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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2582

Chapter 2582 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Collection of stallion semen. Equine Veterinary Education 5(5): 245-249

Collection of various developmental stages of Nosema grylli sp. nov. from Gryllus bimaculatus by centrifugation in a Percoll density gradient. Parazitologiya 28(4): 298-302

Collection of venous blood samples from competition horses: a new approach. Equine Veterinary Journal 26(6): 503-505

Collection of waste oil from forestry machines. Field Note: General Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada ( 37): 2 pp.

Collection record of predacious phytoseiid mites in Chiba Prefecture (Acari: Phytoseiidae). Technical Bulletin of Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University ( 48): 237-240

Collection, evaluation, and maintenance of pigeonpea germplasm from Madhya Pradesh, India. International Chickpea and Pigeonpea Newsletter ( 1): 26-28

Collection, in vitro fertilisation and culture of bovine oocytes intravaginally or in a conventional incubator. Veterinary Record 136(5): 115-118

Collection, mounting and sending samples with emphasis on phytophagous mites. Boletin Informativo Manejo Integrado de Plagas ( 29): 1-4

Collective action for common property resource rejuvenation: the case of people's artificial reefs in Kerala state, India. Human Organization 54(2): 160-168

Collective agricultural production: a solution for transition economies?. World Development Oxford 23(8): 1317-1334

Collective control without explicit coding: the case of communal nest excavation. Journal of Insect Behavior. July; 84: 417-432

Collective models of household behavior. Agricultural household modelling and family economics: 205-216

Collective organization of labour for mechanized rice cultivation: application of a decision-support system in Senegal. Recherches systeme en agriculture et developpement rural: Symposium international, Montpellier, France 21-25 novembre 1994 Communications: 538-544

Collective resource management: an experience in Harda Forest Division. Collective resource management: an experience in Harda Forest Division: vi + 43 pp.

Collective self-generated consumption: leisure, space and cultural identity in late modernity. Leisure: modernity, postmodernity and lifestyles Volume 1: leisure in different worlds: 309-321

Collembola attracted to NTP-80 traps in La Michilia Biosphere Reserve, Durango, Mexico. Folia Entomologica Mexicana 1992; ( 81): 337-339

Collembolan response to experimental perturbations of litter supply in a temperate forest ecosystem. European Journal of Soil Biology 29(3-4): 141-153

Colletid bees in Aomori Prefecture, northernmost Honshu, Japan (Hymenoptera: Apoidea). Gensei ( 59/60): 15-21

Colletotrichum falcatum race designation - a methodology. Current Science 66(10): 777-779

Colletotrichum leaf and fruit spot of fig. Plant Pathology Circular Gainesville ( 365): 2 pp.

Collocherides bleptus n. sp. (Copepoda: Siphonostomatoida) associated with an intertidal ophiuroid in Madagascar. Bijdragen tot de Dierkunde 63(2): 121-127

Colloid transport in unsaturated porous media. Water Resources Research 30(4): 857-864

Collybia fusipes (Bull. ex Fr.) Quelet and oak decline in Poland: saprophytic and parasitic forms of the fungus. Arboretum Kornickie 39: 155-161

Colombia and Venezuela 1992 wild potato (Solanum sect. Petota) germplasm collecting expedition: taxonomy and new germplasm resources. Euphytica 81(1): 45-56

Colombia's sugar industry. Sugar y Azucar 90(9): 48...57; 120...124

Colombian forms of Solanum andigenum Juz. et Buk. - useful source material for breeding potato for black leg resistance. Nauchno Tekhnicheskii Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Ordena Lenina i Ordena Druzhby Narodov Nauchno Issledovatel' skogo Instituta Rastenievodstva ( 214): 7-11

Colombian ricefield spiders. International Rice Research Notes 18(2): 32-33

Colon as a digestive organ in patients with short bowel. Lancet (North American Edition) 343(8894): 373-376

Colon cancer and diet-related factors. Meieriposten 83(6): 174-175

Colon cancer: a review of the epidemiology. Epidemiologic Reviews 15(2): 499-545

Colonialism and football: the first Nigerian tour to Britain. Race and Class 36(4): 55-70

Colonialism and forestry in India: imagining the past in present politics. Comparative Studies in Society and History 37(1): 3-40

Colonic fermentation and nutritional recovery in rats with massive small bowel resection. Gastroenterology 107(3): 637-642

Colonic immunity in patients and amoebic liver abscess. Journal of Communicable Diseases 24(1): 49-54

Colonic infections. Current Opinion in Gastroenterology 10(1): 66-73

Colonic lactate metabolism and D-lactic acidosis. Digestive Diseases and Sciences 40(2): 320-330

Colonic mucormycosis in the neonate. Pediatric Surgery International 10(4): 271-273

Colonic perforation caused by taeniasis. Tropical and Geographical Medicine 47(4): 180-182

Colonic secretory effect in response to enteral feeding in humans. Gut 35(12): 1734-1741

Colonic ulcers and lower GI bleeding due to disseminated aspergillosis. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition 18(3): 399-403

Colonisation and degradation of dung pats after subcutaneous treatment of cattle with ivermectin or levamisole. Applied Parasitology 35(4): 277-293

Colonization and control of Aphis craccivora Koch (Homoptera: Aphididae) by coccinellid predators in some resistant and susceptible cowpea varieties in Nigeria. Crop Protection 14(1): 47-50

Colonization and degradation of cattle dung: aspects of sampling, fecal composition, and artificially formed pats. Environmental Entomology 23(3): 571-578

Colonization and extinction in a population of the shoot-galling sawfly, Euura amerinae. Oikos 68(3): 448-454

Colonization and land use in the humid tropics of Latin America. Werkdocument IKC NBLF National Reference Centre for Nature, Forests and Landscape ( 34): iv + 39 pp.

Colonization and life cycle study of the chicken mite Ornithonyssus bursa (Berlese 1888) (Dermanyssidae). Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique d' Egypte 69: 277-285

Colonization and succession of invertebrate communities in a new stream in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. Freshwater Biology 32(2): 387-400

Colonization by lichens of granite churches in Galicia (northwest Spain). Science of the Total Environment 167(1-3): 343-351

Colonization dynamics of four exotic plants in a northern Piedmont natural area. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 121(2): 107-118

Colonization of Anopheles barbirostris from Central Java, Indonesia. Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 11(1): 133-135

Colonization of a restored landfill site by invertebrates, with particular reference to the Coleoptera. Pedobiologia 39(2): 116-125

Colonization of apple wounds by naturally occurring microflora and introduced Candida oleophila and their effect on infection by Botrytis cinerea during storage. Biological Control 4(2): 138-144

Colonization of broiler chickens by waterborne Campylobacter jejuni. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 59(4): 987-996

Colonization of cecal mucosal epithelium in chicks treated with a continuous flow culture of 29 characterized bacteria: confirmation by scanning electron microscopy. Journal of Food Protection 58(8): 837-842

Colonization of chicks by non-culturable Campylobacter spp. Letters in Applied Microbiology 18(6): 333-336

Colonization of Crystalline Cellulose by Clostridium cellulolyticum ATCC 35319. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 59(9): 3154-3156

Colonization of experimental patches in a mown grassland. Oikos 70(1): 73-79

Colonization of hen's eggs by S. enteritidis PT4 after external contamination. Archiv fur Lebensmittelhygiene 46(3): 68-70

Colonization of hen's eggs by Salmonella enteritidis mutant strain PT 4 and the effect of storage for different periods under various conditions. Untersuchungen uber die Moglichkeit der Besiedlung von Huhnereiern durch Salmonella enteritidis PT 4 und deren zeitlichen Verlauf in Abhangigkeit von Lagerungsdauer und bedingungen: 154 pp.

Colonization of introduced oaks by Cynipinae. Cecidology 8(2): 58-76

Colonization of newly planted coffee fields: dominance of Mediterranean fruit fly over oriental fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae). Journal of Economic Entomology 88(3): 620-627

Colonization of oropharynx and nasal cavity of CDCD pigs by a nontoxigenic strain of Pasteurella multocida type D. Swine Health and Production 3(3): 113-115

Colonization of the bovine teat canal by bacteria, particularly Staphylococcus aureus, and its reduction by intracisternal antibiotic infusion at drying-off. Tierarztliche Umschau 50(5): 355-360

Colonization of the high protein pea crop by the pea weevil. Phytoma ( 469): 24-26

Colonization of the terminal sedimentation basin of Slovnaft crude oil refinery by the community of midges (Diptera, Chironomidae). Biologia (Bratislava): 482: 195-201

Colonization of the tonsils and nasopharynx of calves by a rifampicin-resistant Pasteurella haemolytica and its inhibition by vaccination. American Journal of Veterinary Research 56(7): 866-869

Colonization of the tracheal epithelium of pigs by filamentous bacteria resembling cilia-associated respiratory bacillus. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 7(3): 338-342

Colonization of tomato and weeds by the vector of tomato spotted wilt virus. Horticultura Brasileira 11(2): 122-125

Colonization of tropical rain forest leaves by epiphylls: effects of site and host plant leaf lifetime. Ecology 74(2): 619-623

Colonization of wheat (Triticum vulgare L.) by N2-fixing cyanobacteria. IV. Dark nitrogenase activity and effects of cyanobacteria on natural 15N abundance in the plants. New Phytologist 129(2): 337-343

Colonization of wheat (Triticum vulgare L.) by N2-fixing cyanobacteria: III. The role of a hormogonia-promoting factor. New Phytologist 124(3): 505-513

Colonization of wildlife nest boxes by honey bee swarms. American Bee Journal 134(10): 697-699

Colonization patterns of decomposing litter in a maquis ecosystem. European Journal of Soil Biology 29(3-4): 183-191

Colonization, development, and deforestation in Peten, northern Guatemala. The social causes of environmental destruction in Latin America: 101-130

Colonization, succession and environmental conditions of the macrozoobenthos in regulated, polyhumic reservoir, western Finland. Internationale Revue der Gesamten Hydrobiologie 79(4): 521-555

Colonoscopic diagnosis of whipworm infection. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 39(2): 215-216

Colony aggregations in Apis mellifera L. Apidologie 26(2): 119-130

Colony count in the case of airborne germs in sewage plants. Staub Reinhaltung der Luft 54(12): 467-470

Colony defense in the African honey bee in Africa (Hymenoptera: Apidae). Environmental Entomology 21(6): 1362-1370

Colony defense in the social wasp Polybia paulista (Ihering) (Hymenoptera: Vespidae). Anais da Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil 23(2): 291-298

Colony densities and preferences for nest habitats of some social wasps in Mato Grosso State, Brazil (Hymenoptera, Vespidae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 3: 133-143

Colony development and foraging behaviour in Bombus pratorum (L.) (Hymenoptera, Apidae). Zoologische Jahrbucher, Abteilung fur Systematik, Okologie und Geographie der Tiere 121(2): 202-219

Colony development and growth by substitute reproductives of Reticulitermes chinensis. Acta Entomologica Sinica 37(1): 38-43

Colony immunoblot assay of botulinal toxin. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 59(7): 2339-2342

Colony level sex allocation in a polygynous and polydomous ant. Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology 34(3): 157-167

Colony persistence in Nippolachnus piri Matsumura (Hemiptera: Aphididae: Lachninae) on Rhaphiolepis umbellata Makino var. integerrima Rehder in spring and early summer. Applied Entomology and Zoology 30(3): 482-484

Colony size as a buffer against seasonality: Bergmann's rule in social insects. American Naturalist 145(4): 610-632

Colony stimulating factor 1 is required for mammary gland development during pregnancy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 91(20): 9312-9316

Colony switching in an alpha-amylase-producing strain of Bacillus subtilis. Journal of Industrial Microbiology 15(2): 112-115

Colony-stimulating factor-1 in conceptus and uterine tissues in pigs. Biology of Reproduction 53(1): 133-142

Color atlas and text of equine ophthalmology. Color atlas and text of equine ophthalmology: 230 pp.

Color atlas and text of surgical pathology of the dog and cat. Volume 1: Dermatopathology and skin tumors. Color atlas and text of surgical pathology of the dog and cat Volume 1: Dermatopathology and skin tumors: 320 pp.

Color atlas of cancer cytology of the dog and cat. Fournel-Fleury, C [Author], Magnol, J -P [Author], Guelfi, J -F [Author] [Color atlas of cancer cytology of the dog and cat] Atlas en couleur de cytologie du cancer chez le chien et le chat xxxii+423p

Color atlas of genetics. Color atlas of genetics: xii + 411 pp.

Color atlas of the horse's foot. Color atlas of the horse' s foot: 208 pp.

Color indices for weed identification under various soil, residue, and lighting conditions. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers ( 94-3046): 33 pp.

Color mulches influence yield and insect pest populations in tomatoes. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 120(5): 778-784

Color quality in paprika. Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry 40(12): 2384-2388

Color relationships between lint and seed cotton. Transactions of the ASAE 38(1): 13-22

Color sorting of lightly roasted and deskinned peanut kernels to diminish aflatoxin contamination in commercial lots. Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry 42(10): 2156-2160

Color variations associated with rapid formation of goethite from proto-ferrihydrite at pH 13 and 40 degrees C. Clays and Clay Minerals 40(5): 600-607

Colorado potato beetle antifeedants by simple modification of the birchbark triterpene betulin. Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry 43(9): 2513-2516

Colorimetric analysis of benzene for use in environmental screening. Chemosphere 31(7): 3771-3781

Colorimetric data and pigment content of several Hungarian tomato cultivars in relation with berry types. Proceedings of the XIIth Eucarpia meeting on tomato genetics and breeding, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 27-31 July 1993: 155-160

Colorimetric determination of phosphorus in citrate-bicarbonate-dithionite extracts of soils. Communications in Soil Science & Plant Analysis 26(11-12): 1979-1988

Colorimetric estimation and microbiological study of Commiphora mukul and its formulations. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 56(3): 110-113

Colorimetric method for CO2 measurement in soils. Soil biology and biochemistry 27(3): 373-375

Colostral immunoglobulins against enteropathogenic Escherichia coli in crossbred cows. Pakistan Veterinary Journal 14(1): 42-44

Colostral quantity determination by simple refractometry - a preliminary investigation. Centaur Mylapore 11(3): 56-59

Colour and chemical characteristics of moon rings in oakwood. Holzforschung 49(4): 287-292

Colour and odour in beet sugar manufacture and storage. International Sugar Journal 97(1158): 248-252

Colour and pattern in predator-prey interactions: the bright body colours and patterns of a tropical orb-spinning spider attract flower-seeking prey. Functional Ecology. October; 85: 616-620

Colour association influences honey bee choice between sucrose concentrations. Journal of comparative physiology A Sensory neural and behavioral physiology75(1): 107-114

Colour atlas of fruit cultivars. Farbatlas Obstsorten: 320 pp.

Colour atlas of grape cultivars. 300 Cultivars and their wines. Farbatlas Rebsorten 300 Sorten und ihre Weine: 320 pp.

Colour change in the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria (Forsk.) (Orth., Cyrtacanthacridinae), induced by topical treatment with azadirachtin-enriched neem oil in semi-field trials in Benin at different population densities. Journal of Applied Entomology 119(3): 221-226

Colour changes associated with maturation of the table grape cv. Don Mariano. Journal of Horticultural Science 70(5): 841-846

Colour changes to wood of European oaks exposed to solar light. Annales des Sciences Forestieres 50(2): 119-146

Colour coding in mechanised timber harvesting. Metsateho Katsaus ( 9/95): 8 pp.

Colour composite comparisons for agricultural assessments. International Journal of Remote Sensing 16(9): 1589-1598

Colour control in bananas and plantains in storage. Harvest and postharvest technologies for fresh fruits and vegetables: 601-608

Colour differentiation of sheep chromosomes. Voprosy veterinarnoi biologii: 20-27

Colour mutant alopecia in a kelpie x border collie dog. Australian Veterinary Journal 70(10): 388-389

Colour of sausages influenced by non-meat protein addition. Potravinarske Vedy 13(3): 247-254

Colour perception of single and mixed monochromatic lights in the blowfly Lucilia cuprina. Journal of comparative physiology A Sensory neural and behavioral physiology75(1): 15-22

Colour polymorphism in Agriotes ustulatus (Coleoptera: Elateridae): absence of geographic and temporal variation. European Journal of Entomology, 922: 437-441

Colour traps for grass flies. Zashchita Rastenii Moskva ( 7): 49-51

Colour variation of Banksia menziesii blooms for cut flower production. Journal of Horticultural Science 69(6): 993-997

Coloured matter in the sugar industry. 3. Influence of some auxiliary chemicals on the formation of coloured matter during sugar manufacture. Prehrambena Industrija: Industrija Secera 22(1/2): 36-39

Coloured pollen in Cactaceae: a mimetic adaptation to hummingbird-pollination?. Botanica Acta. December; 1076: 402-406

Colourings. Maelkeritidende 108(12): 305-306, 308-309

Colours of florets of several gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolis ex Adlam) cultivars measured with a colorimeter. Euphytica 84(1): 49-55

Colpol, a new cytotoxic C6-C4-C6 metabolite from the alga Colpomenia sinuosa. Journal of natural products 56(7): 1201-1202

Coltiviruses isolated from mosquitoes collected in Indonesia. Virology 196(1): 363-367

Columbaridione, a diterpenequinone from Salvia columbariae. Phytochemistry (Oxford) 36(1): 251-252

Columbianetin, a phytoalexin associated with celery resistance to pathogens during storage. Phytochemistry (Oxford) 39(6): 1347-1350

Column experiment using Tottori sand dune soil - dynamics of water and salt in soil under an arid condition and its effect on element absorption by crops (I). Transactions of the Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering ( 171): 83-88

Colydiidae Erichson, 1842 (Insecta, Coleoptera): given precedence over Cerylonidae Billberg, 1820 and Orthocerini Blanchard, 1845 (1820); and Cerylon Latreille, 1802: Lyctus histeroides Fabricius, 1792 designated as the type species. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 52(2): 214-216

Colydium elongatum new to the fauna of the Netherlands (Coleoptera: Colydiidae). Entomologische Berichten (Amsterdam). Februari; 542: 23-25

Comb cutting in Ropalidia plebeiana: a new process of colony fission in social wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespidae). Insectes Sociaux, 382: 105-110

Combat sulphur deficiency in raya with gypsum or single-superphosphate. Indian Farming 43(9): 37-38

Combating desertification in Turkmenistan at the national level. Problems of Desert Development ( 6): 47-56

Combating hunger with work? Experiences with employment schemes oriented towards food security. Agriculture + Rural Development 1(1): 51-53

Combating land degradation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Summary Proceedings of the International Planning Workshop for a Desert Margins Initiative, Nairobi, Kenya, 23-26 Jan 1995. Combating land degradation in Sub Saharan Africa Summary Proceedings of the International Planning Workshop for a Desert Margins Initiative, Nairobi, Kenya, 23-26 Jan 1995: 45 pp.

Combating water pollution. Agribusiness Worldwide 16(5): 9-13

CombiTop: the container of the future for liquid foods?. Latte 18(9): 948-950

Combibloc in Spain. Revista Espanola de Lecheria ( 54): 9

Combination effect of NaCl salinity, nitrogen form and calcium concentration on the growth, ionic content and gaseous exchange properties of Triticum aestivum L. cv. Gamtoos. New Phytologist 124(1): 161-170

Combination ivermectin plus diethylcarbamazine, a new effective tool for control of lymphatic filariasis. Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 46(1): 9-12

Combination of backcross with recurrent selection gave two new very early lines - Lunzao 1 and Lunzao 3. Acta Agronomica Sinica 21(1): 115-117

Combination of direct injection of pig slurry and mechanical weed control in winter wheat. Tidsskrift for Planteavl 96(5): 405-415

Combination of dormancy-breaking and storage for tree seeds: new strategies for hardwood species. Dormancy and barriers to germination Proceedings of an international symposium of IUFRO Project Group P204-00 Seed problems Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 23-26 April, 1991: 79-85

Combination of growth models for optimized CO2- and temperature-control of lettuce. Acta Horticulturae ( 328): 155-162

Combination of homeopathy and chemotherapy in a bitch. Tierarztliche Umschau 49(3): 148-150

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Combinations of spacings and plant densities in monocropped and intercropped cowpeas and maize. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 28(8): 931-945

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Combinations of wood and silicate III. Some properties of wood-mineral composites using the water glass-boron compound system. Mokuzai Gakkaishi = Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society 39(5): 561-570

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Combinatory toxicity of some agrochemicals and heavy metals for rats. Communication 1. Dimethyl-2,2,2-trichloro-1-hydroxyethyl phosphonate (trichlorphon) and lead. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 2(7): 375-379

Combined NPK fertilizer trial with young pummelo trees in sloping fields. Guangdong Agricultural Sciences ( 3): 31-33

Combined Q-banding and fluorescence in situ hybridization for the identification of bovine chromosomes 1 to 7. Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics 69(1-2): 1-6

Combined aerated ponds and chemical clarification in the treatment of petrochemical wastewater. Water Science & Technology 27(7-8): 79-88

Combined aerator/freezer for ice cream manufacture. European Dairy Magazine 7(1): 28-30, 32-34

Combined albendazole + praziquantel vs albendazole alone in the treatment of hydatid disease. Saudi Medical Journal 16(1): 72

Combined anaerobic/aerobic treatment of peroxide bleached TMP mill effluent. Water Science & Technology 29(5-6): 381-389

Combined analytical solution of overland flow and sediment transport. Water Resources Management 8(3): 225-238

Combined application of Si and Mn for correcting Fe toxicity to rice (Oryza sativa L.) on a red earth. Pedosphere 4(4): 307-310

Combined application of herbicides for weed control in wet-seeded rice in Thailand. Japanese Journal of Tropical Agriculture 37(4): 305-307

Combined application of multivariate biometric methods to improve yield in pea. Zoldsegtermesztesi Kutato Intezet Bulletinje 25: 15-22

Combined chloroquine and primaquine resistant Plasmodium vivax malaria in a patient returning from India. Annales de la Societe Belge de Medecine Tropicale 75(1): 73-74

Combined effect of Gamacide 20 and UV irradiation on green hydra (Hydra viridissima Pallas). Biologia (Bratislava). June; 493: 371-375

Combined effect of amphotericin B and flucytosine on hyphal growth of Candida albicans estimated at a single hypha level. Journal of Medical and Veterinary Mycology 33(3): 191-195

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Combined effects of chuling (Polyporus umbellatus) extract and mitomycin C on experimental liver cancer. American Journal of Chinese Medicine 22(1): 19-28

Combined effects of fertilization rate, manuring and feed pellet application on fish performance and water quality in polyculture ponds. Aquaculture Research 26(1): 55-65

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Combined effects of parasitism and desiccation on mortality of the soil-dwelling mites, Scheloribates laevigatus and Galumna flabellifera. Pedobiologia 39(2): 185-191

Combined effects of partial defoliation and nutrient availability on cloned Betula pendula saplings: I. Changes in growth, partitioning and nitrogen uptake. Journal of Experimental Botany 44(265): 1385-1393

Combined effects of partial defoliation and nutrient availability on cloned Betula pendula saplings: II. Changes in net photosynthesis and related biochemical properties. Journal of Experimental Botany 44(265): 1395-1402

Combined effects of pests in farmers' fields: methodological outlines of a yield-loss data base in rice. International Rice Research Notes 18(3): 41-42

Combined effects of selected insecticides on humoral immune response in mice. International Journal of Immunopharmacology 14(5): 747-752

Combined endoscopic and surgical treatment of complicated hepatic hydatidosis. Endoscopy 26(4): 367-367

Combined enzymic and chromatographic techniques to determine specific radioactivity in free and triglyceride fatty acid plasma fractions. Journal of Chromatography Biomedical Applications 619(1): 21-28

Combined evaluation of the degree of accumulation of pesticides after simultaneous and consecutive administration. Gigiena i Sanitariya (11): 8-11

Combined fatty acid and sterol profiles of Heterobasidion annosum intersterility groups S, P and F. Mycological Research 99(9): 1025-1033

Combined feeding of antibiotic and probiotic on the performance of broiler. Indian Journal of Poultry Science 29(3): 228-231

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Combined fields dewatering of seaweed with a roller press. Applied engineering in agriculture 11(2): 291-295

Combined genetic and physiological analysis of a locus contributing to quantitative variation. Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 91(2): 200-205

Combined heat treatments and cold storage effects on mortality of fifth-instar codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). Journal of Economic Entomology 87(5): 1262-1265

Combined heating applications increased plant production from bedded sweetpotato roots. Hortscience 29(9): 1022-1024

Combined immunoextraction approach coupled to a chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay for the determination of trace levels of salbutamol and clenbuterol in tissue samples. Analyst 119(12): 2659-2662

Combined influence of pit size and fertilizer on survival and growth of Cassia siamea in degraded soil. Indian Forester 121(1): 44-50

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