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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2328

Chapter 2328 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Comparative efficacy of four disinfectants for raising aseptic leaf cultures of coffee (Coffea canephora Pierre ex. Froehner). Journal of Coffee Research 23(1): 47-54

Comparative efficacy of four methods for the detection of Strongyloides stercoralis in human stool specimens. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 88(1): 95-96

Comparative efficacy of herbicides for controlling weeds with special reference to Ranunculus muricatus in irrigated wheat under north-western Himalayas. Integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture Proceedings of an Indian Society of Weed Science International Symposium, Hisar, India, 18-20 November 1993 (Vol. III): 75-77

Comparative efficacy of insecticides against pea leaf miner, Chromatomyia horticola (Phytomyza atricornis Meign.) and pea pod borer, Etiella zinckenella T. Journal of Advanced Zoology 14(1): 62-63

Comparative efficacy of insecticides against termites and shoot borers of sugarcane in U.P. Indian Sugar 44(1): 17-19

Comparative efficacy of ivermectin and fenvalerate against sarcoptic mange in pigs. Indian Veterinary Journal 69(11): 1037-1040

Comparative efficacy of ivermectin, thiabendazole & oxfendazole against strongylosis in horses. Indian Veterinary Journal 70(9): 851-853

Comparative efficacy of karanj leaf and carbofuran on the management of Aphelenchoides composticola. Indian Journal of Nematology 21(2): 158-159

Comparative efficacy of levamisole, Citarin and Panacur in Dictyocaulus infections of cattle. Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Instituta Gel' mintologii im K I Skryabina ( 52): 29-32

Comparative efficacy of methyl bromide against codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) larvae in 'Bing' and 'Rainier' cherries and confirmation of efficacy of a quarantine treatment for 'Rainier' cherries. Journal of Economic Entomology 85(5): 1855-1858

Comparative efficacy of moxidectin and ivermectin against hypobiotic and encysted cyathostomes and other equine parasites. Veterinary Parasitology 53(1-2): 83-90

Comparative efficacy of moxidectin and mebendazole against gastrointestinal nematodes in experimentally infected lambs. Veterinary Record 135(6): 136-138

Comparative efficacy of moxidectin, an ivermectin/clorsulon combination and closantel against immature paramphistomes in cattle. Australian Veterinary Journal 70(7): 265-266

Comparative efficacy of n-3 and n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids in modulating ventricular fibrillation threshold in marmoset monkeys. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 58(5): 666-669

Comparative efficacy of pre- and post-emergence herbicides in controlling weeds in rainy-season maize (Zea mays). Indian Journal of Agronomy 36(Supplement): 261-262

Comparative efficacy of single and split applied nitrogen on yield and quality of 'Perlette' grapes. Horticulture new technologies and applications Proceedings of the International Seminar on New Frontiers in Horticulture, organized by Indo American Hybrid Seeds, Bangalore, India, November 25-28, 1990: 79-82

Comparative efficacy of six anthelmintics against poultry tape worms. Indian Journal of Parasitology 15(1): 7-10

Comparative efficacy of some organic amendments and granular nematicides in the control of Rotylenchulus reniformis infecting pigeonpea. Indian Journal of Nematology( 1993); 22(1): 14-18

Comparative efficacy of some organic manures on controlling Meloidogyne javanica on okra. Annals of Agricultural Science, Moshtohor 28(4): 2566-2574

Comparative efficacy of some synthetic pyrethroids to reduce damage to brinjal by Leucinodes orbonalis Guen. (Pyraustidae: Lepidoptera). Environment and Ecology 8(4): 1293-1295

Comparative efficacy of techniques to evaluate kodo-millet varieties against head smut. Advances in Plant Sciences 6(1 SUPPL ): 18-23

Comparative efficacy of the B-1 and VG/GA vaccine strains against velogenic viscerotropic Newcastle disease virus in chickens. Avian Diseases 37(1): 222-225

Comparative efficacy of three broad spectrum anthelmintics against Ascaridia galli in poultry. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 61(8): 834-835

Comparative efficacy of variable and constant temperatures on the toxicity of certain insecticides. Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences 23(3): 61-79

Comparative efficiency of Sesbania, Gliricidia, and urea as N sources in wetland rice. International Rice Research Notes 18(3): 27

Comparative efficiency of applying ordinary urea and urea modified with nitrification inhibitors in growing maize on grey forest soil. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii ( 5): 68-76

Comparative efficiency of different VA mycorrhizal fungi on cassava (Manihot esculenta, Crantz). Journal of Root Crops 16(1): 39-40

Comparative efficiency of different systems of fertilizers in field crop-rotation on leached clay loam Chernozem. Agrokhimiya ( 11): 50-57

Comparative efficiency of different triadimenol formulations applied against Mycosphaerella fijiensis Morelet, black leaf streak pathogen of plantains in Cameroon. Evaluation of the possibilities to control the disease in peasant cultivation conditions. Fruits 43(4): 201-210

Comparative efficiency of fungigation and conventional application of fungicides in control of dry bean powdery rot and Alternaria leaf spot. Fitopatologia Brasileira 17(1): 67-70

Comparative efficiency of gypsum and iron pyrites in sodic soil reclamation. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 40(2): 404-405

Comparative efficiency of high intensity cropping systems in Orissa. Farming Systems 6(3-4): 63-70

Comparative efficiency of prilled urea and urea supergranule with different levels of nitrogen in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) production. Indian Journal of Agronomy 37(4): 872-873

Comparative efficiency of sampling techniques for jassid population estimation on okra. Indian Journal of Ecology 17(1): 58-60

Comparative efficiency of some insecticides and application methods for the control of pineapple mealybugs. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 26(6): 843-848

Comparative efficiency of various analytical methods for fat and total solids determined gravimetrically in formalin-preserved milk samples. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 62(11): 1096-1098

Comparative electrophoretic analysis of standard and natural strains of Trichinella. Parazitologiya 28(2): 167-169

Comparative electrophoretic protein analysis of three species of cestodes by isoelectric focusing. Acta Veterinaria et Zootechnica Sinica 23(4): 336-340

Comparative energy requirements in wheat cultivation under different technology levels in India. Economic Affairs Calcutta 38(4): 201-210

Comparative energy utilization of isomalt and sucrose in fattening pigs. Sciences des Aliments 11(2): 371-386

Comparative epidemiology in an area with endemic goitre in man and animals. Revista Romana de Medicina Veterinara 4(1): 17-23

Comparative epidemiology of rotavirus, subgenus F (Types 40 and 41) adenovirus, and astrovirus gastroenteritis in children. Journal of Medical Virology 39(3): 224-228

Comparative epidemiology of three tropical whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses. Biochimie (Paris) 75(7): 547-554

Comparative estimation of agrometeorological conditions of hibernation and crop formation. Soviet Meteorology and Hydrology ( 7): 84-90

Comparative estimations of energy content (MEN) of feed mixtures for growing broilers using different methods. Kongressband 1992 Gottingen Vortrage zum Generalthema des 104 VDLUFA Kongresses vom 14-1991992 in Gottingen: Okologische Aspekte extensiver Landbewirtschaftung: 829-832

Comparative ethology and spatial localization of Pheidole pallidula major workers according to age. Actes des Colloques Insectes Sociaux 1990; ( 6): 119-122

Comparative evaluation and optimization of agrophysical properties of Chernozems in various soil mantle structures. Eurasian Soil Science 25(10): 1-17

Comparative evaluation of 2 cutterbar design, 2 reel index and 3 forward speeds for direct combining of dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). II congreso argentino de ingenieria rural [Argentinian conference on agricultural engineering] Proceedings of a conference held in Villa Maria, Argentina, 23-25 September 1992: 75

Comparative evaluation of 3 rumen digestion models for predicting duodenal microbial nitrogen flow. Annales de Zootechnie 42(2): 164-165

Comparative evaluation of Friesian-Sahiwal and Friesian-Hariana halfbreds at different military farms. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 64(4): 373-377

Comparative evaluation of alternative methods for broth dilution susceptibility testing of fluconazole against Candida albicans. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 32(2): 506-509

Comparative evaluation of arthropod communities in the litter of two forests at different altitudes in Venezuela. Revista Forestal Venezolana 1992; 24(34): 7-27

Comparative evaluation of banana cultivars under irrigated conditions in the high ranges of Kerala. South Indian Horticulture 40(2): 67-70

Comparative evaluation of blood schizontocidal activity of quinine and quinidine against drug resistant rodent malaria. Journal of Communicable Diseases 23(4): 254-256

Comparative evaluation of built-in and portable measuring instruments in the early diagnosis of mastitis. Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja 47(8): 423-428

Comparative evaluation of chemiluminescent DNA probe assays and exoantigen tests for rapid identification of Blastomyces dermatitidis and Coccidioides immitis. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 32(4): 867-870

Comparative evaluation of crossbred milk sheep populations. 1. Pooled milk production results. Allattenyesztes es Takarmanyozas 41(4): 299-309

Comparative evaluation of cryptococcal latex tests. Pathology 25(1): 76-80

Comparative evaluation of different sources of economically useful characters for pea breeding. Nauchno Tekhnicheskii Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Ordena Lenina i Ordena Druzhby Narodov Nauchno Issledovatel' skogo Instituta Rastenievodstva ( 213): 26-30

Comparative evaluation of different times for single insemination of sows. Svinovodstvo Moskva ( 4): 22-23

Comparative evaluation of economic and biological traits of pigs of different genotypes bred in Lithuania. Gyvulininkyste Mokslo Darbai 25: 119-131, 150

Comparative evaluation of enhanced serum neutralization test and ELISA for detection of bovine herpesvirus-1 antibody in cattle. Indian Journal of Virology 8(1): 4-7

Comparative evaluation of environmental policies: ESAs in a policy context. Incentives for countryside management: the case of Environmentally Sensitive Areas: 219-252

Comparative evaluation of fibric acid derivatives and HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors. Atherosclerosis 97(Suppl.): S11-S19

Comparative evaluation of five diagnostic methods for demonstrating microsporidia in stool and intestinal biopsy specimens. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 87(1): 99-102

Comparative evaluation of four exotic ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) cultivars with the Nigerian land races. Tropical Science 32(1): 91-94

Comparative evaluation of four microcomputer nutrient analysis software packages using 24-hour dietary recalls of homeless children. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 92(11): 1391-1392

Comparative evaluation of frequency distributions for Louisiana extreme rainfall. Water Resources Bulletin 29(2): 211-219

Comparative evaluation of major inputs in peanut production. Madras Agricultural Journal 78(9-12): 491-493

Comparative evaluation of manure and slurry practices. KTBL Arbeitspapier ( 182): 137-153

Comparative evaluation of methods employing alkali and sodium pyrophosphate to extract humic substances from peat. Communications in Soil Science & Plant Analysis 24(13-14): 1481-1494

Comparative evaluation of methods for determining larval density of wireworms (Elateridae; Coleoptera). Rasteniev"dni Nauki 27(6): 94-98

Comparative evaluation of methods of applying fertilizers in a crop rotation as dependent on level of fertility of dernopodzolic sandy loam soil. Agrokhimiya ( 3): 33-40

Comparative evaluation of methods of primary seed production for varieties of yellow lupin. Vestsi Akademii Agrarnykh Navuk Belarusi ( 2): 34-37, 123

Comparative evaluation of milk and soya base from nutritional physiology and technological viewpoints. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft Hildesheim 42(32): 1007-1014

Comparative evaluation of pasture species for milk production. IV. Bermudagrass Callie and 68, guinea grass SIH-127 and giant Rhodes grass. Pastos y Forrajes 15(1): 55-62

Comparative evaluation of production traits in the basic sheep breeds of Georgia. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii 15(1): 131-137

Comparative evaluation of ryegrass as green, hay and silage and its nutritive value to growing buffalo bull calves. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 61(7): 761-763

Comparative evaluation of serodiagnostic tests in Toxocara vitulorum infection in rabbits. Journal of Veterinary Parasitology 6(1): 21-26

Comparative evaluation of some chitin synthesis inhibitors as insecticides against Colorado beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say. Pesticide Science 35(4): 349-353

Comparative evaluation of systems of chemical protection of wheat from brown rust. Zashchita Rastenii Moskva ( 10): 20

Comparative evaluation of the G and chi superscript 2 criteria for testing the Hardy-Weinberg distribution in the genetic analysis of populations. Genetika Moskva 28(12): 140-143

Comparative evaluation of the effects of a new biological adhesive (Colagel) on the tensile strength and healing of intestinal anastomoses. Experimental studies on dogs. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science 29(1): 83-91

Comparative evaluation of the insecticidal activity of pyrethroid-based preparations. Meditsinskaya Parazitologiya i Parazitarnye Bolezni ( 1): 39-42

Comparative evaluation of the molluscicidal activity of Ambrosia maritima in Egypt and Senegal. Vector control of schistosomiasis using native African plants: Seminar, Brussels, 24 March 1992: 101-112

Comparative evaluation of tissue trophism characteristics in turkeys and mallard ducks after intravenous inoculation of type A influenza viruses. Avian Diseases 37(3): 773-780

Comparative evaluation of two commercial rapid identification kits for Staphylococcus aureus of bovine origin. Journal of the Egyptian Veterinary Medical Association 53(1): 15-22

Comparative evaluation of various treatments against stephanofilarial dermatitis in cattle. Indian Veterinary Journal 70(4): 360-363

Comparative evaluation of winter wheat varieties differing in resistance to Eurygaster integriceps on the basis of the biological and energy value of its protein nutrition. Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya ( 1): 100-107

Comparative evapotranspiration of eucalyptus, pine and natural cerrado vegetation measure by the soil water balance method. IPEF International ( 1): 5-11

Comparative evolutionary ecology of seed size. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 7(11): 368-372

Comparative evolutionary genetics of trematode parasites (Plagiorchiidae) and their anuran hosts. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 705: 993-1000

Comparative examination of the properties of recultivated soils from loess and moraine loam. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft 66(2): 955-958

Comparative excretion of DDT analogues into the milk of Indian buffalo, Bubalus bubalis L. following oral administration. Pesticide Science 37(3): 261-266

Comparative experiments on nine maize cultivars in Nei Menggu. Grassland of China ( 1): 40-43, 39

Comparative experiments on the accumulation of microbially bound nitrogen in soil. Umweltaspekte der Tierproduktion Vortrage zum Generalthema des 103 VDLUFA Kongresses vom 16-2191991 in Ulm: 648-653

Comparative experiments on the neutralization effect of calcitic lime fertilizer. Umweltaspekte der Tierproduktion Vortrage zum Generalthema des 103 VDLUFA Kongresses vom 16-2191991 in Ulm: 791-796

Comparative expression of endogenous retrotransposons in adult mouse mammary gland during normal development and differentiation. Cell Biology International 17(10): 961-968

Comparative fate of chlorpyrifos insecticide in urban and agricultural environments. Racke, K. D. , Leslie, A. R. Acs Symposium Series; Pesticides In Urban Environments: Fate And Significance: 70-85

Comparative feeding efficiencies of some cultivated plants by the garden pest Arion ater (L). Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Plant Protection in the Tropics ( 6): 168-174

Comparative feeding trials on the effect of different intercropping feed plants as a diet component on nutrition-physiological parameters and performance of lambs. Vergleichende Futterungsversuche uber den Einfluss unterschiedlicher Zwischenfrucht Futterpflanzen als Rationsbestandteil auf ernahrungsphysiologische Parameter und Mastleistung bei Lammern: 180 pp.

Comparative feeding value of different cereals and their combinations for broilers. Indian Journal of Poultry Science 27(4): 232-234

Comparative feeding value of green sorghum and hybrid napier (NB-21) silage as basal forage in crossbred cows. Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition 9(2): 119-121

Comparative feeding value of wood sugar concentrate and cane molasses for feedlot cattle. Journal of Animal Science 71(9): 2297-2302

Comparative field performance of tissue culture-derived lines and breeder lines of HY320 spring wheat. Plant Breeding 112(3): 183-191

Comparative fitness and reproductive isolation between 2 Bulinus globosus (Gastropoda: Planorbidae) populations. Journal of Molluscan Studies 58(4): 367-376

Comparative fitness of three strains of Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in the field: spatial and temporal variation in insecticide selection. Journal of Economic Entomology 86(5): 1324-1333

Comparative flour quality and protein characteristics of 1BL/1RS and 1AL/1RS wheat-rye translocation lines. Journal of Cereal Science 17(2): 95-106

Comparative follicular development in Meishan and Large White gilts during prepubertal periods and its relation to hormonal stimulation. Biology of Reproduction 48(5): 1020-1025

Comparative foraging distances of Africanized, European and hybrid honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) during pollination of cantaloupe (Cucumis melo L.). Bee Science 3(1): 16-21

Comparative foraging distances of Africanized, European and hybrid honey bees during cantaloupe pollination. American Bee Journal 132(12): 806

Comparative frost resistance of nucellar seedlings of the Unshu mandarin. Subtropicheskie Kul' tury ( 6): 59-62

Comparative functional morphology of the mouthparts of stream animals feeding on epilithic algae. Archiv fuer Hydrobiologie Supplement 83(3): 253-354

Comparative gas exchange characteristics of potted, glasshouse-grown almond, apple, fig, grape, olive, peach and Asian pear. Scientia Horticulturae (Amsterdam) 52(4): 313-329

Comparative gene frequencies between the Canchim breed of Brazil beef cattle and their foundation breeds. Comparative biochemistry and physiology: B: Comparative biochemistry8(1): 165-167

Comparative genome analysis of mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) and cowpea (V. unguiculata L. Walpers) using RFLP mapping data. Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 86(7): 797-810

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Comparative germination of smooth brome and plains rough fescue. Prairie Naturalist 26(2): 157-170

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Comparative growth and development of Kenya clover (Trifolium semipilosum) and white clover (T. repens cv. Haifa): I. Seedling and plant growth. Tropical Grasslands 26(1): 40-50

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Comparative habitat selection by muskoxen introduced to northeastern Alaska and the Taimyr Peninsula, Russia. Rangifer 13(1): 21-25

Comparative haematological and serum biochemical values of purebred and crossbred heifers (F1). Pakistan Veterinary Journal 13(3): 110-113

Comparative haemodynamic alterations induced by pipecuronium and pancuronium. Dtw. Deutsche Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 100(8): 316-318

Comparative heterotic potential of diverse male sterility sources in pearl millet. Heterosis breeding in crop plants theory and application: short communications: symposium Ludhiana, 23-24 February 1993: 150-151

Comparative histochemical studies of rats infected with a pathogenic and nonpathogenic trypanosome. Journal of the National Medical Association 83(5): 441-456

Comparative histological and histomorphometrical studies of the tibial diaphyseal growth in 2 turkey strains between the 3rd and the 12th weeks of age. Reproduction Nutrition Development 33(6): 511-530

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Comparative histopathology of pemphigus foliaceus and superficial folliculitis in the dog. Veterinary Pathology 31(1): 19-27

Comparative host tissue reactions of Musa acuminata (AAA group) cvs Poyo and Gros Michel roots to three banana-parasitic nematodes. Annals of Applied Biology 124(1): 65-73

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Comparative impacts of forest harvest and acid precipitation on soil and streamwater acidity. Environmental Pollution 77(2-3): 151-155

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