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Effects of several IGR's on the parasitoid Opius concolor Szepligeti via parasitization of treated hosts

, : Effects of several IGR's on the parasitoid Opius concolor Szepligeti via parasitization of treated hosts. Boletin de Sanidad Vegetal, Plagas 24(1): 193-199

Nontarget effects of several insect growth regulators (azadirachtin, cyromazine, diflubenzuron, fenoxycarb and tebufenozide) on Opius concolor, a parasitoid of Bactrocera oleae, were studied in the laboratory when treated larvae of the substitution host Ceratitis capitata were offered to the braconid for parasitization. Effects both in the host and in the parasitoid were evaluated by looking at the mean of the percentages of adult emergence and longevity of the parasitoids.


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