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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2881

Chapter 2881 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Is it possible to decrease the risk of obese kits?. Dansk Pelsdyravl 60(4): 193

Is it possible to derive a reliable estimate of human visceral and subcutaneous abdominal adipose tissue from simple anthropometric measurements?. Metabolism Clinical & Experimental 44(12): 1617-1625

Is it possible to determine whether milk is organic?. Maelkeritidende 110(4): 122-123

Is it possible to develop microbial test systems to evaluate pollution effects on soil nutrient cycling?. Ecological risk assessment of contaminants in soil: 51-69

Is it possible to diagnose at harvest a problem of pollen sterility in wheat?. European Journal of Agronomy 5(3-4): 169-180

Is it possible to diagnose the nutritional status of peach trees by chemical analysis of their flowers?. Acta Horticulturae ( 383): 159-163

Is it possible to eradicate fire blight? The experience of Emilia-Romagna. Informatore Agrario 52(18): 63-67

Is it possible to increase temperature efficiency in seed germination?. Agricultura, Revista Agropecuaria 63(747): 892-895

Is it possible to save labour by thinning?. Fruitteelt nieuws 9(10): 28-29

Is it worth educating farmers? A dual approach applied to the Ivory Coast. Cahiers d' Economie et Sociologie Rurales ( 42/43): 113-144

Is jasmonic acid involved in the endogenous regulation of Dendrobium orchid flower senescence?. Acta Horticulturae 405: 314-319

Is laboratory testing of decay resistance questionable as a single criterion for natural durability?. Document International Research Group on Wood Preservation ( IRG/WP/96-20096): 17 pp.

Is lead in tap water still a public health problem? An observational study in Glasgow. Bmj 313(7063): 979-981

Is liability an ogre in the United States?. World Leisure and Recreation 39(1): 4-7

Is liberal feminism working in the NCAA?. Journal of Sport Management 9(3): 263-272

Is linear programming useful outside the economic field?. Revista de la Facultad de Agronomia Universidad de Buenos Aires 16(1/2): 55-64

Is lithium-induced weight gain prevented by providing healthy eating advice at the commencement of lithium therapy?. Journal of Human Nutrition & Dietetics 9(2): 127-133

Is low rooting density of faba beans a cause of high residual nitrate content of soil at harvest?. Plant & Soil 190(1): 47-60

Is mammary output capacity limiting to lactational performance in mice?. Journal of Experimental Biology 199(Pt 2): 337-349

Is mastitis being reduced in the 1990s?. Cattle Practice 5(2): 61-65

Is maternal obesity a risk factor for anencephaly and spina bifida?. Epidemiology 7(5): 507-512

Is metabolic activity by biofilms with sulfate-reducing bacterial consortia essential for long-term propagation of pitting corrosion of stainless steel?. Journal of Industrial Microbiology 15(4): 329-332

Is milk-borne insulin-like growth factor-I essential for neonatal development?. Journal of Nutrition 127(5 Suppl): 975s-979s

Is more legislation and regulation needed to control crop protection products in Europe?. BRITISH CROP PROTECTION COUNCIL [Author] Brighton crop protection conference: Pests and diseases, , Vols 1-3 : 3) 549-558

Is mycoplasma mastitis (M. bovis) in cows a factorial disease?. Praktische Tierarzt 77(Sondernummer): 18-20

Is national transferable quota an economic policy option?. International Journal of Social Economics 23(4/6): 346-356

Is negative turgor fallacious?. Physiologia Plantarum 99(3): 505-510

Is netleaf hackberry a viable rehabilitation species for Idaho rangelands?. General Technical Report Intermountain Research Station, USDA Forest Service ( INT-GTR-315): 305-309

Is nitric oxide involved in the regulation of the rat testicular vasculature?. Biology of Reproduction 56(5): 1221-1227

Is nitrification affected by the diameter and other properties of soil aggregates?. Folia Microbiologica 41(1): 76-80

Is noncentral obesity metabolically benign? Implications for prevention from a population survey. JAMA 274(24): 1939-1941

Is nutrition important in osteoporosis?. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 56(1b): 357-367

Is obesity related to microvascular and macrovascular complications in diabetes? The Wisconsin Epidemiologic Study of Diabetic Retinopathy. Archives of Internal Medicine 157(6): 650-656

Is oral levamisole immunostimulation in rats mediated by reduced levels of free plasma corticosterone?. International Journal of Immunopharmacology 17(8): 635-640

Is oral rice-based electrolyte solution superior to glucose electrolyte solution in acute childhood diarrhoea?. Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal 7(1): 30-36

Is perioperative nutritional support useful?. Cahiers de Nutrition et de Dietetique 30(5): 289-293

Is peritoneal permeability an adverse risk factor for malnutrition in CAPD patients?. Mineral and Electrolyte Metabolism 22(1-3): 97-101

Is permafrost nutrient-poor soil?. Annual Report of the Hokkaido Research Center, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute 1996; 1995: 71-72

Is photomorphogenic shade avoidance adaptive? Perspectives from population biology. Plant Cell & Environment 20(6): 826-830

Is photosynthetic activity responsible for the stimulating effect of light on ABA-induced proline accumulation in barley leaves?. Journal of Plant Physiology 147(6): 729-735

Is plant quality related to the ratio of radiant energy to thermal energy?. Acta Horticulturae ( 435): 171-182

Is plastic fat rheology governed by the fractal nature of the fat crystal network?. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 73(8): 991-994

Is potassium needed in sports drinks for fluid replacement during exercise?. International Journal of Sport Nutrition 7(2): 154-159

Is prognosis in AIDS patients different with heart involvement? A prospective study in 34 patients. Presse Medicale 26(15): 714

Is proline a compatible solute in calli from NaCl-sensitive Lycopersicon esculentum and NaCl-tolerant L. pennellii?. Journal of Plant Physiology 150(3): 331-337

Is prolonged breastfeeding associated with malnutrition? Evidence from nineteen demographic and health surveys. International Journal of Epidemiology 25(4): 693-703

Is protein standardization in milk something to aim for? In the long term, the disadvantages could be greater than the advantages. Osterreichische Milch and Lebensmittelwirtschaft 51(11): 14-16

Is reduction of transmission desirable for malaria control?. Parasitology Today 11(11): 425-426

Is regrafting in an established pome fruit orchard an alternative to clearing?. Erwerbsobstbau 39(2): 42-44

Is residence in areas of endemic goiter a risk factor for thyroid cancer?. International Journal of Cancer 61(5): 615-621

Is resin-flow disease dependent on extreme climate?. SkogandForskning ( 3): 42-44

Is salinity tolerance related to Na accumulation in Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) seedlings?. Plant and Soil 190(1): 67-75

Is schistosomal glomerulopathy disappearing?. Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical 30(4): 341-343

Is sclerophylly of Mediterranean evergreens an adaptation to drought?. New Phytologist 35(4): 603-612

Is seedling root morphology predictive of seasonal accumulation of shoot dry matter in maize?. Crop Science 37(4): 1237-1241

Is site preparation necessary for bur oak receiving post-planting weed control?. Annales des Sciences Forestieres (Paris) 54(1): 107-116

Is snowboarding just so much hype?. Ski Area Management 34(5): 44-47, 75-83

Is soil quality a useful concept?. SEESOIL 11: 4-10

Is son preference slowing down India's transition to low fertility?. National Family Health Survey Bulletin: 1-4

Is sport unique? A question of definability. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 22: 83-93

Is spray irrigation worth while?. Kartoffelbau 47(3): 94-97

Is square-sawn wood of noble fir (Abies procera) suitable for construction purposes?. Forst und Holz 52(1): 3-9

Is sub-surface drainage financially attractive to control waterlogging?. Australian Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 9(1): 32-36

Is sustainability optimal? Examining the differences between economists and environmentalists. Ecological Economics Amsterdam 15(1): 43-57

Is sustainable tropical timber production financially viable? A comparative analysis of mahogany silviculture among small farmers in the Brazilian Amazon. Ecological Economics Amsterdam 16(2): 147-159

Is tb*-8963 really an allele of tb1?. Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter ( 70): 65

Is tenure secure in communal areas? Some empirical evidence from Kwazulu-Natal. Agrekon 34(4): 178-182

Is the Akagare phenomenon important to iodine uptake by wild rice (Zizania aquatica)?. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 37(3): 339-353

Is the Bioko form of the Simulium damnosum complex (Diptera: Simuliidae) geographically isolated?. Proceedings of the Section Experimental and Applied Entomology of the Netherlands Entomological Society 6: 193-194

Is the Ca:Al ratio superior to pH, Ca or Al concentrations of soils in accounting for the distribution of plants in deciduous forest?. Plant and Soil 177(1): 21-31

Is the autolysis of bacteria a key phenomenon in ripening?. Process Rennes ( 1111): 61-62

Is the bee, Megachile assumptionis (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae), a cavity-nesting specialist?. Journal of Insect Behavior 7(5): 759-765

Is the clinical course of HIV-1 changing? Cohort study. Bmj 314(7089): 1232-1237

Is the concept of carrying capacity useful in variable environments?. Oikos 79(3): 529-542

Is the course of neurocysticercosis modified by treatment with anthelmintic agents?. Archives of Internal Medicine 157(1): 128-129

Is the course of neurocysticercosis modified by treatment with antihelminthic agents?. Archives of Internal Medicine 155(18): 1982-1988

Is the demand for food in industrial countries really price inelastic?. Agrarwirtschaft 46(11): 369-371

Is the dichogamy of Salvia verbenaca (Lamiaceae) an effective barrier to self-fertilization?. Plant Systematics and Evolution 207(1/2): 111-117

Is the environment damaged by composting around the field margin?. Agrarforschung 2(3): 99-102

Is the external appearance of an apple a guarantee of its internal quality?. Obstbau Weinbau 32(11): 295-297

Is the field water use of Eucalyptus largiflorens F. Muell. affected by short-term flooding?. Australian Journal of Ecology 21(2): 173-183

Is the first-male sperm precedence in the predatory mite Macrocheles muscaedomesticae influenced by sperm use of females?. Journal of Ethology 13(1): 141-144

Is the future of agriculture linked to the information systems?. Terra e Sole 51(648/649): 310-315

Is the income elasticity of environmental improvements less than one?. Environmental and Resource Economics 7(1): 45-55

Is the intervention price threatened?. Cultivar Rueil Malmaison ( 393): 64-65

Is the legume nodule a modified root or stem or an organ sui generis?. Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences 16(4): 361-392

Is the locus of poverty changing?. Food policy 20(6): 501-518

Is the oestrogen receptor gene a major gene for litter size in pigs?. Kleinviehzuchter 44(9): 418-421

Is the onset of obesity in suckling italic fa/fa roman rats linked to a potentially larger milk intake?. American Journal of Physiology 271(2): R472-R476

Is the overlap of ranges of Aleppo pine and brutia pine in the east Mediterranean natural or due to human activity?. Population genetics and genetic conservation of forest trees Papers presented at an international symposium organized by IUFRO, held 24-28 August 1992 at Carcans Maubuisson, France: 159-163

Is the polyploid cranberry (Vaccinium sp.) in Finland tetraploid or hexaploid?. Nordic Journal of Botany 16(2): 185-189

Is the post-lunch dip in sprinting performance associated with the timing of food ingestion?. Revista Espanola de Fisiologia 52(4): 247-253

Is the protection of the environment a challenge to the international trading system?. Georgetown International Environmental Law Review 7(2): 463-483

Is the rat a suitable model for humans on studies of cereal digestion?. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 50(11): 710-712

Is the Reaction Catalyzed by 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Reductase a Rate-Limiting Step for Isoprenoid Biosynthesis in Plants?. Plant Physiology 109(4): 1337-1343

Is the risk of root pruning exaggerated?. AFZ/Der Wald, Allgemeine Forst Zeitschrift fur Waldwirtschaft und Umweltvorsorge 51(13): 733-735

Is the severity of Tityus serrulatus scorpion envenoming related to plasma venom concentrations?. Toxicon 34(7): 820-823

Is the share cooperative system a modern enterprise system?. China Rural Survey ( 1): 34-37

Is the sow on heat? The so-called standing reflex. Rivista di Suinicoltura 37(6): 54-57

Is the spatial distribution of tuberculous possums influenced by den quality?. New Zealand Veterinary Journal 44(5): 175-178

Is the sugar intestinal permeability test a reliable investigation for coeliac disease screening?. Gut 40(2): 215-217

Is the training and visit based extension an alternative to conventional system? The Turkish experience. Ege Universitesi Ziraat Fakultesi Dergisi 32(3): 211-218

Is the turbot, Scophthalmus maximus (L.), intestine a portal of entry for the fish pathogen Vibrio anguillarum?. Journal of Fish Diseases. May; 193: 225-234

Is the utilization of insulin as an anabolic agent advocated in malnourished or stressed patients?. Nutrition Clinique et Metabolisme 10(4): 243-252

Is there a GAS (general adaptation syndrome) response to various types of environmental stress?. Biologia Plantarum 38(1): 1-18

Is there a commercial case for tropical timber certification?. Policy Research Working Paper World Bank ( WPS1479): 34 pp.

Is there a cost of sex in hermaphrodites?. Naturwissenschaften 83(5): 225-226

Is there a future for a black peasantry in South Africa?. South Asia Bulletin 15(1): 41-57

Is there a future for mahogany? Papers presented at a meeting on the future for the genus Swietenia in its native forests, held at the Linnean Society, 8 September 1994. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 122(1): 1-87

Is there a future for milk production from non-specialized cattle breeds in the Mediterranean area?. Flamant, J C [Editor], Biyazoglu, J [Editor], Nardone, A [Editor] EAAP Publication; Cattle in the Mediterranean area : 39-47

Is there a metabolic association of glycerol with ethanol in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster?. Physiological Zoology 69(5): 1137-1155

Is there a need for governmental interference to improve the competitiveness of rural areas?. Agricultural competitiveness: market forces and policy choice Proceedings of the twenty second International Conference of Agricultural Economists, Harare, Zimbabwe, 22-29 August, 1994: 327-342

Is there a paragon for feeding broiler breeders at, after peak?. Poultry Digest 55(2): 22-27

Is there a place for traditional midwives in the provision of community-health services?. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 91(3): 237-245

Is there a rationale for fixed-dose antibiotic-antiamebic drug combinations in diarrhea?. Indian Journal of Gastroenterology 16(2): 76-77

Is there a relationship between egg production and hatchability?. Zootecnica International 19(1): 38-40

Is there a relationship between parameters of free radical metabolism and the manifestation of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus?. Ernahrung 20(9): 475-478

Is there a role for gamma delta T cells in parasitic diseases?. Bulletin de l' Institut Pasteur 94(2): 123-138

Is there a role for Serratia spp. in the biocontrol of Melolontha spp.?. Bulletin OILB/SROP 19(2): 47-53

Is there a role for corticosterone in expression of abnormal behaviour in restricted-fed fowls?. Physiology & Behavior 62(1): 7-13

Is there a role for positron emission tomography scanning in HIV-positive patients with Kaposi's sarcoma and lymphadenopathy: two case reports. International Journal of Std & Aids 8(11): 709-712

Is there an alternative to chemical measures?. Zemledelie ( 1): 28-29

Is there an association between periodontal condition and HIV infection?. Journal of Clinical Periodontology 24(8): 580-587

Is there an interaction between antibiotics and enzymes?. Misset World Poultry 12(2): 44-45

Is there an optimal cation-anion difference for lactation diets?. Animal Feed Science & Technology 59(1-3): 3-12

Is there an optimum treatment for chronic cardiac insufficiency? Diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of cardiovascular examination of 112 dogs. Tierarztliche Umschau 51(10): 647...654

Is there an urgent need to redefine social tourism?. Espaces Paris ( 137): 40-43

Is there anaerobic metabolism in submerged rice plants? A viewpoint. Physiology of stress tolerance in rice: Proceedings of the International Conference on Stress Physiology of Rice, Lucknow, UP, India, 28 February 5 March 1994: 11-30

Is there any difference in coronary heart disease risk factors and prevalence of fatty liver in subjects with normal body mass index having different physiques?. Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 177(3): 223-231

Is there any future for the traditionally small farms in less favoured areas? The case of Greece. Agro food small and medium enterprises in a large integrated economy: proceedings of the 44th Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists, Thessaloniki, Greece, 11-14 October 1995: 67-80

Is there any possibility of detecting the use of genetic engineering in processed foods?. Zeitschrift fuer Ernaehrungswissenschaft 36(2): 155-160

Is there ecological adaptation in coconut nursery seedlings stage? A preliminary investigation. COCOS 1995; 10(94/95): 10-19

Is there still a need for land management research for the highlands?. Highland farming: soil and the future? Proceedings of a conference, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 21-22 December 1995: 188-196

Is there vegetation continuum in mangrove swamps?. Acta Botanica Hungarica 37(1-4): 151-159

Is tomato affected by spotted wilt or bud necrosis?. Insect Environment 2(4): 132-133

Is unrecognized anaphylaxis a cause of sudden unexpected death?. Clinical & Experimental Allergy 25(9): 866-870

Is utility additive? The case of alcohol. Applied Economics 29(9): 1163-1167

Is vasopressin a stress hormone in the horse?. Pferdeheilkunde 12(4): 419-422

Is vector control needed in the fight against sleeping sickness? A biomathematical approach. Bulletin de la Societe de Pathologie Exotique 89(4): 299-305

Is vitamin A supply of laying hens sufficient?. Muhle + Mischfuttertechnik 133(4): 49-50

Is vulvovaginal candidiasis an AIDS-related illness?. Clinical Infectious Diseases 22 Suppl 2: S124-S127

Is walking for exercise too exhausting for obese women?. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders 21(5): 380-386

Is water-harvesting in valley floors a viable option for increasing cereal production in highland Balochistan, Pakistan?. Experimental Agriculture 32(3): 305-315

Is women's loan repayment behaviour different than men's? An analysis of gender differentials in loan repayment in four CIRDAP member countries. Asia Pacific Journal of Rural Development 5(1): 103-118

Is yoghurt a source of gastroenteritis?. Jpma. Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association 45(10): 283-283

Ischaemic syndrome of the kestrel (Falco tinnunculus): description and aetiopathogenetic hypothesis. Atti del Convegno Nazionale: Ecopatologia della Fauna Selvatica, Bologna, Italy, 15-17 dicembre 1994: 199-209

Ischnodemus falicus (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae): first record from ornamental grasses, and seasonality of prairie cordgrass in Pennsylvania. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 98(2): 195-198

Iscoms in parasitological research. Parasitology Today 12(8): 320-323

Isihlambezo: utilization patterns and potential health effects of pregnancy-related traditional herbal medicine. Social Science and Medicine 44(7): 911-924

Islamic Republic of Iran. Seed production and marketing in Asia and the Pacific: Report of an APO Seminar, 14-23 September, 1993, Jakarta, Indonesia: 233-237

Islamic republic of Iran. Improving managerial efficiency of rural cooperatives: Report of an APO study meeting on improving managerial efficiency and effective flow of agricultural credit in the Asia Pacific Region, New Delhi, India, 9-16 November 1995: 202-220

Island colonization and evolution of the insular woody habit in Echium L. (Boraginaceae). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 93(21): 11740-11745

Islands and cicadas adrift in the west-Pacific. Biogeographic patterns related to plate tectonics. Tijdschrift voor Entomologie 138(2): 169-244

Islands in an ever-changing sea: the ecological and socioeconomic dynamics of Amazonian rainforest fragments. Forest patches in tropical landscapes: 187204

Islands of nature. Parks and Recreation Arlington 32(6): 28-33

Islands within islands: exclusive tourism and sustainable utilization of coastal resources in Zanzibar. Sustainable tourism in islands and small states: case studies: 32-49

Isle of Man Creameries. Strengthens quality of service at home - and looks further afield. Milk Industry International 98(9): 30-32

Islet amyloid polypeptide and insulin gene expression are regulated in parallel by glucose in vivo in rats. American Journal of Physiology 271(6 Pt 1): E1008-E1014

Islet dysfunction in obese women with impaired glucose tolerance. Metabolism Clinical & Experimental 45(4): 502-509

Isobiflorin, a chromone C-glucoside from cloves (Eugenia caryophyllata). Phytochemistry 45(2): 401-403

Isocaloric glutamine-free diet and the morphology and function of rat small intestine. Jpen. Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition 20(2): 128-134

Isochorismate hydroxymutase from a cell-suspension culture of Galium mollugo L. Planta 02(2): 206-210

Isocratic high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of tryptophan in infant formulas. Journal of Chromatography A 721(1): 83-88

Isocupressic acid, an abortifacient component of Cupressus macrocarpa. New Zealand Veterinary Journal 44(3): 109-111

Isocyanate reactive hot-melt adhesive for veneer laminates. Forest products journal 45(10): 72-76

Isodesacetyluvaricin-insect antifeedant against Longitarsus nigripennis Mots. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 34(4): 377-379

Isodontia mexicana (Sauss.), a nearctic Sphecini, now naturalized in Switzerland (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae). Mitteilungen der Schweizerischen Entomologischen Gesellschaft 68(1-2): 169-177

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Isoelectric focusing of serum gonadotropins during the oestrous cycle of the mare. Isoelektrische Fokussierung von Serumgonadotropinen im Zyklus der Stute: 103 pp.

Isoenzymatic activities involved in induced resistance of cotton to Verticillium dahliae by endophytic bacteria. Jiangsu Journal of Agricultural Sciences 13(2): 99-101

Isoenzymatic and morphological characterization of Spanish vine varieties (Vitis vinifera L.). Bulletin de l' OIV 68(775/776): 720-745

Isoenzymatic characterization of hybrids between Leucaena leucocephala and Leucaena diversifolia ssp. diversifolia grown in Rio Grande do Sul (southern Brazil). Brazilian Journal of Genetics 19(3): 475-478

Isoenzymatic characterization of potentially useful forage shrubs belonging to the genus Cytisus and allies (Genisteae: Leguminosae). Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 23(7/8): 813-824

Isoenzymatic characterization of some Lathyrus L. and Vicia L. species (Leguminosae) occurring in Rio Grande do Sul (Southern Brazil). Brazilian Journal of Genetics 19(2): 283-288

Isoenzymatic identification of 58 isolates of Leishmania obtained from man and dog in Algeria. Archives de l' Institut Pasteur d' Algerie 1997; 60: 167-175

Isoenzymatic variability among five peanut cultivars. Bragantia 53(2): 135-140

Isoenzymatic variability of isolates of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum with different levels of virulence. Arquivos de Biologia e Tecnologia 36(4): 793-808

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Isoflurane potentiates metocurine via peripheral not central nervous system action. Journal of Veterinary Anaesthesia 24(1): 6-9

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