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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2883

Chapter 2883 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

K-ras is an essential gene in the mouse with partial functional overlap with N-ras. Genes & Development 11(19): 2468-2481

K.1: a high yielding, drought tolerant black gram for rainfed vertisol. Madras Agricultural Journal 82(9/10): 517-519

KCl reabsorption by the lower Malpighian tubule of Rhodnius prolixus: inhibition by Cl- channel blockers and acetazolamide. Journal of Insect Physiology 43(7): 657-665

KH/94 in-situ mulch trial on young tea at Khongoloni Estate, Mulanje. Quarterly Newsletter Tea Research Foundation of Central Africa ( 120): 11-14

KINEROS - a kinematic runoff and erosion model. Computer models of watershed hydrology: 697-732

KIS - modelling and implementing a cost information system on the basis of parallel cost accounting, illustrated by the example of a farm business. KIS Modellierung und Implementierung eines Kosten Informationssystems auf Basis der Parallelkostenrechnung dargestellt am Beispiel landwirtschaftlicher Unternehmen: 329 pp.

KK15-36-C: a modern high-yielding rice variety for irrigated lowlands in Papua New Guinea. International Rice Research Notes 21(2/3): 60

KM 7 - a new medium-duration pigeonpea variety for central and south zones of India. International Chickpea and Pigeonpea Newsletter ( 3): 54-55

KNAT1 induces lobed leaves with ectopic meristems when overexpressed in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 8(8): 1277-1289

KRL 1-4: promising salt tolerant wheat variety. Environment and Ecology 14(3): 742-744

KSHV mRNA expression in tissue samples from Kaposi's sarcoma. International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology 10(1): 111-112

KSHV sequences in biopsies and cultured spindle cells of epidemic, iatrogenic and Mediterranean forms of Kaposi's sarcoma. Research in Virology 147(5): 267-275

KTBL agriculture 1996/97 handbook: data for farm calculations. KTBL Taschenbuch Landwirtschaft 1996/97: Daten fur die Betriebskalkulation in der Landwirtschaft: 275 pp.

KTBL provision of information to the German agricultural information network. Informationsmanagement in den Agrarwissenschaften, Band 5 Das Deutsche Agrarinformationsnetz ]: 76-82

KU.9401 - a new white-grained sorghum hybrid of Thailand. International Sorghum and Millets Newsletter ( 36): 99

KWG 4168 (spiroxamine) - chemistry and stereochemistry. Pflanzenschutz Nachrichten Bayer 50(1): 5-14

KWG 4168: a novel foliar fungicide with a particular activity against powdery mildew. Brighton Crop Protection Conference: Pests and Diseases 1996 Volume 1 Proceedings of an International Conference, Brighton, UK, 18-21 November, 1996: 47-52

Kaas becomes a concept. Milch Marketing 13(11): 24

Kadam (Anthocephalus chinensis). Kadam Anthocephalus chinensis: ; iv + 7 pp.

Kadsura acsmithii (Schisandraceae): a new species from Borneo. Blumea 42(1): 107-110

Kaempferol 3-O-(2-O- beta -D-glucopyranosyl-6-O- alpha -L-rhamnopyranosyl- beta -D-glucopyranoside) from the African plant Erythrina abyssinica. International Journal of Pharmacognosy 34(5): 370-373

Kaempferol 3-O-(5-feruloylapioside) from Pteridium aquilinum. Phytochemistry 43(6): 1421-1423

Kagomeb, Matiri and Kitechura Forest Reserves. Biodiversity Report Forest Department, Kampala ( 10): 123 pp.

Kainuu can do. Dairy Industries International 61(5): 27

Kairomone effect of extracts from Coffea canephora over Hypothenemus hampei (Coleoptera: Scolytidae). Environmental Entomology 25(1): 96-100

Kaiser silvicultivator mounted on a tracked excavator. Report Technical Development Branch, Forestry Commission Research Division ( 1/96): 71 pp.

Kakadu: natural and cultural heritage and management. Kakadu: natural and cultural heritage and management: xviii + 318 pp.

Kala-azar cases and Phlebotomus species in Manisa and its hinterland regions between the years 1990-1995. Turkiye Parazitoloji Dergisi 20(3/4): 367-373

Kalanchoe mosaic potyvirus. SP Rapport Statens Planteavlsforsog ( 4): 285-293

Kalinzu and Maramagambo Forest Reserve. Biodiversity Report Forest Department, Kampala ( 4): 121 pp.

Kallikrein binding protein (KBP) maps to rat chromosome 6 but does not cosegregate with blood pressure in a GH x BN cross. Mammalian Genome 8(9): 701-703

Kalmegh - a valuable NTFP for N.W. India. Journal of Non Timber Forest Products 2(1/2): 76-78

Kalmegh - from ethnobotanical realm to modern medication. Ethnobiology in human welfare: abstracts of the fourth international congress of ethnobiology, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, 17-21 November, 1994: 332

Kalmia latifolia. Garden London 122(6): 400-403

Kami-Untan-To enhances choline acetyltransferase and Nerve growth factor mRNA levels in brain cultured cells. Phytomedicine 3(4): 361-367

Kanamycin rescue: a simple technique for the recovery of T-DNA flanking sequences. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 14(2): 115-123

Kanamycin sensitivity of cultured tissues of Piper nigrum L. Journal of Spices and Aromatic Crops 3(2): 158-160

Kansas LEAN: an effective coalition for nutrition education and dietary change. Journal of Nutrition Education 28(2): 115-118

Kansas state's Wheat Genetics Resource Center provides unique oasis for germplasm research. Focus on documenting genetic diversity of wild wheats. Diversity 13(1): 21-23

Kao expands its product range. Nitrogen ( 228): 24-25

Kapok (Ceiba pentandra) seed cake in diets of fattening pigs. Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa 42(4): 311-315

Kaposi's disease. Presse Medicale 26(20): 964-965

Kaposi's sarcoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma following the diagnosis of AIDS. International Journal of Cancer 68(6): 745-758

Kaposi's sarcoma and sex hormones. Aids 11(5): 687-688

Kaposi's sarcoma cells express the macrophage-associated antigen mannose receptor and develop in peripheral blood cultures of Kaposi's sarcoma patients. American Journal of Pathology 150(3): 929-938

Kaposi's sarcoma in the cerebellum of a patient with AIDS. Clinical Neuropathology 16(4): 185-189

Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus encodes a functional cyclin. Journal of Virology 71(3): 1984-1991

Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus gene expression in endothelial (spindle) tumor cells. Journal of Virology 71(1): 715-719

Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus infection of bone marrow dendritic cells from multiple myeloma patients. Science Washington 276(5320): 1851-1854

Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus sequences in benign lymphoid proliferations not associated with human immunodeficiency virus. Cancer 80(4): 788-797

Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus/human herpesvirus type 8 encephalitis in HIV-positive and -negative individuals. Aids 11(9): 1119-1122

Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus: a lymphotropic human herpesvirus associated with Kaposi's sarcoma, primary effusion lymphoma, and multicentric Castleman's disease. Seminars in Diagnostic Pathology 14(1): 54-66

Kappa-casein genotyping and its correlation with milk producing ability of Holstein bulls. Taiwan Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry 65(3): 247-254

Karen tradition according to Christ or Buddha: the implications of multiple reinterpretations for a minority ethnic group in Thailand. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 27(2): 334-349

Karesan as a selective inhibitor of carboxylesterases in arthropods and worms. Biology Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences 23(2): 187-194

Karez irrigation in Pakistan. Geojournal 37(1): 91-100

Karino F1, a new early head cabbage variety. Rasteniev"dni Nauki 32(5): 237-238

Karnal bunt disrupts wheat marketing. California Agriculture 50(3): 4-5

Karnal bunt resistance in wheat in relation to inoculation date, growth stage and isolates. Plant Disease Research 10(2): 105-110

Karnal bunt resistance in wheat-genetic studies. Plant Disease Research 11(1): 35-42

Karnataka Land Amendment Bill 1995: a black bill. Social Action New Delhi 46(4): 361-373

Karnataka Panchayat elections 1995-process, issues and membership profile. Karnataka Panchayat elections 1995 process, issues and membership profile: xiii + 156 pp.

Karvanda (Carissa L.) an underutilized minor fruit of India. Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter ( 109): 20-21

Karyala: an impromptu theatre of Himachal Pradesh. Karyala: an impromptu theatre of Himachal Pradesh: 129 pp.

Karyological analysis of Allium nutans (Alliaceae) introduced into the Siberian Botanic Garden. 1. Chromosome numbers. Botanicheskii Zhurnal 81(7): 91-96

Karyological and meiotic peculiarities in Iphigenia magnifica Ansari et Rolla Rao (2n = 22). Advances in Plant Sciences 7(2): 251-255

Karyological characteristics of the Siberian fir (Abies sibirica Ledeb.) under different growth conditions. Russian Journal of Ecology 27(2): 92-99

Karyological evaluation of AI bulls and potential young sires. Indian Journal of Animal Reproduction 17(1): 39-41

Karyological methods of ploidy level determination in sugar beet varieties. Genetika a Slechteni 31(3): 161-170

Karyological observations in Chamomilla recutita (L.) Rauschert. Atti del convegno internazionale: Coltivazione e miglioramento di piante officinali, Trento, Italy, 2-3 giugno 1994: 459-463

Karyological studies in Gossypium herbaceum cultivars of Iran. Cytologia (Tokyo) 61(4): 365-374

Karyological studies in dioecious Momordica cochinchinensis (Lour.) with reference to average packing ratio. Cytologia 61(3): 297-300

Karyological studies of 3 species of Hemerocallis in Jilin. Journal of Jilin Agricultural University 17(3): 50-55

Karyological studies on Gentiana sect. Chondrophyllae (Gentianaceae) from China. Plant Systematics and Evolution 200(3/4): 161-176

Karyological studies on Spanish Boraginaceae. VII. Heliotropium L. Willdenowia 25(2): 659-668

Karyological studies on five Egyptian species of Dictyoptera (Pterygota: Insecta). Cytologia (Tokyo). September; 613: 285-295

Karyological study of Orchis tridentata Scop. and O. ustulata L. (Orchidaceae) growing in the Crimea. Tsitologiya 38(2): 159-160

Karyology and phylogeny of some Mesoamerican species of Zamia (Zamiaceae). American Journal of Botany 83(11): 1513-1520

Karyology, nuclear genome quantification and characterization of the carrageenophytes Eucheuma and Kappaphycus (Gigartinales). Journal of Applied Phycology 8(6): 465-471

Karyomorphological analyses and heterochromatin characteristics disclose phyletic relationships among 2n = 32 and 2n = 36 species of Orchis (Orchidaceae). Plant Systematics and Evolution 200(1/2): 111-124

Karyomorphological and phylogenetic studies of Mnesithea laevis (Retz.) Kunth. New Botanist 21(1/4): 105-114

Karyomorphological studies of the Taxodiaceae. Forest Genetics 3(3): 141-146

Karyomorphological studies on Fritillaria persica. Phytomorphology 47(1): 27-44

Karyoplast-cytoplast volume ratio in bovine nuclear transfer embryos: effect on developmental potential. Molecular Reproduction and Development 48(3): 332-338

Karyosystematic aspects of leaf-mining Lepidoptera. Lietuvos entomologu darbai Lietuvos entomologu draugijos 30 meciui: 86-89

Karyosystematic study of several bulbous monocotyledons from Morocco. Lagascalia 18(1): 83-104

Karyosystematics of the Phleum alpinum polyploid complex (Poaceae). Plant Systematics and Evolution 203(1/2): 11-25

Karyotaxonomic analysis of supramontane populations of species of the genus Astragalus in Slovakia. Oecologia Montana 5(2): 87-92

Karyotype analysis and relationships in eriophyid mites. Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica 20(4): 420-425

Karyotype analysis based on the female gametophyte of Norway spruce. Forest Genetics 2(1): 41-48

Karyotype analysis of Aconitum orientale and Aconitum nasutum. Turkish Journal of Botany 18(6): 493-495

Karyotype analysis of Paeonia ostii. Hereditas Beijing 18(5): 3-6

Karyotype analysis of Shangnong fragrant, black glutinous rice varieties and their hybrid lines. Journal of Shanghai Agricultural College 13(3): 157-164

Karyotype analysis of Sophora moorcroftiana in Tibet, China. Grassland of China ( 4): 49-51

Karyotype analysis of Sporobolus indicus (L.) R. Br. (Eragrostoideae: Gramineae) by image analysis system. Cytologia 61(3): 301-306

Karyotype analysis of anuran trypanosomes by pulsed-field gradient gel electrophoresis. Journal of Parasitology 81(6): 1018-1020

Karyotype analysis of five macrophyll tea plants. Journal of Tea Science 16(2): 119-124

Karyotype analysis of four taxa of Bupleurum used in Chinese drugs. Journal of Plant Resources & Environment 4(4): 41-45

Karyotype analysis of the nervous ganglion of two species of Lutzomyia (Diptera, Psychodidae) from the Peruvian Andes. Revista Brasileira de Entomologia 39(3): 717-720

Karyotype analysis of three Clematis L. (Ranunculaceae) species. Turkish Journal of Botany 21(5): 285-289

Karyotype and C-band analysis in two species of Genipa L. (Rubiaceae, Gardenieae tribe). Cytologia 62(1): 81-90

Karyotype and C-banding pattern of mitotic chromosomes in alfalfa, Medicago sativa L. Plant Breeding 114(5): 451-453

Karyotype and chromosomal polymorphism of Camptochironomus pallidivittatus (Diptera, Chironomidae). Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 75(7): 1041-1053

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Karyotype instability in Cryptococcus neoformans infection. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 34(6): 1531-1534

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Karyotype of a termitophilic species of Diplopoda (Polydesmida, Chelodesmidae). Brazilian Journal of Genetics. December; 194: 593-595

Karyotype of rice gall midge, Orseolia oryzae Wood-Mason. Current Science (Bangalore) 70(10): 874

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Kashkaval durability predicted by water activity. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science 1(4): 465-468

Kasota barley. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 76(1): 131-133

Kasyoha-Kitomi Forest Reserve. Biodiversity Report Forest Department, Kampala ( 11): 107 pp.

Katayama fever: an acute manifestation of schistosomiasis. Bmj 313(7064): 1071-1072

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Kava, an overview. Distribution, mythology, botany, culture, chemistry and pharmacology of the South Pacific's most revered herb. HerbalGram ( 39): 33-55

Kavain inhibits non-stereospecifically veratridine-activated Na+ channels. Planta Medica 62(6): 580-581

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Ke values for cotton evapotranspiration potential in Isfahan region. Iranian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 25(4): 51-60

Keep agriculture and nature conservation together for the future. Conference of experts on the 19th and 20th of October 1995 at the Gumpenstein Federal Alpine Agriculture Station. Landwirtschaft und Naturschutz Gemeinsam erhalten fur die Zukunft Expertentagung am 19 und 20 Oktober 1995 an der BAL Gumpenstein: 98 pp.

Keep an eye on eyespot. Cultivar Rueil Malmaison ( 399): 30-31

Keeping account of production losses. Ekonomika Sel' skokhozyaistvennykh i Pererabatyvayushchikh Predpriyatii ( 9): 42-44

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