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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2364

Chapter 2364 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Effects of autoclave-induced carbohydrate hydrolysis on the growth of Beta vulgaris cells in suspension. Plant Cell Tissue & Organ Culture 31(1): 81-86

Effects of autosomal inversions on meiotic exchange in distal and proximal regions of the X chromosome in a natural population of Drosophila melanogaster. Genetical Research 63(1): 57-62

Effects of autumn foliar application of 15N-urea and several PGR on N storage and reuse in apple. Acta Horticulturae Sinica 19(1): 15-21

Effects of autumn harvest date on the performance of white clover/grass mixtures in Nova Scotia. Journal of Agricultural Science 121(3): 315-321

Effects of autumnal water stress on litchi flowering and yield in Israel. Scientia Horticulturae (Amsterdam) 54(4): 295-302

Effects of auxin treatments on in vivo propagation of Hippeastrum hybridum hort. by twin scaling. HortScience 29(8): 922

Effects of auxin, cytokinin and media composition on callus cultures of sour orange (Citrus aurantium L.). Doga, Turk Tarm ve Ormanclk Dergisi 16(1): 148-157

Effects of auxins and cytokinins on formation of Catharanthus roseus G. Don multiple shoots. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 37(2): 193-196

Effects of avoparcin and Cytronic in barley-rich mixtures on blood morphological and biochemical indices and intestinal microflora in broilers. Roczniki Naukowe Zootechniki 19(2): 161-175

Effects of awn suppression on grain yield and agronomic traits in hard red winter wheat. Crop Science 34(4): 965-969

Effects of azadirachtin after systemic uptake into Brassica oleracea on larvae of Pieris brassicae. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 66(1): 39-45

Effects of azadirachtin and a juvenile hormone analogue on neck-ligated post-feeding larvae of Spodoptera mauritia Boisd. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 31(2): 199-200

Effects of azamethiphos, an organophosphorus insecticide, on serum cholinesterase activity and isoenzymes in the rat. Veterinary and Human Toxicology 33(6): 575-578

Effects of azaperone sedation on hematologic values for Sambar deer (Cervus unicolor). Journal of the Chinese Society of Animal Science 22(2): 189-195

Effects of bacitracin methylene disalicylate in combination with monensin on weight gain and feed utilization of turkeys. Journal of Applied Poultry Research 2(3): 268-272

Effects of backswimmer (Notonecta) predation on crayfish (Pacifastacus) young: autotomy and behavioural responses. Annales Zoologici Fennici 29(4): 261-271

Effects of balanced NPK fertilizers on yield and juice quality of sugarcane. Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities 17(1): 6-9

Effects of bark girdling on carbohydrate supply and resistance of loblolly pine to southern pine beetle (Dendroctonus frontalis Zimm.) attack. Forest Ecology and Management 50(3-4): 317-330

Effects of barley genotype on induced resistance to powdery mildew. Plant Pathology (Oxford) 42(2): 195-202

Effects of barley variety and restricted versus ad libitum intake on rate, site, and extent of digestion by wethers fed a high-energy diet. Journal of Animal Science 71(6): 1390-1394

Effects of base cation fertilization on soil and foliage nutrient concentrations, and litter-fall and throughfall nutrient fluxes in a sugar maple forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 24(3): 542-549

Effects of base-cation fertilization on litter decomposition in a sugar maple forest in southern Quebec. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 24(3): 447-452

Effects of beak trimming and genetic stock on rate of mash consumption and feeding-related behavior in egg-strain pullets. Poultry Science 71(11): 1959-1962

Effects of bean pod mottle virus on soybean seed maturation and seedborne Phomopsis spp. Plant Disease 78(1): 33-37

Effects of beaver and moose on boreal forest landscapes. Landscape ecology and geographic information systems: 237-254

Effects of bee pollen on nutritional status and immunodepression in rats with malnutrition. Chinese Journal of Pathophysiology 5(7): 486-490

Effects of bee-collected pollen and its alcohol extract on lipid peroxidation in vivo and in vitro. Acta Nutrimenta Sinica 11(4): 355-359

Effects of bee-collected pollen on lipid peroxides and immune response in aging and malnourished mice. Chinese Materia Medica 15: 301-303

Effects of beech bark disease on the growth of American beech (Fagus grandifolia). Canadian Journal of Forest Research 23(8): 1566-1575

Effects of beer on breast-fed infants. JAMA 269(13): 1637-1638

Effects of beet cryptic virus infection on sugar beet in field trials. Annals of Applied Biology 124(3): 451-459

Effects of beet pulp and animal by-products on milk yield and in vitro fermentation by rumen microorganisms. Journal of Dairy Science 77(1): 205-216

Effects of beet pulp type on VFA production in artificial rumen. Research Bulletin of Obihiro University Natural Science 18(3): 113-116

Effects of beet pulp type on milk production in lactating dairy cows. Research Bulletin of Obihiro University Natural Science 18(3): 117-119

Effects of behaviour and handling on heart rate in farmed red deer. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 37(2): 111-123

Effects of benomyl, clipping, and competition on growth of prereproductive Lotus corniculatus. Canadian Journal of Botany 71(9): 1169-1175

Effects of benzimidazole analogs on cultures of differentiating rodent embryonic cells. Toxicology & Applied Pharmacology 113(1): 144-151

Effects of benzyladenine on acetate incorporation into lipids of Lemna minor. Phytochemistry (Oxford) 31(11): 3827-3833

Effects of benzylaminopurine and indole-3-acetic acid on in vitro propagation of Gerbera jamesonii Bolus ex Hook cv. Appelbloesem. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 28(1): 15-19

Effects of bezafibrate therapy on subfractions of plasma low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein, and on activities of lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase and cholesteryl ester transfer protein in patients with hyperlipoproteinemia. Atherosclerosis 106(2): 191-201

Effects of bicarbonate and oxygen concentration on photoinhibition of thylakoid membranes. Photosynthesis Research 34(2): 263-270

Effects of bicarbonate on rumen digestibility of concentrate and grass hay in Angora goats. Small Ruminant Research 9(2): 117-123

Effects of bicarbonate supplementation on urinary mineral excretion during very low energy diets. American Journal of the Medical Sciences 302(2): 67-74

Effects of bifenthrin insecticide on three bee pollinators. Bee Science 3(1): 38-43

Effects of bilateral ovariectomy via colpotomy in mares: 23 cases (1984-1990). Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 203(7): 1043-1046

Effects of biocidal treatments on biological and nutritional properties of a mull-structured woodland soil. Geoderma 56(1-4): 435-448

Effects of biofertilizer combinations on the availability of soil NPK to Citrus volkameriana seedlings. El estudio del suelo y de su degradacion en relacion con la desertificacion Actas del 12 Congreso Latinoamericano de la Ciencia del Suelo, Salamanca, Sevilla Espana 19 a 26 de Septiembre de 1993: 711-719

Effects of biogas slurry and nitrogen (urea) on maize yield, nutrient uptake and soil properties. Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities 16(3): 316-319

Effects of biological and chemical insecticides on the change in haemocytes in larvae of gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) and pine sawflies (Diprion pini and Neodiprion sertifer). Glasnik za Sumske Pokuse ( 20): 299-362

Effects of biomass entrapment and carrier properties on the performance of an air-fluidized-bed biofilm reactor. Water Environment Research 64(7): 884-889

Effects of bioregulators on the terpenoid aldehydes in root-knot nematode infected cotton plants. Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry 41(12): 2442-2446

Effects of biosocial variables on changes in nutritional status of rural Bangladeshi children, pre- and post-monsoon flooding. Journal of Biosocial Science 25(3): 351-357

Effects of biparental mating in forage oats. Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding 52(3): 270-274

Effects of bird blowfly parasitism on eastern bluebird and tree swallow nestlings. Wilson Bulletin 104.4

Effects of blood contamination on equine peritoneal fluid analysis. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 201(10): 1545-1548

Effects of blood sampling times and dietary protein levels on hematocrit value and volume of plasma protein fraction in broilers. Animal Science & Technology 64(9): 883-887

Effects of blood transfusion on physiological systems of experimental dogs. Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine 22(1): 47-57

Effects of blue and red light on expression of nuclear genes encoding chloroplast glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Physiology 103(4): 1115-1121

Effects of blue green algae inoculation on nutrient content and yield of transplanted rice. Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities 17(3): 489-490

Effects of body composition variations on the duration of the postpartum anovulatory period in milked ewes submitted to two different photoperiods. Reproduction, Nutrition, Development 33(4): 395-403

Effects of body condition and estradiol on luteinizing hormone secretion in post-partum beef cows. Domestic Animal Endocrinology 9(4): 305-312

Effects of body condition, calving difficulty and calving season on day of peak milk yield and peak milk yield. Korean Journal of Animal Sciences 36(2): 129-132

Effects of body covers on milk production by cows during winter, and on oxygen consumption by young calves. Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production 53(0): 65-68

Effects of body fat distribution on regional lipolysis in obesity. Journal of Clinical Investigation 88(2): 609-613

Effects of body weight and feed restriction on the productive efficiency of laying hens. Archiv fuer Gefluegelkunde 58(1): 30-33

Effects of body weight at sexual maturity and the degree and age of restriction during rearing on the ovarian follicular hierarchy of broiler breeder females. British Poultry Science 34(4): 793-801

Effects of body weight on diet requirements of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) with special reference to feed intake and body composition. Fish nutrition in practice: 4th international symposium on fish nutrition and feeding Biarritz, France, June 24-27, 1991: 501-513

Effects of bombesin on temporal patterns of ingestion in the rat. Physiology & Behavior 53(6): 1223-1226

Effects of boron and irrigation on different varieties of bread wheat. Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities 16(3): 443

Effects of boron deficiency and recovery on water relations and photosynthesis in cauliflower. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 29(10): 967-970

Effects of Boron on Proton Transport and Membrane Properties of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Cell Microsomes. Plant Physiology 103(3): 763-769

Effects of bovine follicular fluid and exogenous oestradiol on the GnRH-induced short luteal phase in anoestrous ewes. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 100(1): 211-217

Effects of bovine follicular fluid and partially purified bovine inhibin on FSH and LH release by bovine pituitary cells in culture. Reproduction, Nutrition, Development 33(2): 109-119

Effects of bovine follicular fluid on maturation of bovine oocytes. Theriogenology 41(2): 383-394

Effects of bovine leukemia virus infection on production and reproduction in dairy cattle. Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research 56(4): 289-295

Effects of bovine liver and its digestion product on the non-heme iron solubility in the intestinal pH. Animal Science & Technology 64(6): 645-651

Effects of bovine milk proteins on the phagocytic property and formation of nitrite by mouse peritoneal macrophages. Animal Science & Technology 65(5): 423-431

Effects of bracken (Pteridium esculentum (Forst. f.) Cockayne) on eucalypt regeneration in west-central Victoria. Forest Ecology and Management 54(1-4): 45-67

Effects of brassinolide (BR) on the rate of photosynthesis and respiration in maize seedlings. Journal of Shenyang Agricultural University 21(1): 43-47

Effects of brassinosteroid (BR) on root metabolism in rice. Journal of Southwest Agricultural University 14(2): 177-181

Effects of breakfast and caffeine on cognitive performance, mood and cardiovascular functioning. Appetite 22(1): 39-55

Effects of breed and sex on fatty acid composition of subcutaneous fat from sheep and goats. Journal of the Chinese Society of Animal Science 21(3): 299-305

Effects of breed on reproduction and pup mortality in dogs with regard to the susceptibility of some dog and cat breeds to dystocia. Rasseneffekte auf Fortpflanzungs und Welpenabgangsrate bei Hunden unter gleichzeitiger Berucksichtigung Dystokiedispositionen bei einiger Hunde und Katzenrasse: 104 pp.

Effects of breed, halothane genotype and sex on the lipid composition of two skeletal muscles and adipose tissue in swine. Proceedings: 38th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, Clermont Ferrand, France, August 23-28, 1992 Volume 2: 77-80

Effects of breed, serum, growth factors and mammary fat pad on in vitro growth of mammary epithelium from prepubertal heifers. Journal of Dairy Science 75(Supplement 1): 228

Effects of breeding Huzhu pigs born in the first parity. Qinghai Xumu Shouyi Zazhi ( 5): 10-11

Effects of brief anaerobic exposures on carbon dioxide production and quality of harvested asparagus. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 119(3): 551-555

Effects of broadcasting and of drilling methiocarb molluscicide pellets on field populations of wood mice, Apodemus sylvaticus. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 46(1): 84-91

Effects of broadleaf herbicides on imazamethabenz-methyl performance on wild oat (Avena fatua L.). Weed Research Oxford 34(4): 251-263

Effects of bromocriptine treatment on the expression of sexual behavior in male sheep (Ovis aries). Journal of Animal Science 72(3): 591-597

Effects of bromocriptine-induced hypoprolactinaemia on gonadotrophin secretion and testicular function in rams (Ovis aries) during two seasons. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 99(2): 529-537

Effects of browsing by game on growth and yield of strawberries. Gartenbau Magazin 38(2): 35

Effects of bud type and clone on the success of green budding and growth of Hevea budded stumps. Buletin Perkaretan 8(2): 42-47

Effects of buffer system pH and tissue storage on starch gel electrophoresis of allozymes in three tropical tree species. Annales des Sciences Forestieres (Paris) 50(1): 37-56

Effects of building design, climate control, housing system, animal behavior and manure management at farm levels on N-losses to the air. Nitrogen flow in pig production and environmental consequences: Proceedings of the First International Symposium, Wageningen Doorwerth, Netherlands, 8-11 June, 1993: 271-279

Effects of bulb storage temperature and darkness on stem elongation in tulip. Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University 35(1-2): 27-33

Effects of burning and grazing on sustainable utilisation of upland snow tussock (Chionochloa spp.) rangelands for pastoralism in South Island, New Zealand. Australian Journal of Botany 42(2): 149-161

Effects of burning and mechanical site preparation on growth and nutrition of planted white spruce. Information Report Pacific and Yukon Region, Forestry Canada ( BC-X-309): vii + 19 pp.

Effects of burrowing by the earthworm Aporrectodea caliginosa (Savigny) on beech litter decomposition in an agricultural and in a forest soil. Geoderma 56(1-4): 627-632

Effects of by-product gypsum on soil properties and nutrient content and yield of sugarcane. Journal American Society of Sugar Cane Technologists 11: 6-12

Effects of cadmium and copper on zinc transport kinetics by isolated renal proximal cells. Biological Trace Element Research 35(2): 93-103

Effects of cadmium and iron, and their complex pollution on some physiological indicators in tobacco leaves. Acta Ecologica Sinica 12(2): 147-154

Effects of cadmium contaminated soil on the growth and Cd uptake and accumulation in sesame. Oil Crops of China ( 3): 56-61

Effects of cadmium on erythrocytic parameters. Veterinary Clinical Pathology 22(1): 25-27

Effects of cadmium on the behaviour of citric acid in isolated tomato xylem cell walls. Journal of Experimental Botany 45(274): 597-606

Effects of cadmium, copper, lead and zinc on growth, reproduction and survival of the earthworm Eisenia fetida (Savigny): assessing the environmental impact of point-source metal contamination in terrestrial ecosystems. Environmental Pollution, 842: 123-130

Effects of caffeine and casein phosphopeptides on fertilization in vitro of pig oocytes matured in culture. Molecular Reproduction and Development 37(4): 452-456

Effects of caffeine and sperm preincubation on penetration of pig oocytes by ejaculated spermatozoa. Animal Science & Technology 65(3): 271-276

Effects of caffeine consumption and passive smoking during pregnancy on birth weight. Revista Espanola de Pediatria 47(281): 388-394

Effects of caffeine ingestion on metabolic responses to prolonged walking in sedentary males. International Journal of Sport Nutrition 2(4): 386-396

Effects of cage-front design on the feeding behaviour of laying hens. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 38(3-4): 291-299

Effects of calcitriol and phosphorus therapy on the growth of patients with X-linked hypophosphatemia. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 76(4): 839-844

Effects of calcium ammonium nitrate and urea on nitrate accumulation in onion plants. Doga, Turk Tarm ve Ormanclk Dergisi 17(3): 855-861

Effects of calcium and aluminium on nodulation, nitrogen fixation and growth of groundnut in solution culture. Plant and Soil 144(2): 273-279

Effects of calcium and phosphorus levels in starter and grower diets on broilers during the finisher period. Journal of Applied Poultry Research 1(3): 273-279

Effects of calcium channel blockers on insulin secretion and 45Ca(2+)-uptake of rat islets stimulated by glucose or K(+)-depolarization. Revista Espanola de Fisiologia 47(3): 103-108

Effects of calcium chloride on prepartum udder edema and plasma and urine electrolytes in Holstein heifers. Animal Science Research Report, Agricultural Experiment Station, Oklahoma State University ( P-933): 167-174

Effects of calcium deprivation on the metabolism of acellular bone in tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A: 1023: 481-485

Effects of calcium ions on the malate-aspartate shuttle in slow-cooled boar spermatozoa. Biology of Reproduction 49(3): 537-543

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Effects of Calcium on Sugar Transport in Azotobacter vinelandii. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 59(1): 89-92

Effects of calcium restriction on metabolic characteristics of premenopausal women. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 76(1): 103-107

Effects of calcium salts differing in fatty acid composition on duodenal and milk fatty acid profiles in dairy cows. Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture 60(1): 31-37

Effects of calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids added to a diet containing choice white grease on lactation performance. Journal of Dairy Science 77(8): 2367-2375

Effects of calcium supplementation, calcium source and lactose on iron absorption in the rat. Nutrition Research 13(10): 1173-1181

Effects of calcium, vitamin D metabolites and insulin-like growth factor-I on the epiphyseal growth plate of broiler chickens. Proceedings of the Georgia Nutrition Conference for the Feed Industry: 58-65

Effects of Calmodulin and Calmodulin Antagonists on Neutral Ca(2+)-ATPase in the Membrane Fraction of Human Milk. Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry 56(6): 983-984

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Effects of canal seepage on soil salinity, vegetation, and erosion. "Preserving our environment the race is on" Proceedings of conference 24, February 23-26, 1993, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA: 93-103

Effects of canker in Paraserianthes falcataria (L.) Forsberg grown as a plantation crop. Nitrogen Fixing Tree Research Reports 8: 146

Effects of canola meal treated with acetic acid on rumen degradation and intestinal digestibility in lactating dairy cows. Journal of dairy science 76(6): 1607-1616

Effects of canopy gaps on the growth of tree seedlings from subtropical broad-leaved evergreen forests of southern China. Vegetatio 110(1): 43-54

Effects of capsaicin on the pharmacokinetics of antipyrine, theophylline and quinine in rats. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 45(7): 618-621

Effects of carbendazim in the control of watermelon anthracnose. Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities 16(1): 103-104

Effects of carbetocin and oxytocin on porcine uterine contraction and uterine electromyogram in vivo. Japanese Journal of Swine Science 29(4): 205-210

Effects of carbofuran and thiabendazole on incidence of pitch canker of loblolly pine. Plant Disease 77(2): 166-169

Effects of carbofuran on the growth and life span of the freshwater snail, Radix quadrasi. Journal of Medical and Applied Malacology 3: 85-96

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