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Scuttle flies from Zimbabwe (Diptera, Phoridae) with the description of five new species

, : Scuttle flies from Zimbabwe (Diptera, Phoridae) with the description of five new species. Journal of African Zoology, 1051: 27-48

A collection of Phoridae from savanna habitats in the Binga District of Zimbabwe included 16 species, of which only 4 were known to science. Four Alamirinae are described elsewhere. Dohrniphora binga sp. nov., Megaselia microcurtineura sp. nov., M. savannae sp. nov., M. tinglei sp. nov. and Microselia bingana sp. nov. are described. The previously unknown male of Plastophorides setulicincta is described. A Puliciphora sp. only known in the male sex is characterised.


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