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Evaluation on relations between the oxalic acid producing enzyme, oxaloacetase from Tyromyces palustris, and wood decaying activity

, : Evaluation on relations between the oxalic acid producing enzyme, oxaloacetase from Tyromyces palustris, and wood decaying activity. Mogjae Gonghak = Journal of the Korean Wood Science and Technology 24(1): 48-53

The brown rot fungus, Tyromyces palustris has been reported to cause the loss of strength accelerated by oxalate, a non-enzymatic low molecular weight acid, with minute weight loss of decaying wood in the early stage. The production of oxalate in relation to wood decay and the presence of oxaloacetase, an oxalate producing enzyme, were identified during the process. Fomitopsis palustris produced the largest amount of oxalate among brown rot fungi.


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