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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2696

Chapter 2696 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Short-term influences of edge and gap creation on bird populations in jarrah forest, Western Australia. Australian Forestry 58(2): 48-57

Short-term inhibition of prolactin secretion by naloxone treatment in the pregnant gilt. Animal Reproduction Science 39(1): 59-69

Short-term investigation of certain nonspecific immunity parameters in preleukotic dairy cows. Folia Veterinaria 38(3/4): 107-109

Short-term moderate energy restriction does not affect indicators of oxidative stress and genotoxicity in humans. Journal of Nutrition 125(10): 2631-2639

Short-term oxytocin treatment increases bovine milk yield by enhancing milk removal without any direct action on mammary metabolism. Journal of Endocrinology 142(3): 471-473

Short-term performance of two hexazinone formulations: efficacy, seedling survival and growth. Forestry Chronicle 71(2): 228-232

Short-term performance of two sulfonylurea herbicides: efficacy, seedling survival, and growth. Northern Journal of Applied Forestry 12(2): 80-85

Short-term photosynthesis measurements predict leaf carbon balance in tropical rain-forest canopy plants. Planta 91(3): 409-412

Short-term prediction of the degree of stand defoliation by the winter moth. Lesnoe Khozyaistvo ( 6): 52-53

Short-term prognostic value of subjective nutritional assessment in general medical patients. Journal of Nutritional Medicine 4(3): 287-295

Short-term recovery of Bradyrhizobium japonicum during an inoculation process using mineral microgranules. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 40(4): 322-325

Short-term recovery of benthos following disturbance from habitat rehabilitation. Hydrobiologia 273(2): 121-130

Short-term residual value of phosphate fertiliser on grazed pasture. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 36(2): 261-269

Short-term response of old-field plant communities to fire and disturbance. American Midland Naturalist 129(2): 409-413

Short-term response to dietary counseling of hyperlipidemic outpatients of a lipid clinic. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 94(6): 616-621

Short-term responses of alpine buttercups to experimental manipulations of growing season length. Ecology (Washington D C) 74(4): 1052-1058

Short-term responses of wetland vegetation after liming of an Adirondack watershed. Ecological Applications 4(3): 535-543

Short-term satiating effect of the fat replacer sucrose polyester (SPE) in man. British Journal of Nutrition 74(4): 569-585

Short-term secretion patterns of corticotropin-releasing hormone, arginine vasopressin and ACTH as shown by intensive sampling of pituitary venous blood from horses. Neuroendocrinology 60(3): 225-236

Short-term shifts in nitrogen metabolism in mulberry Morus alba under salt shock. Phytochemistry (Oxford) 37(4): 991-995

Short-term starvation alters the free amino acid content of the human intestinal mucosa. Clinical Science 86(6): 653-662

Short-term starvation increases calcidiol-24-hydroxylase activity and mRNA level in rat kidney. European Journal of Endocrinology 130(6): 608-611

Short-term stimulation of luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion by naloxone treatment in the pregnant gilt. Animal Reproduction Science 37(1): 43-50

Short-term topical therapy of experimental tinea pedis in guinea pigs with lanoconazole, a new imidazole antimycotic agent. Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 39(10): 2353-2355

Short-term toxicity assay based on daphnid feeding behavior. Water Environment Research 67(3): 290-293

Short-term toxicity of pyraclofos used as a blackfly larvicide on non-target aquatic fauna in a tropical environment. Chemosphere 27(12): 2425-2439

Short-term variations of soil physical properties as a function of the amount and C/N ratio of decomposing cotton residues. I. Soil aggregation and aggregate tensile strength. Soil and Tillage Research 32(2-3): 183-198

Short-term variations of soil physical properties as a function of the amounts and C/N ratio of decomposing cotton residues. II. Soil compressibility, water retention and hydraulic conductivity. Soil and Tillage Research 32(2-3): 199-212

Shortage indices for water-resources planning in Taiwan. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 121(2): 119-131

Shortage of honey bees for wild blueberry pollination. Canadian Beekeeping 18(3): 58-59

Shortcomings of chest radiography in detecting Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 7(1): 39-45

Shortcomings of the cytochrome b gene as a molecular marker. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 9(8): 278-280

Shortened longevity of soldiers of the bamboo aphid Pseudoregma koshunensis (Takahashi) (Homoptera: Aphididae) due to attack behaviour. Journal of Ethology 10(2): 149-151

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Shorthorn cattle of West and Central Africa: I. Origin, distribution, classification and population statistics. World Animal Review (78): 2-13

Shorthorn cattle of West and Central Africa: II. Ecological settings, utility, management and production systems. World Animal Review ( 78): 14-21

Shorthorn cattle of West and Central Africa: III. Physical, adaptive and special genetic characteristics. World Animal Review (78): 22-32

Shorthorn cattle of West and Central Africa: IV. Production characteristics. World Animal Review ( 78): 33-48

Shotguns and sustainable hunting in the Neotropics. Oryx 29(1): 58-66

Should Australia export its native birds?. Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics 62(2): 261-271

Should Cardaria draba (L.) Desv. be classified within the genus Lepidium L. (Brassicaceae)? Evidence from subunit polypeptide composition of RUBISCO. Feddes Repertorium 106(1-2): 25-28

Should ICN strategies and actions include population? . Ecology of Food and Nutrition 32(1/2): 69-72

Should a biosafety protocol be negotiated as part of the Biodiversity Convention?. Global Environmental Change 5(1): 7-26

Should bronopol replace potassium dichromate in the preservation of milk samples in the Czech Republic?. Vyzkum v Chovu Skotu 36(4): 7-14

Should growers sell tops?. Wool Technology and Sheep Breeding 43(2): 124-140

Should lactating women exercise?. Nutrition reviews 52(10): 358-360

Should litchi growers stress trees in winter?. Inligtingsbulletin Instituut vir Tropiese en Subtropiese Gewasse ( 255): 19-21

Should one still invest in pig feeding?. DLG Mitteilungen Agrar Inform 108(4): 48-51

Should restoration of small western watersheds be public policy in the United States?. Environmental Management 17(6): 729-734

Should the farmer become a landscape gardener?. Revue Economique Sociale 52(3): 159-163

Should we reconstitute the strawberry?. Acta Horticulturae ( 348): 86-93

Should we reduce the politics of registration: by harmonisation or by better science?. Brighton Crop Protection Conference, Pests and Diseases 1994 Volume 3: 1389-1396

Should we routinely screen for Lyme disease in patients with asymmetrical hearing loss?. British Journal of Audiology 28(2): 59-61

Should you deworm your clients' dairy cattle?. Veterinary Medicine 90(5): 496, 498-502

Shred, don't burn - an alternative for treating slash on steep terrain. Fire Management Notes1993; 53-54(4): 14-16

Shredder drives. Proceedings of the Annual Congress South African Sugar Technologists' Association ( 68): 169-171

Shrinkage and set in drying of 4 by 4 Douglas-fir lumber. Forest products journal 45(5): 59-63

Shrinkage behaviour of bamboos grown in Kerala, India. BIC India Bulletin 3(2): 1-6

Shrinkage determination of soil aggregates. International Agrophysics 7(4): 221-227

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Shrub architecture and occupation of space in a Mediterranean sclerophyllous shrubland. Journal of Vegetation Science 5(4): 497-504

Shrub preference and utilization by big game on New Mexico reclaimed mine land. Journal of range management 48(5): 431-437

Shrub willow communities in Wrangel Island. Botanicheskii Zhurnal 79(12): 58-64

Shrunken2 sweet corn yield and the chemical components of quality. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 119(4): 747-755

Sialic acid contents in chicken eggs and tissues. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 74(4): 601-606

Sialoadhesin (Sn) maps to mouse chromosome 2 and human chromosome 20 and is not linked to the other members of a sialoadhesin family, CD22, MAG, and CD33. Genomics San Diego 28(2): 344-346

Sialoadhesin, a macrophage sialic acid binding receptor for haemopoietic cells with 17 immunoglobulin-like domains. Embo Journal 13(19): 4490-4503

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Siblingship and continuity of the family in the Balinese houseyard: the case of a commoner group in a Balinese village. Canberra Anthropology 16(1): 36-65

Sibmating and its fitness consequences in the parasitoid wasp Spalangia cameroni (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae). Journal of Insect Behavior 8(5): 723-730

Sicilian Pecorino (ewe milk cheese). II. Part 3. Microbiology and composition of fresh products (Tuma and Primosale). Scienza e Tecnica Lattiero Casearia 45(4): 249-257

Sicilian Pecorino cheese. III. Part 4. Economic aspects of the product. Scienza e Tecnica Lattiero Casearia 45(5): 463-475

Sicilian Pecorino cheese. III. Part 4. Production and consumption areas. Scienza e Tecnica Lattiero Casearia 45(5): 459-462

Sicily: inland-water management at the southern margin of Europe: call for an intersectoral dialogue. Ambio 23(7): 455-457

Sicklepod (Senna occidentalis) control in soybean (Glycine max) with imazaquin and metribuzin combinations. Herbicide resistant crops: a bitter or better harvest? Proceedings of the 48th annual meeting of the Southern Weed Science Society, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, 16-18 January 1995: 56-61

Sicyos spp. Recommendations for management. Avance Agroindustrial 13(53): 29-33

Sida crystallina (Crustacea: Sididae), a new intermediate host for Bunodera luciopercae (Trematoda: Bunoderidae). Parazitologiya 29(1): 58-59

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Sidedress N application methods for broccoli production. Journal of Vegetable Crop Production 1(1): 63-71

Siderite weathering in acidic solutions under carbon dioxide, air, and oxygen. Journal of Environmental Quality 24(5): 856-860

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Siderophore Utilization by Bradyrhizobium japonicum. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 59(5): 1688-1690

Siebold's viburnum, Viburnum sieboldii Miquel, new non-native species record for New York. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 120(2): 188-190

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Sign up for sport: the regional strategy for sport and recreation in the north west, 1994-2000. Sign up for sport: the regional strategy for sport and recreation in the north west, 1994-2000: iv + 45 pp.

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