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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 2981

Chapter 2981 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The carrot fly (Psila rosae). Ochrona Roslin 38(6): 4-6

The carrot rust fly (Psila rosae F., Diptera, Psilidae): a pest attacking fennel cultures in Sicily. Phytophaga Palermo 1994; 4: 1-9

The carry-through of residues of thiabendazole, tecnazene and chlorpropham from potatoes following manufacture into potato crisps and jacket potato crisps. Food Additives and Contaminants 13(2): 221-229

The carton versus the polybottle. Consumer-friendly issues. Milk Industry International 99(3): 31...39

The caruncle of Ricinus communis L. (castor bean): its development and role in seed hydration, rehydration, and germination. International Journal of Plant Sciences 157(1): 40-48

The case against overbooking. Journal of Hospitality and Leisure Marketing 4(1): 51-62

The case for Borojoa patinoi (Rubiaceae) in the Choco Region, Colombia. Economic Botany 51(1): 39-48

The case for a 'regional potential map of agriculture'. Monatsberichte uber die Osterreichische Landwirtschaft 42(12): 806-813

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The case for boreal mixedwood management: an Ontario perspective. Forestry Chronicle 71(6): 725-734

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The case for fortifying sugar with vitamin A. International Sugar Journal Cane Sugar Edition 99(1186): 478-479

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The case for mild hyperhomocysteinaemia as a risk factor. Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease 20(2): 301-306

The case for organic. Are specialist systems a tactical manoeuvre?. Pesticides News ( 33): 4-5

The case for unselfish B-chromosomes: evidence from Allium schoenoprasum. Proceedings of the Kew chromosome conference IV, held at the Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK, 30 August 2 September 1994: 21-34

The case of Niger: the Touareg from the past to the future. Civilisations 43(2): 65-82

The case of chicken attachment region binding protein reinforces the importance of pre-screening of several libraries for cDNA cloning. Biochemical Journal 321: 261-262

The case study method: a potential approach to on-farm studies involving livestock. Cattle Research Network Newsletter ( 18): 1-10

The casein value of cow milk. DMZ, Lebensmittelindustrie und Milchwirtschaft 117(12): 538-544

The cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.). O cajueiro Anacardium occidentale L: 298 pp.

The cashin creek nitrogen fertilizer trial - what did we learn?. California Avocado Society Yearbook 1997; 80: 85-98

The casino hotel and the internet: what's on-line?. Bottomline 12(1): 6-9

The cassava processing industry in Sao Paulo and Parana states, 1995. Informacoes Economicas Instituto de Economia Agricola 26(3): 69-83

The cat fur mite (Lynxacarus radovskyi) in Brazil. Feline Practice 24(5): 24-26

The cat's out of the bag. Pest Control Technology 21(9): 40...109

The catalytic domain of acanthamoeba myosin I heavy chain kinase. II. Expression of active catalytic domain and sequence homology to p21-activated kinase (PAK). Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(43): 27056-27062

The catalytic effect of supplementation of protein meals on utilization of rice straw-poultry droppings-rice bran diet in buffaloes. Animal Feed Science & Technology 63(1-4): 229-243

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The cattle industry at the turn of the 21st century: its role and outlook. Bovine Practitioner ( 29): 1-8

The cattle major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class-I possesses HLA-like promoters. Gene 160(2): 249-252

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The cattleyas and their relatives. Volume IV: the Bahamian and Caribbean species. The cattleyas and their relatives Volume IV: the Bahamian and Caribbean species: 152 pp.

The causal mutation for malignant hyperthermia in commercial pigs and the pale, soft and exudative meats. Animal Science & Technology 67(5): 476-481

The causal role for genital ulcer disease as a risk factor for transmission of human immunodeficiency virus. Sexually Transmitted Diseases 23(5): 429-440

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The causes and consequences of meiotic irregularity in the leek (Allium ampeloprasum spp. porrum); implications for fertility, quality and uniformity. Euphytica 93(3): 313-319

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The causes of fires in Ardeche vary between neighbouring cantons. Options Mediterraneennes Serie A, Seminaires Mediterraneens ( 25): 99-106

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The cdc2Ms Kinase Is Differently Regulated in the Cytoplasm and in the Nucleus. Plant Physiology 113(3): 841-852

The cea10 gene encodes a secreted member of the murine carcinoembryonic antigen family and is expressed in the placenta, gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow. European Journal of Biochemistry 229(2): 455-464

The cell surface of Aeromonas salmonicida determines in vitro survival in cultured brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) peritoneal macrophages. Microbial Pathogenesis 21(6): 447-461

The cell-specific nuclear receptor steroidogenic factor 1 plays multiple roles in reproductive function. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences 350(1333): 279-283

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The cellular location and effect on nisin immunity of the NisI protein from Lactococcus lactis N8 expressed in Escherichia coli and L. lactis. FEMS Microbiology Letters 131(1): 75-80

The cellular stress response enhances human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 basal gene expression through the core promoter region of the long terminal repeat. Journal of Virology 71(1): 741-745

The Cellulases Endoglucanase I and Cellobiohydrolase II of Trichoderma reesei Act Synergistically To Solubilize Native Cotton Cellulose but Not To Decrease Its Molecular Size. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 62(8): 2883-2887

The cellulolytic activity of microflora in forest litter (Fagus sylvatica) and in cast pellets of the diplopod Glomeris marginata. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft ( 75): 129-132

The cellulose-binding domain of cellobiohydrolase I from Trichoderma reesei. The cellulose binding domain of cellobiohydrolase I from Trichoderma reesei: 115 pp.

The centenery of Olympic philately. Olympic Review 25(9): 68-74

The central European wild and cultivated North American asters. Feddes Repertorium 107(3/4): 163-188

The central connections and actions during walking of tibial campaniform sensilla in the locust. Journal of comparative physiology A Sensory neural and behavioral physiology78(6): 749-762

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The centrality of agriculture: between humankind and the rest of nature. The centrality of agriculture: between humankind and the rest of nature: xx + 286 pp.

The centripetal ripening pattern in Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Scienza e Tecnica Lattiero Casearia 48(1): 73-82

The centrosomal big bang: from a unique central organelle towards a constellation of MTOCs. Biology of the Cell (Paris): 862-3: 81-91

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The certification of agricultural machines in Italy. Informatore Agrario 52(41): 35-40

The certified reference materials CRM 142 R light sandy soil, CRM 143 R sewage sludge amended soil, and CRM 145 R sewage sludge for quality control in monitoring environmental and soil pollution. Fresenius' Journal of Analytical Chemistry 352(1/2): 197-202

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The chalcidoid parasitoids and hyperparasitoids (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) of Choristoneura species (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in America north of Mexico. Canadian Entomologist. November-December; 1286: 1167-1220

The challenge of Northern Ireland tourism; Northern Ireland: prospects for hotel investment and tourism recovery. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly 36(5): 82-94

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The challenge of development within conflict zones. The challenge of development within conflict zones: 46 pp.

The challenge of indigenous forest management: from information to implementation. Southern African Forestry Journal ( 178): 47-52

The challenge of integrating Maasai tradition with tourism. People and tourism in fragile environments: 175-198

The challenge of liberalising domestic airline competition in a less developed country. Transportation 23(4): 395-408

The challenge of linking pest and crop models. Agricultural systems9(4): 413-434

The challenge of regulating health claims and food fortification. Journal of Nutrition 126(3): 765s-772s

The challenge of remediating chromium-contaminated soil. Environmental Science & Technology 30(6): 248A-251A

The challenge to Canadian forest products in Europe: managing a complex environmental issue. FRDA Working Paper Victoria BC ( WP-OI-95.04): 98 pp.

The challenge to development research. Forum for Development Studies ( 1): 149-176

The challengers to PCR: a proliferation of chain reactions. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 7(1): 95-97

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The challenges of mycotoxin research and development work on foods and feedstuffs in the Philippines. ACIAR Technical Reports Series ( 37): 125-138

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The challenges of selecting finishes for exterior wood. Forest Products Journal 47(5): 16-20

The change from ski sport to snow sport: we all slide, tilt and twist. Magglingen 53(11): 2-4

The change in agricultural policy in the new German Lander. Revue d' Etudes Comparatives Est Ouest 26(3): 15-51

The change in composition of microbial biomass in cultivated soils. Pochvovedenie ( 2): 206-212

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The change of direction of professional women towards the rural sector. Grain de Sel ( 2): 7-8

The change of soil environment with reducing-yield of continued-cropping in soybean. Soybean Science 14(4): 321-329

The change of the system and function of the service centers in rural areas: the case of Kimje. Journal of Rural Development, Korea 19(2): 263-281

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The changes of NO3-N content in the soil of orchards with different soil conditions. Acta Horticulturae ( 383): 393-399

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