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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2877

Chapter 2877 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Intensity of assimilation of carbonic acid by different types of soil of Ukraine. Visnik Agrarnoi Nauki ( 8): 15-18

Intensity of attack of the corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hubner) on the territory of Baranja in the period 1971-1990. Natura Croatica 6(1): 137-142

Intensity of colonization of root cortex and its relation with phosphorus uptake by Pensacola grass. Ciencia Rural 25(2): 223-228

Intensity of deviation in annual cropping in Neelum and Totapuri cultivars of mango. Advances in Agricultural Research in India 2: 92-97

Intensity of forest management and bark beetles in non-epidemic conditions: a comparison between Finnish and Russian Karelia. Journal of Applied Entomology. June; 1205: 257-264

Intensity of groundnut pod loss due to rodents. Journal of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Monitoring 5(1): 35-38

Intensity of mulberry powdery mildew in West Bengal with some measures to control. Indian Journal of Sericulture 34(2): 114-117

Intensity of precommercial crop-tree release increases diameter and crown growth in upland hardwoods. General Technical Report Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service ( NE-197): 388-398

Intensity of protein synthesis in maize root meristems under the influence of hypothermia and ABA. Ukrainskii Botanichnii Zhurnal 54(1): 91-97

Intensity of stalk borer attack in sugarcane. Indian Sugar 46(7): 537-540

Intensity of top shoot borer attack to sugarcane varieties. Cooperative Sugar 28(8): 621-623

Intensive 50-week evaluation of glipizide administration in 50 cats with previously untreated diabetes mellitus. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 210(6): 772-777

Intensive beef cattle production on irrigated pastures in Colorado River Valley, Buenos Aires Province. Revista Argentina de Produccion Animal 15(3/4): 1107-1109

Intensive care - nutritional support. Manual of companion animal nutrition and feeding: 171-180

Intensive cattle grazing of oxeye daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum). Weed Technology 11(1): 176-181

Intensive chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation: the challenge of fungal infections. Proceedings of a satellite symposium to the 21st Annual meeting of the European group for blood and marrow transplantation held in Davos, Switzerland on 19 March 1995. European Journal of Haematology 56(Suppl. 57): 5-23

Intensive cherry cultivation using mechanical contour pruning and growth regulators. Rasteniev"dni Nauki 32(7/8): 103-106

Intensive cropping system in terai zone of West Bengal. Agroecosystems management Proceedings of a national symposium held at Visva Bharati, Sriniketan, West Bengal, on 18-21 February 1989: 161-165

Intensive cropping systems for sustained crop production. Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities 19(3): 342-344

Intensive crushing or extra wide mowing? A comparison of costs and labour. Landbouwmechanisatie 46(4): 12-17

Intensive culture of juvenile and adult Eurasian perch (P. fluviatilis): effect of major biotic and abiotic factors on growth. Journal of Applied Ichthyology 12(3/4): 175-180

Intensive dairy systems in the Southern Mediterranean: current development and possible development. Cattle in the Mediterranean area: Proceedings of a special session of the Cattle Commission, Madrid, Spain, 1992: 27-37

Intensive dairying, inputs and returns. 1996 Dairyfarming Annual Volume 48 Proceedings of the 48th Meeting of Dairyfarmers, Canterbury, New Zealand, 27-29 May 1996 48: 126-128

Intensive fattening of steers: reflections on the efficiency and profitability of production systems. Documentos Centro Nacional de Pesquisa de Gado de Corte ( 66): 31 pp.

Intensive harvesting impacts on soil temperature and solution chemistry in the Maritimes region of Canada. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 24(2-3): 402-414

Intensive linkage mapping in a wasp (Bracon hebetor) and a mosquito (Aedes aegypti) with single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis of random amplified polymorphic DNA markers. Genetics 143(4): 1727-1738

Intensive maize production - the basis for intensification of beef and dairy cattle production in Venezuela. Proceedings of the XVI International Grassland Congress, 4-11 October 1989, Nice, France: 1523-1524

Intensive management of teak (Tectona grandis) plantations under irrigation on farm lands - some observations. Indian Forester 122(7): 641-645

Intensive management of tropical hair sheep in Martinique. Productions Animales (Paris) 10(1): 21-32

Intensive mechanical forage conditioning: relationship to increased animal utilization. Paper American Society of Agricultural Engineers ( 971085): 15 pp.

Intensive olive production in Tuscany: entrepreneurial choices between different planting systems. Genio Rurale 59(2): 27-39

Intensive orchards of stone fruits on VVA-1 rootstock. Sadovodstvo i Vinogradarstvo ( 2): 4-5

Intensive plantation cropping, a source of sustainable food and energy production in the tropical rain forest areas in southeast Asia. Forest Ecology & Management 91(1): 93-102

Intensive production of juvenile cuttings by mother microplant culture in Hydrangea macrophylla Leuchtfeuer. Canadian Journal of Botany 74(4): 561-567

Intensive rearing of wild pigs. 1. Changes in carcass composition with age at slaughter. Rivista di Suinicoltura 37(9): 71-75

Intensive rearing of wild pigs. 2. Effect of the energy content of feeds on meat quality and fatty acid composition of fat depots. Rivista di Suinicoltura 38(2): 115-119

Intensive rotational grazing for dairy cattle feeding. American journal of alternative agriculture 10(4): 147-151

Intensive shrimp culture and its environmental impact in Tamil Nadu, India. DEEP, Development Education Exchange Papers ( OCTOBER): 38-41

Intensive site-preparation to control armillaria root disease in second-rotation Pinus radiata. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 25(1): 111-116

Intensive soil cultivation measures. Khimiya v Sel' skom Khozyaistve ( 3): 3-5

Intensive sugarcane production: meeting the challenges beyond 2000. Proceedings of the Sugar 2000 Symposium, Brisbane, Australia, 20-23 August 1996. Intensive sugarcane production: meeting the challenges beyond 2000 Proceedings of the Sugar 2000 Symposium, Brisbane, Australia, 20-23 August 1996: x + 531 pp.

Intention to use contraceptives and subsequent contraceptive behavior in Morocco. Studies in Family Planning 27(5): 239-250

Inter and intra cohort variation in the life history of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus). Nordic Journal of Freshwater Research ( 71): 237-244

Inter and intra-day variations in vegetable prices. Agricultural Marketing 39(1): 6-7

Inter comparison of performance of wheat straw to grain ratio estimators in ORP Sukhomajri. Indian Journal of Soil Conservation 22(3): 83-89

Inter cropping of pigeonpea with greengram under different fertility levels and planting system. Annals of Agricultural Research 16(4): 505-508

Inter district migration in West Bengal during 1971-81 pattern and causes: an exploratory study. Demography India 24(1): 133-146

Inter species variation in the performance of cotton under soil salinity stress. Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciences 9(1): 73-77

Inter state migration in India. Indian Journal of Regional Science 28(2): 55-67

Inter- and intra-genomic homology of the Brassica genomes: implications for their origin and evolution. Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 93(8): 1225-1233

Inter- and intra-instar food consumption in the German cockroach, Blattella germanica. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 79(2): 171-178

Inter- and intra-specific chemical communication in the honey bee: relationships between honey bee and varroa, brood and worker, and queen and worker. La communication chimique inter et intra specifique chez l' abeille: relations abeille varroa, couvain ouvriere, et reine ouvriere: 164 pp.

Inter- and intra-strain variations in the pathogenicity of Toxoplasma gondii. Clinical and epidemiological consequences. Bulletin de l' Academie Nationale de Medecine 177(8): 1411-1421

Inter- and intraindividual variability of the response to intravenous glucose tolerance testing in cats. American Journal of Veterinary Research 57(9): 1294-1298

Inter- and intramolecular isotopic correlations in some cyanogenic glycosides and glucosinolates and their practical importance. Phytochemistry (Oxford) 43(3): 585-592

Inter- and intraspecies comparison of the 16S-23S rRNA operon intergenic spacer regions of six Listeria spp. International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 47(3): 863-869

Inter- and intraspecific competition in web-building spiders. Acta Arachnologica 45(1): 81-88

Inter- and intraspecific identification of Bartonella species by PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of a fragment of the ribosomal operon. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 33(12): 3370

Inter- and intraspecific interactions among larvae of specialist and generalist parasitoids. Researches on Population Ecology (Kyoto) 38(2): 265-273

Inter- and intraspecific polymorphism at chloroplast SSR loci and the inheritance of plastids in Pinus radiata D. Don. Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 93(4): 587-592

Inter- and intraspecific predation on immatures by adult females in Euseius finlandicus, Typhlodromus pyri and Kampimodromus aberrans (Acari: Phytoseiidae). Experimental and Applied Acarology 21(3): 131-150

Inter- and intraspecific variation in pollen size in Asphodelus section Asphodelus (Asphodelaceae). Grana 35(2): 97-103

Inter- and intraspecific variation in resistance to desiccation by adult Aedes (Stegomyia) spp. (Diptera: Culicidae) from Indonesia. Journal of Medical Entomology 33(1): 53-57

Inter- and intraspecific variation in the ITS region of rDNA of ectomycorrhizal fungi in Fennoscandia as detected by endonuclease analysis. New Phytologist 136(2): 313-325

Inter- and intraspecific variation within the morphologically-similar arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Glomus mosseae and Glomus coronatum. New Phytologist 133(1): 113-122

Inter-Center collaboration at the ICRISAT Sahelian Center. Research Bulletin International Crops Research Institute for the Semi Arid Tropics ( 18): 27 pp.

Inter-Process Communication - standardization aims to improve equipment compatibility. Resource, Engineering and Technology for a Sustainable World 4(6): 7-8

Inter-annual variability of spring growth of a permanent pasture in Lorraine under an intensive rotational grazing system. Proceedings of the XVI International Grassland Congress, 4-11 October 1989, Nice, France: 533-534

Inter-colonial and intra-colonial variation in Dufour's gland secretion in the bumble bee species Bombus hypnorum (Hymenoptera: Apidae). Sensory systems of arthropods: 469-480

Inter-cropping systems in spring planted sugarcane with oilseeds and pulses. Cooperative Sugar 26(4): 273-275

Inter-ethnic frontiers at Choco and the Colombian national space: the territorial stakes. Civilisations 44(1/2): 138-151

Inter-ethnic relations and tourism in Bima, Sumbawa. Sojurn 10(2): 233-258

Inter-larval competition and its subsequent effect on Pediobius furvus (Hym.: Eulophidae) broods for the management of graminaceous stem borers. Biocontrol Science and Technology 7(2): 239-245

Inter-leaf movement of larvae of diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella L. (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae) on rape (Brassica napus) seedlings. Japanese Journal of Applied Entomology and Zoology. February; 401: 35-38

Inter-patch variation in seed-set and seed size of white clover (Trifolium repens L.) in a T.repens/Zoysia japonica coexisting sward. Nippon Sochi Gakkaishi = Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science 40(1): 85-94

Inter-plant movement and suppression of tobacco budworm in mixtures of transgenic Bt and non-transgenic cotton. 1996 Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Conferences, Nashville, TN, USA, January 9-12, 1996: Volume 2: 924-927

Inter-plant movement of tobacco budworm larvae in mixed-plantings of Bt and non-Bt cotton. 1995 Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Conferences, San Antonio, TX, USA, January 4-7, 1995: Volume 2: 775-779

Inter-population genetic variation in the freshwater leech Nephelopsis obscura in relation to environmental heterogeneity. Hydrobiologia 325(2): 131-136

Inter-region recycling of anaerobic digested biowaste. Bulletin des Seances, Academie Royale des Sciences d' Outre Mer 41(2): 211-219

Inter-regni transplants: 1. Cultured plant cells of Mimosa tenuiflora grafted in animals. Ethnobiology in human welfare: abstracts of the fourth international congress of ethnobiology, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, 17-21 November, 1994: 99

Inter-relationship among some quantitative traits in multivoltine races of silkworm Bombyx mori L. Current Research University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore 24(5): 87-88

Inter-relationship between erythron parameters in camels naturally infected with gastrointestinal nematodes. Indian Journal of Veterinary Medicine 16(1): 5-9

Inter-relationship of leaf photosynthesis, specific leaf weight and leaf anatomical characters in soybean. Indian Journal of Plant Physiology 1(1): 6-9

Inter-relationship of quantitative traits in brinjal. Madras Agricultural Journal 82(6-8): 488-490

Inter-relationship of yield, protein and nodulation characteristics in pigeonpea. Indian Journal of Pulses Research 8(2): 212-214

Inter-relationships among cane yield and commercial cane sugar and their component traits in autumn plant crop of sugarcane. Euphytica 95(1): 109-114

Inter-relationships between irrigation scheduling methods and on-farm irrigation systems. Water Reports ( 8): 91-104

Inter-relationships between yield and yield attributes in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp). Annals of Agricultural Research 17(4): 337-341

Inter-seasonal stability of high yielding rice genotypes. Journal of Tropical Agriculture 33(2): 155-157

Inter-site variability in crop-weed interference in winter wheat. Proceedings of the second international weed control congress, Copenhagen, Denmark, 25-28 June 1996: Volumes 1-4: 203-208

Inter-sowing of Lotus tenuis in a pasture of the Salado Basin. Evaluation of the sowing. Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia Universidad de Buenos Aires 15(1): 43-49

Inter-specific variation in entomopathogenic nematode foraging strategy: dichotomy or variation along a continuum?. Fundamental and Applied Nematology, 204: 393-398

Inter-university cooperation in agricultural sciences: institutional barriers and challenges for student mobility (the European ERASMUS Programme). European Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension 3(1): 1-19

Inter-varietal differences in xylem exudate composition and growth under contrasting forms of N supply in cucumber. Plant & Soil 178(2): 311-317

Inter-varietal variations of rutin content in common buckwheat flour (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.). Euphytica 86(3): 183-189

Inter-zonal disparities in fertilizer use in Andhra Pradesh. Indian Journal of Regional Science 28(2): 41-46

Interacting effects of MON 12000 and CGA-152005 with other herbicides in velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti). Weed Science 45(3): 434-438

Interacting effects of lek placement, display behavior, ambient light, and color patterns in three neotropical forest-dwelling birds. American Naturalist 148(3): 421-452

Interacting effects of photoperiod and photosynthetic photon flux on net carbon assimilation and starch accumulation in potato leaves. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science. American Society for Horticultural Science 121(2): 264-268

Interacting effects of salinity and growth regulators on some chemical composition of wheat plants. Annals of Agricultural Science, Moshtohor 33(2): 659-668

Interacting genes required for pharyngeal excitation by motor neuron MC in Caenorhabditis elegans. Genetics 141(4): 1365-1382

Interacting influence of SAR and electrolyte concentration on the hydraulic conductivity and dispersion of soils. Madras Agricultural Journal 80(4): 202-206

Interaction among bovine somatotropin, insulin, and gonadotropins on steroid production by bovine granulosa and thecal cells. Journal of Dairy Science 79(5): 813-821

Interaction among manganese, phosphorus and other macronutrients in their uptake by barley. Proceedings of the third congress of the European Society for Agronomy, Padova University, Abano Padova, Italy, 18-22 September 1994: 502-503

Interaction analyses of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1A toxins with two aminopeptidases from gypsy moth midgut brush border membranes. Insect Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 27(6): 529-539

Interaction Analyses of Genes Required for Resistance Responses to Powdery Mildew in Barley Reveal Distinct Pathways Leading to Leaf Cell Death. Plant Cell 9(8): 1397-1409

Interaction and regulation of the Caenorhabditis elegans death protease CED-3 by CED-4 and CED-9. Journal of Biological Chemistry 272(34): 21449-21454

Interaction assessment: predicting the impact of alternate range management actions. General Technical Report Intermountain Research Station, USDA Forest Service ( INT-GTR-338): 178-181

Interaction between acari ectoparasites and rodents in Suez Governorate, Egypt. Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology 25(2): 377-394

Interaction between Alternaria alternata or Fusarium equiseti and Glomus mosseae and its effects on plant growth. Biology and fertility of soils4(3): 301-305

Interaction between Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculants and soybean (Glycine max) cultivars. Indian Journal of Plant Physiology 38(1): 54-56

Interaction between CO2 concentration, aggregate structure and primordia formation in paper-containing casing material. Mushroom science XIV, Volume 1 Proceedings of the 14th international congress on the science and cultivation of edible fungi, Oxford, UK, 17-22 Sep 1995: 323-331

Interaction between Ca2+ and dissolved organic carbon: implications for metal mobilization. Applied Geochemistry 11(1/2): 109-115

Interaction between DIF and plant growth regulators on stem elongation of Salvia plug seedlings. Journal of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science 38(4): 415-419, Aug

Interaction between Dactylis glomerata and Phleum pratense in their shoot weight. Zeszyty Problemowe Postepow Nauk Rolniczych 442: 135-142

Interaction between Didelphis albiventris and Triatoma infestans in relation to Trypanosoma cruzi transmission. Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 90(6): 679-682

Interaction between Glomus fasciculatum, Meloidogyne incognita and fungicide in tomato. Indian Journal of Mycology & Plant Pathology 26(1): 38-44

Interaction between HIV and hepatitis B. Aids 11(14): 1789-1790

Interaction between Heterodera cajani and Rhizobium on mung bean and cluster bean. Nematologia Mediterranea 24(1): 101-103

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Interaction between acidogenesis and methanogenesis in the anaerobic treatment of olive oil mill effluents. Water Research 30(1): 183-189

Interaction between acute diarrhoea and falciparum malaria in Nigerian children. Journal of Diarrhoeal Diseases Research 14(4): 269-273

Interaction between amphotericin B, carboplatin, and radiation in human osteosarcoma xenografts in nude mice. Oncology Reports 3(4): 609-612

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