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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2427

Chapter 2427 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Lowering the height of Sardar Sarovar dam: what purpose does it serve?. Economic and Political Weekly 29(12): 667-668

Lowering the temperature for cyclamen during summer. Zahradnictvi 19(3): 211-222

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Lowland landscape design guidelines. Lowland landscape design guidelines: iv + 56 pp.

Lp(a) levels and antiestrogen antibodies in women with and without thrombosis in the course of oral contraception. Atherosclerosis 100(2): 183-188

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Luck and the homo ludens. Vendeglatas 25(12): 12-13

Luck of the draw. Leisure Management 14(11): 24-25

Lueg, a new spelt variety bred in Switzerland. Landwirtschaft Schweiz 4(3): 103-105

Luehdorfia chinensis Leech, a precious and threatened butterfly. Luehdorfia chinensis Leech, a precious and threatened butterfly: 78 pp. + 72 pl.

Luffa sponge gourd production practices for temperate climates. Hortscience 29(4): 263-266

Lug orientation and tyre performance. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers ( 92-1014): 13 pp.

Luing. Nas Chov 53(3): 134-135

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Lumbar bone mineral content measured by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry in newborns and infants. Acta Paediatrica 81(12): 953-958

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Luminous communicative behaviour of the Luciola mingrelica fireflies (Coleoptera, Lampyridae). Sensory systems and communication in arthropods Including the first comprehensive collection of contributions by Soviet scientists: 91-95

Lump-sum income transfer as a measure for rural poverty alleviation: zakat and ushr in Pakistan. Journal of Rural Development and Administration 24(2): 98-101

Lumpy skin disease: a review of the disease and serological testing for its prevalence in Namibia. Lumpy skin disease eine synoptische Darstellung der Krankheit und serologische Untersuchungen zu ihrer Pravalenz in Namibia: 95 pp.

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Lund delivers the goods. Dairy Industries International 59(3): 27

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Luo Ren Jin Gua, a new pumpkin variety. Crop Genetic Resources ( 4): 47

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Lure of the locks: showiest ladies-tresses orchids, Spiranthes romanzoffiana, affect bumblebee, Bombus spp., foraging behavior. Canadian Field-Naturalist, 1044: 519-525

Lurpak brand extension. MD foods to launch Lurpak Cheese Spread in UK. Scandinavian Dairy Information 7(2): 33

Lush fields and parched throats: political economy of groundwater in Gujarat. Economic and Political Weekly 27(51/52): A-142 - A-170

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Ly-15.2 and Ly-21.2 are distinct polymorphisms of the LFA-1 heavy chain. Immunogenetics 36(6): 396-399

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