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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2442

Chapter 2442 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

New Zealand agricultural policy review: 1991-93. Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics 61(3): 375-400

New Zealand and Australia and regulation for export. Globalized agriculture: political choice: 142-172

New Zealand conservation estate and international visitors. New Zealand conservation estate and international visitors: 44pp.

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New Zealand leisure participation surveys: a preliminary review. ANZALS Leisure Research Series 1: 15-34

New Zealand machair vegetation. Journal of Vegetation Science 4(5): 655-660

New Zealand regional flood frequency analysis using L-moments. Journal of Hydrology, New Zealand 30(2): 53-64

New Zealand tourism and the economy. New Zealand tourism and the economy: unpaged

New Zealand tourism in the 90s. New Zealand tourism in the 90s: 46 pp.

New Zealand toxic honey - the actual story. Analytical Proceedings 29(3): 112-115

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New Zealand's statutory marketing boards: their history and some recent developments. Journal of Food Distribution Research 24(1): 94-100

New Zealand: surprising bases of production. Production Laitiere Moderne ( 193): 25-28

New Zeeman atomic absorption spectroscopy approach for mercury isotope analysis. Spectrochimica Acta Part B, Atomic Spectroscopy 47(11): 1325-1338

New acquisitions and new directions for the planning of agricultural areas strongly affected by urban influences. Genio Rurale 53(4): 83-86

New active ingredients for the period 1990 to and with 1992. Gewasbescherming 24(3): 80-82

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New alleles of Cer-yy and cer-b. Barley Genetics Newsletter 1991; 20: 66-68

New allelic fragment for the growth hormone-TaqI marker in cattle. Animal Genetics 23(5): 480-480

New allelic fragments for parathyroid hormone-MspI in cattle. Animal Genetics 23(5): 481-481

New alternatives for electricity production. Part 4. Performance of peat-fuelled air gasification combined-cycle power plants. VTT Tiedotteita ( 1451): 76 pp.

New analytical methods for the detection of veterinary drugs in milk. Safeguarding food quality: 111-119

New and additional records of gall-forming aphids of the family Pemphigidae in Britain. Entomologist 112(2): 99-104

New and corrected records on distribution of Finnish Heteroptera. Entomologica Fennica 4(1): 19-20

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New and known cyanogenic glycosides from the Rubiaceae. Planta Medica 56(6): 591-592

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New and little-known Nabidae from North America (Heteroptera). Zoosystematica Rossica ( 1): 37-45

New and little-known free-living nematodes from Ethiopia. Zoosystematica Rossica 2(1): 37-40

New and little-known species of ground beetles of the genus Harpalus from Palaearctic Asia (Coleoptera: Carabidae). Zoosystematica Rossica 2(1): 121-136

New and noteworthy ivies: Hedera rhombea cv. Variegata. Ivy Journal 18: 19-25

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New animal drug increases milk production. FDA Consumer 28(4): 24-27

New antifungals in superficial mycotic infections of the skin. Annales de Dermatologie et de Venereologie 120(1): 21-31

New antiherpes drugs in development. Reviews in Medical Virology 3(4): 225-236

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New antiviral triterpenoid saponins from Maesa lanceolata. Planta Medica 58(7): A710-A711

New apple cultivars for southern Chile. Revista Fruticola 13(3): 100-106

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New apple varieties with greater consumer appeal. Compact Fruit Tree 25: 76-83

New application of a polynomial curve to plot volume estimation. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 24(6): 1083-1088

New application specific fat replacers for the dairy industry. International Food Ingredients ( 4): 29-32

New applications for infrared gas ovens. Process Rennes ( 1089): 40

New applications of flow cytometry. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 4(1): 63-68

New approach to evaluation of functional activity of phagocytes in cattle. Veterinariya Moskva ( 9): 47-51

New approach to the seven-day Ceriodaphnia dubia test with additional comments pertaining to the same test for Daphnia magna. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 42(5): 749-753

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New approaches in chemotherapy. Giardia: from molecules to disease: 339-355

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New approaches to body composition evaluation and some relationships to dynamic muscular strength. Body composition and physical performance: applications for the Military Services: 119-139

New approaches to breeding cereal crops for heat resistance and drought resistance. Urozhai i adaptivnyi potentsial ekologicheskoi sistemy polya: 74-79

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New approaches to the problem of reserve honeybee queens storage, in regions with particularly long winter. Apiacta 27(4): 97-104

New approaches to the prophylaxis of human parasitic diseases. Meditsinskaya Parazitologiya i Parazitarnye Bolezni ( 4): 51-53

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New approaches towards biochemical mechanisms of resistance/susceptibility of Gramineae to powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis). Angewandte Botanik 67(3-4): 97-106

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New apricot releases from the Clutha series. Orchardist of New Zealand 65(8): 40-43

New arboviruses isolated from patients with unknown fever and encephalitis in Yunnan Province. Chinese Journal of Virology 6(1): 27-33

New artificial feeding technique for experimental infection of Argas ticks (Acari: Argasidae). Journal of Medical Entomology 31(2): 202-205

New artificial genetic resources of wheat - several polyploids of Triticum-Dasypyrum. Scientia Agricultura Sinica 25(1): 89

New ascid mites of the genera Rhinoseius Baker and Yunker, 1964, and Lasioseius Berlese, 1923 (Acari: Gamasida: Ascidae) associated with hummingbirds or hummingbird-pollinated flowers in southwestern Colombia. Journal of Natural History, 252: 481-497

New aspects concerning Meerzwiebel-Scillae bulbus DAB 9. Planta Medica 57(8): A8

New aspects in Tulum cheese technology. Proceedings: 5th Egyptian conference for dairy science and technology: 15-23

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New aspects of research on fungal diseases of lawns. Informatore Fitopatologico 42(12): 17-21

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New automatic cold store at Grado. Nordisk Mejeriinformation 20(12): 348, 350-351

New automatic cold store planned for Grado dairy. Nordisk Mejeriinformation 19(5): 154-155

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New celery disease appears in California. California Agriculture 48(2): 32-34

New challenges for agricultural economists in a rapidly changing world. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 41(4): 381-400

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New challenges in recreation and tourism planning. New challenges in recreation and tourism planning: xi + 240pp.

New changed DNA segment symbols. Mouse Genome 92(1): 14

New changed gene symbols. Mouse Genome 91(4): 581

New chemotypes of Origanum x applii (Domin) Boros from Uruguay. Journal of Essential Oil Research 6(4): 389-393

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New clementine mandarins. Orchardist of New Zealand 66(10): 41-43

New climate controller works well with natural ventilation. Praktijkonderzoek Varkenshouderij 7(4): 27-30

New clinical uses of GnRH and its analogues in cattle. Animal Reproduction Science 33(1-4): 27-49

New coccidian species from Apodemus agrarius. Vestsi Akademii Navuk BSSR Seriya Biyalagichnykh Navuk ( 1): 115-116

New cold- and drought-regulated gene from Medicago sativa. Plant Physiology 101(4): 1411-1412

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New combinations in Stigmatodactylus (Orchidaceae) . Novon 2(3): 212

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New commercial forms of fungal preparations. Zashchita Rastenii Moskva ( 9): 7-8

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New concept in evaporator system design. Technical Papers of the Fortyfirst Annual Convention of the Deccan Sugar Technologists' Association, Part 1: E23-E29

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New cultured milk drinks. Molochnaya i Myasnaya Promyshlennost' ( 3): 13-14

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