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Effect of banded fertilizers on soil solution composition and short-term root growth. II. Mono- and di-ammonium phosphates

, : Effect of banded fertilizers on soil solution composition and short-term root growth. II. Mono- and di-ammonium phosphates. Australian Journal of Soil Research 33(4): 689-707

A layer of mono- or di-ammonium phosphate (MAP and DAP, respectively) was placed in contact for 5 days with duplicate columns of soil at a water content equivalent to 10 kPa matric suction. This was designed to simulate the effects of banded fertilizer on soil solution composition. Five soils were used: 0-10 cm samples from a kurosol (Paleustalf), a ferrosol (Eutrustox), a vertosol (Paleustert) and a kandosol (Kanhaplustalf), and a 50-60 cm sample from the kandosol.


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