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Dietary cancer risk from conditional cancerogens in produce of livestock fed on species of spurge (Euphorbiaceae). III. Milk of lactating goats fed on the skin irritant herb Euphorbia peplus is polluted by tumor promoters of the ingenane diterpene ester type

, : Dietary cancer risk from conditional cancerogens in produce of livestock fed on species of spurge (Euphorbiaceae). III. Milk of lactating goats fed on the skin irritant herb Euphorbia peplus is polluted by tumor promoters of the ingenane diterpene ester type. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology 124(6): 301-306

Procedures were developed to investigate poisonous milk of 3 lactating goats fed on aerial parts of the herb Euphorbia peplus L. Goats received 100 g air-dried aerial parts of the herb/day for 2 weeks with a 2-day resting period each week. Two control goats were fed a normal diet. In extracts of the milk, weakly irritant in the mouse-ear assay, 3 diterpene ester toxins were detected by HPLC.


PMID: 9692836

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