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Consensus and comprehensive linkage maps of bovine chromosome 25

, : Consensus and comprehensive linkage maps of bovine chromosome 25. Animal Genetics 32(2): 114-115

This report summarizes the construction of a consensus and comprehensive linkage maps for bovine chromosome 17 (BTA17). Six laboratories contributed marker genotypes for analysis that totalled to 19 443 informative meioses generated from 41 loci. 18 loci were typed by at least 2 laboratories and 17 were used to construct to construct a consensus linkage map. The sex-averaged consensus map covered 98.9 cM. All 41 loci were subsequently used to construct a comprehensive map. The sex-averaged comprehensive map was 103.8 cM. The average distance between loci in the comprehensive map was 2.53 cM.


PMID: 11421953

DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-2052.2001.0700f.x

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