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A note on the diets selected by boars given a choice between two foods of different protein concentrations from 44 to 103 kg live weight

, : A note on the diets selected by boars given a choice between two foods of different protein concentrations from 44 to 103 kg live weight. Animal Production 56(1): 151-154

Ten Large White times Landrace boars at an initial live weight of 43 kg were given free access to two isoenergetic foods with 119 (L) and 222 (H) g crude protein (CP) per kg food as a choice, for 54 days. Six more similar boars were given access to food H only. The diet selected by the choice-fed pigs (measured as the proportion of food H per kg total food intake) changed systematically with time; the CP content of the selected diet fell from 193 in the first 7 days to 146 g CP per k g food to the last 7 days. The performance of the choice fed pigs, over the 54-day periods, was as good as that of those given blood H only: live-weight gain was 1101 v. 1069 g/day and food conversion efficiency 0.380 v. 0.374 g gain per g food respectively. However, the choice-feeding system allowed boars to reduce the protein content of their diet as they grew. It is suggested that it might be possible to give pigs a choice between two appropriate foods during the whole growing-fattening period instead of frequently changing the composition for their single food in order to try to meet their requirements.


DOI: 10.1017/S0003356100006279

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