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Total content of aerobic bacteria and incidence of salmonellae in milk substitutes for calves

, : Total content of aerobic bacteria and incidence of salmonellae in milk substitutes for calves. Untersuchungen zum aeroben Keimgehalt sowie zum Vorkommen von Salmonellen in Milchaustauschern, fur Aufzuchtkalber: 53 pp.

Five samples each of 5 milk substitutes for calves were analysed for total content of aerobic bacteria and Salmonella, unopened and 5 days after opening. Total bacterial count was 1.8 x 10superscript 3 to 1.4 x 106 and 4.0 x 10superscript 3 to 1.4 x 109 CFU/g for unopened and opened milk substitutes, respectively. In 9 samples of opened milk substitutes, total bacterial count was >106 CFU/g. Salmonella was not found in any sample.

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