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Allozyme variation in endangered Castanea pumila var. pumila

, : Allozyme variation in endangered Castanea pumila var. pumila. Annals of Botany 92(2): 223-230

Allozyme genetic variation in 12 populations of the endangered Castanea pumila var. pumila (Allegheny chinkapin), sampled across the natural range of the species in the United States, was evaluated using 11 loci from seven enzyme systems. At the species level, the percentage of polymorphic loci (Ps) was 72.7 %, the mean number of alleles per locus (As) was 1.9, the mean number of alleles per polymorphic locus (APs) was 2.3, the effective number of alleles per locus (Aes) was 1.5 and the genetic diversity (Hes) was 0.296. At the population level, Pp = 49.2 %, Ap = 1.5, Aep = 1.4, APp = 2.1 and Hep = 0.21. Most of the allozyme variation (70 %) in C. pumila var. pumila occurred within populations. Wright's gene flow rate [Nm(W)] was as low as 0.57. Population differentiation along the species range was not detected. Populations of C. pumila var. pumila in Florida had the most variable levels of genetic diversity, but populations in Virginia and Mississippi also showed high levels. Based on the results of this study, conservation management strategies are discussed.


PMID: 12829445

DOI: 10.1093/aob/mcg126

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