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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2951

Chapter 2951 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Rural development, technical knowledge and shifting boundaries: the shaping of progress and crisis in developing countries. Social Science Information 36(1): 115-158

Rural development: 700 reference books for tropical agriculture. Developpement rural: 700 ouvrages de base pour l' agriculture tropicale: 260 pp.

Rural development: from vision to action. Environmentally Sustainable Development Studies and Monographs Series ( 12): x + 157 pp.

Rural development: implications of structural change for policies and institutions: discussion. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 77(5): 1271-1273

Rural development: putting the pieces in place. Rural development: putting the pieces in place: 29 pp.

Rural ecology of the Thar desert: a case of four villages of Churu district. Journal of Education and Social Change 7/8(4/1): 68-77

Rural employment alternatives: wage work versus self-employment among rural households. Rural employment: an international perspective: 277-290

Rural employment and the information highway. Rural employment: an international perspective: 447-459

Rural employment in EU Finland. Rural employment: an international perspective: 59-73

Rural employment in OECD countries: structure and dynamics of regional labour markets. Rural employment: an international perspective: 3-21

Rural employment issues in the periurban fringe. Rural employment: an international perspective: 205-224

Rural employment: an international perspective. Rural employment: an international perspective: xiv + 465 pp.

Rural energy and development: improving energy supplies for two billion people. Rural energy and development: improving energy supplies for two billion people: xii + 118 pp.

Rural energy planning in India: designing effective intervention strategies. Rural and renewable energy: perspectives from developing countries: 5-23

Rural energy technology: issues and options for sustainable development in Ghana. Geoforum 27(1): 63-74

Rural enterprises: strategy and performance. China Report New Delhi 32(1): 25-41

Rural femininity and masculinity in transition. Zemedelska Ekonomika 41(10/11): 495-501

Rural finance for food security for the poor: implications for research and policy. Food Policy Review ( 4): viii + 139 pp.

Rural finance for growth and poverty alleviation in Pakistan. Policy Research Working Paper World Bank ( WPS1593): viii + 56 pp.

Rural finance institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa: their outreach and sustainability. Savings and Development 20(2): 133-169

Rural finance: issues, design, and best practices. Environmentally Sustainable Development Studies and Monographs Series ( 14): xii + 154 pp.

Rural financial institutions: mixing apples with oranges. Economic and Political Weekly 32(25): 1503

Rural financial markets and the food security of the poor: the case of Cameroon. Savings and Development ( SUP1/2): 131-154

Rural financial markets in Sierra Leone: the operational performance and problems of the Yoni Rural Bank. Savings and Development 19(4): 377-392

Rural financial markets: an overview. Agrekon 36(2): 121-138

Rural financial policy: a comparative analysis of India and Nigeria. Rural financial policy: a comparative analysis of India and Nigeria: xii + 74 pp.

Rural fuelwood markets in Niger. Flamboyant ( 36): 17-20

Rural geography from the time of hills to the time of the informal. Comptes Rendus de l' Academie d' Agriculture de France 82(8): 23-30

Rural grassroots organisations in Haiti: a case of wasted potential. Development In Practice: an Oxfam Journal 7(1): 65-69

Rural health care financing in Thailand. World Bank Discussion Papers ( 365): 183-193

Rural health services in China: their relevance for Vietnam. IDS Bulletin 28(1): 105-109

Rural health services in Vietnam: their contemporary relevance to other Asian transitional economies. IDS Bulletin 28(1): 110-115

Rural homesteads and crafts: problems and prospects. Ekonomika Sel' skokhozyaistvennykh i Pererabatyvayushchikh Predpriyatii ( 12): 8-11

Rural household water - crucial and insignificant. IRDCurrents ( 12): 29-33

Rural income tax reform: the New Zealand experience 1985-1994. Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics 63(1, II): 134-144

Rural indicators: the new OECD classification of rural land. Tijdschrift voor Sociaalwetenschappelijk Onderzoek van de Landbouw 11(2): 113-122

Rural industrialisation in Thailand: village industries as a potential basis for rural development in the North-East. Uneven development in Thailand: 161-185

Rural industrialisation: a plan for the future. Rural industrialisation: a plan for the future (Ed. 2): x + 287 pp.

Rural industrialization and global markets: partnership ventures in Guangdong and Jiangsu. Regional Development Studies 3: 57-81

Rural industrialization and increasing inequality: emerging patterns in China's reforming economy. Journal of Comparative Economics 19(3): 362-391

Rural industries in contemporary China. China Report New Delhi 32(3): 269-293

Rural informal credit markets and the effectiveness of policy reform. FAO Economic and Social Development Paper ( 134): xiii + 130 pp.

Rural infrastructure needs protection. Ekonomika Sel' skogo Khozyaistva Rossii ( 6): 14

Rural institution for irrigation management. Madras Agricultural Journal 82(5): 375-382

Rural institutions within the framework of structural adjustment programmes. Entwicklung + Landlicher Raum 31(1): 21-24

Rural labour markets in an adjusting mineral economy: Zambia. Structural adjustment and rural labour markets in Africa: 131-177

Rural labour migration and agricultural labour loss. Chinese Rural Economy ( 1): 51-53

Rural landlessness, extended entitlements and inter-household relations in South Asia: a Bangladesh case. Journal of Peasant Studies 24(3): 25-64

Rural landscapes in Europe: principles for creation and management. Rural landscapes in Europe: principles for creation and management: 72 pp.

Rural leadership and development. Rural leadership and development: xviii + 209 pp.

Rural livelihoods, fiscal costs and financing options: a first attempt at quantifying the implications of redistributive land reform. Agricultural land reform in South Africa: policies, markets and mechanisms: 423-453

Rural micro-enterprises - some issues. State Bank of India Monthly Review 36(4): 171-178

Rural migration and agrarian reform in Russia: a research note. Europe Asia Studies 47(5): 877-888

Rural migration and counterurbanization in the European periphery: the case of Andalucia. Sociologia Ruralis 37(1): 134-153

Rural needs in local authority housing strategies. Rural Research Report Rural Development Commission ( 25): 68 pp.

Rural non-agricultural development in post-reform China: growth, development patterns and issues. Pacific Affairs 68(3): 360-391

Rural non-farm employment in India: trends and issues for research. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 50(3): 398-409

Rural non-farm enterprises: a vehicle for rural development in South Africa?. Agrekon 34(4): 198-204

Rural non-farm establishments and employment. Journal of Rural Development and Administration 29(1): 103-115

Rural nonfarm employment: a survey. Policy Research Working Paper World Bank ( WPS1463): 76 pp.

Rural people as conservationists: querying neo-Malthusian assumptions about biodiversity in Sierra Leone. Africa London 66(1): 90-103

Rural people's attitude to peasant (private) farming - a sociological study. Ekonomika Sel' skokhozyaistvennykh i Pererabatyvayushchikh Predpriyatii ( 1): 16, 32

Rural people's initiatives for sustainable development: the scope and the limitations of the market. People' s initiatives for sustainable development: lessons of experience: 375-395

Rural politics in Northern Ireland: policy networks and agricultural development since partition. Rural politics in Northern Ireland: policy networks and agricultural development since partition: viii + 187 pp.

Rural politics: policies for agriculture, forestry and the environment. Rural politics: policies for agriculture, forestry and the environment: xiv + 341 pp.

Rural population and problems of transformation of farming cooperatives. Zemedelska Ekonomika 43(5): 197-206

Rural poverty in Ecuador - a qualitative assessment. Policy Research Working Paper World Bank ( WPS1576): 37 pp.

Rural poverty in developing Asia. Volume 2: Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Philippines, and Thailand. Rural poverty in developing Asia Volume 2: Indonesia, Re ic of Korea, Philippines, and Thailand: xxx + 774 pp.

Rural poverty, Viet Namese agriculture, and major agricultural policies. CGPRT Publication ( 30): 83-93

Rural poverty, population and environmental degradation in developing countries. QA, Questione Agraria ( 59): 205-226

Rural property planning: risk management. Rural property planning: risk management: 128 pp.

Rural re-regulation and institutional sustainability: a case study of alternative farming systems in England. Agricultural restructuring and sustainability: a geographical perspective: 117-134

Rural reforms, structural change and agricultural growth in the People's Republic of China. EDRC Report Series ( 62): 21 pp.

Rural regional development in Hesse. Zeitschrift fur Kulturtechnik und Landentwicklung 38(5): 223-228

Rural renewable energy use for urban sustainability. Rural and renewable energy: perspectives from developing countries: 36-48

Rural renewal and revival of the land. Cahiers de l' Economie Meridionale ( 19): 97-119

Rural restructuring and social sustainability: some reflections on the Western Australian wheatbelt. Australian Geographer 26(2): 133-140

Rural safety: chemicals and dangerous substances. Rural safety: chemicals and dangerous substances: 120 pp.

Rural safety: machinery, stock & general hazards. Rural safety: machinery, stock and general hazards: 144 pp.

Rural salaries: 26 years of accompaniment. Agroanalysis 17(9): 18-19

Rural sanitary domestic flushing toilet system. Water Research 30(11): 2826-2829

Rural settlements and evaluation of their potential: a basic prerequisite for their revival. Zemedelska Ekonomika 42(5): 217-220

Rural small-scale industries in Cameroon. Terms of existence of small-scale households between subsistence and the market. Sozialokonomische Schriften zur Ruralen Entwicklung No.116: 280 pp.

Rural spaces and public policies. Revue d' Economie Regionale et Urbaine ( 2): 397-406

Rural stress - growing your business in an adverse climate. Agricultural Progress 71: 37-43

Rural studies in the UK: a comment; Taking stock of recent rural studies in the UK: a reply to Miller and Cloke; Theory, application and critical practice: Rejoinder to Cloke, Crow and Winter. Sociologia Ruralis 36(3): 356-370

Rural tourism. Campo y Tecnologia 5(25): 36-39

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Rural tourism development: shifting basis of community solidarity. Journal of Travel Research 34(4): 26-31

Rural tourism development: using a sustainable tourism development approach. Sustainable tourism development: 169-185

Rural tourism in Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Turizam 43(7/8): 143-148

Rural tourism in Israel. Tourism Management 18(6): 367-372

Rural tourism in less favoured areas: a global approach implicating animals as an alternative for development. Animal production and rural tourism in Mediterranean regions Proceedings of the International Symposium on Animal Production and Rural Tourism in Mediterranean Regions organized by EAAP, FAO, CIHEAM and SNFEZ of Portugal, Evora, Portugal, 10-13 October 1993: 271-274

Rural tourism in southern Germany. Annals of Tourism Research 23(1): 86-102

Rural tourism. An introduction. Rural tourism An introduction: 1-165

Rural tourism: the path to sustainable tourism. Cahiers d' Espaces ( 42): 203 pp.

Rural transport in northern Ghana: the impact of 'intermediate' forms of transport in rural areas. New Series Discussion Papers Development and Project Planning Centre, University of Bradford ( 57): 20 pp.

Rural transport, accessibility and development. Transport and development in the Third World: 59-92

Rural transportation in Tanzania: the case of Mhukuru and Hanga divisions in Songea Rural District. Eastern and Southern Africa Geographical Journal 6(1): 37-48

Rural urbanization and promotion of coordinated development of rural and urban economies. Research of Agricultural Modernization 16(2): 96-99

Rural versus urban: environmental perceptions in Malta. Sharing the earth: local identity in global culture: 111-126

Rural vocational training centres. Chambres d' Agriculture ( 854 (Supplement)): 60 pp.

Rural water development in Sudan. Water and Sanitation News 4(1): 8-9

Rural water sources reconsidered: development perspectives from Sweden and Tanzania. Approaching nature from local communities: security perceived and achieved: 15-36

Rural women and national renovation process in Vietnam. Asia Pacific Journal of Rural Development 5(1): 93-102

Rural women in food chain activities: a case of Ibo-speaking ethnic community of Delta state, Nigeria. Agrosearch 1(1): 35-40

Rural women in the Sahel and their access to agricultural extension: Senegal country study. Rural women in the Sahel and their access to agricultural extension: Senegal country study: x + 46 pp.

Rural women, feminism and the politics of identity. Sociologia Ruralis 37(3): 325-344

Rural women, food systems and agriculture: issues and challenges beyond Beijing. Rural women, food systems and agriculture: issues and challenges beyond Beijing: 10 pp.

Rural women, poverty and development in Pakistan. Asia Pacific Journal of Rural Development 5(1): 78-92

Rural women, urban food. African Rural and Urban Studies 2(1): 89-109

Rural women: gender relations and socio-economic change. Rural women: gender relations and socio economic change: 28 pp.

Rural women: the hidden eminence. Informacoes Economicas Instituto de Economia Agricola 26(3): 9-22

Rural woodfuel production for urban markets: problems and opportunities in the Cebu province, Philippines. Pacific and Asian Journal of Energy 5(1): 9-28

Rural-to-urban migration and its implications for poverty alleviation. Asia-Pacific Population Journal 12(1): 3-16

Rural-to-urban migration and urban informal activities. Regional Development Dialogue 17(1): 37-51

Rural-to-urban water transfers: measuring direct foregone benefits of irrigation water under uncertain water supplies. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 20(2): 247-262

Rural-urban differences in obesity. Rural sociologyer 61(2): 289-305

Rural-urban differences in youth transition to adulthood. Rural employment: an international perspective: 85-98

Rural-urban dynamics in Francophone Africa. Rural urban dynamics in Francophone Africa: 194 pp.

Rural-urban locational choices of medical doctors: a county-level analysis. Review of Agricultural Economics 18(4): 547-563

Rural-urban migration and its impact on economic development in China. Rural urban migration and its impact on economic development in China: xviii + 165 pp.

Rural-urban migration and poverty: the case of India. IDS Bulletin 28(2): 35-47

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Ruralization and its actors. Zemedelska Ekonomika 43(9): 389-397

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Russell bermudagrass. Circular Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, Auburn University ( 316): 5 pp.

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