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The steady-state mRNA levels for thylakoid proteins exhibit coordinate diurnal regulation

, : The steady-state mRNA levels for thylakoid proteins exhibit coordinate diurnal regulation. Molecular and general genetics: MGG, 246(4): 478-484

Steady-state mRNA levels for thylakoid proteins were analysed in spinach cotyledons under diurnally changing light conditions. Most fluctuate considerably throughout the day, while the levels of others show only low amplitude or no oscillation. Levels of mRNAs coding for proteins that belong to the same multiprotein complex generally oscillate in parallel and exhibit maxima that are specific for that complex: mRNAs for photosystem I proteins appear prior to those for photosystem II polypeptides and these again prior to mRNAs for the three polypeptides constituting the oxygen-evolving complex. For the mRNAs that change with high amplitudes (e.g. those for LHCP or the 20 kDa apoprotein of the CP24 complex) oscillations have also been found under constant conditions, indicating that a circadian oscillator is involved. Transgenic tobacco seedlings harbouring chimeric GUS gene fusions with 5'-flanking sequences from the spinach genes Lhcb, PsaF and AtpD (encoding a light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b apoprotein of photosystem II, subunit 3 of photosystem I and subunit delta of the plastid ATP synthase, respectively) confirm that the differences in the amplitudes as well as the timepoints of maximum mRNA accumulation are perceived via cis-regulatory elements upstream of the respective ATG codons.


PMID: 7891661

DOI: 10.1007/bf00290451

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