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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2475

Chapter 2475 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Rate of passage of black locust leaf and alfalfa meal in the rabbit gut. Journal of Applied Rabbit Research 15(B): 914-921

Rate of passage of fibre particles of different size in the rabbit: effect of dietary lignin level. Journal of Applied Rabbit Research 15(B): 1175-1182

Rate of recycling of sulfur from urine, faeces and litter applied to the soil surface. Australian Journal of Soil Research 32(3): 543-554

Rate of spread of Armillaria ostoyae in the central interior of British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 23(6): 1239-1241

Rate of tobacco mosaic virus degradation in solarized soil. Rivista di Patologia Vegetale 2(1): 23-32

Rate of transient lower oesophageal sphincter relaxations of healthy humans after eating a mixed nutrient meal: time course and comparison with fasting. European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 4(1): 35-38

Rate of value change in New England timber stands. Research Paper Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service ( NE-639): 4 pp.

Rate-limiting factors in dump leaching of pyritic ores. Applied Mathematical Modelling 16(10): 553-560

Rate-reducing resistance to Ascochyta blight in chickpeas. Plant Disease 77(3): 231-233

Rated GP (generally patronizing). American Entomologist 37(3): 133

Rates and application methods of nitrogen fertilizer in irrigated maize crops. Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo 16(1): 61-67

Rates and dates of application of fertilizers when growing grain maize on dernopodzolic sandy loam soil. Agrokhimiya ( 6): 52-57

Rates and dates of application of potassium to irrigated rice. XX Reuniao da cultura do arroz irrigado: Anais 20-24 Setembro 1993: 155-158

Rates and dates of nitrogen fertilizer application for maize on a latosol in the central Amazonia region. Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo 15(3): 289-296

Rates and patterns of base change in the small subunit ribosomal RNA gene. Genetics 134(2): 597-608

Rates and prediction of the development of Solonetzisation in irrigated soils of southern Ukraine. Eurasian Soil Science 25(11): 92-105

Rates and products of reactions of vitamin E with oxygen radicals. Packer, L [Editor], Fuchs, J [Editor] Vitamin E in health and disease 121-130

Rates of Borrelia burgdorferi infection in Ixodes dammini (Acari: Ixodidae) in southwestern Wisconsin. Journal of Medical Entomology 29(2): 314-317

Rates of acquisition and loss of Wuchereria bancrofti infection in Culex quinquefasciatus. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 51(2): 244-249

Rates of crystallization of dried lactose-sucrose mixtures. Journal of Food Science 59(1): 197-205

Rates of erosion and sedimentation in the Mahanadi river basin, India. Journal of Hydrology Amsterdam 149(1-4): 39-48

Rates of experimental microbiological contamination of fish exposed to polluted water. Water Research 26(12): 1621-1627

Rates of generation of hydrogen and methane in soils as a function of moisture content. Eurasian Soil Science 24(7): 25-31

Rates of growth and increase of Myzus persicae on virus-infected potatoes according to type of virus-vector relationship. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 69(1): 51-60

Rates of heat loss in female mink (Mustela vison) measured by direct calorimetry. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A, Comparative Physiology 107(3): 451-458

Rates of inactivation of waterborne coliphages by monochloramine. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 58(9): 3136-3141

Rates of leaf appearance and panicle development in rice (Oryza sativa L.): a comparison at three temperatures. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 66(3-4): 129-138

Rates of leaf emergence on main stems of spring barley grown at different altitudes: differences associated with tillering type and environmental effects. Agronomie 12(9): 691-703

Rates of lime fertilizers and their distribution on light soils. Moksliniu Straipsniu Rinkinys ( 72): 34-43

Rates of metabolism and nitrogen excretion in starving grass carp in relation to body weight. Annual Report of State Key Laboratory for Freshwater Ecology and Biotechnology of China ( 1992): 135-137

Rates of phosphorus transfer within and between ryegrass (Lolium perenne) plants. Functional Ecology 7(2): 242-248

Rates of predation by Chrysomya rufifacies (Macquart) on Cochliomyia macellaria (Fabr.) (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in the laboratory: effect of predator and prey development. Pan-Pacific Entomologist, 681: 12-14

Rates of return on hotel investments. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly 34(3): 83-89

Rates of seedling establishment in progeny of a cross between cultivars with a low rate of establishment. II. Year-to-year variation and the effect of changes in sowing date on seedling establishment in parents and a reference cultivar. Report of the Tohoku Branch, the Crop Science Society of Japan ( 34): 113-116

Rates of selenium volatilization among crop species. Journal of Environmental Quality 21(3): 341-344

Rates of soil acidification under different patterns of nitrogen mineralization. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 40(1): 95-106

Rates of surface water runoff for designing drainage systems. Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences Section B, Natural Sciences ( 4): 53-56

Rates of swarming and absconding in the giant honey bee, Apis dorsata F.. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences Animal Sciences, 98(6): 425-430

Rates of synonymous substitution and base composition of nuclear genes in Drosophila. Genetics 130(4): 855-864

Rates of terbuthylazine and its mixtures with terbumeton for weed control in poplar and willow nurseries. Proceedings of the forty fifth New Zealand plant protection conference, Wellington, New Zealand, 11-13 August 1992: 259-261

Rates of weathering and soil formation. Geoderma 52(3-4): 251-263

Rates of weed spread in spatially heterogeneous environments. Ecology (Washington D C) 74(4): 999-1011

Ratification of broiler carcase condemnations in poultry meat inspection. British Poultry Science 34(1): 105-109

Rating Musanga cecropioides and Delonix regia as papermaking hardwoods. Tappi Journal 75(12): 73-75

Rating index as a basis for decision making on pesticide use reduction and for accreditation of fruit produced under integrated pest management. Crop Protection 13(2): 146-152

Ratio methods for estimating forest biomass. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 22(1): 54-62

Ratio of biological and chemical oxidation during the aerobic elimination of sulphide by colourless sulphur bacteria. Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology 36(6): 816-822

Ratio of live weight and backfat thickness in boars. Zootekhniya ( 5): 19-20

Ration-induced diarrhea in grower pigs. Swine Health and Production 1(2): 16-21

Rational application of fungicides on wheat. Zashchita Rastenii Moskva ( 7): 19-20

Rational approach to forest productivity. Indian Forester 119(8): 622-626

Rational approach to the diagnosis of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP). European Respiratory Journal 6(2): 166-168

Rational approaches to structure, activity, and ecotoxicology of agrochemicals. Rational approaches to structure, activity, and ecotoxicology of agrochemicals: 581 pp.

Rational basis for diet treatment in food allergy. Medecine et Nutrition 28(3): 158-167

Rational diagnostics and therapy of liver hydatid. Zdravestni Vestnik 60(7-8): 311-313

Rational feeding of high-yielding cows. Instytut Zootechniki Biuletyn Informacyjny 32(3): 17-34

Rational irrigation of tulip bulbs. Zahradnictvi 19(3): 203-210

Rational measurement of soil parameters. Forschungsberichte der Bundesanstalt fur Landtechnik, Wieselburg ( 35): 19 pp.

Rational mechanization of family farms. Racjonalna mechanizacja gospodarstw rodzinnych: Materiay Seminarium Naukowego, Lublin, Poland, 9-11 February 1994: 132-133

Rational mechanization of family farms. Proceedings of a conference held in Lublin, Poland, 9-11 February 1994. Racjonalna mechanizacja gospodarstw rodzinnych: 134 pp.

Rational planning systems as a source of organizational conflict. International Review for the Sociology of Sport 29(3): 317-328

Rational polynomial technique in slope-reliability analysis. Journal of Geotechnical Engineering 119(12): 1910-1928

Rational price formation in live cattle and live hog futures markets. Technical Bulletin Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station ( T-170): 56pp.

Rational tapping off and dosing techniques for milk products. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft Hildesheim 43(35): 1059...1064

Rational use of antimicrobials for gastrointestinal disease in small animals. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 30(2): 123-131

Rational use of energy. Avance Agroindustrial 11(40): 27-28

Rational use of pesticides in integrated plant protection systems. Selskostopanska Nauka 29(1-6): 13-17

Rational use of sires. Svinovodstvo ( 4): 17-18

Rational utilization of agroforestry resources. Ponencias de las I jornadas sobre agricultura eco compatible, Badajoz, 30 Septiembre al 4 Octubre 1991: 23-30

Rational utilization of land resources in the hilly area of Xuzhou-Lianyungang. Ziranziyuan ( 4): 18-25

Rationale document for the Eurocode 2 food coding system (version 91/2). European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 46 Suppl 5: S9-24

Rationale for developing herbicide-resistant crops. Weed Technology 6(3): 621-625

Rationale for growing southern pine seedlings at low seedbed densities. New forests(1): 63-92

Rationale for regulatory programmes for mycotoxins in human foods and animal feeds. Food Additives and Contaminants 10(1): 29-36

Rationale for the census. An interview with Guido Rey. QA, Questione Agraria ( 49): 191-201

Rationale for the choice of species in the regulatory testing of the effects of pesticides on terrestrial non-target plants. Brighton crop protection conference, weeds Proceedings of an international conference, Brighton, UK, 22-25 November 1993 (Vol. 1): 151-156

Rationale for the mechanism of zinc interaction in the immune system. Cunningham-Rundles, S [Editor] Nutrient modulation of the immune response : 501-509

Rationale for using ECEC and CEC in defining the oxic and kandic horizons. Soil Survey Horizons 34(2): 39-44

Rationale in the taxonomic classification of some swell-shrink soils of semi-arid tropics in India. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 40(3): 600-602

Rationale of resource use in apple cultivation - a case study of tribal area in Himachal Pradesh. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 47(4): 669-676

Rationale, feasibility, and design of a low fat diet intervention trial among postmenopausal women. (see Book Title) [Author] Micozzi, M S and T E Moon (Ed ) Macronutrients: Investigating their role in cancer xiii+477p Marcel Dekker, Inc : New York, New York, USA; Basel, Switzerland Illus ISBN 0-8247-8593-2 : 355-376

Rationalisation and amalgamation of existing agricultural extension services in the RSA: Proceedings of 27th conference 10-13 May, 1993, Overvaal Resorts, Warmbaths. Rationalisation and amalgamation of existing agricultural extension services in the RSA: Proceedings of 27th conference 10-13 May, 1993, Overvaal Resorts, Warmbaths: 109pp.

Rationalisation of application of fertilizer inputs in coffee. Indian Coffee 56(6): 9-12

Rationalisation of chemical control of fungal diseases. Difesa delle Piante 14(3): 13-23

Rationalising rural development: an approach for logistic decisions. Indian Journal of Public Administration 39(2): 139-146

Rationalization means fewer, bigger cheese plants. European Dairy Magazine 5(2): 44-47

Rationalization of cattle enterprises in the Prerov nad Labem collective farm. Sbornik Praci Provozne Ekonomicke Fakulty, Vysoka Skola Zemedelska v Praze ( 35): 96-103

Rationalization of harvesting technique from the yield standpoint. Forst und Holz 46(16): 431-435

Rationalization of national olive oil production capacity: a critical review, from harvesting to storage of olive oil. Revista de Ciencias Agrarias 14(4): 59-71

Rationalization of population, fertilizers and weed control measures on productivity and economics of rice in farmers fields of A. P. Haryana Journal of Agronomy 9(1): 50-55

Rationalization of soyabean production within the concept of integrated farming systems. Znanost i Praksa u Poljoprivredi i Prehrambenoj Tehnologiji 21(Suppl.): 135-138

Rationalization of technology and power system in the breeding of dairy cows. Methodiky pro Zavadeni Vysledku Vyskumu do Zemedelske Praxe ( 10): 21 pp.

Rationalization of the calculation of nutritive value of diets during a laboratory control. Gigiena i Sanitariya ( 2): 46-49

Rationalization of the measurement of small roundwood in the forest. Forst und Holz 46(8): 194-221

Rationalize mechanization with the use of the computer. Mondo Macchina ( 6): 30-41

Rationalizing agricultural export subsidies. American journal of agricultural economics 75(4): 1000-1009

Rationalizing barn environment control and energy management. Livestock Environment IV Proceedings of a conference held in Coventry, UK, 6-9 July 1993: 603-608

Rationally modulating the immune response: the importance of MHC-peptide interactions. New strategies in parasitology Proceedings of an international symposium sponsored by Glaxo Research, Brocket Hall, Hertfordshire, UK, 22-25 April 1989: 293-305

Rationing of protein, amino acid, and energy nutrition in piglets. Soviet Agricultural Sciences (10): 12-17

Ratios of geometrical and optical isomers of pheromones: irrelevant or important in scolytids?. Journal of Applied Entomology, 1143: 240-243

Ratios of serum concentrations of testosterone and progesterone from yearling bulls with small testes. Theriogenology 41(5): 1045-1052

Ratoon crop of sugarcane as influenced by gap filling and nitrogen levels. Orissa Journal of Agricultural Research 5(3-4): 191-193

Ratoon crop performance in some rice hybrids. International Rice Research Notes 18(1): 18-19

Ratoon cropping mechanically harvested lima bean is possible in the southern Piedmont. HortScience 27(3): 269

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Ratooning of sugarcane. Ratooning of sugarcane: xvii + 204 pp.

Ratooning potential of sugarcane varieties. Newsletter Sugarcane Breeding Institute 10(4): 4-5

Rats can discriminate between the urine odors of genetically identical mice maintained on different diets. Physiology & Behavior 51(5): 1079-1082

Rats discriminate between starch and other substances having a similar texture. Physiology & Behavior 53(2): 373-377

Rats fed high fat diets with increased calcium levels have fecal bile acid concentrations similar to those of rats fed a low fat diet. Journal of Nutrition 124(2): 188-195

Rats fed high starch diets have lower colonic proliferation and fecal bile acids than high sucrose-fed controls. Journal of Nutrition 123(4): 704-712

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Rauhiella silvana - a new species of the subtribe Ornithocephalinae (Orchidaceae) from Bahia, Brazil. Lindleyana 8(2): 103-105

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Ravenelia sessilis, a destructive rust on Albizia chinensis in nurseries. Indian Journal of Forestry 16(1): 94-95

Ravination in the subhumid tropical environment of India. (A case study of Deoghat area, Allahabad district, U.P.). Indian Journal of Landscape Systems and Ecological Studies 14(2): 1-15

Raw material requirements for pulp and paper industry - Role of cooperative sugar mills. Cooperative Sugar 24(12): 681-687

Raw material reserves of 2 species of the genus Hypericum L. and Origanum tyttanthum Gontsch. in the western regions of Gorno-Badakhshan district of Tajikistan. Rastitel' nye Resursy 28(2): 36-46

Raw material reserves of Convallaria majalis L. and its protection in the Ukraine. Rastitel' nye Resursy 28(2): 28-36

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Rayless goldenrod toxicity in livestock. Rangelands 14(5): 284-285

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Re: Urological complications following live donor kidney transplantation: effect of urinary schistosomiasis. British Journal of Urology 71(3): 364-364

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Re-engineering your hospitality operations. Bottomline 9(1): 18-20

Re-entering leisure: transition within the role of motherhood. Journal of Leisure Research 26(1): 57-74

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Re-evaluation of the pathogenicity of A/chicken/Alabama/75 (H4N8) influenza virus. Avian Diseases 36(4): 968-974

Re-examination of Pasteurella multocida serotypes that caused haemorrhagic septicaemia in North America. Veterinary Record 134(10): 256-256

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Re-use systems in the Kerang Region. Re use systems in the Kerang Region: ii + 20 pp.

Reabsorption of surplus agricultural labour into the non-agricultural sector: a study of township enterprises in China. Reabsorption of surplus agricultural labour into the non agricultural sector: a study of township enterprises in China: v + 44pp.

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