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Bionomics of Anopheles sacharovi in Ardebil province, northwestern Iran during a larval control program

, : Bionomics of Anopheles sacharovi in Ardebil province, northwestern Iran during a larval control program. Acta Tropica30: 207-215

Studies were conducted on the ecology of Anopheles sacharovi over a period of 12 months in Parsabad and Germi counties, Ardebil province, Iran. The species was active from June to late November with one peak of activity in early August on the plain of Parsabad, and from late June to late November with one peak of activity in late August in mountainous areas of Germi. Chemical analysis of the water in larval habitats showed that the water contained calcium bicarbonate and sodium sulphate, and the limit of salinity was 263--414 mg/l. Dissection of A. sacharovi from three villages during July in Parsabad indicated a very low parity rates all were found negative for sporozoites. ELISA testing of 210 blood meals of the species, showed that few of those found in cowsheds or chicken coops had fed on humans, but of those found in bedrooms 38.5% had fed on humans. Insecticide susceptibility tests showed that the species is susceptible to malathion and propoxur but resistant to DDT and dieldrin.


PMID: 11311184

DOI: 10.1016/s0001-706x(01)00080-8

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