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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2913

Chapter 2913 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Optimal distribution of herbivory and localized compensatory responses within a plant. Vegetatio 127(1): 99-109

Optimal dosage of erythromycin thiocyanate in a new feed additive to control bacterial kidney disease. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 8(3): 229-240

Optimal dose of an antiaggregation pheromone (3-methylcyclohex-2-en-1-one) for protecting live Douglas-fir from attack by Dendroctonus pseudotsugae (Coleoptera: Scolytidae). Journal of Economic Entomology 89(5): 1204-1207

Optimal dose of enterococcal preparation (FK-23) supplemented perorally for stimulation of leukocyte reconstitution in dogs treated with cyclophosphamide. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 58(6): 563-565

Optimal doses of a hydrolised protein for the attraction of Anastrepha obliqua M. in McPhail traps. Agricultura Tecnica en Mexico 21(2): 183-193

Optimal drainage depth of five cultivated organic soils. Swedish Journal of Agricultural Research 25(4): 185-196

Optimal duration of presprouting for seed tubers of early potato cultivars. Biuletyn Instytutu Ziemniaka ( 47): 91-98

Optimal dynamic hedging in unbiased futures markets. American journal of agricultural economics 78(1): 13-20

Optimal energy and fat levels in turkey feeds: observations from the field. Proceedings 9th European poultry conference, Glasgow, UK, 7-12 August 1994: Volume 2: 336-339

Optimal environmental control. GrowerTalks 60(3): 24, 26-30

Optimal estimation of storage-release alternatives for storm-water detention systems. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 122(6): 428-436

Optimal family contributions and a linear approximation. Theoretical Population Biology 48(3): 318-332

Optimal farm management responses to emerging soil salinisation in a dryland catchment in eastern Australia. Land Degradation & Development 8(1): 71-93

Optimal feeding management of gossypol-containing diets for beef cattle. Veterinary Medicine 90(10): 994, 996-1005

Optimal flower lifetimes. Evolutionary Ecology 10(3): 245-248

Optimal ground-water pollution plume containment with fixed charges. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 123(1): 2-14

Optimal herbicide strategies for weed control under risk aversion. Review of agricultural economics 17(3): 243

Optimal instar parasitization in a stage structured host-parasitoid model. Natural Resource Modeling 8(2): 119-138

Optimal investment in generic advertising and research: the case of the Canadian supply managed egg market under partial trade liberalization. Working Paper Department of Agricultural Economics and Business, University of Guelph ( WP95/06): 32 pp.

Optimal investment rules using the real options approach to investment. Tiedonantoja Maatalouden Taloudellinen Tutkimuslaitos ( 212): 7-31

Optimal irrigation model of winter wheat and its application. Acta Agriculturae Boreali Sinica 10(4): 26-33

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Optimal irrigation strategies for beans: soil as limiting factor. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 31(1): 55-61

Optimal land allocation under irreversible land conversion. Journal of Rural Development, Korea 19(1): 1-17

Optimal land grading based on genetic algorithms. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 122(4): 183-188

Optimal leaf sampling time in diagnosis of grapevine nutritional status. Acta Horticulturae ( 383): 135-142

Optimal leverage with risk aversion: empirical evidence. Agricultural Finance Review 56: 85-97

Optimal life histories for structured populations in fluctuating environments. Theoretical Population Biology 51(2): 94-108

Optimal location of climatological stations and meteorological observatories in Mexico. Ingenieri^acutea Hidraulica en Mexico 12(1): 47-64

Optimal location of processing plants: sector modeling considerations and an example. Review of Agricultural Economics 18(3): 491-504

Optimal machine settings. Neue Landwirtschaft (3): 82-83

Optimal management decision on the population life system of paddy stem borer, Tryporyza incertulas. Acta Entomologica Sinica 38(3): 296-304

Optimal management of a coastal aquifer in southern Turkey. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 122(4): 233-244

Optimal marketing of nursery crops from container-based production systems. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 79(1): 235-245

Optimal meadow replacement moment. Catedra de Administracion Rural ( 41): 13 pp.

Optimal monitoring network and ground-water-pollution source identification. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 123(4): 199-207

Optimal nonlinear predictive control for canal operations. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 123(1): 45-54

Optimal number of ramets per clone in two clonal tests. Annales des Sciences Forestieres (Paris) 53(1): 123-138

Optimal nutrition in low birth weight infants. Childhood nutrition: 33-42

Optimal nutritional indexes in post-necrotic liver cirrhosis. Nutritional Sciences Journal 21(2): 133-145

Optimal operation of regional system with diverse water quality sources. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 123(2): 105-115

Optimal path of headland for tractors by optimal control theory (Part 1). Formulation of optimal control problems and forward manoeuvre of tractors. Journal of the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery 59(4): 3-10

Optimal protein level is required for normalization of taste sensitivity in rats. Nutrition Research 17(11-12): 1749-1760

Optimal protein requirements of young Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) fed practical diets . Aquaculture Nutrition 1(4): 227-234

Optimal regional scheduling of solid waste systems. I: Model development. Journal of Environmental Engineering New York 122(9): 785-792

Optimal regional scheduling of solid waste systems. II: model solutions. Journal of Environmental Engineering New York 122(9): 793-799

Optimal regulation levels for maintaining cultivated landscapes. Agrarwirtschaft und Agrarsoziologie ( 1): 73-84

Optimal regulation technique in soil moisture at paddy field. Chinese Journal of Rice Science 9(4): 211-216

Optimal replication in selection experiments. Crop Science 36(4): 838-843

Optimal resource allocation between growth and reproduction in clams: why does intermediate growth exist?. Functional Ecology 10(2): 245-251

Optimal resource allocation by fish farmers in Rwanda. Journal of Applied Aquaculture 7(1): 1-17

Optimal sampling design for studies of gene flow from a point source using marker genes or marked individuals. Evolution 50(2): 918-923

Optimal sampling strategies for raster-based geographical information systems. Global Ecology & Biogeography Letters 5(4-5): 271-280

Optimal scheduling of nitrogen fertilization and irrigation. Water resources management 11(2): 101-117

Optimal selection of powerplant for agricultural transport vehicles. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering 12(3): 101-105

Optimal sequencing strategies for surveying molecular genetic diversity. Genetics 144(3): 1247-1262

Optimal shape and size of plots for evaluation of experimental yields of potato. Ciencia Rural 25(2): 205-208

Optimal size of progeny groups for progeny-testing programs by artificial insemination firms. Journal of Dairy Science 79(11): 2056-2070

Optimal sizing of flood damage reduction measures based on economic efficiency. International Journal of Water Resources Development 12(1): 5-16

Optimal skyline corridor spacing for partial cutting in second-growth stands of coastal British Columbia. Canadian journal of forest research 26(3): 368-375

Optimal spacing of tubewells in relation to channel losses and lining for multicropping system. Agricultural Water Management 29(2): 163-173

Optimal staining and sample storage time for direct microscopic enumeration of total and active bacteria in soil with two fluorescent dyes. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 61(9): 3367-3372

Optimal stochastic control of renewable but irreversible resources with interspecific competition. Agricultural Economics Discussion Paper Department of Agriculture, University of Queensland ( 2/94): 15 pp.

Optimal stochastic multicrop seasonal and intraseasonal irrigation control. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 123(1): 39-48

Optimal strategies for management of white-backed planthopper, Sogatella furcifera, on second season rice in Zhejiang, China: dynamic programming approach. Agricultural Systems 54(2): 243-258

Optimal strategy of water supply for Amman/Zarqa Governorate in Jordan. International Conference on Land and Water Resources Management in the Mediterranean Region, Valenzano, Bari, Italy 4-8 September, 1994 ( 1): 61-73

Optimal survey design for rural data collection in developing countries. Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture 35(2): 163-175

Optimal temperature levels for racing pigeons (Columba livia) housed under transport conditions: the role of water availability and age. Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 66(2): 81-87

Optimal use and protection of water from the reservoir 'Pjasatchnik' for increased irrigation efficiency. 17th ICID European Regional Conference on Irrigation and Drainage, Varna, Bulgaria, 16-22 May, 1994 Volume 2: modification of irrigation schedule of crops due to scarcity of water: 281-288

Optimal use of feed. Tierzuchter 46(6): 28-32

Optimal use of irrigation water as an indicator for rural development in new alluvial zone. Environment and Ecology 14(4): 769-773

Optimal waste decomposition - landfill as treatment process. Journal of Environmental Engineering New York 122(11): 964-974

Optimal weed control with the FAR system. Betteravier Bruxelles 30(316): 15-18

Optimal weighting of information in marker-assisted selection. Genetical Research 69(2): 137-144

Optimalisation of rodenticide application in orchard protection. Acta Horticulturae ( 422): 389-391

Optimality and nitrogen allocation in a tree canopy. Tree Physiology 16(7): 627-634

Optimality modelling and quantitative genetics as alternatives to study the evolution of foraging behaviours in insect herbivores. Evolutionary Ecology 10(3): 289-305

Optimisation and natural variability of cellulase production in Aspergillus terreus. Journal of Ecobiology 7(4): 249-255

Optimisation of a breeding program for layers, including individual food consumption of cocks. Proceedings 9th European poultry conference, Glasgow, UK, 7-12 August 1994: Volume 2: 248-251

Optimisation of a purification method for metal-containing waste water by use of a Taguchi experimental design. Water Research Oxford 30(10): 2309-2314

Optimisation of a whey protein fractionation process based on the selective precipitation of alpha -lactalbumin. Lait 77(3): 411-423

Optimisation of even-age stand management, with an emphasis on mixed stands. Rapport Institutionen for Skogsekonomi, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet ( 114): 35 + 74 pp.

Optimisation of grass utilisation in high rainfall temperate conditions. Recent developments in the nutrition of herbivores: Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium, Clermont Ferrand, France, September 11-15, 1995: 363-380

Optimisation of methods for the determination of total and red-free glycosyl glucose in black grape berries of Vitis vinifera. Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 2(3): 171-178

Optimisation of minimum tillage with Roundup. Anais: 1 degrees seminario sobre cultivo minimo do solo em florestas, Curitiba, 6 a 9 de junho de 1995: 136-139

Optimisation of particleboard production by means of process modelling. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff 55(1): 17-24

Optimisation of saccharose and ammonium sulfate concentrations for pullulan biosynthesis by Aureobasidium pullulans in batch culture. Polish Journal of Food & Nutrition Sciences 6(1): 61-68

Optimisation of somatic embryogenesis in fourteen cultivars of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.). Plant Cell Reports 16(10): 710-714

Optimisation of taste in directly acidified milk beverage. Journal of Dairying Foods & Home Sciences 14(3): 113-116

Optimisation of tissue culture conditions for transformation studies using immature embryos of Australian barley cultivars. Australian Journal of Botany 43(5): 499-504

Optimised descriptors recommended for Australian sugarcane germplasm (Saccharum spp. hybrid). Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 48(6): 775-779

Optimised procedures for the cryopreservation of different species of Heterorhabditis. Fundamental & Applied Nematology 19(1): 1-6

Optimising ash wood chairs. Wood science and technology 31(4): 291-301

Optimising conditions for weed seed emergence from soil trays in a glasshouse. Popay, A J [Editor] Proceedings of the Forty Eighth New Zealand Plant Protection Conference 181-185

Optimising dairy farm returns in summer-dry areas. Proceedings of the New Zealand Grassland Association 57: 161-162

Optimising disease expression in quarantine. Sugarcane germplasm conservation and exchange: report of an international workshop held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 28-30 June 1995: 64-66

Optimising establishment of winter oilseed rape on clays. HGCA Oilseeds Research Review ( OS10): 75 pp.

Optimising farm water management: a programming model of irrigated agriculture in Albacete. Proceedings of the third congress of the European Society for Agronomy, Padova University, Abano Padova, Italy, 18-22 September 1994: 420-421

Optimising fungicide applications to control apple diseases using ADEMTM. Aspects of Applied Biology ( 48): 155-162

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Optimising nitrogen fertilisation for higher yield and quality of sugarbeet. Madras Agricultural Journal 81(12): 689-691

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Optimising slurry use in grass/clover swards in organic dairy farming systems. British Grassland Society Fifth Research Conference, University of Plymouth, Newton Abbot, Devon, UK, 8-10 September 1997: 75-76

Optimising speciality starch performance as a stabiliser in fruit preparations. Fruit Processing 6(5): 174-176

Optimising sugar use. Dairy Industries International 62(5): 29, 31, 33

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Optimistic bias in classification accuracy assessment. International Journal of Remote Sensing 17(6): 1261-1266

Optimization and application of RAPD (random amplified polymorphic DNA) in a recurrent selection programme of cotton (Gossypium spp.). BASE: Biotechnologie, Agronomie, Societe et Environnement 1(2): 142-150

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Optimization and selection of pressure-increasing pump for sprinkle irrigation system. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering 12(4): 118-122

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Optimization in thickness of a linear composed of claymaxReg. and organo-clay. Water Science and Technology 34(7/8): 421-427

Optimization model of the stomatal regulation in C3 plants: 3. Stomatal response to vapor pressure difference. Russian Journal of Plant Physiology 42(4): 514-528

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Optimization modelling of anaerobic biofilm reactors. Water Science and Technology 30(12): 347-355

Optimization of Angelica planting densities and production cycles for medicinal purposes. Acta Horticulturae ( 390): 97-102

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