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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2634

Chapter 2634 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Hydrology of a patterned bog-fen complex in southeastern Labrador, Canada. Nordic Hydrology 25(5): 313-330

Hydrology of drained and undrained black spruce peatlands: groundwater table profiles and fluctuations. COFRDA Report ( 3307): v + 39 pp.

Hydrology of drained and undrained black spruce peatlands: streamflow and hydrologic balance. COFRDA Report ( 3317): v + 25 pp.

Hydrology of drained and undrained black spruce peatlands: surface water and groundwater quality. COFRDA Report ( 3316): v + 29 pp.

Hydrology of small watersheds in the semi-arid Nordeste region of Brazil. Extrapolation to unstudied watersheds. Hydrologie des petits bassins du Nordeste bresilien semi aride Transposition a des bassins non etudies: 414 pp.

Hydrolysable tannins and related compound having cytotoxic activity from the fruits of Terminalia chebula. Archives of Pharmacal Research 18(2): 118-120

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Hydrolysis of alpha s2-casein by chymosin, plasmin, trypsin and Lactobacillus-proteinases. Agricultural Science in Finland 2(2): 133-139

Hydrolysis of 1-(2-chlorobenzoyl)-3-(4-chlorophenyl) urea in aquatic system. Journal of Environmental Sciences 4(4): 10-16

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Hydrolysis of flatulence-causing galacto-oligosaccharides by agarose-entrapped Aspergillus oryzae cells. Food Chemistry 51(1): 29-31

Hydrolysis of fluorescein diacetate in an avocado plantation mulch suppressive to Phytophthora cinnamomi and its relationship with certain biotic and abiotic factors. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 26(10): 1355-1361

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Hydrolysis of urea in two sandy soils under citrus production as influenced by rate and depth of placement. Communications in Soil Science & Plant Analysis 26(13-14): 2143-2156

Hydrolytic activity of enzymatic preparations from leaves and fruits of Muscat on terpene glycosides. Rivista di Viticoltura e di Enologia 48(2): 41-49

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Hydrolyzed lactalbumin-based oral rehydration solution for acute diarrhoea in infants. Acta Paediatrica 83(8): 819-824

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Hydrostatic system for stopping the vibration of olive trees. Agricultura, Revista Agropecuaria 63(746): 793-797

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Hydrotropism in roots: sensing of a gradient in water potential by the root cap. Planta 197(2): 410-413

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Hydroxymethylated resorcinol coupling agent for enhanced durability of bisphenol-A epoxy bonds to Sitka spruce. Wood and Fiber Science 27(1): 2-12

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Hygiene for spa pools. Hygiene for spa pools: 62 pp.

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Hymenolepidids from Charadriiforms. 5th Note. Echinocotyle flavipedis n. sp. (Cestoda), a parasite of Tringa flavipes in Paraguay. Parasite 2(2): 125-131

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Hyp. Journal of Biological Chemistry 269(33): 21059-21066

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