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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2415

Chapter 2415 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Integrated quantity/quality modeling-root zone leaching. Recent advances in the modeling of hydrologic systems: 289-322

Integrated regionally-directed policy steering - a novel or renewing supplement to the science of forest policy. Forstarchiv 62(6): 219-223

Integrated resource assessment and sustainable land use. Environmental Management 17(3): 319-327

Integrated resource inventory and its role in rehabilitation of arid ecosystems. Kolarkar, A S [Editor], Joshi, D C [Editor], Sharma, K D [Editor] Rehabilitation of degraded arid ecosystem : 104-113

Integrated rice-prawn farming in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam: a route towards sustainable and profitable farming systems. Naga 16(2/3): 18-20

Integrated ricefield breeding mosquitoes management in China. Yixue Dongwu Fangzhi = Pest Control 5(2): 87-93

Integrated river channel management through geographic information systems. Water and the environment: 233-245

Integrated rodent management of plantation crops in Bay Islands. Journal of the Andaman Science Association 7(1-2): 66-70

Integrated rural development - problems in methodology and institutional environment. Asia Pacific Journal of Rural Development 3(2): 19-40

Integrated rural development in Asia: concept, practice and perspective. Integrated rural development in Asia: concept, practice and perspective: ix + 95 pp.

Integrated rural energy planning. Integrated rural energy planning (Ed. 1): 232pp.

Integrated slum improvement in Visakhapatnam, India. Habitat International 18(1): 57-70

Integrated soil and sediment research: a basis for proper protection: Selected Proceedings of the First European Conference on Integrated Research for Soil and Sediment Protection and Remediation (EUROSOL), Maastricht, 6-12 September, 1992. Integrated soil and sediment research: a basis for proper protection: Selected Proceedings of the First European Conference on Integrated Research for Soil and Sediment Protection and Remediation EUROSOL, Maastricht, 6-12 September, 1992: xxiv + 763 pp.

Integrated soil research within the framework of agricultural policy making. Integrated soil and sediment research: a basis for proper protection: Selected Proceedings of the First European Conference on Integrated Research for Soil and Sediment Protection and Remediation EUROSOL, Maastricht, 6-12 September, 1992: 11-21

Integrated soil, crop and water management system to abate herbicide and nitrate contamination of the Great Lakes. Water Science & Technology 28(3-5): 497-507

Integrated solid waste management: engineering principles and management issues. Integrated solid waste management: engineering principles and management issues: xxi + 978 pp.

Integrated strategies against black leaf streak disease of bananas and plantains (Mycosphaerella fijiensis Morelet). The biological forecasting system in Cameroon. Evaluation of improvement possibilities. Fruits 43(5): 269-274

Integrated strategy to control East Coast fever. Veterinary Record 129(21): 475-475

Integrated study of the Nile Reach between Nag Hammadi and Asyut Barrages. Integrated study of the Nile Reach between Nag Hammadi and Asyut Barrages: xxxv + 299 pp.

Integrated survey of a wildlife protected area. Agro Ciencia 7(1): 53-68

Integrated swamp development in Indonesia. Nouvelles de SPOT Newsletter ( 18): 16-17

Integrated system for control of diseases and pests on plums in Bulgaria. Acta Phytopathologica et Entomologica Hungarica 27(1-4 PART 1): 329-331

Integrated system of protection for greenhouse vegetable crops. Zashchita Rastenii Moskva ( 2): 46-47

Integrated systems analysis of sow replacement rates in a hierarchical swine breeding structure. Journal of Animal Science 71(11): 2885-2890

Integrated systems and farm energy requirements. REUR Technical Series FAO Regional Office for Europe ( 22): 43pp.

Integrated systems for machinery management decision support. XII World Congress on Agricultural Engineering: Volume 2 Proceedings of a conference held in Milan, Italy, August 29 September 1-1994: 1349-1355

Integrated techniques for overcoming biennial bearing of litchi trees. China Fruits ( 2): 35-37

Integrated technologies for higher yield of hybrid rice cv. Xianyou No. 10. Zhejiang Agricultural Sciences ( 4): 157-159

Integrated use of marginal water resources in arid and semi-arid zones. Water saving techniques for plant growth Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Water Saving Techniques for Plant Growth, Ghent, Belgium, September 17-19, 1990: 229-236

Integrated use of nutrients in rice-wheat cropping system. Proceedings: international symposium on paddy soils, September 15-19, 1992: 449-456

Integrated use of organic and inorganic nitrogen sources and levels of N in wetland rice (Oryza sativa) in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Indian Journal of Agronomy 38(4): 641-643

Integrated use of solarization and glyphosate in the control of Cyperus rotundus L. Proceedings of the 1992 Congress of the Spanish Weed Science Society: 337-340

Integrated utilization of orange peel. Bioresource Technology 44(1): 61-63

Integrated vegetation management in forestry. Integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture Proceedings of an Indian Society of Weed Science International Symposium, Hisar, India, 18-20 November 1993 (Vol. I): 373-377

Integrated water and nitrogen management. Nitrate contamination: exposure, consequence, and control Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, 1990: 163-171

Integrated water use management. Integrated water use management: x + 382 pp.

Integrated weed control in Plau-Noi (Croton sublyratus KURZ) plantation. Japanese Journal of Tropical Agriculture 37(1): 32-37

Integrated weed control in beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). 1. Effect on weeds and seed yield. Lavoura Arrozeira 45(400): 26-27

Integrated weed control in groundnut. Annals of Agricultural Research 13(4): 385-387

Integrated weed control in potatoes. Publikatie Proefstation voor de Akkerbouw en de Groenteteelt in de Vollegrond, Lelystad ( 70A): 14-20

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Integrated weed management and weed species diversity. Phytoprotection 75(1): 1-18

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Integrated weed management in castor. Integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture Proceedings of an Indian Society of Weed Science International Symposium, Hisar, India, 18-20 November 1993 (Vol. III): 108-110

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Integrated weed management in direct seeded rainfed rice of Karnataka. Integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture Proceedings of an Indian Society of Weed Science International Symposium, Hisar, India, 18-20 November 1993 (Vol. III): 6-9

Integrated weed management in late sown wheat. Integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture Proceedings of an Indian Society of Weed Science International Symposium, Hisar, India, 10-20 November 1993 (Vol. III): 78-81

Integrated weed management in mustard (Brassica juncea (Linn.) Czern & Coss) in Terai tract of eastern India. Integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture Proceedings of an Indian Society of Weed Science International Symposium, Hisar, India, 18-20 November 1993 (Vol. III): 123-125

Integrated weed management in oilseed crops in India. Integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture Proceedings of an Indian Society of Weed Science International Symposium, Hisar, India, 18-20 November 1993 (Vol. I): 317-323

Integrated weed management in pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.). Integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture Proceedings of an Indian Society of Weed Science International Symposium, Hisar, India, 18-20 November 1993 (Vol. III): 152-153

Integrated weed management in pulses. Integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture Proceedings of an Indian Society of Weed Science International Symposium, Hisar, India, 18-20 November 1993 (Vol. I): 335-342

Integrated weed management in rice based cropping system. Integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture Proceedings of an Indian Society of Weed Science International Symposium, Hisar, India, 18-20 November 1993 (Vol. I): 67-74

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Integrated weed management techniques to reduce herbicide inputs in soybean. Agronomy Journal 84(6): 973-978

Integrated, field-level participatory policy to promote soil and water conservation. Conservation policies for sustainable hillslope farming: 89-100

Integrating a forest growth model with a geographic information system. Environmental modeling with GIS: 265-269

Integrating agricultural research and technology transfer. Public Administration and Development 13(3): 307-318

Integrating alternative models into the existing surgical curriculum. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education 21(1): 23-27

Integrating biodiversity into forest management planning and decision-making. Forest Ecology & Management 61(1-2): 1-15

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Integrating ceasing participation with other aspects of leisure behavior: a replication and extension. Journal of Leisure Research 25(4): 389-404

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Integrating Ecological Concepts with Natural Resource Management of Southern Forests. Ecological Applications 2(3): 226-237

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Integrating economic development with conservation. Rebuilding communities: experiences and experiments in Europe: 35-56

Integrating economic performance and process simulation models in evaluating sawmill design alternatives. Wood and Fiber Science 24(1): 68-72

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Integrating sustainability into agroforestry projects: a workshop framework for NGO program managers. Integrating sustainability into agroforestry projects: a workshop framework for NGO program managers: viii + 39 pp.

Integrating the disabled employee into the quick-service restaurant: the enclave model. Hospitality and Tourism Educator 6(2): 15-19

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