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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2488

Chapter 2488 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Scarce resources, perception of risk, and collective action. Cairo Papers in Social Science 15(4): 41-48

Scares and the British food system: problems and policies in relation to food-related health issues. British Food Journal 94(7): 26-30

Scarification treatments to overcome hard seededness in hedge lucerne. East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal 55(4): 179-182

Scatter factor/hepatocyte growth factor and its receptor, the c-met tyrosine kinase, can mediate a signal exchange between mesenchyme and epithelia during mouse development. Journal of Cell Biology 123(1): 223-236

Scattered farms at the end of the twentieth century. Szovetkezes 11(1/2): 84-86

Scatterhoarding of Astrocaryum paramaca by Proechimys in French Guiana: comparison with Myoprocta exilis. Tropical Ecology, 322: 155-167

Scatterograms behaviour for AVHRR vegetation images of the crop growth cycle. International Journal of Remote Sensing 14(1): 75-93

Scavenging of singlet molecular oxygen by tocopherols. Vitamin E in health and disease: 141-152

Scavenging toxic heavy metal ions from industrial wastewaters-a survey. International Journal of Environmental Studies 43(2-3): 151-159

Scedosporium apiospermum osteoarthritis: success with itraconazole. Journal de Mycologie Medicale 3(2): 111-113

Scedosporium apiospermum: fungal sinusitis in an immunocompetent patient. American Journal of Rhinology 6(2): 49-53

Scedosporium inflatum infection in immunocompromised haematological patients. British Journal of Haematology 87(1): 212-214

Scedosporium inflatum: first case report of disseminated infection and review of the literature. Pediatric Hematology and Oncology 9(3): 293-295

Scenario assessment integrating environmental and agricultural developments for model studies at farm and sector levels. The environment and the management of agricultural resources Proceedings of the 24th Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists EAAE, Viterbo, 24-26th January 1991: 255-264

Scenario of papaya production and utilization in India. Indian Journal of Horticulture 49(2): 97-119

Scenarios for Colombian agriculture. Revista Nacional de Agricultura Bogota ( 900): 54-64

Scenarios for regulated products. Working Paper Policy Branch, Agriculture Canada ( 3/94): 26 pp.;30 pp.

Scenarios of climatic change for the European Community. European Journal of Agronomy 2(4): 247-260

Scenes from the past. Leisure Management 14(5): 24-26

Scent and fragrances. The fascination of odors and their chemical perspectives. Scent and fragrances The fascination of odors and their chemical perspectives: xv + 238 pp.

Scent organ in male moth: morphology, alpha-keto-butyric acid content and evoked antennal responses. Zoologische Jahrbucher, Abteilung fur Allgemeine Zoologie und Physiologie der Tiere 96(3): 365-377

Scent profiles of flower colour morphs of Corydalis cava (Fumariaceae) in relation to foraging behaviour of bumblebee queens (Bombus terrestris). Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 22(3): 231-237

Scent-trail diversion, a novel defense against ants by tropical social wasps. Biotropica 21(3): 280-281

Scentless chamomile (Matricaria perforata Merat) interference in winter wheat. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 72(4): 1383-1387

Scentless chamomile (Matricaria perforata) - a new target weed for biological control. Proceedings of the VIII International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds: 411-416

Sch 47554 and Sch 47555, two novel antifungal antibiotics produced from a Streptomyces sp. Journal of Antibiotics 46(5): 861-865

Schedule of irrigation for 'Aruna' castor (Ricinus communis). Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 62(9): 614-615

Scheduled feeding caused activation of dopamine metabolism in the striatum of rats. Physiology & Behavior 53(1): 177-181

Scheduled tribes in Rajasthan below poverty-line. Scheduled tribes in Rajasthan below poverty line: x + 93 pp.

Scheduling and timing the irrigation of snap beans aided by infrared remote thermometers. Proceedings 16th ICID European regional conference Vol 2 Ecological, technological and socio economical impacts on agricultural water management: 105-116

Scheduling beef-forage grazing systems. Computers in agricultural extension programs Proceedings of the 4th international conference, 28-31 January 1992, Orlando, Florida: 70-75

Scheduling collard planting dates regionally to lengthen the production period. HortTechnology 2(1): 64-66

Scheduling considerations for automated irrigation in the 1990s. HortTechnology 2(1): 73-74

Scheduling counts in the instantaneous and progressive count methods for estimating sportfishing effort. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 13(4): 723-736

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Scheduling in the food processing industry: a model for fresh milk products. Cahiers d' Economie et Sociologie Rurales ( 28): 139-161

Scheduling irrigation by using micromorphometric observations. Acta Horticulturae ( 297): 409-418

Scheduling irrigation for peanuts with variable amounts of available water. Agricultural Water Management 23(1): 1-9

Scheduling irrigation for pecans. Acta Horticulturae 275: 513-521

Scheduling irrigation under various levels of phosphorus fertilization to forage berseem based on pan evaporation ratio. Annals of Plant Physiology 6(1): 98-102

Scheduling needs of the food processing industry. Food Research International 27(2): 117-120

Scheduling of irrigation to winter season pigeonpea in sandy loam soils. Indian Journal of Pulses Research 5(1): 88-90

Scheme for characterization of Tilia honey and honey from honeydew produced by Metcalfa pruinosa. Apicoltura ( 7): 151-159

Scheme for the classification of pesticide equipment by hazard. Agricultural Engineer 49(1): 29-31

Scheme of calculating unit costs of porker weight gains. Acta Academiae Agriculturae ac Technicae Olstenensis, Zootechnica ( 36): 153-162

Schemes for efficient protein purification on a family of polymeric ion exchangers in glass columns. Journal of Chromatography 599(1-2): 239-253

Schiedeella romeroana (Orchidaceae, Spiranthinae), a new and interesting species from Mexico. Rhodora 95(881): 1-5

Schisantherins L-O and acetylschisantherin L from Kadsura coccinea. Phytochemistry (Oxford) 32(5): 1293-1296

Schistosoma cercariae in Biomphalaria alexandrina in Atania, Al Minia Governorate. Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology 23(2): 601-602

Schistosoma haematobium cercarial host-finding and host-recognition differs from that of S. mansoni. Journal of Parasitology 80(3): 345-353

Schistosoma haematobium in Transkei: a preliminary survey conducted in the Ngqeleni district. South African Journal of Science 88(8): 445-447

Schistosoma haematobium infection among Ethiopian prisoners of war (1977-1988) returning from Somalia. Ethiopian Medical Journal 31(4): 259-264

Schistosoma haematobium infection in Egyptian schoolchildren: demonstration of both hepatic and urinary tract morbidity by ultrasonography. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 86(4): 406-409

Schistosoma intercalatum schistosomiasis, a recent and forgotten schistosomiasis. Revue du Praticien 43(4): 432-439

Schistosoma japonicum and S. japonicum-like infections: epidemiology, clinical and pathological aspects. Human schistosomiasis: 237-270

Schistosoma japonicum-infected mice show reduced hepatic fibrosis and eosinophilia and selective inhibition of interleukin-5 secretion by CD4+ cells after treatment with anti-interleukin-2 antibodies. Infection and Immunity 61(4): 1288-1292

Schistosoma japonicum: studies of cercarial ultrastructure and physiological function. Wuyi Science Journal 1989; 7: 181-190

Schistosoma mansoni 28-kDa glutathione S-transferase and immunity against parasite fecundity and egg viability. Journal of Immunology Baltimore 150(3): 940-949

Schistosoma mansoni and Trichobilharzia ocellata: comparison of secreted cercarial eicosanoids. Journal of Parasitology, 791: 130-133

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Schistosoma mansoni: Sm23 is a transmembrane protein that also contains a glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 310(1): 108-117

Schistosoma mansoni: a Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase is glycosylated when expressed in mammalian cells and localizes to a subtegumental region in adult schistosomes. Experimental Parasitology 76(2): 101-114

Schistosoma mansoni: an HSP60 homologue is constitutively expressed in cercariae, adults, and sporocysts. Experimental Parasitology 77(4): 495-497

Schistosoma mansoni: an enkephalinergic system that may participate in internal and host-parasite signaling. Experimental Parasitology. February; 761: 76-84

Schistosoma mansoni: analysis of an unusual infection phenotype in the intermediate host snail Biomphalaria glabrata. Experimental Parasitology 77(3): 349-361

Schistosoma mansoni: chromosomal localization of female-specific genes and a female-specific DNA element. Experimental Parasitology 76(2): 175-181

Schistosoma mansoni: comparison of cloned tropomyosin antigens shared between adult parasites and Biomphalaria glabrata. Experimental Parasitology 76(4): 358-370

Schistosoma mansoni: determination of the sex of cercariae using a nonradioactively labelled DNA probe. Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 44(4): 335-336

Schistosoma mansoni: fatty acid-induced cercarial tail loss does not involve eicosanoid production and chemoreceptors. Experimental Parasitology 77(4): 484-488

Schistosoma mansoni: genetic complementation analysis shows that two independent hycanthone/oxamniquine-resistant strains are mutated in the same gene. Experimental Parasitology. December; 774: 445-449

Schistosoma mansoni: hycanthone/oxamniquine resistance is controlled by a single autosomal recessive gene. Experimental Parasitology, 754: 425-432

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Schistosoma mansoni: induction of protective immunity in rats using a recombinant fragment of a parasite surface antigen. Experimental Parasitology 77(4): 492-494

Schistosoma mansoni: isolation and characterization of Smpi56, a novel serine protease inhibitor. Experimental Parasitology 78(2): 121-131

Schistosoma mansoni: myogenic characteristics of phorbol ester-induced muscle contraction. Experimental Parasitology 78(3): 302-316

Schistosoma mansoni: pathological and clinical aspects. Human schistosomiasis: 195-235

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Schleswig-Holstein's new state nature conservation law. Agrarrecht 23(12): 385-386

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