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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2803

Chapter 2803 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Differences in surface color, flesh firmness, physiological activity, and some components of loquat fruits picked at various stages of maturity. Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science 65(4): 859-865

Differences in survival time of Meloidogyne incognita juveniles inside and outside of soil aggregates in an Andosol. Soil Microorganisms ( 49): 1-7

Differences in susceptibilities of mites (Dermatophagoides farinae and Tyrophagus putrescentiae), found in house dust, to exposures to several leaf oils. Mokuzai Gakkaishi = Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society 42(5): 532-533

Differences in susceptibility of Arabidopsis ecotypes to crown gall disease may result from a deficiency in T-DNA integration. Plant Cell 9(3): 317-333

Differences in susceptibility of anadromous and resident stocks of Arctic charr to infections of Gyrodactylus salaris under experimental conditions. Journal of Fish Biology 49(2): 341-351

Differences in susceptibility of six cucumber cultivars to infestation by Aphis gossypii Glov., Tetranychus urticae and Bemisia tabaci as correlated to protein and amino acid contents of leaves. Annals of Agricultural Science, Moshtohor 32(4): 2189-2194

Differences in the abundance of nuclear proteins in the bovine mammary gland throughout the lactation and gestation cycles. Journal of Dairy Science 80(9): 2011-2019

Differences in the acquired resistance of dogs, hamsters, and guineapigs to repeated infestations with adult ticks Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Acari: Ixodidae). Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science 32(1): 43-50

Differences in the acute actions of sGnRH and cGnRH-II on gonadotropin release in goldfish pituitary cells. General and Comparative Endocrinology 100(3): 339-354

Differences in the apoptosis-inducing properties of Viscum album L. extracts. Anti-Cancer Drugs 8 Suppl 1: S9-14

Differences in the biological stress responses of two cattle breeds to walking up to mountain pastures in the Pyrenees. Veterinary Research 27(4-5): 515-526

Differences in the composition of Jamnapari and Barbari goats' milk and paneer yield. Indian Journal of Small Ruminants 2(2): 66-69

Differences in the concentration and composition of low-density lipoprotein subfraction particles between sedentary and trained hypercholesterolemic men. Metabolism Clinical & Experimental 46(2): 186-191

Differences in the early stages of development of gametophytes and tetrasporophytes of Chondracanthus chamissoi (C.Ag.) Kutzing from Puerto Aldea, northern Chile. Aquaculture 143(1): 91-107

Differences in the effects of dehusking during formation of seeds on the germination of seeds of indica and japonica rice (Oryza sativa L.). Annals of Botany 77(6): 599-604

Differences in the etioplast ultrastructure and chlorophyll biosynthesis time course of cold tolerant and cold sensitive maize lines under cold treatment. Maydica 42(3): 305-311

Differences in the formation of aboveground biomass in selected amaranthus cultivars. Vedecke Prace Vyskumneho Ustavu Rastlinnej Vyroby v Piestanochreceived 1997; ( 26): 27-34

Differences in the germination characteristics of Scirpus juncoides - collections from the Tohoku area. Tohoku Journal of Crop Science ( 38): 47-51

Differences in the glycosylation of recombinant and native human milk bile salt-stimulated lipase revealed by peptide mapping. Journal of Chromatography A 718(1): 53-58

Differences in the infection rate of male and female littoral molluscs of the genera Littorina and Hydrobia in the Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea with trematode parthenites. Parazitologiya 29(3): 167-178

Differences in the influence of AIN-purified and non-purified diets on the development of hypertension in SHR and DOCA-salt hypertensive rats. Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology 42(5): 479-484

Differences in the influence of cadmium on the decomposition of various types of organic materials in soil. Soil Science & Plant Nutrition 42(4): 737-743

Differences in the midgut proteolytic activity of two Heliothis virescens strains, one susceptible and one resistant to Bacillus thuringiensis toxins. Archives of Insect Biochemistry & Physiology 31(3): 257-272

Differences in the nutritive value of two rice straw varieties as influenced by season and location. Animal Feed Science & Technology 61(1-4): 247-258

Differences in the oral bioavailability of three rafoxanide formulations in sheep. Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 66(4): 197-201

Differences in the palpal index of Anopheles gambiae carrying an alternative karyotype of inversion 2La. Parassitologia Roma 34(Supplemento): 235-236

Differences in the performance of the progeny of purebred Nelore bulls with a negative or positive selection differential for postweaning performance. Boletim de Industria Animal 51(1): 87-98

Differences in the photosynthetic characteristics and tree growth among four Japanese persimmon cultivars grown in warm climate. Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science 64(4): 757-762

Differences in the physiological responses of two clones of Eucalyptus microtheca selected for their salt tolerance. Plant Science (Shannon) 114(2): 129-139

Differences in the post mortem kinetics of the calpain system in meat from bulls and steers. Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production 56(0): 195-197

Differences in the properties of a red earth after ten years of wheat-lupin and wheat-subterranean clover rotations. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 36(5): 539-543

Differences in the rate of dephosphorylation of thylakoid proteins during dark incubation after chilling in the light between two rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties. Plant Science Limerick 128(2): 159-168

Differences in the rates of metabolism of various triacylglycerols during seed germination and the subsequent growth of seedlings of Dioscorea tokoro, a perennial herb. Plant and cell physiology 37(3): 273-277

Differences in the reactivation process in thermosensitive seeds of Phacelia tanacetifolia with germination inhibited by high temperature (30 degrees C). Physiologia Plantarum 99(2): 211-220

Differences in the regeneration potential of the high plateaux of Trnovo and Crni vrh and the effect of game browsing. Gozdarski Vestnik 42(1): 9-18

Differences in the sensitivity to UVB radiation of two cultivars of rice (Oryza sativa L.). Plant and Cell Physiology 37(6): 742-747

Differences in the special features of ontogenesis determining annual or perennial habit of cereal growth. Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Seriya Biologicheskaya (Moscow) 0(1): 25-31

Differences in the subcellular localization of tobacco mosaic virus and cucumber mosaic virus movement proteins in infected and transgenic plants. Journal of General Virology 76: 3217-3221

Differences in the susceptibility to light stress between epiphytic lichens of ancient and young boreal forest stands. Functional Ecology 10(3): 344-354

Differences in the thyroxine, triiodothyronine and reverse triiodothyronine contents of fetal pig tissues relative to gestational age. Acta Veterinaria Hungarica 43(4): 443-451

Differences in the time of river entry of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., spawning in different parts of the River North Esk. Fisheries Management and Ecology 3(3): 209-218

Differences in the winter metabolism of pedunculate and sessile oaks. AFZ, Allgemeine Forst Zeitschrift 50(5): 233-238

Differences in thermal balance, body temperature and activity between non-melanic and melanic two-spot ladybird beetles (Adalia bipunctata) under controlled conditions. Journal of Experimental Biology 199(Pt 12): 2655-2666

Differences in tolerance against glyphosate between different biotypes of Elymus repens. Vaxtodling Institutionen for Vaxtodlingslara, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet ( 53): 102-106

Differences in tolerance to iron deficiency among olive (Olea europaea L.) cultivars. Iron nutrition in soils and plants Proceedings of the seventh international symposium, Zaragoza, Spain, 27 June 2 July 1993: 197-200

Differences in transcription products and in translation and enzymatic activities during the early stages of imbibition of Phacelia tanacetifolia seeds with germination inhibited by light. Physiologia Plantarum 96(4): 714-721

Differences in transit expression of the GUS gene between vectors and among lines of sugarbeet. Proceedings of the Japanese Society of Sugar Beet Technologists ( 37): 7-13

Differences in tuber rot development for North American clones of Phytophthora infestans. American Potato Journal 74(1): 39-43

Differences in uptake and tolerance to heavy metals in Salix from unpolluted and polluted areas. Applied Geochemistry 11(1/2): 175-180

Differences in uptake and transport of oxalate among stem rot (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) resistant and susceptible rapeseed (Brassica napus) varieties. Oil Crops of China 19(1): 50-52

Differences in virus transmission and scar production among males and females of the western flower thrips. Proceedings of the Section Experimental and Applied Entomology of the Netherlands Entomological Society 7: 183-189

Differences in warm-season, rainstorm-generated stormflows for northeastern Illinois urbanized basins. Water Resources Bulletin 32(6): 1307-1317

Differences in water balance, stomatal characteristics and other physiological parameters in chlorotic and green plants of ratoon cane of variety CoLk 8102. Indian Sugar 47(1): 17-21

Differences in winter wheat cultivars in aphid infestation in relationship to biochemical characteristics. Rostlinna Vyroba 42(1): 41-45

Differences observed in qualitative and quantitative traits of five red sea bream strains propagated under the same rearing conditions. Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi 61(5): 717-726

Differences of anthocyanin expression in Gossypium hirsutum L. and Gossypium barbadense L. 1995 Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Conferences, San Antonio, TX, USA, January 4-7, 1995: Volume 1: 539-542

Differences of brewing quality between sorghum grains from south and north China. Crop Genetic Resources ( 4): 32-33

Differences of electrical conductivity, organic and inorganic constituents in leakage from aged and non-aged vegetable seeds. Korean Journal of Crop Science 40(4): 533-541

Differences of internode Brix degree with different sowing dates in sweet sorghum. Korean Journal of Crop Science 40(4): 451-459

Differences of stem tapering grade and ring width between selection forest and clear cutting forest. Journal of the Japanese Forestry Society 78(1): 100-103

Differences on organogenesis of callus types in saffron. Journal of Plant Resources & Environment 5(3): 63-64

Differences within and between populations and between years in floral morphology of Cytisus scoparius (L.) Link. Anales del Jardin Botanico de Madrid 53(1): 33-40

Different MRF4 knockout alleles differentially disrupt Myf-5 expression: cis-regulatory interactions at the MRF4/Myf-5 locus. Developmental Biology 188(2): 349-362

Different agroecosystem productivities across three landforms with similar natural productivities in Central Himalaya. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture 10(1): 87-102

Different approaches to modeling the cost-effectiveness of schistosomiasis control. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 55(5 Suppl): 159-164

Different aspects of Q fever pneumonia. Medecine et Maladies Infectieuses 25(8/9): 955-957

Different aspects of potato quality. Agricultura, Revista Agropecuaria 65(763): 163-165

Different aspects of three and four star hotel establishments in seaside locations: analysis of a sample of hotels. Estudios Turisticos 1996(132): 29-44

Different assessment techniques of leaf blotch (Rhynchosporium secalis (Oud.) J. Davis) in winter barley after artificial inoculation. Journal of Phytopathology 143(9): 553-559

Different behavior of alloplasmic lines of Zea mays under tissue culture. Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter ( 71): 55

Different characteristics in chick embryos of two broiler lines differing in susceptibility to ascites. British Poultry Science 37(5): 1003-1013

Different chromosome combinations of tetra- and hexaploid level from hybrids of tetraploid rye x tetraploid triticale. Triticale: today and tomorrow: 189-194

Different colonization patterns of phytophagous and predatory mites (Acari: Tetranychidae, Phytoseiidae) on three grape varieties: a case study. Experimental and Applied Acarology 20(1): 1-22

Different crop association systems with pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Duch.) cv. Mariucha. Report Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative ( 20): 53

Different cultivation techniques in coffee (Coffea arabica L.) evaluated in the localities of Sagua de Tanamo. Cultivos Tropicales 15(1): 36-39

Different cultural techniques. Technique Agricole 57(4): 14-18

Different depths of water for the rearing of freshwater prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii). Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Zootecnia 24(6): 863-873

Different diagnostic methods for tularaemia. A critical study. Bulletin de l' Academie Veterinaire de France 68(4): 373-378

Different dietary calcium intake and relative supersaturation of calcium oxalate in the urine of patients forming renal stones. Clinical Science 93(3): 257-263

Different effects of flavour amplification of nutrient dense foods on preference and consumption in young and elderly subjects. Food quality and preference 8(2): 151-156

Different effects of intercropping on the population dynamics of herbivores and their natural enemies in white cabbage. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Allgemeine und Angewandte Entomologie 10(1-6): 265-268

Different effects of palmitic and stearic acid-enriched diets on serum lipids and lipoproteins and plasma cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity in healthy young women. Metabolism Clinical & Experimental 45(2): 143-149

Different effects of some isoquinoline alkaloids from Argemone mexicana on electrically induced contractions of isolated guinea-pig ileum. Phytotherapy Research 11(2): 155-157

Different effects of traditional Chinese medicines containing similar herbal constituents on prednisolone pharmacokinetics. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 47(8): 687-692

Different energization mechanisms drive the vacuolar uptake of a flavonoid glucoside and a herbicide glucoside. Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(47): 29666-29671

Different evolutionary conditions for worker and soldier castes: genetic systems explaining caste distribution among eusocial insects. Journal of Theoretical Biology. 7 March; 1611: 111-117

Different exon-intron organizations of the genes for two astacin-like proteases, high choriolytic enzyme (choriolysin H) and low choriolytic enzyme (choriolysin L), the constituents of the fish hatching enzyme. European Journal of Biochemistry 237(3): 752-758

Different expression patterns of the promoters of the NgrolB and NgrolC genes during the development of tobacco genetic tumors. Plant & Cell Physiology 37(4): 489-498

Different extents of leaf-variegation in Epipremnum aureum as influenced by different light levels. Journal of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science 38(5): 537-540, Oct

Different extents of salt stress in Epipremnum aureum as influenced by uniconazole and GA3. Journal of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science 38(5): 556-560, Oct

Different female reproductive phenotypes determined by human growth hormone (hGH) levels in hGH-transgenic rats. Biology of Reproduction 56(4): 847-851

Different forms of molybdenum cofactor in Vicia faba seeds: the presence of molybdenum cofactor carrier protein and its purification. Planta 201(1): 64-70

Different fractions of phosphorus in acid hill soils of Manipur. Journal of Hill Research 9(2): 371-374

Different genetic characteristics of Plasmodium falciparum isolates collected during successive clinical malaria episodes in Senegalese children. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 54(6): 632-643

Different helper component mutations associated with lack of aphid transmissibility in two isolates of potato virus Y. Phytopathology 85(12): 1519-1524

Different hemagglutinin cleavage site variants of H7N7 in an influenza outbreak in chickens in Leipzig, Germany. Virology 218(1): 253-257

Different host reactions can involve field resistance of plum genotypes to plum pox virus. Acta Horticulturae ( 386): 306-310

Different incidences of pine wilt disease in Pinus densiflora seedlings growing with different tree species. Forest Science 41(4): 841-850

Different influence of CGRP (8-37), an amylin and CGRP antagonist, on the anorectic effects of cholecystokinin and bombesin in diabetic and normal rats. Peptides 18(5): 643-649

Different inoculum levels of Fusarium oxysporum on brinjal. Current Agricultural Research 8(Supplement): 24-28

Different insecticides select multiple carboxylesterase isoenzymes and different resistance levels from a single population of Culex quinquefasciatus. Pesticide Biochemistry & Physiology 54(1): 4-11

Different levels of morphometric variation in three heterogamous dogrose species (Rosa sect. Caninae, Rosaceae). Plant Systematics and Evolution 204(3/4): 207-224

Different lipid transfer protein mRNA accumulate in distinct parts of Prunus amygdalus flower. Plant Science (Shannon) 129(1): 49-56

Different management of permanent grassland and leys on arable land. Norsk Landbruksforsking 7(3-4): 297-312

Different mechanisms involved in the vasorelaxant effect of flavonoids isolated from Satureja obovata. Planta Medica 62(6): 554-556

Different mechanisms of homologous and nonhomologous recombination in brome mosaic virus: role of RNA sequences and replicase proteins. Seminars in Virology 7(6): 363-372

Different mechanisms of hydroxylation site selection by liver and kidney cytochrome P450 species (CYP27 and CYP24) involved in vitamin D metabolism. Journal of Biological Chemistry 270(28): 16766-16774

Different methanol feeding strategies to recombinant Pichia pastoris cultures producing high level of dextranase. Biotechnology Techniques 11(7): 461-466

Different methods for determination of plant available soil phosphorus. Communications in Soil Science & Plant Analysis 27(5-8): 1501-1512

Different methods of harvesting sweet sorghum. Kukuruza i Sorgo ( 6): 12-13

Different methods of pollination and hormone treatment and the early and total yield of tomatoes cultivars Carpy and Candela. Materiay ogolnopolskiej konferencji naukowej Nauka Praktyce Ogrodniczej z okazji XXV lecia Wydziau Ogrodniczego Akademii Rolniczej w Lublinie: 505-508

Different methods of producing potato seed. Vaxtodling Institutionen for Vaxtodlingslara, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet ( 55): 35 pp.

Different models of pink bollworm Pectinophora gossypiella Saunders trap catches and boll infestation relationships under different conditions. Egyptian Journal of Agricultural Research 73(4): 1019-1034

Different origin of the B genome and meiotic process by resynthesized Brassica carinata. Rosliny Oleiste 17(1): 119-126

Different parasitism patterns of two hymenopterous parasitoids (Ichneumonidae and Ibaliidae) depending on the development of Sirex nitobei (Hym., Siricidae). Journal of Applied Entomology 120(5): 301-305

Different parasitoid introduction schemes determine the success of biological control of Aphis gossypii with the parasitoid Aphidius colemani. Bulletin OILB/SROP 19(1): 159-162

Different pathways in arthropod postembryonic development. Evolution 50(2): 573-582

Different patterns of TCR transgene expression in single-positive and double-negative T cells. Evidence for different pathways of T cell maturation. Journal of Immunology Baltimore 156(10): 3591-3601

Different patterns of teliospore germination in Ustilago trichophora. Mycological Research 100(4): 418-420

Different perspectives: experiences with RRA in Zambezi District, Zambia. PLA Notes International Institute for Environment and Development ( 27): 77-80

Different photoreceptors within the same retina express unique combinations of potassium channels. Journal of comparative physiology A Sensory neural and behavioral physiology78(4): 513-522

Different physiological activity of selected rice cultivars to diphenylether herbicide, oxyfluorfen. I. Differential responses of the calli, cells and protoplasts. Korean Journal of Weed Science 16(1): 42-53

Different physiological activity of selected rice cultivars to diphenylether herbicide, oxyfluorfen. II. Different anatomical and ultrastructural responses. Korean Journal of Weed Science 16(1): 54-63

Different physiological activity of selected rice cultivars to diphenylether herbicide, oxyfluorfen. IV. Different activity of antioxidative enzymes. Korean Journal of Weed Science 16(3): 210-220

Different physiological reactions of selected rice cultivars to diphenylether herbicide, oxyfluorfen. III. Differential protoporphyrinogen oxidase (protox) activity and protoporphyrinogen IX (PPIX) accumulation. Korean Journal of Weed Science 16(2): 150-159

Different physiological reactions of selected rice cultivars to diphenylether herbicide, oxyfluorfen. V. Different content of antioxidant and GST activity. Korean Journal of Weed Science 16(4): 327-336

Different physiological reactions of selected rice cultivars to diphenylether herbicide, oxyfluorfen. VI. Responses of oxyfluorfen-similar herbicides. Korean Journal of Weed Science 16(4): 337-345

Different physiological traits underlying increased body fat of fatty (fa/fa) and heterozygous (+/fa) rats. American Journal of Physiology 272(1 Pt 1): E100-E106

Different populations of pectic hairy regions occur in apple cell walls. Carbohydrate Research 275(2): 343-360

Different presowing treatments of Rosa canina 'Schmidts Ideal' seeds and their impact on production cycle shortening. Acta Horticulturae ( 424): 99-101

Different propagation levels of potato virus X (PVX) isolates in PVX coat protein expressing tobacco plants and protoplasts do not correlate with coat protein sequence similarities. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection 30(1): 15-30

Different properties of the inward rectifying potassium conductance of aleurone protoplasts from dormant and non-dormant barley grains. Plant growth regulation 18(1-2): 107-113

Different ratios of sucrose/raffinose-induced membrane depolarizations in the mesophyll of species with symplasmic (Catharanthus roseus, Ocimum basilicum) or apoplasmic (Impatiens walleriana, Vicia faba) minor-vein configurations. Planta 199(2): 185-192

Different reactions of sheep to the intravenously administered of histamine. Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University SGGW AR, Veterinary Medicine ( 19): 91-97

Different regulation of leaf respiration between Spinacia oleracea, a sun species, and Alocasia odora, a shade species. Physiologia Plantarum 101(1): 1-7

Different response to water deficit in male and female plants of buffalo grass. Acta Horticulturae Sinica 23(1): 62-66

Different responses of embryonic axes and cotyledons from tea seeds to desiccation and cryoexposure. Breeding Science 46(2): 149-154

Different responses of pollinating bees to size variation and sexual phases in flowers of Campanula. Ecological Research 10(3): 267-273

Different responses of some grain legumes to copper nutrition. Zeszyty Problemowe Postepow Nauk Rolniczych 434(I): 25-29

Different responses of soyabean cultivars to potassium. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 30(10): 1225-1231

Different responses of tillage practices in reclamation of dense saline sodic soils. AMA, Agricultural Mechanization in Asia, Africa and Latin America 27(4): 9-14

Different responses of winter wheat cultivars to chlorotoluron. Rostlinna Vyroba 41(11): 505-509

Different rifampicin inactivation mechanisms in Nocardia and related taxa. Microbiology and Immunology 40(1): 1-4

Different roles for interleukin-4 during the course of Toxoplasma gondii infection. Infection and Immunity 64(3): 897-904

Different sensitivities of the strawberry cultivars 'Elsanta', 'Korona', 'Polka', and 'Tenira' to ozone. Gartenbauwissenschaft 62(4): 157-162

Different sensitivities of the sugar receptor of the lateral styloconic sensillum in fourth- and sixth-instar larvae of the spruce budworm Choristoneura fumiferana. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 82(3): 335-340

Different sensitivity to wortmannin of two vacuolar sorting signals indicates the presence of distinct sorting machineries in tobacco cells. Journal of Cell Biology 130(6): 1307-1318

Different serotonin receptor types participate in 5-hydroxytryptophan-induced gonadotropins and prolactin release in the female infantile rat. Neuroendocrinology 63(5): 415-421

Different sets of cis-elements contribute to the expression of a catalase gene from castor bean during seed formation and postembryonic development in transgenic tobacco. Plant & Cell Physiology 36(6): 1067-1074

Different sources of reduced carbon contribute to form three classes of terpenoid emitted by Quercus ilex L. leaves. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 93(18): 9966-9969

Different sperm conditions on the fertilization of in vitro matured bovine follicular oocytes and their embryonic development. Sustainable animal production and the environment Proceedings of the 7th AAAP Animal Science Congress, Bali, Indonesia, 11-16 July, 1994 Volume 2: contributed papers: 345-346

Different stress factor signals converge at phosphoinositide turnover in Drosophila cells. Journal of Thermal Biology 21(2): 85-89

Different subsets of T cells in conjunction with natural killer cells, macrophages, and activated microglia participate in the intracerebral immune response to Toxoplasma gondii in athymic nude and immunocompetent rats . American Journal of Pathology 146(4): 999-1007

Different susceptibility of runner bean plants to excess copper as a function of the growth stages of primary leaves. Journal of Plant Physiology 149(1-2): 217-221

Different systems of raising celeriac plants. Mededeling Provinciaal Onderzoek en Voorlichtingscentrum voor Land en Tuinbouw, Beitem Roeselare ( 369): 4 pp.

Different techniques of food preparation and cooking: implication for dietary surveys. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 55(2): 671-678

Different technological values of different fungicide types in controlling blossom blight (Monilia) of sour cherry. Novenyvedelem 32(11): 575-580

Different tomato bushy stunt virus strains that cause disease outbreaks in solanaceous crops in Spain. Phytopathology 86(5): 535-542

Different transcriptional regulation of cytosolic and plastidic Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase genes in Solidago altissima (Asteraceae). Plant Science Limerick 120(1): 71-79

Different types of Elsanta plants used for strawberry production. Fruit Belge 63(455): 89-93

Different types of heterogeneity and plant competition in monospecific stands. Oikos 75(1): 89-97

Different types of housing in sow maternity units and their effect on piglet welfare and health. Zootecnia de Cuba 2(3-4): 51-60

Different types of soil transport to hydrosystems: dissolved or particulate, lateral or vertical. Transfert des polluants dans les hydrosystemes: 13-26

Different viable models and strategies for the Czech countryside. Zemedelska Ekonomika 41(10/11): 477-480

Different water depth and nitrogen fertilization effects on wheat crop yield. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 31(6): 425-434

Different ways of reducing soil tare in sugarbeet production-work in progress in France. Proceedings of the 59th IIRB Congress, Brussels, Belgium, 13-15 February 1996: 469-481

Differential D1 dephosphorylation in functional and photodamaged photosystem II centers. Dephosphorylation is a prerequisite for degradation of damaged D1. Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(25): 14870-5

Differential IAA dose response relations of the axr1 and axr2 mutants of Arabidopsis. Physiologia Plantarum 98(2): 320-324

Differential abscisic acid regulation of guard cell slow anion channels in Arabidopsis wild-type and abi1 and abi2 mutants. Plant Cell 9(3): 409-423

Differential acceptance of Ceranisus menes (Walker) and Ceranisus americensis (Girault) attacking thrips hosts, Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) and Thrips tabaci (Lind.). Folia Entomologica Hungarica, 57: 83-90 (Suppl)

Differential accumulation and depuration of human enteric viruses by mussels. Water Science & Technology 31(5-6): 447-451

Differential accumulation of PGIP (polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein) mRNA in two near-isogenic lines of Phaseolus vulgaris L. upon infection with Colletotrichum lindemuthianum. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 48(2): 83-89

Differential accumulation of phytoalexins in leaves of susceptible and resistant genotypes of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) inoculated with Puccinia arachidis Speg. Journal of Phytopathology 144(11-12): 527-532

Differential Accumulation of Salicylic Acid and Salicylic Acid-Sensitive Catalase in Different Rice Tissues. Plant Physiology 114(1): 193-201

Differential accumulation of the transcripts of 22 novel protein kinase genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant molecular biology 29(3): 551-565

Differential accumulation of two glycine-rich proteins during cold-acclimation alfalfa. Plant molecular biology 33(4): 625-633

Differential accumulation of water stress-related proteins, sucrose synthase and soluble sugars in Populus species that differ in their water stress response. Physiologia Plantarum 99(1): 153-159

Differential accumulation of xanthones in methyl-jasmonate- and yeast-extract-treated cell cultures of Centaurium erythraea and Centaurium littorale. Planta 97(4): 608-612

Differential acquisition of chrysanthemum yellows phytoplasma by three leafhopper species. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 83(2): 219-224

Differential actions of prostaglandin F2 alpha on the ovine corpus luteum. Reproduction in Domestic Animals 31(3): 449-453

Differential activation of Brucella-reactive CD4+ T cells by Brucella infection or immunization with antigenic extracts. Infection and Immunity 63(3): 969-975

Differential activity of progesterone and glucocorticoid receptors on mouse mammary tumor virus templates differing in chromatin structure. Journal of Biological Chemistry 272(22): 14227-14235

Differential acute effects of oxovanadiums and insulin on glucose and lactate metabolism under in vivo and in vitro conditions. Metabolism Clinical & Experimental 46(5): 562-572

Differential alcohol dehydrogenase and malate dehydrogenase isozyme expression in long-term callus tissue cultures of Cereus peruvianus (Cactaceae). Biochemical Genetics 33(11-12): 389-399

Differential Ammonia-Elicited Changes of Cytosolic pH in Root Hair Cells of Rice and Maize as Monitored by 2[prime],7[prime]-bis-(2-Carboxyethyl)-5 (and -6)-Carboxyfluorescein-Fluorescence Ratio. Plant Physiology 113(2): 451-461

Differential and enrichment media for selective culture and recognition of yeast species from clinical material. European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 14(5): 406-411

Differential and strain-specific triggering of bovine alveolar macrophage effector functions by mycoplasmas. Microbial Pathogenesis 21(6): 487-498

Differential and wound-inducible expression of 1-aminocylopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase genes in sunflower seedlings. Plant Molecular Biology 34(6): 923-933

Differential antibody responses in 6.B major histocompatibility (B) complex congenic chickens. Poultry Science 75(2): 203-207

Differential appearance of DNase I-hypersensitive sites correlates with differential transcription of Pgk genes during spermatogenesis in the mouse. Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(24): 14390-7

Differential attraction of Venezuelan Anophelines to human collectors. Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 11(4): 482-484

Differential attractiveness of isolated humans to mosquitoes in Tanzania. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 89(6): 604-606

Differential availability of partially sulphuric and phosphoric acidulated phosphate rocks. I. Plant response. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 47(3): 251-259

Differential binding of the Bombyx silk gland-specific factor SGFB to its target DNA sequence drives posterior-cell-restricted expression. Molecular and Cellular Biology 17(3): 1572-1579

Differential cannibalism and population dynamics in a host-parasitoid system. Oecologia (Berlin) 105(2): 189-193

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