and R gene products. M G G: Molecular and general genetics 233(3): 379-387

Regulated transcription of the maize Bz2-promoter in electroporated BMS protoplasts. Maize Genetics Cooperation News Letter ( 65): 99

Regulated-price and stock policies: interaction effects and welfare preference. Journal of Development Economics 35(2): 281-305

Regulating fair exchange within the agroindustrial sector. APK: Ekonomika, Upravlenie ( 12): 37-43

Regulating forest ecosystems by silvicultural means, as exemplified by montane mixed forest. Mitteilungen aus der Staatsforstverwaltung Bayerns ( 46): 246 pp.

Regulating genetically engineered organisms: the case of the dairy industry. Biotechnology: assessing social impacts and policy implications: 117-129

Regulating nonpoint source pollution in surface waters: a proposal. Water Resources Bulletin 27(3): 479-484

Regulating pear tree growth and cropping with Cultar, Alar and Ethrel. Prace Instytutu Sadownictwa i Kwiaciarstwa w Skierniewicach Seria A, Prace Doswiadczalne z Zakresu Sadownictwa ( 29): 67-74

Regulating private forestry in the west and south. Journal of Forestry 88(1): 14-19

Regulating release of organisms. Agricultural biotechnology: opportunities for international development: 322-331

Regulating sward growth and animal output with mefluidide. Crop Protection 10(3): 178-182

Regulating the egg industry: lessons from South Australia. Economic Analysis and Policy 19(2): 129-140

Regulating the equivalence of inter-sector exchanges. APK: Ekonomika, Upravlenie ( 11): 42-46

Regulating the olive marketing years. Olivae ( 33): 19-22

Regulating the release of genetically manipulated pest control organisms in the UK. Brighton Crop Protection Conference Pests and Diseases 1988 Vol 2: 583-586

Regulating what we eat: Mary Engle Pennington and the Food Research Laboratory. Agricultural History 64(2): 143-153

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