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Presence and organization of an osmotic stress response domain in wild Triticeae species

, : Presence and organization of an osmotic stress response domain in wild Triticeae species. Theoretical and applied genetics 96(1): 76-79

Sixteen Triticeae species of the genera Aegilops L., Pseudoroegneria (Nevski) Love, Taeniatherum Nevski and Thinopyrum Love were investigated by PCR amplification for the presence of a wheat germin gene internal domain involved in osmotic stress resistance. In all of the species studied a single band of identical or very similar size was detected. After cloning and sequencing of these fragments, different degrees of homology were found with the original wheat domain, which suggested that in these species there are functional differences in the osmotic response involving the germin core.


DOI: 10.1007/s001220050711

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