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Major histocompatibility complex class IV restriction fragment length polymorphism markers in replicated meat-type chicken lines divergently selected for high or low early immune response

, : Major histocompatibility complex class IV restriction fragment length polymorphism markers in replicated meat-type chicken lines divergently selected for high or low early immune response. Poultry Science 72(10): 1823-1831

Information on MHC may improve the efficiency of selection for immunological traits via the application of marker assisted selection or by selecting directly for a specific restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) band or MHC haplotype. An experimental procedure is presented here for identifying MHC genes that are related to early immune response. A Class IV cDNA clone was used to probe Southern blots of erythrocyte genomic DNA from chickens. Chickens were taken from the second (S-2) and third (S-3) generations of replicated lines divergently selected for high antibody response (HC1, HC2) or low antibody response (LC1, LC2) to Escherichia coli vaccination at 10 days of age. These selection criteria have been found to be associated with other immunological parameters. The hypothesis that these selected lines differ in their MHC loci was evaluated by comparing the frequencies of MHC RFLP markers (single RFLP bands) and haplotypes (patterns of RFLP bands). The significant differences between LC and HC in the frequency of many MHC RFLP bands and of five MHC haplotypes indicate that early antibody production is influenced by MHC genes. The reliability of the association between the selection and frequency differences was tested and proven in most cases by analysis of the replicated lines. These differences in RFLP markers represent a change in allelic frequencies in MHC genes, probably due to selection. The results imply a connection between the Class IV genes and early antibody production, and they show the potential of prospective breeding not only by immunological phenotype but also by genotype (i.e., using RFLP markers of the MHC).


PMID: 8105457

DOI: 10.3382/ps.0721823

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