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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2536

Chapter 2536 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Transgenic mice as model systems for studying gene mutations in vivo. Trends in Genetics 9(1): 27-31

Transgenic mice carrying interferon genes. Molecular Reproduction and Development 36(2): 245-247

Transgenic mice carrying the apolipoprotein E3-Leiden gene exhibit hyperlipoproteinemia. Journal of Biological Chemistry 268(14): 10540-5

Transgenic mice expressing C-reactive protein are susceptible to infection with Plasmodium yoelii sporozoites. Infection and Immunity 61(1): 348-349

Transgenic mice expressing human CD14 are hypersensitive to lipopolysaccharide. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 90(6): 2380-2384

Transgenic mice expressing human apolipoprotein A-I have sera with modest trypanolytic activity in vitro but remain susceptible to infection by Trypanosoma brucei brucei. Journal of Lipid Research 33(11): 1639-1646

Transgenic mice expressing human sickle hemoglobin are partially resistant to rodent malaria. Blood 81(1): 222-226

Transgenic mice expressing the human GLUT4/muscle-fat facilitative glucose transporter protein exhibit efficient glycemic control. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 90(23): 11346-11350

Transgenic mice expressing the tumor marker germ cell alkaline phosphatase: an in vivo tumor model for human cancer antigens. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 90(11): 5081-5085

Transgenic mice in immunology. Transgenic animals: 147-168

Transgenic mice in neurobiology. Transgenic animals: 169-194

Transgenic mice over-expressing the human spermidine synthase gene. Biochemical Journal 293: 513-516

Transgenic mice over-producing putrescine in their tissues do not convert the diamine into higher polyamines. Biochemical Journal 291: 505-508

Transgenic mice to study function and regulation of MHC class II genes in vivo. Immunogenetics of the major histocompatibility complex: 244-267

Transgenic mice with antisense RNA against the nucleocapsid protein mRNA of mouse hepatitis virus. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 55(4): 549-554

Transgenic milk-producing animals. Revue Laitiere Francaise ( 518): 69

Transgenic models of chronic arthritis and of systemic tumour necrosis factor-mediated disease in mice expressing human tumour necrosis factor. Transgenic animals as model systems for human diseases ( 6): 73-90

Transgenic mouse model for neurocristopathy: Schwannomas and facial bone tumors. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 90(8): 3192-3196

Transgenic mouse model of X-linked cleft palate. Cell Growth & Differentiation 4(2): 67-76

Transgenic mouse models of lipoprotein metabolism and atherosclerosis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 90(18): 8314-8318

Transgenic oilseeds - breeding aims in swede rape from the chemical/industrial point of view. Fett Wissenschaft Technologie 95(9): 329-333

Transgenic organisms: risk assessment of deliberate release. Transgenic organisms: risk assessment of deliberate release: vii + 265 pp.

Transgenic papaya plants from Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of somatic embryos. Plant Cell Reports 12(5): 245-249

Transgenic pea seeds expressing the alpha -amylase inhibitor of the common bean are resistant to bruchid beetles. Bio/Technology 12(8): 793-796

Transgenic pepper plants (Capsicum annuum L.) containing CMV sat-RNA cDNA. Acta Horticulturae Sinica 19(2): 184-184

Transgenic pharming advances. Bio/Technology 10(5): 498-499

Transgenic pigs carrying cDNA copies encoding the murine Mx1 protein which confers resistance to influenza virus infection. Gene 21(2): 263-270

Transgenic plants. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 9(12): 486-486

Transgenic plants altered in phytohormone metabolism. Acta Botanica Gallica 140(6): 693-700

Transgenic plants and the law. Oleoscope ( 16): 15-17

Transgenic plants and transgenic plant mosaics for the expression of pathogen derived genes able to affect phytohormone activity. Progress in plant growth regulation Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Plant Growth Substances, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 21-26 July 1991: 724-730

Transgenic plants as a model for studying the molecular mechanisms of the stress response. 1 Vsesoyuznyi simpozium "Novye metody biotekhnologii rastenii", Pushchino, 20-22 noyabrya, 1991: Tezisy dokladov: 9-10, 119

Transgenic plants as bioreactors - as exemplified by potato. Symposium Nachwachsende Rohstoffe Perspektiven fur die Chemie: 94-106

Transgenic plants containing the phosphinothricin-N-acetyltransferase gene metabolize the herbicide L-phosphinothricin (glufosinate) differently from untransformed plants. Planta 187(1): 142-151

Transgenic plants of Agrostis alba obtained by electroporation-mediated direct gene transfer into protoplasts. Plant Cell Reports 13(5): 243-246

Transgenic plants of potato obtained by cocultivation of leaf discs with Agrobacterium tumefaciens and A. rhizogenes. 1 Vsesoyuznyi simpozium "Novye metody biotekhnologii rastenii", Pushchino, 20-22 noyabrya, 1991: Tezisy dokladov: 20, 128

Transgenic plants of ramie (Boehmeria nivea Gaud.) obtained by Agrobacterium mediated transformation. Plant Cell Reports 12(11): 625-628

Transgenic plants of tobacco and lucerne with the gene for human beta -interferon: analysis of the inheritance and expression of the transferred genes and virus resistance. 1 Vsesoyuznyi simpozium "Novye metody biotekhnologii rastenii", Pushchino, 20-22 noyabrya, 1991: Tezisy dokladov: 36-37, 141-142

Transgenic plants resistant to diseases by the detoxification of toxins. Chet, I [Editor] Wiley Series in Ecological and Applied Microbiology; Biotechnology in plant disease control : 115-137

Transgenic plants: Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation and its use for crop improvement. Transgenesis: applications of gene transfer: 187-232

Transgenic plants: Agrobacterium-mediated transformation and its application in plant molecular biology and biotechnology. Biotechnology and crop improvement in Asia: 181-199

Transgenic plants: a tool to study intercellular transport. Transgenic plants: fundamentals and applications: 61-76

Transgenic plants: fundamentals and applications. Transgenic plants: fundamentals and applications: x + 340 pp.

Transgenic potato cultivars resistant to potato virus X. Plant molecular biology 2 Proceedings of a NATO Advanced Study Institute, 14-23 May 1990, Elmau, Germany: 183-192

Transgenic potato plants overexpressing the pathogenesis-related STH-2 gene show unaltered susceptibility to Phytophthora infestans and potato virus X. Plant molecular biology 22(5): 775-782

Transgenic potato plants resistant to the phytopathogenic bacterium Erwinia carotovora. Plant Journal 3(4): 587-598

Transgenic potato plants resistant to viruses. Euphytica 63(1-2): 187-197

Transgenic potato plants with strongly decreased expression of pyrophosphate:fructose-6-phosphate phosphotransferase show no visible phenotype and only minor changes in metabolic fluxes in their tubers. Planta 192(1): 16-30

Transgenic potatoes in the field. Monitoring of resistance to potato Y potyvirus (PVY) in the genetically transformed potato Bintje. Revue Suisse d' Agriculture 25(6): 373-381

Transgenic potatoes resistant to viruses. Review and outlook on the issue of environmental safety. Revue Suisse d' Agriculture 26(2): 69-74

Transgenic resistance to plant viruses. Seminars in Virology 4(6): 327-416

Transgenic rice for the Third World. ORSTOM Actualites ( 41): 19-23

Transgenic rice plants produced by direct uptake of the delta -endotoxin protein gene from Bacillus thuringiensis into rice protoplasts. Rice genetics II: Proceedings of the Second International Rice Genetics Symposium, 14-18 May 1990: 605-611

Transgenic rice plants: tools for studies in gene regulation and crop improvement. Transgenic plants: fundamentals and applications: 173-193

Transgenic roots produced by introducing Ri-rol genes into cucumber cotyledons by particle bombardment. Transgenic Research 2(3): 147-152

Transgenic science. British Veterinary Journal 150(1): 9-24

Transgenic sorghum plants via microprojectile bombardment. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 90(23): 11212-6

Transgenic strategies in mouse embryology and development. Transgenic animals: 47-77

Transgenic strategies in reproductive endocrinology. Molecular Reproduction and Development 34(3): 337-347

Transgenic technology for the study of mammalian development. Eckstein, F And D M J Lilley (Ed ) Nucleic Acids And Molecular Biology, Vol 5 Xi+251p Springer-Verlag: Berlin, Germany; New York, New York, Usa Illus 218-228

Transgenic tobacco expressing ribozyme or antisense sequences have increased resistance to virus infection. Workshop on engineering plants against pests and pathogens, 1-13 January 1993, Madrid, Spain: 53

Transgenic tobacco plants expressing the geminivirus BL1 protein exhibit symptoms of viral disease. Plant Cell 5(7): 795-807

Transgenic tobacco plants expressing yeast-derived invertase in either the cytosol, vacuole or apoplast: a powerful tool for studying sucrose metabolism and sink/source interactions. Plant Journal 1(1): 95-106

Transgenic tobacco plants regenerated from leaf disks can be periclinal chimeras. Plant molecular biology: an international journal on molecular biology biochemistry and genetic engineering 21(4): 705-708

Transgenic tobacco plants that contain the plum pox virus (PPV) coat protein gene. Acta Horticulturae ( 309): 191-196

Transgenic tobacco plants that overproduce cytokinins show increased tolerance to exogenous auxin and auxin transport inhibitors. Plant Science (Limerick) 100(1): 9-14

Transgenic tobacco plants which express the chiA gene from Serratia marcescens have enhanced tolerance to Rhizoctonia solani. Transgenic Research 3(2): 90-98

Transgenic tobacco plants with heat-inducible IAA synthesis genes. Progress in plant growth regulation Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Plant Growth Substances, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 21-26 July 1991: 713-723

Transgenic tobaccos resistant to herbicides of the oxynil family: five years of field experiments. Annales du Tabac Section 2 25: 17-26

Transgenic tomato lines containing Ds elements at defined genomic positions as tools for targeted transposon tagging. Molecular and general genetics: MGG5, 243(6): 666-673

Transgenic tomato plants expressing satellite RNA are tolerant to some strains of cucumber mosaic virus. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 119(3): 642-647

Transgenic wheat plants obtained with pollen-tube pathway method. Science in China Series B Chemistry Life Sciences & Earth Sciences 37(3): 319-325

Transgenomic plants in the Solanaceae. 1 Vsesoyuznyi simpozium "Novye metody biotekhnologii rastenii", Pushchino, 20-22 noyabrya, 1991: Tezisy dokladov: 63, 162

Transglucosylation catalysed by the exo- beta -glucanase of Candida albicans. Candida and candidamycosis: 35-38

Transglutaminase activity during greening and growth of Helianthus tuberosus explants in vitro. Protoplasma 174(1-2): 1-9

Transglycosyl reaction of endo-1,4- beta -xylanases from Irpex lacteus on aryl beta -xylosides. Mokuzai Gakkaishi = Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society 40(3): 308-314

Transgressing gender boundaries: Kipsigis women in Kenya. CDR Project Paper ( 91.3): 19pp.

Transgression for winter hardiness in winter wheat hybrids differing in its inheritance. Urozhai i adaptivnyi potentsial ekologicheskoi sistemy polya: 60-67

Transgressive segregants with four-seeded pods in soybean. Soybean Genetics Newsletter 21: 135-136

Transgressive segregation for resistance to Pyrenophora teres in barley. Plant Pathology (Oxford) 42(4): 617-621

Transgressive segregation in the progeny of a cross between two inducers of maize maternal hybrids. Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter (68): 47

Transhumant alpine pastoralism in northeastern Qinghai Province: an evaluation of livestock population response during China's agrarian economic reform. Nomadic Peoples ( 30): 3-25

Transhumant pastoralism in Northern India: the Gujar case . Nomadic Peoples ( 30): 84-96

Transience of deer wintering areas. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 22(9): 1421-1423

Transient DNA demethylation in differentiating mouse myoblasts correlates with higher activity of 5-methyldeoxycytidine excision repair. Journal of Biological Chemistry 269(13): 10040-3

Transient GUS gene expression in Brassica napus electroporated microspores. Plant Science (Limerick) 93(1-2): 177-184

Transient K+ current and periaxonal potassium accumulation in the giant axon of the cockroach Periplaneta americana. Journal of Insect Physiology 39(12): 1075-1082

Transient analysis of gene expression in plant cells. Glick, B R [Editor], Thompson, J E [Editor] Methods in plant molecular biology and biotechnology : 147-154

Transient analysis of naturally ventilated greenhouse with built-in solar still and waste heat and mass recovery system. Energy Conversion and Management 35(11): 955-965

Transient and stable expression of gusA fusions with rice genes in rice, barley and perennial ryegrass. Plant molecular biology 22(6): 1101-1127

Transient and steady-state solute transport through a large unsaturated soil column. Ground Water 31(2): 193-200

Transient canal seepage to sloping aquifer. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 120(1): 97-109

Transient changes in length and growth of wheat coleoptile segments following treatments with osmotica and auxin. Physiologia Plantarum 88(4): 541-548

Transient colonization of the gut of newborn infants by orally administered bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. Acta Paediatrica 81(10): 784-787

Transient depression of photosynthesis in bean leaves during rapid water loss. Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 20(1): 45-54

Transient expression and histological localization of a gus chimeric gene after direct transfer to mature cowpea embryos. Biotechniques 13(4): 576, 578, 580-576, 578, 580

Transient expression and stable transformation of maize using microprojectiles. Plant molecular biology 2 Proceedings of a NATO Advanced Study Institute, 14-23 May 1990, Elmau, Germany: 219-224

Transient expression in Arabidopsis thaliana protoplasts derived from rapidly established cell suspension cultures. Plant Cell Reports 12(5): 241-244

Transient expression in leaf mesophyll protoplasts of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell Tissue & Organ Culture 36(1): 53-58

Transient expression of DNA in Drosophila via electroporation. Nucleic Acids Research 20(13): 3526-3526

Transient expression of GUS and anthocyanin constructs in intact maize immature embryos following electroporation. Plant Cell Tissue & Organ Culture 33(2): 195-201

Transient expression of GUS gene in maize protoplasts. Botanical Research ( 5): 137-140

Transient expression of RSVCAT in transgenic zebrafish made by electroporation. Molecular Marine Biology and Biotechnology 1(4-5): 271-275

Transient expression of a Drosophila melanogaster hsp70 promoter/lacZ construct injected into larvae of two species of predatory mites (Acari: Phytoseiidae). Experimental & Applied Acarology 18(5): 301-308

Transient expression of a foreign gene in chrysanthemum protoplasts. Latvijas Zinatnu Akademijas Vestis B Dala, Dabaszinatnes ( 1): 62-64

Transient expression of electroporated gene in leaf protoplasts of indica rice and influence of template topology and vector sequences. Physiologia Plantarum 89(4): 842-846

Transient expression of photosynthetic genes in transfected albinoid petunia protoplasts and correct processing of newly synthesized chloroplast-destined polypeptides. Physiologia Plantarum 88(2): 259-266

Transient expression of the beta-glucuronidase gene delivered into urediniospores of Uromyces appendiculatus by particle bombardment. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 15(1): 1-6

Transient expression of visible marker genes in meristem cells of wheat embryos after ballistic micro-targeting. Planta 92(1): 84-91

Transient free-surface groundwater flow due to an array of circular drainage ditches. Water Resources Research 28(11): 2963-2972

Transient gene expression in electroporated banana (Musa spp., cv. 'Bluggoe', ABB group) protoplasts isolated from regenerable embryogenetic cell suspensions. Plant Cell Reports 13(5): 262-266

Transient gene expression in vegetative shoot apical meristems of wheat after ballistic microtargeting. Plant Journal 4(4): 735-744

Transient gene expression of chimeric genes in cells and tissues of crops. Sub-Cellular Biochemistry 17: 143-166

Transient gene expression of foreign genes in preheated protoplasts: stimulation of expression of transfected genes lacking heat shock elements. Plant Molecular Biology 21(5): 823-834

Transient gene expression system using protoplasts from developing soybean cotyledons. Japanese Journal of Breeding 43(1): 53-60

Transient heat conduction in agricultural products. II congreso argentino de ingenieria rural [Argentinian conference on agricultural engineering] Proceedings of a conference held in Villa Maria, Argentina, 23-25 September 1992: 110

Transient hemi-inattention in a dog with metastatic renal hemangiosarcoma. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 30(3): 207-212

Transient improvement of congenital lactic acidosis in a male infant with pyruvate decarboxylase deficiency treated with dichloroacetate. Journal of Pediatrics 123(3): 427-430

Transient intervention with oltipraz protects against aflatoxin-induced hepatic tumorigenesis. Cancer Research 53(15): 3499-3504

Transient moisture transport in a cracked porous medium. Transport in Porous Media 13(3): 239-260

Transient myopia following metronidazole treatment for Trichomonas vaginalis. JAMA 267(4): 511-512

Transient occurrence of lipoxygenase and glycoprotein gp49 in lipid bodies during fat mobilization in anise seedlings. Planta 91(2): 166-172

Transient promoter activity in primary rat mammary epithelial cells evaluated using particle bombardment gene transfer. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology 29A(2): 165-170

Transient Responses of Cell Turgor and Growth of Maize Roots as Affected by Changes in Water Potential. Plant Physiology 104(1): 247-254

Transient starch accumulation in the cotyledons of fenugreek seeds during galactomannan mobilization from the endosperm. Plant Physiology & Biochemistry (Montrouge) 31(4): 483-490

Transient transfection of chick-embryo hepatocytes. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 4(7): 431-439

Transient transformation of pollen and embryogenic tissues of white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench.) Voss) resulting from microprojectile bombardment. Plant Cell Reports 13(12): 661-665

Transient uptake of hypericin by chrysomelids is regulated by feeding behaviour. Physiological Entomology 18(2): 119-129

Transient water stress and phospholipid turnover in carnation flowers. Journal of Plant Physiology 140(1): 116-120

Transiently evoked otoacoustic emissions in dogs. Progress in Veterinary Neurology 5(2): 49-56

Transintestinal ultrasonography in poultry. Monatshefte fur Veterinarmedizin 49(7): 337-343

Transit tourism consumption in Croatia. Turizam 41(1-2): 3-13

Transition and integration in leisure for people with disabilities. Parks and Recreation Arlington 28(11): 20-24

Transition from absolute to quantitative short-day control in Nicotiana tabacum cv. Maryland Mammoth. Physiologia Plantarum 91(2): 276-284

Transition from classical to new genetic methods in heterosis breeding of maize. Selskostopanska Nauka 29(1-3): 91-100

Transition in a centrally planned economy; the impact and potential of economic reform in Vietnam. Economic and social development in Pacific Asia: 169-196

Transition metals in legume root nodules: iron-dependent free radical production increases during nodule senescence. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 89(19): 8958-8962

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Transition of aquatic accidents in water-front activities - review and investigation about statistic reports of aquatic accidents. Bulletin of Institute of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Tsukuba 14: 245-253

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Transition was the theme of the Annual General Meeting of the Federation. Producteur de Lait Quebecois 12(10): 11-15

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Transitions to free trade: local impacts of changes in Mexican agrarian policy. Human Organization 53(2): 99-109

Transitory alexia without agraphia in an HIV-positive patient suffering from toxoplasma encephalitis: a case report. European Neurology 32(1): 26-27

Transitory hyperphosphatasaemia in infancy. Revista Espanola de Pediatria 48(1): 81-82

Transitory pulse-like treatment with IAA solution more effectively induces xylogenesis in callus culture than permanent presence of the auxin. Biologia Plantarum (Prague) 33(6): 433-438

Transkeian smallholders and agrarian reform. Journal of Contemporary African Studies 11(2): 178-199

Translatable mRNAs for chloroplast-targeted proteins in detached radish cotyledons during senescence in darkness. Plant & Cell Physiology 34(5): 697-704

Translating foraging movements in heterogeneous environments into the spatial distribution of foragers. Ecology (Washington D C) 72(4): 1253-1266

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Translation of psbA mRNA is regulated by light via the 5'-untranslated region in tobacco plastids. Plant Journal 6(4): 547-553

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Transmigration - a disaster? Problems and opportunities of the Indonesian resettlement programme. Geographische Rundschau 44(1): 33-39

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