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Carbon mineralization kinetics in forest soil

, : Carbon mineralization kinetics in forest soil. Japanese Journal of Ecology (Tokyo) 47(2): 109-119

Characteristics of carbon (C) mineralization in forest soils were investigated in stands of sugi (Japanese cedar, Cryptomeria japonica D. DON) and hinoki (Japanese cypress, Chamaecyparis obtusa ENDL) in east Gunma, and stands of sudajii (Castanopsis cuspidata var. sieboldii NAKAI) and matebasii (Pasania edulis MAKINO) in central Chiba, Japan. The soil C mineralization process was formulated mathematically using a kinetics model, and three parameters (early C mineralization potential (C-O), rate constant of mineralization (k), and apparent activation energy (Ea)) were examined in relation to temperature and soil properties. Soil samples from different depths (0-5 cm (surface) and 5-10 cm, 10-20 cm (subsurface)) were used in a natural state. The fresh soil samples were sieved through a 4-mm mesh, and incubated at 20, 25, and 30 degree C. The samples were extracted at 3-60 days intervals, and the rate of CO-2 evolution was measured by the alkali adsorption method. The degree of soil C mineralization *as calculated by integration of the CO-2 evolution. The integration of C mineralization was fitted to a simple type of non-linear kinetics model. The minimum incubation time was estimated to be about 140 days using the equation for obtaining k. The total C and C-O were greater at sugi and hinoki sites than at sudajii and matebasii sites, and in surface soils than in subsurface soils. The percentages of C-O to total C were 4-9% at sugi and hinoki sites, 8-14% at sudajii sites and 18-19% at matebasii sites. The value of k was greater in surface soils than in subsurface soils, and in surface soils at sudajii sites than at other sites. However the amount of early C mineralization per day (C-O cntdot k) was smaller at sudajii sites than at other sites. The turnover of C-O cntdot k for total C was greater at matebasii, sudajii, sugi and hinoki sites descending order. The value of Ea was greater at matebasii sites than at other sites. Because the higher Ea organic was included in the Co, the percentage of CO (or C-O- k) to total C was great at matebasii sites.


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