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Direct, delayed and residual effects of applied wastewater from olive processing on zinc and copper availability in the soil-plant system

, : Direct, delayed and residual effects of applied wastewater from olive processing on zinc and copper availability in the soil-plant system. Journal of Environmental Science & Health Part B Pesticides Food Contaminants & Agricultural Wastes 28(3): 305-324

We tested the effects of wastewater from olive processing, applied alone or in combination with different mineral complements, in pots containing calcareous soil. An initial barley crop, and a subsequent ryegrass crop, yielded information on the direct and delayed effects, respectively, of the by-product on Zn and Cu assimilability in the soil-plant system. As a direct effect, the application of wastewater tended to decrease Zn assimilability, but the delayed effect showed the opposite trend, especially when the by-product was added together with N-containing mineral supplements. The direct effect generally did not significantly modify Cu assimilability, however, the delayed effect significantly enhanced Cu uptake; this effect was potentiated by the joint application of N and P. At the end of the experiment, a residual effect of the application of wastewater alone was observed, as a significant increase in extractable Cu in soil, and a nonsignificant rise in extractable Zn.


DOI: 10.1080/03601239309372828

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