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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2369

Chapter 2369 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Efficiency of recurrent selection methods to improve the line value of a population. Plant Breeding 111(1): 31-41

Efficiency of rock phosphate as phosphatic fertilizer to rice in acid soil of Karnataka, India. Developments in plant and soil sciences5(45): 307-312

Efficiency of rock phosphate in rice-groundnut cropping system in acid soils of coastal Karnataka, India. Developments in plant and soil sciences5(45): 533-538

Efficiency of rosin and tricalcic phosphate coated urea fertilizers in ryegrass. Agricoltura Mediterranea 122(4): 328-333

Efficiency of rural conservation and supply control policies. European Review of Agricultural Economics 20(3): 315-326

Efficiency of sand stabilization by aerial sowing in Maowusu desert. Grassland of China ( 3): 45-48, 64

Efficiency of selection for secondary traits in open nucleus schemes for dairy cattle breeding. Journal of Dairy Science 75(SUPPL 1): 152

Efficiency of sequencing batch reactor (SBR) in the removal of selected microorganisms from domestic sewage. Water Research Oxford 27(10): 1591-1600

Efficiency of several techniques for the stimulation of pollen collection by honey bees. Apicoltura 1993; ( 8): 117-127

Efficiency of sex pheromone and U. V. light traps attracting male moths of the cotton leafworm Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.). Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences 21(3): 86-102

Efficiency of small-scale farmers in Ethiopia: a case study in the Baso and Warana sub-district. Agricultural Economics 8(3): 199-209

Efficiency of some types of nitrogen fertilizers applied at different stages to permanent pastures on the Moldavian Forest Steppe. Cercetari Agronomice in Moldova 24(1-2): 100-104

Efficiency of standardized fat in piglet feeding. Biuletyn Informacyjny Przemysu Paszowego 29(4): 33-42

Efficiency of steinernematid nematodes (Nematoda: Steinernematidae) in controlling larvae of the black vine weevil, Otiorhynchus sulcatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in laboratory and field experiments. European Journal of Entomology 90(1): 71-76

Efficiency of sugarcane transport. Publicacion Miscelanea Estacion Experimental Agro Industrial `Obispo Colombres' de Tucuman ( 95): 79-83

Efficiency of supply control programmes in income redistribution. European Review of Agricultural Economics 20(2): 183-198

Efficiency of systematic use of inhibitors of nitrification and nitrogen fertilizers in a field crop rotation link. Agrokhimiya ( 8): 26-33

Efficiency of the double-cropping system in Ovce Pole, Macedonia. Godisen Zbornik na Zemjodelskiot Fakultet na Univerzitetot vo Skopje 38: 19-34

Efficiency of the extraction of volatile substances from food products by various methods. Journal of Analytical Chemistry 47(4): 475-482

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Efficiency of the methionine-OH-analog in rabbit fattening. Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja 45(12): 731-733

Efficiency of the nitrification inhibitor dicyandiamide in field experiments of the NIUIF geo-network. Agrokhimiya ( 9): 14-33

Efficiency of the pedigree pig-breeding programme. Svinovodstvo Moskva ( 1): 13-14

Efficiency of the robotized devices in the dairy cattle breeding. International Agricultural Mechanization Conference Proceedings of a conference held in Beijing, China, 16-20 October 1991: 5.171

Efficiency of the tetracycline-dependent gene expression system: complete suppression and efficient induction of the rolB phenotype in transgenic plants. Molecular and General Genetics 243(1): 32-38

Efficiency of three experimental designs for genotype evaluation. Revista Chapingo 1991; 15(71-72): 114-122

Efficiency of transfer of fresh embryos from Holstein and Simmental cows. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science 28(1): 89-92

Efficiency of turbocharging in farm tractor engines. Acta Academiae Agriculturae ac Technicae Olstenenis, Aedificato et Mechanica ( 23): 25-37

Efficiency of two formulations of dichlorvos in controlling rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae, on stored wheat seeds. Ciencia Rural 23(3): 267-269

Efficiency of ultra low volume sprayer to control the groundnut leafminer, Aproaerema modicella Deventer. Madras Agricultural Journal 78(1-4): 120-121

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Efficiency of utilization of Meprin included in complete feed mixtures for chickens, replacement pullets and hens. Biologicheskie priemy povysheniya produktivnosti sel' skokhozyaistvennoi ptitsy: 6-13

Efficiency of utilization of dietary metabolizable energy by young bulls on a diet with varying levels of metabolizable energy. Vestnik Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Nauki Moskva ( 1): 75-80

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Efficiency of utilization of high and low quality forage by three goat breeds. Small Ruminant Research 10(4): 293-301

Efficiency of utilization of maize pollen as a growth stimulant and protein supplement in feeding piglets. Buletinul Universitatii Stiinte Agricole Cluj Napoca Seria Zootehnica si Medicina Veterinara 47: 7-11

Efficiency of utilization of pasture feed. Zootekhniya 33(4): 15-18

Efficiency of utilization of rape feeds in diets for finisher pigs. Sibirskii Vestnik Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Nauki ( 3): 53-57

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Efficiency of various functions for predicting total solids percentage in crossbred dairy cattle. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 47(1): 22-25

Efficiency of vitamin utilization in dairy cows. Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya ( 4): 39-43

Efficiency of water use and transfer in southern Taiwan. Journal of Agricultural Economics Nongye Jingyi ( 53): 79-106

Efficiency of wheat seed chemical treatment on the control of Helminthosporium sativum and Pyricularia oryzae. Summa Phytopathologica 19(3-4): 199-202

Efficiency of xenodiagnosis, according to the number of cages used, in 1181 people with chronic chagasic infection diagnosed by indirect haemagglutination. Boletin Chileno de Parasitologia 46(3/4): 58-61

Efficiency replication, integration, and packing of retroviral vectors with modified long terminal repeats containing the packaging signal. Nucleic Acids Research 18(14): 4223-4226

Efficiency with a green tinge. Fertilizer International ( 331): 26-30

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Efficient adventitious shoot regeneration and somatic embryogenesis in pea. Plant Cell Tissue & Organ Culture 34(3): 271-277

Efficient and sensitive assay for T-DNA-dependent transient gene expression. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 11(3): 220-229

Efficient and sustained gene expression in primary T lymphocytes and primary and cultured tumor cells mediated by adeno-associated virus plasmid DNA complexed to cationic liposomes. Molecular and Cellular Biology 14(4): 2411-2418

Efficient assessment of filariasis endemicity by screening for filarial antigenaemia in a sentinel population. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 88(1): 41-44

Efficient characterization of biological diversity using field DNA extraction and random amplified polymorphic DNA markers. Revista Brasileira de Genetica 16(1): 11-22

Efficient compliance with agricultural nitrate pollution standards. Journal of Agricultural Economics 45(1): 27-37

Efficient compressed air. Milk Industry London 95(10, Technical and Processing Supplement): 14-15

Efficient configuration of grain production: a non-parametric approach. Cahiers d' Economie et Sociologie Rurales ( 31): 105-124

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Efficient control of eyespot using diagnostic tests. DLG Mitteilungen Agrar Inform 108(3): 40-48

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Efficient fertilizer use for increased crop production: the Ghana experience. Alleviating soil fertility constraints to increased crop production in West Africa: 139-147

Efficient fertilizer use for increased crop production: the IFDC-Africa experience in Togo. Alleviating soil fertility constraints to increased crop production in West Africa: 235-244

Efficient fertilizer use for increased crop production: the sub-humid Nigeria experience. Alleviating soil fertility constraints to increased crop production in West Africa: 181-194

Efficient fertilizer use for increased crop production: use of phosphorus fertilizers in concretional soils of northern Ghana. Alleviating soil fertility constraints to increased crop production in West Africa: 149-154

Efficient floret inspection by honeybees in capitula of Carduus acanthoides. Ecological Entomology 18(2): 116-122

Efficient green plant regeneration from barley anther culture applied to double haploid breeding. Acta Agriculturae Shanghai 7(3): inside cover

Efficient hunting of feral colonies. Bee Science 2(2): 64-70

Efficient in vitro chromosome doubling during Beta vulgaris ovule culture. Plant Breeding 112(2): 89-95

Efficient insertion from an internal long terminal repeat (LTR)-LTR sequence on a reticuloendotheliosis virus vector is imprecise and cell specific. Journal of Virology 67(3): 1564-1571

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Efficient management of nitrogen fertilizers for flooded rice in relation to nitrogen transformations in flooded soils. Pedosphere 2(2): 97-114

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Efficient nitrogen fertilizer use for increased food crop production: the Burkina Faso experience. Alleviating soil fertility constraints to increased crop production in West Africa: 115-123

Efficient nitrogen fertilizer use for increased food production: the Ivory Coast experience. Alleviating soil fertility constraints to increased crop production in West Africa: 125-129

Efficient nitrogen removal for wastewater in compartmentalized activated sludge process. International Journal of Environment and Pollution 4(1/2): 151-160

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Efficient plasmid mobilization by pIP501 in Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis. Journal of Bacteriology 175(18): 5806-5813

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