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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2830

Chapter 2830 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Entrepreneurial management of tourism supply. Gospodarstvo Istre 8(1/2): 95-104

Entrepreneurial strategies, decision making and styles of farming. Onderzoekverslag Landbouw Economisch Instituut ( 143): 58-60

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Entrepreneurship: a strategy for rural development. Rural development research: a foundation for policy: 29-46

Entry and expansion: land transactions in agriculture. TRDC Publication ( 196): x + 74 pp.

Entry and survival of Leishmania amazonensis amastigotes within phagolysosome-like vacuoles that shelter Coxiella burnetii in Chinese hamster ovary cells. Infection and Immunity 63(9): 3502-3506

Entry of Borrelia burgdorferi into macrophages is end-on and leads to degradation in lysosomes. Infection and Immunity 64(7): 2867-2872

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Entry of mouse embryonic germ cells into meiosis. Developmental Biology 187(1): 107-113

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Entry versus success in the labor force: young women's employment in Sri Lanka. World Development Oxford 25(3): 379-394

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Enumeration of propionibacteria in raw milk using a new selective medium. Lait 75(4/5): 315-323

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Enumeration of wild edible plants from Susala island, Mulshi reservoir, Pune district. Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany 19(3): 555-569

Env-specific CTL predominate in cats protected from feline immunodeficiency virus infection by vaccination. Journal of Immunology 157(8): 3658-3665

Envelope gene sequence variation among Japanese encephalitis viruses isolated in Korea. Acta Virologica 40(5-6): 303-309

Envelope glycoprotein interactions in coronavirus assembly. Journal of Cell Biology 131(2): 339-349

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Environment and adaptive biology of plants. Environment and adaptive biology of plants: xxxv + 322 pp.

Environment and biogeography of the western boreal forest. Forestry chronicle 72(1): 51-58

Environment and development: gender perspective. Environment and development: gender perspective: vii + 147 pp.

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Environment and energy industry. NABC Report ( 8): 25-31

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Environment in the European Union 1995: report for the review of the Fifth Environmental Action Programme. Environment in the European Union 1995: report for the review of the Fifth Environmental Action Programme: 151 pp.

Environment industry yearbook 1997. Environment industry yearbook 1997: xvii + 480 pp.

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