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Molybdenum deficiency in wheat results in lower dormancy levels via reduced ABA

, : Molybdenum deficiency in wheat results in lower dormancy levels via reduced ABA. Seed Science Research 4(3): 329-333

Wheat which was grown in acid-washed sand and irrigated with a molybdenum-free nutrient solution was treated with various concentrations of molybdenum (Mo) as a foliar spray at the flag leaf stage. At maturity, dormancy levels and abscisic acid (ABA) content of the seed were determined. Seed dormancy and ABA content increased with increasing rate of Mo application. In a field experiment, wheat (cv. SST 66) was treated with 100 ppm Mo by foliar application at the flag leaf stage. Embryos were tested for sensitivity to exogenously applied ABA. Embryos from Mo-treated plants showed enhanced sensitivity to ABA-induced inhibition of germination. The Mo application also resulted in significantly higher levels of endogenous ABA and Mo in the seeds. It is postulated that Mo deficiency leads to a lack of dormancy in wheat via reduced synthesis of ABA.


DOI: 10.1017/S0960258500002373

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