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Methods towards efficient establishment of introduced black cocoa ant, Dolichoderus thoracicus for natural control of Helopeltis theivora damage in cocoa

, : Methods towards efficient establishment of introduced black cocoa ant, Dolichoderus thoracicus for natural control of Helopeltis theivora damage in cocoa. Planter 70(824): 487-495

Two methods of introducing Dolichoderus thoracicus to control Helopeltis theivora in cocoa were investigated in Malaysia. The first method was to attach leaf pockets containing the mutualistic pseudococcid Cataenococcus hispidus on cocoa trees. The second method was to isolate the cocoa trees by glue-banding the bottom 30 cm of the trunk and pruning the canopy to prevent it from touching other canopies in addition to attaching leaf pockets.


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