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Effects of supplemental phytase and phosphorus on histological and other tibial bone characteristics and performances of broilers fed semi-purified diets

, : Effects of supplemental phytase and phosphorus on histological and other tibial bone characteristics and performances of broilers fed semi-purified diets. Poultry science 75(5): 618-626

Two trials with day-old chicks were conducted to investigate the effects of supplemental phytase (Natuphos) on histological, mechanical, and chemical properties of tibia, and performances of broilers fed semi-purified diets containing soybean meal as the only organic P source [0.11% nonphytate P (nP)]. Dietary treatments in Trial 1 were: 1) 0.20% nP, 2) Diet 1 + 800 U of phytase/kg of diet, 3) 0.27% nP, 4) Diet 3 + 600 U of phytase, 5) 0.34% nP, 6) Diet 5 + 400 U of phytase. Supplemental phytase and inorganic P increased tibial length (P < 0.01), shear force (P < 0.001), shear stress (P < 0.05), ash content (P < 0.001), and BW gain and feed intake (P < 0.001) during Trial 1. The hypertrophic zone width at the proximal end of the tibia was decreased (P < 0.05), and the tibial width (P < 0.05) of the long axis of the tibia was increased by the phytase and P supplementation. Supplemental phytase enlarged the cartilaginous and proliferative zones of the tibial proximal end (P < 0.05), and an increase in nP levels produced similar effects. Supplementation of phytase and P also tended to improve the orderliness of development and arrangement of cartilage and bone cells. Dietary treatments in Trial 2 were: 1) 0.27% nP, 2) Diet 1 + 350 U of phytase, 3) Diet 1 + 1,050 U of phytase, 4) 0.45% nP, 5) 0.54% nP, 6) Diet 5 + 1,050 U of phytase. Broilers fed diets containing relatively high levels of nP and phytase supplementation in Trial 2 gave results similar to those observed in Trial 1. Marked improvements (P < 0.05) in the ash content, shear force, shear stress, length of tibia, BW gain, and feed intake, and reduced hypertrophic zone width were achieved for broilers fed the P-deficient diet supplemented with phytase. Also, supplemental phytase tended to increase the width of cartilaginous and proliferative zones, to increase trabecular bone density, and to improve the orderliness of development and mineralization of cartilage and bone cells. In summary, supplementing a low-nP diet with inorganic P or phytase resulted in similar beneficial effects on bone development.


PMID: 8722910

DOI: 10.3382/ps.0750618

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