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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2289

Chapter 2289 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A restaurant-associated outbreak of E. coli O157 infection. Journal of Public Health Medicine 14(1): 78-83

A restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) locus of rat (Rattus norvegicus) linked to the Cs-1 locus of rat linkage group XIII. Biochemical Genetics 30(9-10): 537-544

A retrospective account of AI in poultry. 2. Long-term storage of poultry semen. Archiv fur Tierzucht 37(1): 77-87

A retrospective analysis of outbreaks of infectious salmon anaemia in Sogn and Fjordane in 1985-91. Norsk Veterinaertidsskrift 104(12): 915-919

A retrospective analysis of the selection of outreach participants, Sankhuwasabha and Terhathum Districts, 1990/91 - 1991/92. PAC Working Paper Pakhribas Agricultural Centre ( 65): 19pp.

A retrospective analysis of thoraco-lumbar disc prolapse in the dog. Cheiron 22(4): 165-166

A retrospective clinical comparison between antifungal treatment with liposomal amphotericin B (AmBisome) and conventional amphotericin B in transplant recipients. Mycoses 35(9-10): 215-220

A retrospective evaluation of 38 cases of canine distemper encephalomyelitis. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 29(2): 129-133

A retrospective evaluation of laminitis in horses. Equine Veterinary Journal 25(1): 61-64

A retrospective evaluation of stifle osteoarthritis in dogs with bilateral medial patellar luxation and unilateral surgical repair. Veterinary Surgery 21(6): 475-479

A retrospective immunohistochemical study of type II avian adenoviral infection in turkey, pheasant, and chicken tissues. Avian Diseases 38(1): 78-85

A retrospective long-term evaluation of ununited anconeal process excision on the canine elbow. Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology 7(3): 94-97

A retrospective review of cases referred for examination and treatment of colic in adult horses. I. Aetiology of colic. Australian Equine Veterinarian 11(3): 135-137

A retrospective review of cases referred for examination and treatment of colic in adult horses. II. Outcome of surgical cases. Australian Equine Veterinarian 11(3): 139-143

A retrospective study of 192 horses affected with septic arthritis/tenosynovitis. Equine Veterinary Journal 24(6): 436-442

A retrospective study of circovirus infection in pigeons: nine cases (1986-1993). Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 6(2): 156-164

A retrospective study of frostbite injuries in calves (1982-1991). Canadian Veterinary Journal 34(5): 306-308

A retrospective study of inguinal hernia in 35 dogs. Veterinary Surgery 22(1): 44-49

A retrospective study of ventral fenestration for disk diseases in dogs. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 55(5): 781-784

A retrospective survey of anaesthesia in horses with colic. Equine Veterinary Journal (Supplement 7): 84-90

A retrovirus in chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) with plasmacytoid leukemia and evidence for the etiology of the disease. Cancer Research 52(23): 6496-6500

A retrovirus uses a cationic amino acid transporter as a cell surface receptor. Nutrition Reviews 50(2): 47-48

A return to the past versus the future. Rivista di Economia Agraria 45(4): 563-571

A reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of nicarbazin residues in eggs. Cytobios 76(306-307): 175-182

A review - role of eicosanoids in vertebrate ovulation. Prostaglandins 46(2): 85-115

A review and perspectives for the biological control of the African sugarcane stalkborer Eldana saccharina Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 48(1): 9-17

A review and update of animal toxicoses associated with fumonisin-contaminated feeds and production of fumonisins by Fusarium isolates. Mycopathologia 117(1-2): 109-114

A review implicating a two compartment model for the processes of cell division and differentiation in the wool follicle. Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production 52(0): 265-271

A review of 'College at the cinema'. Developpement Culturel ( 99): 8pp.

A review of 30 years of milk fat research at the Federal Institute for Dairy Research. DMZ, Lebensmittelindustrie und Milchwirtschaft 112(51-52): 1576-1585

A review of Columbia root knot nematode control in potatoes in the Pacific Northwest. Down to Earth 48(2): 1-7

A review of Heinz-body anemia in the dog induced by toxins. Veterinary and Human Toxicology 35(2): 158-161

A review of Neospora caninum and Neospora-like infections in animals. Journal of Protozoology Research 2(2): 40-52

A review of Phlebotomus (Euphlebotomus) argentipes Annandale & Brunetti - the vector of kala azar (visceral leishmaniasis) in India. Indian Review of Life Sciences 11: 53-77

A review of World Bank irrigation experience. World Bank Technical Paper ( 249): 33-44

A review of aeolian transport processes in cold environments. Progress in Physical Geography 17(2): 137-155

A review of aerial spraying technology for spruce budworm control in private woodlots in eastern Quebec. A review of aerial spraying technology for spruce budworm control in private woodlots in eastern Quebec: v + 211 pp.

A review of agricultural development in the atolls: invited papers from the international conference on developing agricultural research programs for atolls. Pacific Harbour, Fiji, November 1990. A review of agricultural development in the atolls: invited papers from the international conference on developing agricultural research programs for atolls Pacific Harbour, Fiji, November 1990: x + 310 pp.

A review of agrometeorological conditions of the vegetation period of 1990 in some countries of the northern hemisphere. Soviet Meteorology and Hydrology No. 10: 105-109

A review of agronomic practices in cocoa cultivation with reference to Nigeria. Agriculture International 43(10): 276-282

A review of besnoitiosis with special reference to goats. Zimbabwe Veterinary Journal 24(1): 23-27

A review of biodegradation kinetics in the aquatic environment. Chemosphere 21(10-11): 1243-1284

A review of black rot (Xanthomonas) of brassicas. Towards quality vegetables Proceedings Fifth National Vegetable Crops Conference 1992: 43-45

A review of bovine growth hormone. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 74(2): 167-201

A review of butterfly conservation in central southern Britain: I. Protection, evaluation and extinction on prime sites. Biological Conservation 64(1): 25-35

A review of butterfly conservation in central southern Britain: II. Site management and habitat selection of key species. Biological Conservation 64(1): 37-49

A review of cancer cachexia and abnormal glucose metabolism in humans with cancer. Journal of the American College of Nutrition 11(4): 445-456

A review of cannibalism and its implications in fish larviculture. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 24(2): 246-261

A review of carbohydrate metabolism in geophytes. Acta Horticulturae ( 325): 239-246

A review of cattle worms in Northern Australia. Technical Bulletin Northern Territory, Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries ( 187): 25 pp.

A review of changing patterns of support for applied biological research and the implications for horticultural crop protection. BRITISH CROP PROTECTION COUNCIL [Author] Crop protection: Crisis for UK horticulture : 51-69

A review of chromosome numbers in Bombacaceae with new counts for Adansonia. Taxon 43(1): 11-20

A review of common infectious disease agents of laboratory mice and rats: potential influence on Pneumocystis carinii. Journal of Protozoology 38(6): 131s-133s

A review of community forestry advances in Nepal. Commonwealth Forestry Review 71(2): 95-100

A review of copper and selenium reference ranges in cattle and sheep. Publication Veterinary Continuing Education, Massey University ( 145): 3-27

A review of country case studies on climate change. Working Paper Global Environment Facility, World Bank ( 7): vi + 61 pp.

A review of current research on goat milk in Greece. Lait 73(5-6): 431-441

A review of current soil related research activities at Pakhribas Agricultural Centre. PAC Working Paper Pakhribas Agricultural Centre ( 29): 29 pp

A review of current thinking on the prevention of milk fever. Proceedings of the Animal Nutrition Conference, 26-27 May, 1994 in Tartu, Estonia: 66-77

A review of cytological specimens from horses with and without clinical signs of respiratory disease. Equine Veterinary Journal 25(6): 523-526

A review of developments in tsetse fly (Glossina spp.) control by application of insecticide to cattle. Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa 40(1): 1-4

A review of diapause in stored-product insects. Journal of Stored Products Research 30(2): 99-120

A review of diseases and parasites of the Kafue lechwe (Kobus leche kafuensis). Journal of Wildlife Diseases 27(4): 661-667

A review of ecosystem studies in Papua New Guinea with specific reference to soil seed bank and seed rain studies. Conservation and environment in Papua New Guinea: establishing research priorities Proceedings of a symposium held June 3, 1991, Honolulu, Hawai' i: 26-43

A review of egg production by captive sole, Solea solea (L.). Aquaculture and Fisheries Management 24(2): 171-180

A review of feeding practices, growth and nutritional physiology in larvae of the catfishes Clarias gariepinus and Clarias batrachus. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 24(2): 135-144

A review of feline infectious peritonitis virus: molecular biology, immunopathogenesis, clinical aspects, and vaccination. Veterinary Microbiology 36(1/2): 1-37

A review of fertility management of rice soils. Proceedings of the Eighth International Soil Correlation Meeting VIII ISCOM: characterization, classification, and utilization of wet soils, Louisiana and Texas, October 6-21, 1990: 288-300

A review of financial and production trends in the New Zealand sheep and beef sector. Paper NZ Meat and Wool Boards' Economic Service ( G2069): 24pp.

A review of fine fuel moisture modelling. International Journal of Wildland Fire 1(4): 215-234

A review of food research in Vietnam, with emphasis on postharvest losses. ACIAR Technical Reports Series ( 26): 111 pp.

A review of forest site classification activities in Newfoundland and Labrador. Forestry chronicle 68(1): 25-33

A review of forty years of forestry in Martinique and the French West Indies. Revue Forestiere Francaise 45(4): 425-440

A review of four phenomenological models that describe the engineering material properties of avian tendon. Poultry Science 72(7): 1230-1236

A review of fruit vegetable crops research at the University of Swaziland. Uniswa Journal of Agriculture 1: 77-82

A review of genetic and phenotypic parameters for traits composing the Rambouillet certification index. Proceedings, Western Section, American Society of Animal Science, July 8-10, 1992: Volume 43: 82-86

A review of glaber-like species with reduced sclerotization and ventral ornamentation: the scutatus subgroup (Acari: Macrochelidae: Macrocheles). International Journal of Acarology, 183: 241-249

A review of goat production in Zimbabwe. Journal of the Zimbabwe Society for Animal Production 4: 111-117

A review of groundnut agronomy in Tanzania: current status and existing gaps. Proceedings of the fifth regional groundnut workshop for Southern Africa, 9-12 March, 1992, Lilongwe, Malawi: 47-52

A review of groundnut production and research in Swaziland. Proceedings of the fifth regional groundnut workshop for Southern Africa, 9-12 March, 1992, Lilongwe, Malawi: 43-45

A review of important forest insect and disease problems in the Fort Frances District of Ontario, 1950-1980. Miscellaneous Report Great Lakes Forestry Centre, Canadian Forestry Service ( 66): lxxxi + 111 pp.

A review of important forest insect and disease problems in the Gogama District of Ontario, 1950-1980. Miscellaneous Report Great Lakes Forestry Centre, Canadian Forestry Service ( 57): lxxxi + 109 pp.

A review of important forest insect and disease problems in the Thunder Bay District of Ontario, 1950-1980. Miscellaneous Report Great Lakes Forestry Centre, Canadian Forestry Service ( 68): lxxxi + 129 pp.

A review of important forest insect and disease problems in the Timmins District of Ontario, 1950-1980. Miscellaneous Report Great Lakes Forestry Centre, Canadian Forestry Service ( 59): lxxxi + 100 pp.

A review of infant feeding practices at a regional cystic fibrosis unit. Journal of Human Nutrition & Dietetics 7(1): 31-38

A review of integrated pest control in protected vegetable crops in southern Europe. Arab Journal of Plant Protection 10(1): 67-63

A review of introduction, improvement, silviculture and utilization of eucalypts in China. Development of forestry science and technology in China: 144-153

A review of issues related to measuring colonization of plant roots by bacteria. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 38(12): 1219-1232

A review of learning behavior in horses and its application in horse training. Journal of Animal Science 68(1): 75-81

A review of literature on the effectiveness of chemical amendments in reducing the soil-to-plant transfer of radiostrontium and radiocaesium. Science of the Total Environment 137(0): 81-98

A review of log grapples used in China. Journal of Forest Engineering 4(2): 33-36

A review of malaria in Iran, 1975-90. Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 8(4): 381-385

A review of malnutrition in Africa. Rural Progress 10(1): 29-47

A review of mixed farming systems in the semi-arid zone of sub-Saharan Africa. Working Document Livestock Economics Division, International Livestock Centre for Africa ( 17): 181pp.

A review of models used for stock assessment in abalone fisheries. Abalone of the world: biology, fisheries and culture Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Abalone: 253-275

A review of moisture content determination in foods using microwave oven drying. Food Research International 26(1): 49-57

A review of mutagenic heterocyclic amines. Scandinavian Journal of Nutrition/Naringsforskning 38(1): 30-33

A review of mycotoxins in indoor air. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health 38(2): 183-198

A review of national support for children's play and recreation. A review of national support for children' s play and recreation: 70pp.

A review of nutritional influences on reproduction in boars, bulls and rams. Reproduction, Nutrition, Development 34(2): 89-114

A review of overall integrity and material performance tests for the selection of chemical protective clothing. American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal 53(7): 455-462

A review of phosphorus efficiency in wheat. Plant & Soil 146(1-2): 163-168

A review of possible metabolic relationships of copper to equine bone disease. Equine Veterinary Journal (Suppl. 16): 19-26

A review of postharvest disinfestation of cut flowers and foliage with special reference to tropicals. Postharvest Biology and Technology 4(3): 193-212

A review of postharvest events in cherimoya. Postharvest Biology and Technology 2(3): 187-208

A review of potential human carcinogenicity of the chlorophenoxy herbicides MCPA, MCPP, and 2,4-DP. British Journal of Industrial Medicine 50(4): 340-348

A review of pregnancy diagnosis techniques in sheep and goats. Small Ruminant Research 9(3): 255-264

A review of probes and robots: implementing new technologies in meat evaluation. Journal of Animal Science 72(6): 1475-1486

A review of problems related to chemical fertilizer policy in China. Proceedings: balanced fertilizer situation report China, Beijing, P R China, January 9, 1991: 196-207

A review of progress in research and development to support tsetse control field programmes, with recommendations for the future. FAO Animal Production and Health Paper ( 100): 69-79

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A review of pruning techniques for peach trees in relation to the incidence of dieback and infection by Leucostoma spp. Acta Horticulturae ( 322): 127-134

A review of pseudotuberculosis in mara at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park (1967-1990). Veterinary Record 134(25): 653-654

A review of recent advances in understanding ochratoxicosis. Journal of Animal Science 70(12): 3968-3988

A review of recent immunochemical studies of Blomia tropicalis and Euroglyphus maynei allergens. Experimental & Applied Acarology 16(1-2): 129-140

A review of regional and temporal use of avermectins in cattle and horses worldwide. Veterinary Parasitology 48(1-4): 19-28

A review of related studies on clayey soils and crops grown after rice in the Philippines. The management of lowland clayey soils after rice in Asia: first international workshop on the management of lowland clayey soils for upland crops after rice in Asia, Khon Kaen, Thailand, 19-24 March 1990: 79-83

A review of research on soil ecology and reclamation in Sweden. Pochvovedenie ( 3): 107-115

A review of research on sustainable agriculture in China and abroad. Research of Agricultural Modernization 14(4): 252-256

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A review of sources for the study of Nahuatl plant classification. Advances in Economic Botany 8: 249-270

A review of starter media for cheese making. Journal of dairy science 76(8): 2344-2353

A review of studies on the preservation of bamboo in Taiwan. Forest Products Industries 8(3): 79-85

A review of study designs and methods of dietary assessment in nutritional epidemiology of chronic disease. Journal of Nutrition 123(2 Suppl): 401-405

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A review of the 1991 International Timber Engineering Conference. Journal of the Institute of Wood Science 12(5): 271-278

A review of the 1991 milling season in Mauritius. Revue Agricole et Sucriere de l' Ile Maurice 70(3): 1-5

A review of the 1992 milling season in Mauritius. Revue Agricole et Sucriere de l' Ile Maurice 72(1-2): 20-24

A review of the EC sugar regime. The economics and politics of world sugar policies: 109-133

A review of the Irish Nabinae (Insecta: Hemiptera, Nabidae). Bulletin of the Irish Biogeographical Society ( 16): 9-17

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A review of the Phytoseiidae (Mesostigmata: Acarina) from Korea. Insecta Koreana 10: 92-137

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A review of the agricultural research system in the Republic of Iraq. ISNAR Report ( R54): xi + 98pp.

A review of the agricultural research system in the Republic of Yemen. A review of the agricultural research system in the Re ic of Yemen: xii + 162pp.

A review of the biological activity of the anticoccidial drug nicarbazin and its application for the control of coccidiosis in poultry. Poultry Science Reviews 5(4): 231-243, 1993-

A review of the biology and control of the vine weevil, Otiorhynchus sulcatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Annals of Applied Biology 121(2): 431-454

A review of the challenges facing travel researchers. Seminar on travel and tourism in transition: the research challenge, Dublin Ireland 29th-31st May 1991: 1-21

A review of the colouration of ice cream and related products. Ice Cream 45(10): 378-381

A review of the controlled trials of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy in the treatment of bulimia nervosa. International Journal of Eating Disorders 14(3): 229-247

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A review of the deficit in rainfall in Nitra in 1981-1990. Acta Fytotechnica 48: 179-185

A review of the development and survival of ticks in tropical Africa. Insect Science & its Application 13(4): 537-544

A review of the development of pig breeding in Switzerland between the end of the second World War and the first years of performance testing for growth and meat production at Sempach. Kleinviehzuchter 40(23): 1235-1242

A review of the development of shelterbelt system in China. Development of forestry science and technology in China: 64-70

A review of the economic and ecological constraints on animal draft cultivation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Soil and Tillage Research 27(1-4): 195-210

A review of the effect of salts on the hydraulic conductivity and tilth of soils following application of waste waters. Divisional Report Division of Water Resources, CSIRO ( 92/4): 22-24

A review of the effects of recreation on woodland soils vegetation and fauna. A review of the effects of recreation on woodland soils vegetation and fauna: unpaged

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A review of the potential of biodiesel as a transport fuel. A review of the potential of biodiesel as a transport fuel: 23pp.

A review of the procedures used for genetic evaluation of cattle and buffalo bulls in India. World Review of Animal Production 27(2): 81-90

A review of the related research on flood runoff forecasting. Proceedings of workshop on observations/forecasting of meso scale severe weather and technology of reduction of relevant disasters, Tokyo, Japan 22-26 February 1993: 205-216

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A review of the response of epicuticular wax of conifer needles to air pollution. Journal Of Environmental Quality. : 35-45

A review of the role of oligotrophic micro-organisms in biodeterioration. International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 31(1): 1-13

A review of the scarce and threatened Coleoptera of Great Britain: Part 1. A review of the scarce and threatened Coleoptera of Great Britain: Part 1: 484 pp.

A review of the scarce and threatened Coleoptera of Great Britain: Part 2. A review of the scarce and threatened Coleoptera of Great Britain: Part 2: 248 pp.

A review of the scarce and threatened pyralid moths of Great Britain. A review of the scarce and threatened pyralid moths of Great Britain: 97 pp.

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A review of the use of benzyladenine (BA) as a chemical thinner for apples. Acta Horticulturae ( 329): 231-236

A review of the use of demand analysis for milk and dairy products in the United Kingdom. Market demand for dairy products: 233-255

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