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Epidemiological study of sporotrichosis and histoplasmosis in captive Latin American wild mammals, Sao Paulo, Brazil

, : Epidemiological study of sporotrichosis and histoplasmosis in captive Latin American wild mammals, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mycopathologia 125(1): 19-22

Sporotrichosis and histoplasmosis are deep mycosis with a high incidence in human beings in Brazil. In domestic animals histoplasmosis has been described only in dogs, but the occurrence of sporotrichosis among domestic animals in Brazil has been described in dogs, cats, mules and asses. There is also a case of this disease reported in a chimpanzee (Pan troglodites). The purpose of this (histoplasmin and sporotrichin) in Latin American wild mammals. This research was assayed using 96 healthy animals at Parque Zoologico de Sao Paulo, Brazil: Primates: 33 Cebus apella - weeping-capuchin and 16 Callithrix jacchus - marmoset; Procyonidae: 37 Nasua nasua - coatimundi and 10 Fetidae (Panthera onca - jaguar; Felis pardalis - ocelot Felis wiedii - margay; Felis tigrina - wild cat). For intradermic tests, the following antigens were used: Sporothrix schenkii cell suspension (sporotrichin, histoplasmin-filtrate), Histoplasma capsulatum cell suspension (histoplasmin), and Histoplasma capsulatum (polysaccharide). The positivity to histoplasmiri was 44.79% (Cebidae 15.15%; Callithricidae 6.25%; Procyonidae 86.49% and Felidae 50.00%, respectively). With respect to sporotrichin, 30.21% (Cebidae 6.06%, Callithricidae 0.0%. Procyonidae 64.86% and Felidae 30.00% respectively). The pattern of infection is similar to that shown by human beings and this may suggest that these animals could be involved in the epidemiologic chain of sporotrichosis and histoplasmosis, the second most prevalent human deep mycoses in Brazil. It is important to point out the absence of similar studies in Latin American wild animals.


PMID: 8028639

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