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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2662

Chapter 2662 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

New seedling production systems - plug seedlings and grafted seedlings. Research Journal of Food and Agriculture 16(12): 14-19

New series of soil samplers and their application. Pedosphere 5(2): 179-182

New serotypes of Riemerella anatipestifer isolated from ducks in Thailand. Avian Pathology 24(1): 195-199

New sesquiterpene polyesters from Euonymus species. Journal of Natural Products (Lloydia) 58(8): 1192-1199

New sesquiterpenes from the roots of Ligularia veitchiana. Journal of Natural Products (Lloydia) 56(4): 494-499

New settlements in Grampian - satisfaction for residents?. Rural realities: trends and choices Proceedings of the 35th Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists, Aberdeen, Scotland, 27-29 June 1994: 421-444

New shading screen systems for improved light distribution in greenhouses. Acta Horticulturae ( 361): 403-405

New simmondsin 2'-ferulates from jojoba meal. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 43(5): 1193-1197

New sort of vegetable Solanum muricatum and techniques for its cultivation. Chinese Vegetables ( 1): 53-54

New source of seed dormancy in bunch groundnut. Madras Agricultural Journal 81(8): 448-449

New sources of natural safrole. Perfumer & Flavorist 18(2): 19-20, 22

New sources of resistance of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) to Striga gesnerioides, a parasitic angiosperm. Euphytica 84(3): 165-174

New sources of resistance to Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria (Doidge) Dye in tomato. Phytopathologia Mediterranea 32(2): 145-148

New sources of resistance to aphid in barley. Agricultural Science Digest 13(1): 45-48

New sources of resistance to the stalk borers Busseola fusca (Fuller) and Chilo partellus Swinhoe in maize. South African Journal of Plant and Soil 12(2): 91-93

New southern limit of the area of distribution of Nothofagus alpina, Fagaceae. Bosque 14(1): 73-74

New soybean cultivars selected in Mendeleum for the region of southern Moravia. Soybean Genetics Newsletter 22: 111-116

New soybean variety resistant to disease and lodging, with adapted high yielding Sinpaldalkong 2. RDA Journal of Agricultural Science Upland & Industrial Crops 36(1): 153-157

New species and combinations in Milletia Wight & Arnott and Pongamiopsis R. Viguier (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae-Millettieae) from Madagascar. Novon 5(2): 171-182

New species and new combinations in Peruvian Orchidaceae. Brittonia 46(1): 24-53

New species and new records of lepturine beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) from China. Entomotaxonomia 16(3): 192-196

New species and new records of the genus Ascochyta from China. Acta Mycologica Sinica 14(2): 107-115

New species and new records of the genus Chrysotoxum Mg. (Diptera: Syrphidae) of China. Journal of Shanghai Agricultural College 10(1): 68-76

New species and phylogenetic analysis of Cryptodacus, Haywardina, and Rhagoletotrypeta (Diptera: Tephritidae). Insecta Mundi 8(1/2): 37-65

New species and records of Asian Trypetinae (Diptera: Tephritidae). Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 42(3): 555-

New species and records of Leptocera Olivier (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae) from Palaearctic Asia, with taxonomic notes. Casopis Slezskeho Muzea Serie A, Vedy Prirodni 42(2): 97-121

New species and records of Psocoptera (Insecta) from Roraima State, Brazil. Acta Amazonica, 21: 211-317

New species and records of terrestrial isopods (Crustacea) from the Arabian Peninsula. Fauna of Saudi Arabia, vol 12: 209-224

New species and synonymy in Colobothea Lepeletier & Audinet-Serville, 1825 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lamiinae: Colobotheini). Revista Brasileira de Entomologia 37(3): 475-482

New species and taxonomic analysis of the genus Bruchophagus (Hymenoptera, Eurytomidae). Vestnik Zoologii ( 5): 21-28

New species for meat production. Journal of Agricultural Science 123(1): 1-8

New species from the genus Megaselia (Diptera, Phoridae). Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 71(12): 144-147

New species of Acacia (Fabaceae, Mimosoideae) from tropical Australia. Telopea 5(1): 53-66

New species of Alliaceae & Hyacinthaceae from Turkey. Kew Bulletin 49(3): 481-489

New species of Aporcelaimellus Heyns, 1965 (Nematoda : Dorylaimida) from Bareilly (U.P.). Current Nematology 4(2): 191-193

New species of Astragalus L. sect. Campylanthus Bunge and sect. Megalocystis Bunge from Iran. Sendtnera, Mitteilungen der Botanischen Staatssammlung und des Instituts fur Systematische Botanik der Universitat Munchen 1: 259-265

New species of Balansia and Ophiodothella from southern India. Indian Phytopathology 47(1): 38-40

New species of Burseraceae from Sabah and Sarawak. Sandakania ( 5): 73-91

New species of Ceratopogonidae (Diptera) from the CIS. Eesti Teaduste Akadeemia Toimetised, Bioloogia 42(3): 180-200

New species of Cercospora from India. Kavaka 1994; 19(1-2): 32-33

New species of Cercospora from north-eastern Uttar Pradesh. Indian Phytopathology 47(3): 226-231

New species of Colpochila Erichson from Western Australia II (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae: Liparetrini). Journal of the Australian Entomological Society 34(2): 153-157

New species of Eimeria (Apicomplexa) from captive wood turtles, Clemmys insculpta (Testudines: Emydidae), from the Dallas Zoo. Acta Protozoologica. February; 341: 57-59

New species of Friesea (Collembola: Neanuridae) from fauna reserves in Mexico. Southwestern Entomologist 19(3): 291-299

New species of Homoeosoma Curtis from the Buenos Aires Province (Lepidoptera; Pyralidae: Phycitinae). Revista de la Sociedad Entomologica Argentina 49(1-4): 49-58

New species of Japanagromyza and Galiomyza (Dipt., Agromyzidae) from Brazil. Entomologist' s Monthly Magazine 129(1552-1555): 239-243

New species of Kellermania, Piptarthron, Planistroma, and Planistromella from members of the Agavaceae. Mycotaxon 55(0): 255-268

New species of Leguminosae from Nayarit, Mexico. Contributions from the University of Michigan Herbarium 20(0): 231-237, June 19

New species of Lepanthes (Orchidaceae) from Costa Rica. Lindleyana 10(3): 133-173

New species of Loculoascomycetes (fam. Phaeosphaeriaceae Barr.). Novosti Sistematiki Nizshikh Rastenii 29: 69-73

New species of Masdevallia (Orchidaceae), Part VII. Lindleyana 10(2): 115-126

New species of Masdevallia (Orchidaceae), part VI. Lindleyana 9(2): 103-114

New species of Masdevallia and a new combination (Orchidaceae), part VII. Lindleyana 9(4): 243-253

New species of Matisia (Bombacaceae-Quararibeae) from western Colombia. Anales del Jardin Botanico de Madrid 50(2): 171-174

New species of Neotrombicula (Acari: Trombiculidae) from African primates (Galagidae and Cercopithecidae). Journal of Medical Entomology 32(1): 12-15

New species of Neotrombicula (Acari: Trombiculidae) from the southern Primorye territory, Russian Far East. Journal of Medical Entomology 32(3): 381-383

New species of Peruvian Orchidaceae III. Brittonia 47(2): 182-209

New species of Siparuna (Monimiaceae) I. Four new species from Ecuador and Colombia. Novon 5(1): 61-70

New species of Uropodina (Acarina) from the USA. Acarologia 35(2): 83-96

New species of Vanuatu palms. Principes 37(4): 203-211

New species of Vochysia from Venezuela and Colombia. Pittieria ( 20): 111-115

New species of copepods endoparasitic in chitons. Parazitologiya 28(2): 110-118

New species of entomophilic mites from the family Acaridae (Sarcoptiformes). Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 72(7): 142-150

New species of feather mites from the genus Bychovskiata (Analgoidea: Avenzoariidae) from Charadriiformes. Parazitologiya 28(4): 333-341

New species of feather mites of the superfamily Analgoidea from Chadriiformes from the Black Sea. Parazitologiya 27(2): 161-167

New species of flea (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae) from Spain. Journal of Medical Entomology 31(6): 887-889

New species of free-living nematodes from thermal waters in Kyrghyzstan. Zoosystematica Rossica 3(1): 19-21

New species of mermithids (Nematoda, Mermithidae) from chironomid larvae and armed flies. Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Kazakhskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskaya ( 3): 40-47

New species of mining moths of the families Bucculatricidae and Phyllocnistidae (Lepidoptera) from the Primor'e territory. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 71(2): 422-427

New species of mites from the genus Poecilochirus (Mesostigmata, Parasitidae) in Crimea. Vestnik Zoologii ( 5): 82-84

New species of nematodes of fishes from Nepal. Journal of the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science 11: 133-136

New species of spider of the genus Oxyopes Latreille from India. Entomon. March; 201: 71-73

New species of the chigger mite genus Neotrombicula (Acariformes, Trombiculidae) from Middle Asia and Mongolia. Acarina 1(1): 3-25

New species of the genus Cardicola, Short, 1953 (Sanguinicolidae, Cardicolinae), parasitic in mullet, Mugil platanus, Gu unther, 1880, from the coast of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. Revista Brasileira de Biologia 1992; 51(3): 567-570

New species of the genus Centaurea (Asteraceae). Botanicheskii Zhurnal 80(2): 76-77

New species of the genus Clematis (Ranunculaceae) from Vietnam. Botanicheskii Zhurnal 79(7): 106-107

New species of the genus Dorcatoma from Central Europe (Coleoptera, Anobiidae). Folia Heyrovskyana 1(8): 80-83

New species of the genus Ipomoea (Convolvulaceae) in Madagascar. Bulletin du Museum National d' Histoire Naturelle Section B, Adansonia 15(1/4): 75-84

New species of the genus Rhinoseius Baker & Yunker, 1964 (Acari: Mesostigmata: Ascidae) found in Colombia. Bulletin et Annales de la Societe Royale Belge d'Entomologie. april-juni; 1294-6: 69-101

New species of the genus Rosa (Rosaceae) from Belgorod province. Botanicheskii Zhurnal 79(7): 114-116

New species of the genus Stipa (Poaceae) from the southern Altai, Saur and Tarbagatai. Botanicheskii Zhurnal 79(7): 101-106

New species parasitizing the willow moth Hyponomeuta rorellus in Bulgaria. Nauka za Gorata 29(4): 68-73

New species, new records of brevipalpid mites and their hosts from northern India. Entomon. March; 201: 75-79

New splitting method for wood fracture characterization. Wood science and technology 29(1): 31-50

New spraying equipment. Zashchita Rastenii Moskva ( 4): 15-16

New standards governing antibiotic residues in milk. Revista Espanola de Lecheria ( 47): 8

New start with smoked cheese. Milch Marketing 12(3): 42-43

New state record for Culiseta morsitans in Colorado. Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 10(4): 588-588

New state records for ticks in Mississippi. Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society. January; 681: 119-120

New steroidal glycosides from Mimusops elengi. Journal of Natural Products (Lloydia) 58(8): 1244-1247

New steroidal saponins from the bulbs of Allium giganteum exhibiting potent inhibition of cAMP phosphodiesterase activity. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 42(3): 710-714

New steroidal saponins from the rhizomes of Anemarrhena asphodeloides Bunge (Liliaceae). Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 42(11): 2342-2345

New stimulus through agricultural reform; Discussion. Meinungen zur Agrar und Umweltpolitik ( 29): 105-112; 113-123

New stone fruit cultivars from breeding programs. Pennsylvania Fruit News 75(4): 64-69

New storage and conservation treatments of waterlogged Mary Rose timbers. Record of the 1993 annual convention of the British Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing Association, Cambridge, UK, 30th June 2nd July 1993: 37-44

New storage at Neuburger Milchwerke. European Dairy Magazine 7(1): 41-42

New storage designs at the Potato Marketing Board's experimental station, Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire. Agricultural Engineer 50(1): 18-20

New strain of rice grassy stunt virus in India. International Journal of Tropical Plant Diseases 12(1): 59-66

New strains (lines) of Chinese cabbage from the National Key Research Project during 1986-90. Acta Horticulturae Sinica 19(3): 282-286

New strains of double-zero winter swede rape and their evaluation in preliminary experiments in 1991-92. Postepy Nauk Rolniczych 40/45(5): 27-32

New strategies for animal production in Hungary. Znanost i Praksa u Poljoprivredi i Prehrambenoj Tehnologiji 24(1): 269-276

New strategies for control of potyviruses. Annales du Tabac Section 2 ( 27): 81-85

New strategies for the water data center. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 50(5): 530-531

New strategies in rhizomania control: the green gene technology shows another way to integrated plant protection. Gesunde Pflanzen 47(6): 241-243

New strawberry cultivars. Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Obst und Weinbau 129(14): 357-362

New studies on the genus Nosopon Hopkins, 1942 (Mallophaga, Menoponidae), with the description of two new species. Garcia de Orta Serie de Zoologia 1993; 19(1/2): 47-54

New study: leisure creates jobs. Amusement Industrie 24(94): 23-25

New style merging: AgrEvo. Biotechnology and Development Monitor ( 23): 19-22

New summer raspberry varieties with good performance. Fruit Belge 62(448): 59-62

New sunflower varieties. Cultivar Paris ( 354): 81-83

New support for a folk remedy: cranberry juice reduces bacteriuria and pyuria in elderly women. Nutrition Reviews 52(5): 168-170

New supporter cultures and identity in France: the case of Paris Saint-Germain. Game without frontiers: football, identity and modernity: 273-297

New sweet pepper cultivars for Cuban off season production. Capsicum and Eggplant Newsletter ( 14): 47-49

New synonymies in the family Stenocephalidae Latreille, 1825 (Heteroptera, Stenocephalidae). Nouvelle Revue d' Entomologie 11(4): 353-364

New synonymies in the lice (Insecta: Phthiraptera) infesting albatrosses and petrels (Procellariiformes). New Zealand Entomologist. August; 17: 64-69

New system for fruit and nut variety naming and registration. Fruit Varieties Journal 48(2): 114-116

New table grape varieties. Sadovodstvo i Vinogradarstvo ( 5/6): 14-17

New targets for sustainable forage production and utilization. 'TMannetje, L [Editor], Frame, J [Editor] Grassland and society 35-47

New tasks for research and policy after the successful conclusion of the GATT negotiations. Agrarwirtschaft 43(6): 225-227

New taxa and combinations in Chinese Primulaceae. Novon 4(2): 103-105

New taxa and combinations in the Boraginaceae. Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens 15(2): 93-99

New taxa and new recording species of Gramineae from Tibet. Acta Botanica Yunnanica 16(3): 228-230

New taxa and nomenclatural changes in Aralia (Araliaceae). Novon 4(4): 400-403

New taxa of feather mite subfamily Pteronyssinae (Analgoidea: Avenzoariidae) from passerine birds of Vietnam. Parazitologiya (St. Petersburg). Sentyabr'-Oktyabr'; 275: 410-418

New taxa of section Chrysantha Chang from Guangxi. (1). International Camellia Journal 25: 69-70

New taxa of the genus Orthosia Ochsenheimer, 1816 (s.l.) III. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae). Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 40(1): 21-27

New taxonomic approaches for identification of food-borne fungi. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 32(1-3): 99-116

New technical documentation for ice cream manufacture. Molochnaya Promyshlennost' ( 4): 16-17

New techniques for breeding meliponins. Publicacoes Tecnapis sobre Ecologia e Etologia ( 5): 16 pp.

New techniques for detection of viruses. Fruit Belge 60(440): 229-241

New techniques for studying competition by rhizobia and for assessing nitrogen fixation in the field. 15th World Congress of Soil Science, Acapulco, Mexico, 10-16, July, 1994 Transactions, Volume 4a: commission III symposia: 297-298

New techniques for the cultivation and defence of tomato crops in cold greenhouses in the area Ragusa (Sicily). Acta Horticulturae ( 361): 530-544

New techniques for the detection of protozoan parasites in water. New techniques in food and beverage microbiology: 101-114

New techniques in food and beverage microbiology. New techniques in food and beverage microbiology: xv + 302 pp.

New techniques of harvesting cereal grain. Problemy Inzynierii Rolniczej 2(1): 53-60

New techniques to reduce fatness in farm animals. Quality and grading of carcasses of meat animals: 17-50

New technologies and their role in arid land development. Problemy Osvoeniya Pustyn' 0(4-5): 124-138

New technologies for nutrient removal from liquid manure. Mededelingen Faculteit Landbouwkundige en Toegepaste Biologische Wetenschappen Universiteit Gent 58(4A): 1803-1806

New technologies for protected cultivation to face environmental constraints and to meet consumer's requirements. Acta Horticulturae ( 361): 31-38

New technologies for waste water and sludge treatment. European Dairy Magazine 6(4): 74

New technologies in disease measurement and yield loss appraisal. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 17(2): 185-189

New technologies in the management of microirrigation systems. Acta Horticulturae (335): 305-311

New technologies used in the production of yogurt and other cultured beverages. Industria del Latte 30(4): 29-55

New technology and agricultural development. Agricultural planning and technology in rural development: 39-43

New technology and market structure: evidence from the music recording industry. Journal of Cultural Economics 18(2): 113-123

New technology for raising pistachio seedlings. Problems of Desert Development ( 2): 77-81

New technology for the production of ewe milk Ricotta cheese: characterization and evaluation of the preservation parameters. Rivista della Societa Italiana di Scienza dell' Alimentazione 23(4): 467-472

New technology for topping fodder beet. Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny ( 1): 18-19

New technology harnesses hot water to kill weeds. IPM Practitioner 16(1): 1-4

New technology in grain postharvesting. New technology in grain postharvesting: ix + 208 pp.

New technology to prevent drift. Translation Silsoe Research Institute ( 49 (New Series)): 6 pp.

New tests reveal high residues. Pesticides News ( 27): 3

New tetracyclic triterpenoids from Pistacia integerrima galls. Pharmazie 49(5): 356-357

New tetranortriterpenoids from Swietenia humilis. Journal of Natural Products (Lloydia) 56(9): 1567-1574

New thiophene derivatives from Pluchea indica. Indian Journal of Chemistry Section B, Organic including Medicinal 33(10): 978-980

New thoughts on the hybridization of Camellia nitidissima. International Camellia Journal ( 26): 115-119

New threat to holm oak in urban areas: Nidularia pulvinata. Informatore Agrario 47(42): 67-70

New thrips on mother-in-law's tongue. Entomologist' s Monthly Magazine 130(1560-63): 95-98

New times/hard times: leisure, participation and the common good. Leisure Studies 13(4): 239-248

New tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) cultivars for the off-season. Cultivos Tropicales 14(2/3): 94-97

New tomato cultivar - Jinfanqie 1. China Vegetables ( 4): 53

New tomato cultivars for fresh market and industrial processing in Bulgaria. Proceedings of the XIIth Eucarpia meeting on tomato genetics and breeding, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 27-31 July 1993: 139-141

New tools in conservation genetics. Revue de Medecine Veterinaire 146(3): 171-180

New topics in technology transfer for Integrated Pest Management for farmers with poor resources. Manejo Integrado de Plagas ( 32): 36-43

New tourism products in rural Europe. New tourism products in rural Europe:

New tourism trends and the future of Mediterranean Europe. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie 86(1): 21-31

New treatment for foul in the foot in dairy cattle. Preliminary report. Veterinaria Argentina 12(115): 326-328

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New trends are opening the door to competitor products. Revista Espanola de Lecheria ( 48): 37-40

New trends for probiotic cultures. European Dairy Magazine 6(4): 44-45

New trends in clonal selection and the selection of disease-free material. Vignevini 21(12): 71-76

New trends in further sports education for teachers? - Analysis of provision by the North Rhine-Westphalia Association, part of the German Sports Teachers Association. Sportunterricht 44(1): 4-11

New trends in lipid and lipoprotein analyses.

New trends in locust control. Ecotoxicology. Botanicals. Pathogens. Attractants. Hormones. Pheromones. Remote sensing. Schriftenreihe der GTZ ( 245): 182 pp.

New triploid apple variety Pamyat' Semakinu. Sadovodstvo i Vinogradarstvo ( 2): 13-14

New triterpenes and flavonoids from the leaves of Bosistoa brassii. Journal of Natural Products (Lloydia) 56(1): 46-53

New triterpenes from cactaceous plants. Journal of Natural Products (Lloydia) 56(12): 2201-2203

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New type of forest damage in Baden-Wurttemberg. Geographische Rundschau 44(5): 312-315

New types of butter - low-cholesterol butter, and butter which is spreadable at refrigeration temperature. Lait et Nous ( 3): 5-10

New types of hydraulic plug quick-coupling for agricultural machinery. Biuletyn Informacyjny Prace Przemysowego Instytutu Maszyn Rolniczych 39(4): 17-20

New types of plants for strawberry plants. Rivista di Frutticoltura e di Ortofloricoltura 57(6): 51-54

New types of sport and sports facilities: trends and safety. Magglingen 52(8): 14-15

New types of sport in a university. Experience with students and teaching staff in schools. Sportunterricht 43(12): 519-523

New ufra-resistant rice lines. International Rice Research Notes 19(3): 16

New ultrastructural data on the microsporidian Ichthyosporidium giganteum infecting the marine teleostean fish Ctenolabrus ruprestris (L.). Journal of Fish Diseases 18(2): 191-194

New utilization of the NIR technique: control of an ion exchange resins system for the lactic acid recovery from fermentation broth. Zuckerindustrie 120(3): 225-229

New variants 47S103 and 102S100 of Puccinia striiformis in India. Indian Phytopathology 47(3): 258-259

New variations of Phaseolus in Cuba. Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter ( 99): 38-40

New varieties and hybrids bred at the All-Russian Institute of Vegetable Crop Breeding and Seed Production. Kartofel' i Ovoshchi ( 5): 21

New varieties of Indian gooseberry. Indian Horticulture 39(1): 3, 5

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New varieties of sour cherry and plum for production. Sadovodstvo i Vinogradarstvo ( 3): 13-15

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New varieties. Spring bread wheat. Winter rye. Zemledelie ( 4): 13

New varieties. Winter bread wheat. Zemledelie ( 3): 23

New varieties. Winter rye. Saratovskaya 6. Zemledelie ( 3): 19

New variety Lord Lambourne Red. Vedecke Prace Ovocnarske ( 13): 137-140

New views on the pathogenesis of kwashiorkor: methionine and other amino acids. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition 21(2): 130-136

New viral diseases of ornamental shrubs in Italy. Informatore Fitopatologico 44(7-8): 15-19

New walleye size rules: how will Minnesota anglers respond?. Minnesota Agricultural Economist ( 682): 1, 4-7

New walnut variety - Jin Long 1. Acta Horticulturae Sinica 19(3): 287-288

New water consumption pattern of rice under water-saving irrigation. Irrigation & Drainage Systems 8(2): 97-108

New water effluent pre-treatment plant in Hunfeld. European Dairy Magazine 6(4): 54

New watermelon cultivar You Hong Bao. Acta Horticulturae Sinica 19(3): 271-272

New ways for utilizing whey. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 46(11): 556-559

New ways in plant breeding. Neue Landwirtschaft ( 3): 32-35

New ways in the flushing of monogastrics - enzymes and plant extracts. Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja 49(8): 489-492

New ways of assessing Septoria infection. PSP Pflanzenschutz Praxis ( 2): 39-41

New ways of debranching felled conifer stems. AFZ, Allgemeine Forst Zeitschrift 47(16): 860

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New wheat cultivar Abukumawase. Bulletin of the Kyushu National Agricultural Experiment Station 28(2): 53-78

New wheat cultivar Chikugoizumi. Bulletin of the Kyushu National Agricultural Experiment Station 28(3): 195-217

New wheat-rye lines. Nauchno Tekhnicheskii Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Ordena Lenina i Ordena Druzhby Narodov Nauchno Issledovatel' skogo Instituta Rastenievodstva (210): 83-90

New wine in old bottles: caste, local action, social movements and general elections. Scheduled caste agricultural workers in Uttar Pradesh, India. CDR Working Papers ( 94.12): 21 pp.

New winter wheat variety: 'GK Delibab' developed via combining conventional breeding and in vitro androgenesis. Cereal Research Communications 23(3): 251-256

New wire for catalytic gauzes. Nitrogen ( 215): 26, 28-31

New withanolides from Salpichroa origanifolia. Journal of Natural Products (Lloydia) 57(12): 1741-1745

New wood handling machines. Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny ( 1): 32-39

New yield table for common alder - model structure and application in forestry practice. Beitrage fur Forstwirtschaft und Landschaftsokologie 29(2): 49-55

New yoghurt drink in a new packaging concept. ZFL, Internationale Zeitschrift fur Lebensmittel Technik, Marketing, Verpackung und Analytik 46(10): 60, 62

New-generation vertical pulp press WP-16. Gazeta Cukrownicza 101(7): 121-123

Newcastle disease - current situation in Europe. Publication Veterinary Continuing Education, Massey University ( 151): 1-8

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Newcomer socialization: oriented to facts or feelings?. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly 35(6): 58-71

Newer aspects of micronutrients in chronic disease: copper. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 53(3): 583-598

Newer aspects of micronutrients in chronic disease: vitamin E. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 53(3): 571-582

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Newer macrolides and their potential target organisms. Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases 5(6): 764-772

Newly designed improved gum tapping tools. MFP News 4(1): 8-11

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Newly hatched larvae for monitoring insecticide resistance in the pink bollworm. Acta Phytophylacica Sinica 22(1): 85-90

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