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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2779

Chapter 2779 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Choice of experimental sites on a heterogeneous alluvial soil by mapping, uniformity trials, aerial photography and precise surveying. Schriftenreihe Institut fur Organischen Landbau 1: 145 pp.

Choice of feeding position of dairy cows in free-stall barn. Journal of Rakuno Gakuen University Natural Science 21(1): 115-122

Choice of functional form for agricultural production analysis. Review of agricultural economics 18(2): 223-231

Choice of land for sweet cherries. Fruitteelt nieuws 8(20): 20-22

Choice of linkage arrangement of the tractor with a plough. Tekhnika v Sel' skom Khozyaistve ( 2): 8-9

Choice of maize hybrid, from utililzation point of view, in the diet for poultry and pigs. Veterinarski Glasnik 49(7/8): 449-456

Choice of methods for breaking potato tuber dormancy for post-harvest testing. Prace z Zakresu Nauk Rolniczych 79: 21-27

Choice of optimal cropping system for command area. Crop Research (Hisar) 9(1): 1-6

Choice of plots for sweet cherry trees. Fruit Belge 63(458): 167-171

Choice of resting sites by Anopheles gambiae (Diptera: Culicidae) in Mwea Rice Irrigation Scheme, Kirinyaga District, Kenya. East African Medical Journal 72(3): 170-175

Choice of sampling strategy and estimation method for calculating nitrogen and phosphorus transport in small lowland streams. Hydrological Processes 10(11): 1483-1501

Choice of selection environment for improving crop yields in saline areas. Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 91(6-7): 1016-1021

Choice of sweet cherry varieties for low-temperature freezing. Sadovodstvo i Vinogradarstvo ( 2): 10-11

Choice of the matrix for encapsulating and dehydrating carrot somatic embryos: importance of the rheology, the desorption and the diffusion parameters. Basic and applied aspects of seed biology Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Seeds, held at Reading, UK on 10-15 September 1995: 63-73

Choice of the type and load capacity of stack-movers. Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny ( 5): 21-22

Choice of treatment is not dependent on effectiveness alone. Fruitteelt Den Haag 86(5): 10-22

Choice of varieties and results of the 22nd national trials. Informatore Agrario Suplemento 51(33): 5-12

Choice of varieties for autumn sowing. Informatore Agrario 51(32): 39-48

Choice of varieties for dill shoot production. Gemuse Munchen 33(3): 189-190

Choice of varieties. Synthesis of results for the year 1994-1995. Informatore Agrario Suplemento 51(35): 5-16

Choice of variety. Informatore Agrario 52(32): 37-44

Choice of weaning foods. British food journal8(8): 12-16

Choices of laboratory rabbits for individual or group-housing. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 46(1-2): 81-91

Cholangiocarcinoma in patients with opisthorchiasis. British Journal of Surgery 83(8): 1062-1064

Cholate inhibits high-fat diet-induced hyperglycemia and obesity with acyl-CoA synthetase mRNA decrease. American Journal of Physiology 273(1 Pt 1): E37-E45

Cholecystokinin gene expression in human duodenal biopsy specimens. Gastroenterologie Clinique et Biologique 19(8-9): 659-663

Cholecystokinin octapeptide inhibits carbohydrate but not protein intake. American Journal of Physiology 273(3 Pt 2): R972-R980

Cholecystokinin-8 and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide stimulate exocrine pancreatic secretion via duodenally mediated mechanisms in the conscious pig. Experimental Physiology 81(3): 375-384

Cholecystokinin-8 induces edematous pancreatitis in dogs associated with short burst of trypsinogen activation. Digestive Diseases & Sciences 40(10): 2152-2161

Cholera toxin elevates pathogen resistance and induces pathogenesis-related gene expression in tobacco. Embo Journal 14(23): 5753-5761

Cholera versus foods: study of the level of knowledge of the population of the suburb of Alagados, Salvador, BA. Higiene Alimentar 10(41): 23-28

Choleretic effect of Curcuma comosa rhizome extracts in rats. International Journal of Pharmacognosy 34(3): 174-178

Cholestane glycosides from Solanum abutiloides. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 44(5): 1119-1121

Cholestasis in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: a surgeon's perspective. American Surgeon 63(6): 519-524

Cholesterol absorption and synthesis after autotransplantation of porcine ileum. Surgery (St Louis) 120(5): 822-830

Cholesterol and development. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de Ses Filiales 191(1): 113-123

Cholesterol and mental disorder. British Journal of Psychiatry 169(6): 682-689

Cholesterol and total fat content in farm-raised channel catfish cultured in North Carolina. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 72(12): 1583-1585

Cholesterol and unsaturated fat diets influence lipid and glucose concentrations in rats. Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology B 113(3): 659-663

Cholesterol content in chicken meat and chicken products. Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutricion 47(1): 81-84

Cholesterol content of beef longissimus from slaughter cattle of Venezuela. Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutricion 46(4): 329-333

Cholesterol degradation by some microorganisms isolated from different Egyptian cultivated soils. Egyptian Journal of Microbiology 30(1): 37-51

Cholesterol depletion and modification of COOH-terminal targeting sequence of the prion protein inhibit formation of the scrapie isoform. Journal of Cell Biology 129(1): 121-132

Cholesterol dynamics in rats fed diets containing either canola oil or sunflower oil. Nutrition Research 17(3): 485-492

Cholesterol efflux potential of sera from mice expressing human cholesteryl ester transfer protein and/or human apolipoprotein AI. Journal of Clinical Investigation 96(6): 2613-2622

Cholesterol feeding does not alter renal hemodynamic response to acetylcholine and angiotensin II in rabbits. American Journal of Physiology 272(3 Pt 2): R940-R947

Cholesterol information and egg consumption in the US: a non normal and heteroscedastic double-hurdle model. European Review of Agricultural Economics 23(3): 343-356

Cholesterol issues and management. Journal of Internal Medicine 241(4): 277-325

Cholesterol management in women and the elderly. Journal of Internal Medicine 241(4): 307-316

Cholesterol oxidase from Rhodococcus equi is likely the major factor involved in the cooperative lytic process (CAMP reaction) with Listeria monocytogenes. Letters in Applied Microbiology 22(3): 249-252

Cholesterol oxidation in butter and dairy spread during storage. Journal of Dairy Research 63(1): 159-167

Cholesterol oxidation in egg yolk powder during storage and heating as affected by dietary oils and tocopherol. Journal of Food Science 61(4): 721-725

Cholesterol oxidation in milk products. Maelkeritidende 110(16): 408-410

Cholesterol oxides in foods of animal origin. Journal Of Food Science. 60(6): 1159-1174

Cholesterol oxides in milk products. Agrarforschung 3(8): 365-368

Cholesterol policy and the prevention of coronary disease: reflections on clinical and population strategies. Annual Review of Nutrition 16: 349

Cholesterol response and fatty streak formation in hamsters fed two levels of saturated fat and various levels of cholesterol. Nutrition Research 17(11-12): 1693-1707

Cholesterol response and foam cell formation in hamsters fed two levels of saturated fat and various levels of cholesterol. Nutrition Research 16(8): 1353-1368

Cholesterol screening and dietary intervention in childhood for prevention of adult onset cardiovascular disease. Childhood nutrition: 13-20

Cholesterol screening of children at high risk: behavioural and psychological effects. Cmaj 156(4): 489-496

Cholesterol-loading of peripheral tissues alters the interconversion of high density lipoprotein subfractions in rabbits. International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 28(2): 151-163

Cholesterol-lowering and gallstone-preventing action of chitosans with different degrees of deacetylation in hamsters fed cholesterol-rich diets. Nutrition Research 17(6): 1053-1065

Cholesterol-lowering by rice bran and rice bran oil unsaponifiable matter in hamsters. Cereal Chemistry 73(1): 69-74

Cholesterol-lowering effect and sensory properties of sitostanol ester margarine in normocholesterolemic adults. Scandinavian Journal of Nutrition/Naringsforskning 41(1): 9-12

Cholesterol-lowering effect of policosanol on rabbits with hypercholesterolaemia induced by a wheat starch-casein diet. British Journal of Nutrition 77(6): 923-932

Cholesterol-lowering effect of soyabean lecithin in normolipidaemic rats by stimulation of biliary lipid secretion. British Journal of Nutrition 75(3): 471-478

Cholesterol-lowering effects of soybean, potato and rice proteins depend on their low methionine contents in rats fed a cholesterol-free purified diet. Journal of Nutrition 127(3): 470-477

Cholesterol-modulated ion channel activity in tonoplast vesicles: a planar lipid bilayer study. Journal of Experimental Botany 48(309): 979-983

Cholesterol: health effects and potential for reduction. Meat Focus International 5(1/2): 20-28

Cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) mRNA abundance in human adipose tissue: relationship to cell size and membrane cholesterol content. Journal of Lipid Research 36(12): 2552-2561

Cholesteryl ester transfer protein gene polymorphisms and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Nutrition, genetics, and heart disease: 212-223

Cholestyramine influences meal-stimulated pancreaticobiliary function and plasma cholecystokinin independent of gastric emptying and food digestion. Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 32(8): 778-784

Choline - an essential nutrient. International Poultry Production 5(2): 13,14,15

Choline acetyltransferase activity enhancing effects of kami-untan-to (KUT) on basal forebrain cultured neurons and lesioned rats. Phytomedicine 2(1): 41-46

Choline and choline esters in human and rat milk and in infant formulas. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 64(4): 572-576

Choline and glycine betaine uptake in various strains of Rhizobia isolated from nodules of Vicia faba var. major and Cicer arietinum L.: modulation by salt, choline, and glycine betaine. Current Microbiology 34(3): 167-172

Choline and hepatocarcinogenesis in the rat. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 375: 65-74

Choline deficiency induces apoptosis in SV40-immortalized CWSV-1 rat hepatocytes in culture. Faseb Journal 10(4): 510-516

Choline distribution and metabolism in pregnant rats and fetuses are influenced by the choline content of the maternal diet. Journal of Nutrition 125(11): 2851-2858

Choline monooxygenase, an unusual iron-sulfur enzyme catalyzing the first step of glycine betaine synthesis in plants: prosthetic group characterization and cDNA cloning. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 94(7): 3454-3458

Choline supplementation reduces urinary carnitine excretion in humans. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 63(6): 904-910

Cholinergic activation of stridulatory behaviour in the grasshopper Omocestus viridulus (L.). Journal of Experimental Biology 200(Pt 9): 1327-1337

Cholinergic activity of selected methanesulfonate insecticides. A pharmacological profile. Pesticide Science 46(3): 247-253

Cholinergic factors are not involved in the delayed diet passage from the crop of chicks given medium chain triacylglycerol. Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology A 116(2): 89-92

Cholinergic innervation of the cow oesophageal groove. Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 493P(0): 31S

Cholinesterase from the larvae of Mythimna separata Walker. Naturalia (Rio Claro) 21(0): 113-121

Cholistan desert, Pakistan. Rangelands 18(4): 124-128

Chondramides A-D, new antifungal and cytostatic depsipeptides from Chondromyces crocatus (Myxobacteria). Production, physico-chemical and biological properties. Journal of Antibiotics 48(11): 1262-1266

Chondroitin-4-sulphate (proteoglycan), a receptor for Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocyte adherence on brain microvascular endothelial cells. Research in Immunology 146(6): 383-393

Choose a cultivar that suits your field. CSM Informatie ( 501): 9-10

Choose a greenhouse screen based on its pest exclusion efficiency. North Carolina Flower Growers' Bulletin 42(2): 7-13

Choose standards for infant growth wisely. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine 151(3): 322-322

Choose tyres carefully. Landbouwmechanisatie 48(5): 16-17

Choosing a furunculosis vaccine: points to consider. Bulletin of the Aquaculture Association of Canada 95(3): 30-37

Choosing a place to grow. Importance of within-plant abiotic microenvironment for Yponomeuta mahalebella. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 83(2): 171-180

Choosing and using a muck spreader. Producteur de Lait Quebecois 14(10): 26-28

Choosing and using a slurry spreader. Producteur de Lait Quebecois 15(1): 30-33

Choosing basswoods for a bee forage planting. American Bee Journal 135(5;7): 344-348; 483-488

Choosing between alternative farming systems: an application of the analytic hierarchy process. Review of Agricultural Economics 18(3): 385-401

Choosing cultivars for natural strawberry cultivation. Obst und Weinbau 132(9): 236-237

Choosing equity indicators: theoretical and empirical considerations. Asian regional symposium on maintenance and operation of irrigation/drainage schemes for improved performance China, 24-27 May 1993: 259-265

Choosing fans for tunnel ventilation. Poultry Digest 56(5): 20-21

Choosing soybean varieties from yield trials: multiple maturity groups and yield variability. Journal of Production Agriculture 9(3): 371-376

Choosing technology. Journal of Forestry 94(6): 23-51

Choosing the right greenhouse covering. GrowerTalks 60(3): 14, 16-20

Choosing the right spray nozzle. Agronomist (Spring): 10-12

Choosing the right trees: setting priorities for multipurpose tree improvement. ISNAR Research Report ( 8): xiv + 87 pp.

Chorion patterns on eggs of Lutzomyia sandflies from the Peruvian Andes. Medical and veterinary entomology 11(2): 127-133

Chorionic morphology of the eggs of Phthiraptera (Psocodea) parasitic on Cavia pamparum Thomas, 1917 (Rodentia, Caviidae). Revista Brasileira de Entomologia 40(2): 211-220

Chorioptic mange in dairy cattle. Veterinarske Novice 23(3): 77-82

Chorioretinitis following liver transplantation: detection of Toxoplasma gondii in aqueous humor. Clinical Infectious Diseases 22(1): 184-185

Chorismate mutase in microorganisms and plants. Phytochemistry (Oxford) 40(4): 1015-1025

Choristoneura lafauryana (Rag.) on soyabean in Friuli. Informatore Fitopatologico 43(6): 46-50

Choroidal neovascularization secondary to Candida albicans chorioretinitis. American Journal of Ophthalmology 121(6): 643-649

Chorological-ecological model of the spread of Puccinellia distans (Poaceae) in Central Europe. Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica 41(2): 551-561

Chorology and ecology of Microsphaera vanbruntiana Gerard var. sambuci-racemosae U. Braun (fungi, Ascomycotina) in Romania. Analele Stiintifice ale Universitatii "Al I Cuza" din Iasi Sectiunea II a Biologie Vegetala 42: 35-41

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Choto-san in the treatment of vascular dementia: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Phytomedicine 4(1): 15-22

Choughs feeding on mining bee Colletes succinctus larvae on Colonsay. Bird Study 42(3): 253-254

Christia vespertilionis var. vespertilionis. Curtis' s Botanical Magazine 13(1): 19-21

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Chromatic characteristics of unifloral honeys. Apicoltura ( 10): 109-120

Chromatic trapping of Thrips tabaci on leek crops. Infos Paris ( 113): 29-33

Chromatid and chromosome type breakage-fusion-bridge cycles in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Genetics 140(3): 1069-1085

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Chromatographic and chemometric investigation of the chemical defence mechanism of poplar tree genotypes against a bark fungine parasite. Journal of Chromatography A 715(1): 95-104

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Chromium. Nutrition action health letter 23(4): 10-11

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