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Effect of garlic oil on hepatic arachidonic acid content and immune response in rats

, : Effect of garlic oil on hepatic arachidonic acid content and immune response in rats. Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry 46(11): 4642-4647, Nov

This study examined the arachidonic acid metabolism and immune response in rats administered orally (p.o.) with either garlic oil (GO), diallyl disulfide (DADS) (200 mg/kg of body weight), or corn oil (control) three times a week for 7 weeks. Both GO and DADS were found to modify the hepatic membrane fatty acid composition: the linoleic acid was increased, and the arachidonic acid was decreased (P < 0.05). GO but not DADS suppressed the DELTA6 desaturase activity (P< 0.05). Neither treatment affected the phospholipase A2 activity or plasma prostaglandin E2 level. GO increased the spleen/body weight ratio (P< 0.05) and enhanced concanavalin A-stimulated splenocyte proliferation. However, the systemic contact hypersensitivity response as detected by the extent of ear swelling was suppressed by 74% in the GO-treated rats (P< 0.05). The findings indicate that GO inhibits DELTA6 desaturase activity and changes membrane arachidonic acid content, both of which show immunomodulatory potential.


DOI: 10.1021/jf980466p

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