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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2618

Chapter 2618 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Examination of the iridocorneal angle of German Hunting Terriers. Praktische Tierarzt 75(8): 692...699

Examination of the possible involvement of lipoxygenase and jasmonates in pollination-induced senescence of Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium orchid flowers. Physiologia Plantarum 94(2): 205-210

Examination of the relationship between service quality and user loyalty. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration 13(2): 29-41

Examination of the use of smoking for weight control in restrained and unrestrained eaters. International Journal of Eating Disorders 16(2): 177-185

Examination of wild-type propionic acid bacteria strains in model Emmental cheese. Schweizerische Milchwirtschaftliche Forschung 24(2): 19-22

Examination on serum cholesterol in the dog. Tierarztliche Praxis 22(4): 392-397

Examinations of brains of slaughter cattle for the occurrence of BSE in Italy with particular reference to nonspecific neuronal vacuoles. Schweizer Archiv fur Tierheilkunde 137(3): 101-103

Examinations of possibilities of replacing atrazine with other herbicides in maize. Fragmenta Phytomedica et Herbologica 21(1): 67-74

Examining afforestation of alkaline soils in Bucsa-Jenomajor. Erdeszeti es Faipari Tudomanyos Kozlemenyek 1992; ( 1): 85-111

Examining land use influences on stream habitats and macroinvertebrates: a GIS approach. Water Resources Bulletin 30(4): 729-738

Examining residues for evidence of tranquillizers. Fleischwirtschaft 75(7): 896-898

Examining social loafing among elite female rowers as a function of task duration and mood. Journal of Sport Behavior 18(1): 39-49

Examining the Cr uptake of Italian ryegrass from inorganic compounds and sewage-sludge in pot experiments. Science of the Total Environment 0(SUPPL PART 1): 347-355

Examining the contributions of glacial till water to storm runoff using two- and three-component hydrograph separations. Water Resources Research 30(4): 983-993

Examining the difference of dietary intake among diabetic patients with and without nephropathy. Journal of the Chinese Nutrition Society 18(3/4): 183-190

Examining the dynamics of the United States ski industry. Hotel Valuation Journal ( SPR/SUMMER): 7-11

Examining the roots of a gendered division of labor in intercollegiate athletics: insights into the gender equity debate. Journal of Sport and Social Issues 19(1): 28-44

Example of a technological survey: nitrogen fixation. INRA Sciences Sociales ( 2): 4 pp.

Example wheat: NIT technology in breeding for quality. Bericht uber die Arbeitstagung der ' Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Saatzuchtleiter' im Rahmen der ' Vereinigung Osterreichischer Pflanzenzuchter' ( 44): 135-143

Examples of antennal and fore-limb teratology in Coleoptera. Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 131(1568-1571): 45

Examples of groundwater modelling in environmental assessment studies. Journal of the Institution of Water and Environmental Management 8(6): 635-645

Examples of plant phenological events in Finland and their relation to temperature. Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 70(4): 105-121

Excavator-planting for ecologically orientated afforestation. AFZ, Allgemeine Forst Zeitschrift 47(6): 293-295

Excel 5.0: the new generation of dairy accounting procedures. DMZ, Lebensmittelindustrie und Milchwirtschaft 116(7): 296-301

Excel modelling of hydrological systems. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 19(9): 815-817

Excel-supported production program planning in dairies. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 46(1): 17-21

Excelsin: an insect feeding-deterrent isolated from Ailanthus excelsa (Simarubaceae). Phytotherapy Research 7(4): 323-325

Exceptional forest ecosystems in Quebec. Les ecosystemes forestiers exceptionnels au Quebec: 41 + i pp., 2 fold-out tables

Exceptional observations in France of Forcipomyia (Pterobosca) paludis (Macfie), a parasite on the wings of dragonflies (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae and Odonata). Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique de France 99(2): 127-130

Excerpt from the 1994 annual report. Schweizer Braunvieh ( 10): 36-39

Excerpt from the 1994 herdbook report. Schweizer Braunvieh ( 10): 42-46

Excerpt from the Herdbook Department report for 1993. Schweizer Braunvieh ( 10): 33-37

Excess biofilm control by distributor-speed modulation. Journal of Environmental Engineering New York 121(4): 330-336

Excess body weight. An under-recognized contributor to dyslipidemia in white American women. Archives of Internal Medicine 154(4): 401-410

Excess calcium and magnesium associated with lower crown mortality of pin oak. Journal of Arboriculture 18(5): 241-248

Excess demand, monopsonistic price setting and stochastic input supply: an interpretation of happenings in the wood market. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 7(3): 423-430

Excess nitrogen fertilization and the structure of Scots-pine needles. European Journal of Forest Pathology 25(2): 109-124

Excessive aluminium accumulation in the pea mutant E107 (brz). Plant and Soil 157(1): 75-82

Excessive exercise and weight preoccupation in women. Addictive Behaviors 18(2): 201-211

Excessive fatness in broiler chickens. Archiv fuer Gefluegelkunde 0(SPEC ISSUE 1): 26-28

Exchange and solution phase chemistry of acid, highly weathered soils. I. Characteristics of soils and the effects of lime and gypsum amendments. Australian Journal of Soil Research 32(2): 251-267

Exchange and solution phase chemistry of acid, highly weathered soils. II. Investigation of mechanisms controlling Al release into solution. Australian Journal of Soil Research 32(2): 269-283

Exchange between phloem and xylem during long distance transport of glutathione in spruce trees (Picea abies (Karst.) L.). Journal of Experimental Botany 45(273): 457-462

Exchange equilibria of potassium in soils: effect of clay mineralogy of soils on K-Ca exchange. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 42(2): 223-228

Exchange in the soil and the relation with vegetation in the post-fire regeneration of oaks. El estudio del suelo y de su degradacion en relacion con la desertificacion Actas del 12 Congreso Latinoamericano de la Ciencia del Suelo, Salamanca, Sevilla Espana 19 a 26 de Septiembre de 1993: 1768-1775

Exchange of 15N among plants in controlled environment studies. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 74(1): 109-110

Exchange rate devaluation and the contribution of agriculture to the current account: the case of Kenya. Agrarokonomische Diskussionsbeitrage Universitat Giessen ( 27): 30 pp.

Exchange rates and agribusiness trade: a case study of Nebraska beef exports to Japan. Agribusiness New York 11(5): 441-446

Exchange rates and agricultural exports: the Malaysian case. Asian Economic Review 36(2): 303-323

Exchangeable cations and cation exchange capacity of forest soil samples: effects of drying, storage, and horizon. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 74(4): 421-429

Exchangeable cations and iron in forest soil after a fire. El estudio del suelo y de su degradacion en relacion con la desertificacion Actas del 12 Congreso Latinoamericano de la Ciencia del Suelo, Salamanca, Sevilla Espana 19 a 26 de Septiembre de 1993: 1643-1650

Exchangeable heavy metals in central Spanish soils. Arid Soil Research & Rehabilitation 9(3): 261-269

Excitatory and inhibitory control of mating activity in Drosophila auraria and biauraria by light. Naturwissenschaften 82(5): 241-242

Excitement in an elephant after intravenous administration of atropine. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 205(10): 1437-1438

Exclosures on the Beaver Dam Slope in Arizona and Utah. Rangelands 16(5): 184-188

Excluding pests from red ginger flowers with insecticides and pollinating, polyester, or polyethylene bags. Journal of Economic Entomology 88(2): 393-397

Exclusive whole protein enteral diet versus prednisolone in the treatment of acute Crohn's disease in children. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition 19(2): 175-180

Exclusively cutaneous presentation of cryptococcosis in a patient with AIDS. Revista Clinica Espanola 194(9): 689-691

Excretion of Ascaris lumbricoides during total body irradiation. Bone Marrow Transplantation 13(4): 491-493

Excretion of Coxiella burnetii, agent of Q Fever, in milk and placenta by the cow. Importance and prevention. Bulletin de l' Academie Nationale de Medecine 177(6): 935-946

Excretion of amino acid residues from diets based on low-fibre wheat or high-fibre rye bread in human subjects with ileostomies. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 49(8): 589-595

Excretion of amino acid residues from diets based on wheat flour or oat bran in human subjects with ileostomies. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 49(8): 596-604

Excretion of organic acids by fungal strains isolated from decayed sandstone. International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 34(2): 169-180

Excretory-secretory antigens of rodent filariid, Acanthocheilonema viteae and their cross-reaction with human filarial sera. Tropical Medicine 37(1): 1-12

Excretory/secretory chymotrypsin from Lucilia cuprina: purification, enzymatic specificity and amino acid sequence deduced from mRNA. Insect Molecular Biology. November; 34: 201-211

Excystment of Paragonimus westermani metacercariae by endogenous cysteine protease. Journal of Parasitology 81(2): 137-142

Exemplary centre, administrative periphery: rural leadership and the new order in Java. Exemplary centre, administrative periphery: rural leadership and the new order in Java: xii + 222 pp.

Exercise and macronutrient balance. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders 19 Suppl 4: S88-S92

Exercise and the neurobiological control of food intake and energy expenditure. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders 19 Suppl 4: S73-S79

Exercise and the prevention of dyslipidemia and coronary heart disease. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders 19 Suppl 4: S45-S51

Exercise and thermogenesis in obesity. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders 19 Suppl 4: S80-S87

Exercise attenuates the anti-lipolytic effect of adenosine in adipocytes isolated from miniature swine. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders 18(3): 155-160

Exercise counseling - how physical educators can help. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance 66(5): 31-35

Exercise enhances dietary compliance during moderate energy restriction in obese women. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 62(2): 345-349

Exercise in food-restricted rats produces 2DG feeding and metabolic abnormalities similar to anorexia nervosa. Physiology and Behavior 57(1): 147-153

Exercise induced hyperthermia in a racing greyhound. Veterinary Record 135(21): 508-508

Exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage in racing camels. Veterinary Record 135(26): 624-625

Exercise induced ventilation/perfusion inequality in the horse. Equine Veterinary Journal 27(2): 104-109

Exercise intensity does not effect body composition change in untrained, moderately overfat women. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 95(6): 661-665

Exercise programming for older adults. Exercise programming for older adults: ix + 109 pp.

Exercise training and nutritional supplementation for physical frailty in very elderly people. New England Journal of Medicine 330(25): 1769-1775

Exercise training modifies nutrient self-selection in rats. Physiology & Behavior 56(2): 367-372

Exercise with or without dietary restriction and obesity treatment. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders 19 Suppl 4: S113-S116

Exercise, aging, and nutrition. Southern Medical Journal 87(5): S50-S60

Exercise, macronutrient preferences and food intake. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders 19 Suppl 4: S97-101

Exercise, substrate utilization and energy requirements in the elderly. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders 19 Suppl 4: S93-S96

Exercise-induced anaphylaxis related to specific foods. Journal of Pediatrics 127(4): 587-589

Exercise-induced changes in plasma vitamin B-6 concentrations do not vary with exercise intensity. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 60(4): 552-558

Exercise-induced changes in the concentration of individual fatty acids and triacylglycerols of human plasma. Metabolism Clinical & Experimental 44(5): 681-688

Exercise-induced suppression of appetite: effects on food intake and implications for energy balance. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 48(10): 715-724

Exercise-training, macronutrient balance and body weight control. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders 19(2): 79-86

Exflagellation responses of cultured Plasmodium falciparum (Haemosporida: Plasmodiidae) gametocytes to human sera and midguts of anopheline mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae). Journal of Medical Entomology 31(5): 767-769

Exfoliative dermatitis in association with thymoma in three cats. Feline Practice 23(4): 8-13

Exfoliative vaginal cytology and serum progesterone levels in normal and abnormal oestrous cycle of cow. Indian Journal of Animal Reproduction 14(1): 10-13

Exhausting classical tourism models. Evaluating a territorial strategy: the experience of the Valencia region. Estudios Turisticos ( 123): 17-45

Exigencies of U.S. forest products research. Exigencies of US forest products research: 13 pp.

Exine formation in the pollinium of Dendrobium. Protoplasma 179(3-4): 121-130

Existence and characteristics of nitrate reductase in plasma membrane of maize roots. Science in China Series B Chemistry Life Sciences & Earth Sciences 38(5): 564-572

Existence and coexistence of catecholamine-synthesizing enzymes and some neuropeptides in nerve fibres supplying the bovine ovary and its blood vessels. Acta Medica Veterinaria 40(1): 3-13

Existence of a rhamnogalacturonan II-like region in bioactive pectins from medicinal herbs. Planta Medica 60(5): 450-454

Existence of minute fragment and its elimination at the next generation in heritable Robertsonian translocation (1/21) from the Holstein cattle. Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University 21(2): 129-136

Existence ratio of the silver Y moth, Autographa gamma (L.) after overwintering in a cabbage field at Sapporo, Japan. Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan ( 44): 124-126

Existence values, animal population management and sustainability. Arbetsrapport Institutionen for Skogsekonomi, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet ( 166): 20 pp.

Existing problems and emerging needs of horticultural marketing in north western Himalayan region of India. Acta Horticulturae ( 369): 70-84

Exocrine glands and the attractiveness of the ergatoid queen in the ponerine ant Megaponera foetens. Insectes Sociaux 41(1): 63-72

Exocrine secretions of bees. X. 3,7-dimethyl-deca-2,6-dien-1,10-diol: a sex-specific compound from Nomada annulata (Hym.; Anthophoridae). Journal of Chemical Ecology 16(4): 1069-1076

Exocytosis in spermatozoa in response to progesterone and zona pellucida. Science 266(5190): 1578-1581

Exoenzymes from dermatophytes isolated from chronic and acute tineas. Revista Latinoamericana de Microbiologia 36(1): 17-20

Exogenous Mtv-7 superantigen transgene expression in major histocompatibility complex II I-E. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 91(3): 1138-1142

Exogenous and endogenous nitrogen flow rates and level of protein hydrolysis in the human jejunum after [15N]milk and [15N]yoghurt ingestion. British Journal of Nutrition 74(2): 251-260

Exogenous carbohydrate oxidation from different carbohydrate sources during exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology 75(5): 2168-2172

Exogenous control of follicular wave emergence in cattle. Theriogenology. 43(1): 31-40

Exogenous gibberellin affects biennial bearing and the fruit shape of 'Braeburn' apple. New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science 22(3): 343-346

Exogenous isolation of mobilizing plasmids from polluted soils and sludges. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 60(3): 831-839

Exogenous supply of artificial lipoproteins does not decrease susceptibility to atherosclerosis in cholesterol-fed rabbits. Atherosclerosis 113(2): 237-246

Exogenously added copper does not increase the production of copper amine oxidase in lentil seedlings. Gene (Amsterdam) 154(2): 167-170

Exogenously applied GA4 is converted to GA1 in seedlings of Salix. Journal of plant growth regulationer 12(1): 35-39

Exon organization of the mouse entactin gene corresponds to the structural domains of the polypeptide and has regional homology to the low-density lipoprotein receptor gene. Genomics San Diego 19(2): 219-228

Exon recognition in vertebrate splicing. Journal of Biological Chemistry 270(6): 2411-2414

Exonic MHC-DRB polymorphisms and intronic simple repeat sequences: Janus' faces of DNA sequence evolution. Immunological Reviews 143: 199-224

Exophiala jeanselmei variety lecanii-corni associated with subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis. Medical Microbiology Letters 4(1): 22-27

Exopolysaccharide production by Bifidobacterium longum BB-79. Journal of Applied Bacteriology 78(5): 463-468

Exopolysaccharide production by Lactobacillus casei. II. Influence of the carbon source. Milchwissenschaft 50(6): 307-309

Exopolysaccharide production in different media by lactic acid bacteria. Cultured Dairy Products Journal 30(3): 18-19, 21

Exopolysaccharides in pathogenicity of Erwinia amylovora. Acta Horticulturae ( 338): 255-262

Exopolysaccharides of Rhizobium: synthesis, regulation and symbiotic function. Trends in Genetics 10(2): 63-67

Exoskeleton of shrimp for the control of root knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita in tomato and in the greenhouse. Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico 77(3&4): 229-236

Exotic arthropods in the Kruger National Park, South Africa: modes of entry and population status. African Entomology. March; 31: 39-48

Exotic betting opportunities, pricing policies and the demand for parimutuel horse race wagering. Applied Economics 27(8): 689-703

Exotic plants in southern forests: their nature and control. Herbicide resistant crops: a bitter or better harvest? Proceedings of the 48th annual meeting of the Southern Weed Science Society, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, 16-18 January 1995: 120-126

Exotic tree species in silvicultural planning. Forst und Holz 48(16): 454-456

Exotic weeds of Gorakhpur district, U.P. Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany 17(2): 261-263

Exotoxin production by Aeromonas spp. in foods. Letters in Applied Microbiology 17(5): 208-211

Expanded clay aggregate also suitable for raising vegetables. Behaviour of seedlings in further culture (II). Gartenbau Magazin 2(12): 53-55

Expanded clay aggregates also suitable for raising vegetables. Emergence and growth in different substrates (I). Gartenbau Magazin 2(9): 48-50

Expanded clays as substrate in hydroponics. I. Effects on the nutrient solution. Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia, Universidad Central de Venezuela 19(3): 263-274

Expanded description of the female of Lernaeenicus longiventris Wilson, 1917, (Copepoda, Siphonostomatoida, Pennellidae) based on specimens from Mugil platanus Gunther, 1880 (Perciformes, Mugilidae) of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 89(3): 313-317

Expanding Malaysian poultry industry is going public. Misset World Poultry 11(9): 12-17

Expanding global forest management: an 'easy first' proposal. Journal of Forestry 91(4): 38-42

Expanding mix-proof options. Dairy Foods 96(6): 70

Expanding onion exports from Canterbury. Proceedings Annual Conference Agronomy Society of New Zealand 23: 31-33

Expansins and cell wall expansion. Journal of Experimental Botany 46(292): 1639-1650

Expansion of Tussilago farfara L. in disturbed environments. III. Successful colonization and the properties of individuals. Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 62(1-2): 91-99

Expansion of gallery forest on Konza Prairie Research Natural Area, Kansas, USA. Landscape Ecology 9(2): 117-125

Expansion of genes that encode MHC class I molecules in cyprinid fishes. Journal of Immunology 151(1): 188-200

Expansion of genus Paphiopedilum Pfitzer to include all conduplicate-leaved slipper orchids (Cypripedioideae: Orchidaceae). Lindleyana 9(2): 133-139

Expansion of improved-extensive shrimp culture in the Mekong Delta. Naga 18(2): 22-23

Expansion of juice purification plant at Breda. BMA Information ( 32): 20-21

Expansion of pea leaves subjected to short water deficit: cell number and cell size are sensitive to stress at different periods of leaf development. Journal of Experimental Botany 46(290): 1093-1101

Expansion of the CD4-, CD8- gamma delta T cell subset in the spleens of mice during non-lethal blood-stage malaria. European Journal of Immunology 23(8): 1846-1850

Expansion rate of young tomato fruit growing on plants at positive water potential. Plant Cell & Environment 17(2): 181-187

Expectation and historical review of cypress (Chamaecyparis spp.) timber production in Taiwan. Bulletin of the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute 10(2): 227-234

Expectations of dairy farmers from Mayenne (France) regarding monitoring of herds by veterinarians. Bulletin des GTV ( 5): 65-75

Expected Malaysian palm oil production 1995 and some consideration on factors affecting palm oil prices. PORIM Bulletin ( 29): 40-45

Expected benefits of the private provision of nature conservation and landscape amenities. The role of agricultural externalities in high income countries Proceedings of the 37th Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists, September 14-17, 1994, Vienna, Austria: 21-51

Expected changes in the structure of woodworking industries in Poland in relation to the raw material base. Sylwan 136(2): 53-60

Expected development of climatic conditions in Central Europe and responses of partial populations of some forest tree species to environmental changes. Lesnictvi (Prague) 39(11): 433-444

Expected efficiency of selection for growth in a French beef cattle breeding scheme. I. Multistage selection of bulls used in artificial insemination. Genetics, Selection, Evolution 27(2): 149-170

Expected efficiency of selection for growth in a French beef cattle breeding scheme. II. Prediction of asymptotic genetic gain in a heterogeneous population. Genetics, Selection, Evolution 27(2): 171-188

Expected farm mortgage default cost. Agricultural Finance Review 55: 10-22

Expected performance indices of some planted trees of Bhopal. Indian Journal of Environmental Health 35(4): 282-287

Expected value and variance of Moran's bivariate spatial autocorrelation statistic for a permutation test. Research Paper Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service ( RM-309): 5 pp.

Expected value estimates of the long-term liability from landfilling hazardous waste. Air & Waste 44(6): 800-803

Expedition planners' handbook & directory 1993-94. Expedition planners' handbook and directory 1993-94: 447 pp.

Expenditure elasticities of demand for major food items in south-east Nigeria. Tropical Agriculture 71(3): 229-234

Experience and dilemmas encountered in getting the School Feeding Programme into focus. Revista Chilena de Nutricion 21(1): 33-41

Experience and possibilities of sustainable exploitation of variety rich tropical rain forests. An investigation on the basis of four case studies. Forschungsberichte des Bundesministeriums fur Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung ( 109): 292 pp.

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Experience in establishing Scots pine plantations. Lesnoe Khozyaistvo ( 3): 35-36

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Experience of a practising forester with Siberian larch. Forst und Holz 48(2): 36-38

Experience of developed European countries in biodiesel fuel application. Current problems in agricultural engineering: 25-31

Experience of ecological mapping using space photographs. Problems of Desert Development ( 1): 24-26

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Experience of rational control of the hazelnut eriophyid (Phytocoptella avellanae Nal.) studied for 5 years in Piemonte. Acta Horticulturae ( 351): 575-581

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Experience of the operation of evaporating and drying equipment at the Lianozovskii Dairy Complex. Molochnaya Promyshlennost' ( 1): 21-24

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Experience with the wet storage of high-value beech stemwood. AFZ, Allgemeine Forst Zeitschrift 47(8): 410-411

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Experiences and results with the Sibomat - a screen filter for thick juice and standard liquor with very high viscosity. Zuckerindustrie 120(1): 49-52

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Experiences for the management of Orbetello Lagoon: eutrophication and fishing. Science of the Total Environment ( SUPPLEMENT): 1189-1198

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Experiences in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of pups during the first few days after birth. Tierarztliche Praxis 23(5): 497-501

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Experiences in the use of mixed-clonal stands of Salix as a method of reducing the impact of rust diseases. Norwegian Journal of Agricultural Sciences Supplement 0(18): 101-109

Experiences in treatment of epiglottal entrapment using a hook knife per nasum. Equine Veterinary Journal 27(2): 122-126

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Experiences of sectorial consultation groups in Quebec. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 42(4): 561-564

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Experiences of the eradication of Brucella ovis infection in breeding ram flocks in Carpathian Ruthenia. Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja 48(4): 228-233

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