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How to measure inclusive fitness, revisited

, : How to measure inclusive fitness, revisited. Animal Behaviour 51(1): 225-228

The calculation of inclusive fitness in an individual, which is derived by augmenting its traditional Darwinian fitness by certain components and stripping it of others, is discussed. The component to be subtracted in the original derivation of inclusive fitness was defined as all of the components that could be considered as due to an individual's social environment (Hamilton 1964). However, this verbal definition of the component to be subtracted, e0, does not agree with its algebraic definition. Although resolving the verbal definition of e0 with its original algebraic definition solves the bizarre problem of zero inclusive fitness for breeders, it raises 2 new and conceptually problematic issues--the correct definition of eO not being relevant to a correct calculation of Hamilton's rule and helpers often having negative inclusive fitness. These 2 perplexing issues are discussed.


DOI: 10.1006/anbe.1996.0019

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