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Modulation of the cancer susceptibility measure, adenosine diphosphate ribosyl transferase (ADPRT), by differences in low-dose n-3 and n-6 fatty acids

, : Modulation of the cancer susceptibility measure, adenosine diphosphate ribosyl transferase (ADPRT), by differences in low-dose n-3 and n-6 fatty acids. Nutrition and Cancer 16(3-4): 197-207

Adenosine diphosphate ribosyl transferase (ADPRT) is related to oxidants, and lower values for ADPRT in white cells suggest increased cancer susceptibility. Ordinarily, oxidants are generated intracellularly via metabolism of n-6 fatty acids common in western diets. However, n-3 fatty acids in fish oils might limit oxidants via competitive inhibition of key enzymes, elevate ADPRT, and lower cancer risk. In this controlled trial, 47 women were assigned either lecithin (an n-6 fatty acid, 7.2 g daily) or eicosapentaenoic acid-docosahexaenoic acid (n-3 fatty acids, 1.5 g daily) for six weeks, and 45 women completed all four visits. After six weeks, ADPRT increased by 9.3 .+-. 10.8% (SD) for the n-3 fatty acid group relative to the n-6 fatty acid group. For the subset of 39 women with good compliance, ADPRT increased by 20.9 .+-. 11.1% (nonparametric p = 0.039). This increase persisted after adjustment for regression to the mean. The trial suggests a "normalizing" effect of low-dose n-3 fatty acids on the ADPRT measure.


PMID: 1837923

DOI: 10.1080/01635589109514158

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